Hotline Highlights

April 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
   Glossy Ibis   Cache Co.Weber Co.
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher   Millard Co.


Darlene Stump (19 Apr 2014) - Saw my FOY Tree Swallows in Tremonton yesterday. The Great Horned Owlets near our house are not quite to the branching stage, but certainly growing quickly.

Dennis Wheeler (7 Apr 2014) - I went birding with my 9-year old yesterday. There were many spring firsts for me (seeing as this is my year of gardening) on our trip to Bear River MBR. Highlights:
   --  Swainson's hawks x2 on Forrest Street,  Long-billed curlews x LOTS,  Bonaparte's & Franklin's gulls x 100s!


Ryan O'Donnell (28 Apr 2014) - An adult Glossy Ibis was seen at the intersection of 2000 W. and SR 218 in Amalga and a  Red-necked Phalarope was seen at Amalga Barrens.

Ryan O'Donnell (26 Apr 2014) - Blue-winged Teal at Hyde Park Lane and a Blue Jay at Crescent Dr. in Logan.

Andrew Durso (15 Apr 2014) - Sage Thrasher at Hyde Park Lane.

Ryan O'Donnell (13 Apr 2014) - Bewick's Wren at a residence in Logan.

Sam Robertson (7 Apr 2014) - Clark's Nutcracker at lower Green Canyon.

Mike Taylor (5 Apr 2014) - Eurasian Wigeon at Logan City Polishing Ponds and Ferruginous Hawk at Hyde Park Lane.

Andrew Durso (4 Apr 2014) - Ross's Goose at Logan Sewage Lagoons.


Jack Binch (21 Apr 2014) - Bob Huntington and I went up to AIC early and then Bear River MBR later. We did not see anything unusual except two Cattle Egrets just west of the academy on Antelope Drive. Noteworthy and the reason for this report is the number of Eared Grebes we saw. There was an almost endless raft of them quite a ways out west of the second bridge. I would think 1/4 million would not be way off.

Cindy Sommerfeld (11 Apr 2014) - [Antelope Island] - Yeah! Finally Spring birds are slowly starling to appear. Today we saw 2 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS and a LEAST SANDPIPER. Also on the Causeway we had 4 LONG-TAILED DUCKS. Today's species total was 53.

Norm Jenson (6 Apr 2014) - AIC south side bridge nearest island 2 female Long-tailed Ducks.


Esther Duncan (27 Apr 2014) -  a SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER north of Delta along Hwy 6 at about mile post 96 and just north of the Sevier River crossing (near the road that goes to the DMAD reservoir).


Bryan Shirley (21 Apr 2014) - Just finished up our field trip to Morgan and Summit Counties. The Sage Grouse put on a pretty good show this morning. I counted at least 29 males displaying and 1 female as well. They were split into 2 groups - one right in and along the road and the other out in the field. There [were] Vesper Sparrows singing at the grouse lek as well. East Canyon had a good number of Common Loons and a few Western and Common Grebes. There was a male Wood Duck right where the creek comes into East Canyon. Here is our list for the day: [hightlights] ... Greater Sage Grouse, Common Loon, Western Grebe, Clark's Grebe, Am White Pelican,... Osprey, ... Sandhill Crane...Caspian Tern..., Great Horned Owl... Mountain Bluebird...Vesper Sparrow...Fox Sparrow...


Clark Monson (18 Apr 2014) - I wanted to see some Great Horned Owls today so I left Provo this morning and made the long drive to one of my favorite places--Rich County. I usually find one or two pairs of Horned Owls each spring in the Woodruff/Randolph area, and today I was fortunate to locate four active nests. All were very close to the main highway. Along my route to Rich County I passed 12 pairs of nesting Ospreys. I could have seen more had I made a detour and driven along Rockport Reservoir, but having just returned from Tampa, Florida a few days ago I had no burning desire to see even more Ospreys. Ospreys are as plentiful as palm trees in Florida. The most exciting discovery of the day was an active Bald Eagle nest. I observed a different Bald Eagle nest in the same area last year that was slightly across the state line in Wyoming. The nest I saw today is well inside Rich County. A few miles away I watched three sexually immature Bald Eagles soaring in a thermal at a height of about 400 feet. Overall, it was a great day for raptor viewing.


Carol Gwynne (29 Apr 2014) - White-winged Scoter, Red-breasted Merganser pairs, Caspian Terns, Western Grebe, Spotted Sandpiper all at north end of Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak. Windy, windy there.

Keeli Marvel (28 Apr 2014) - This afternoon I ran out to Oquirrh Lake for an hour and found 4 Red-breasted Mergansers, a Red-necked Phalarope, and the continuing White-winged Scoter and 40+ Caspian Terns... I was there a large group of American White Pelicans (50+) flew over up high heading north and a Peregrine Falcon buzzed by also heading north...

Pomera Fronce (21 Apr 2014) - WHITE-WINGED SCOTER in Salt Lake County, East side of Oquirrh Lake at Daybreak near the intersection of Oquirrh Lake Road and Dorena Lane.

Rich Young (21 Apr 2014) - Neotropic Cormorant, Ospreys on Easter Sunday, Sandy Pond.

Carolina Roa (20 Apr 2014) - Bryant Olsen called just now saying he saw a Swamp Sparrow around 8:15 am on the Jordan River Parkway south of the Redwood Trailhead, on the same pond where Tom Fletcher reported the Solitary Sandpipers, which are still present. It's in the cattails on the west side of the pond...

Tom Fletcher (19 Apr 2014) - There is currently a lot of shorebird activity on the Jordan River
Parkway, just south of the Redwood Trailhead Park (2320 S). There are mudflats where the ponds in the fields are drying. Today I saw 3 Solitary Sandpipers (being not so solitary), 2 Least Sandpipers, a Greater Yellowlegs... Also, two Caspian Terns and two Franklin Gulls with pink bellies were there...

Nicki Nixon (19 Apr 2014) -  BLUE JAY in City Creek Canyon, "in a wooded area with both deciduous and coniferous trees."

Matthew Wallace (16 Apr 2014) - I am confirming the hummingbird I've been hearing since Sunday is a BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRD...

Joshua Taylor (11 Apr 2014) - HARRIS'S SPARROW, Mountain Dell Reservoir...Also had a couple of FOX SPARROWS. After not seeing one at the reservoir as I had hoped, I had my FOY OSPREY fly over my head as I walked into work in Cottonwood Heights afterward.

Brenton Reynor (10 Apr 2014) - I visited Sandy Pond this evening to see if the Horned Grebe reported earlier was still present. I missed the grebe but was able to see 2 Osprey as well as a Caspian Tern flying over the pond.

Rich Young (9 Apr 2014) - For several days now, a HORNED GREBE  in transitioning Breeding Plumage, has been residing on Sandy Pond.

Carol Gwynne (8 Apr 2014) - Yesterday evening, I was taking a walk at Red Butte Gardens, just south of the U. of U. Things were pretty dead, bird wise, but not plant wise. Suddenly there was a huge racket. About a dozen BB Magpies, plus a Scrub Jay and a Steller's Jay congregated In a group of trees and started swooping around. After a minute, I saw a long, banded tail, and realized that a hawk was on the scene, and the neighbors weren't happy. The COOPER'S HAWK  flew out to another tree, and was dive bombed by the corvids. This time his head was visible, and a magpie flew right at his head, driving him out of that tree and away from the 'hood. No peaceful spring evening for that hawk.

Deedee Obrien (1 Apr 2014) - Two Band-tailed Pigeons have been in backyard for about an hour. You are welcome to come over if you are in the neighborhood. 4527 South. 2995 East. 1st showed up last Thursday the 27th but haven't seen them since then until today.


Jim Hook (18 Apr 2014) - The sprinklers are on ˝ mile east of Bluff this evening, I saw (conservatively) 200 White Faced Ibis (regular spring) and 1 Sand Hill Crane (uncommon, spring) on the Bill Davis Farm and the Bill Gaines Farm.


Tana Hunter (19 Apr 2014) - [Koosharem Reservoir] - Today there were: Many Western Grebes, Common Loons, White Pelicans, also Pied-billed Grebes, Osprey, Common Merganser, and Mallard, Shoveler, Snowy Egret, Black-crowned Night Heron and Ravens. All in ten minutes which is all the time I had!


Nancy Matro (26 Apr 2014) - Currently have 15 Evening Grosbeaks eating sunflower seeds in my yard in Jeremy Ranch (Park City). I've never seen more than two in my yard before.

Bryan Shirley (21 Apr 2014) - Just finished up our field trip to Morgan and Summit Counties. summit County didn't produce anything uncommon, but Echo had a ton of Common Loons and a good variety of waterfowl and other water birds near the inlet:  Blue-winged Teal, WIllet.

Dave Hanscom (13 Apr 2014) - New for the year at Echo Reservoir this morning were White-faced Ibi.  (Is that the correct plural of Ibis?) New for the year at Echo Canyon were a singing Canyon Wren and a couple of White-throated Swifts.  I can't believe the wrens hang out there with all the trains going by!

Kendall Watkins (6 Apr 2014) - My dad and I started the morning at the Henefer Lek in Summit County. We counted a total of 29 GREATER-SAGE GROUSE and most likely overlooked several more that were concealed in the Sagebrush. We watched grouse display for a 30 minutes before leaving for East Canyon. If you do go to the lek in search of the grouse, remember to be respectful and stay in your vehicles.
   --At East Canyon I counted 45 COMMON LOONS spread out over the reservoir. Also of note were 13 WESTERN and 4 CLARK'S GREBES, 10+ RED-BREASTED and many COMMON MERGANSERS. We also observed a LESSER YELLOWLEGS with several Killdeer feeding along the northeastern edge of the reservoir. Green-winged Teal and Gadwall were the most abundant waterfowl present...
   --Echo Reservoir was next, which held the best birding of the day. From the freeway we spotted two Osprey on a nesting platform just north of the dam. The real highlights began at the south end of the reservoir, which was absolutely filled with birds! We saw 20+ FRANKLIN'S GULLS, 2 HERRING GULLS, around 50 Ring-billed Gulls and thousands of California Gulls along the shore. In the way of ducks we nearly had a clean sweep of all the expected species, missing only Common Goldeneye, Hooded Merganser and Ruddy Duck. Highlights included a HYBRID BLUE-WINGED X CINNAMON TEAL, a drake BLUE-WINGED TEAL, 1 GREATER SCAUP, and a CANVASBACK. ... There were also good numbers of RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS (25+) and close to 130(!) COMMON MERGANSERS. This was a conservative estimate. I tried counting them all, but there were just too many (I probably under-counted). Other water birds included 21 Common Loons, a Horned Grebe, 5 Eared, 3 Clark's, and 16 Western Grebe's.
   --On land I saw at least one Chipping Sparrow, 2 Slate-colored Juncos, Mountain Bluebirds, 2 Mountain Chickadees, and a pair of Say's Phoebes. These were all seen on the road that runs along the east side of the reservoir (Echo Dam Rd.).


Jeff Cooper (25 Apr 2014) - [Highland Glen Park] - I dropped by the park last night after work (thanks to Eric Peterson) and saw the continuing LEWIS'S WOODPECKER. This afternoon I stopped by the park again since it is near my home and saw a couple Virginia's Warblers along with the continuing Lewis's Woodpecker and FOY Black-headed Grosbeak.

Dennis Shirley (21 Apr 2014) - This morning about11:30am I briefly birded the area west of Harbor Park Way, west end of Saratoga Springs in the foothills of Lake Mountain. I found the BURROWING OWL on the same mound as last year, and then heard GRASSHOPPER SPARROW. With a taped call I was able to get good looks at two individuals.

Mike Hearell (18 Apr 2014) - [Pioneer Crossing] - Cattle Egrets, Black-bellied Plovers, Wilson's Phalaropes, Godwits, and good numbers of Western Sandpipers are currently present. ...and a second-ish cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Jeff Cooper (14 Apr 2014) - [Provo Airport Dike] - Joellen Herbert found and reported a HARRIS'S SPARROW at the east entrance to the Provo Airport Dike a couple of weeks ago... I saw one sparrow fly catching from a pile of brush and then noticed all the black feathers around its face. Bingo! It's a handsome bird...

Glenda Cotter (14 Apr 2014) - [Powell Lake] - Apologies for the late report. I was at Powell Lake Saturday evening, where there were lots of avocets, stilts, six Marbled Godwits, one Greater Yellowlegs (in the south pond), three Bonaparte’s gulls, and a White-throated Sparrow near the north pond, loosely associating with white-crowned sparrows where the two paths intersect at the northeast side of the pond...

Brenton Reyner (12 Apr 2014) - This morning I headed down to Powell Lake looking for some early shorebirds and other migrants....On the south pond I spotted all 3 species of teal as well as the hybrid blue-winged x cinnamon teal. A Lincoln's Sparrow (FOY) was in the trees at the southern end of the south pond as well.

Doug Mead (10 Apr 2024) - Today I hiked up the Salamander Flats trail in American Fork Canyon...Best sightings were: Northern Goshawk, Ruffed Grouse, Red-tailed Hawk, Clark's Nutcracker, Northern Flicker, Western Scrub-Jay, Steller's Jay, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Black-capped and Mountain Chickadee, Pine Siskin and Shiras Moose( at <8 feet)...

Kendall Watkins (8 Apr 2014) - Bryant Olsen, my dad, and I discovered a single WHIMBREL at Pioneer Crossing Ponds this afternoon. It was mixed in with a large group of Marbled Godwits and Long-billed Curlews. It was seen on the southeast side of the pond and had its head tucked in for the majority of the time we watched it.


Darlene Stump (30 Apr 2014) - First of the year yard bird - Bullock's Oriole in Tremonton -
Love spring birding and breeding plumage!

Dennis Shirley (25 Apr 2014) - Yesterday I spent the afternoon in eastern Tooele County. Areas birded were Rush Lake, Mercer Canyon and bench lands, Fitzgerald WMA, and Vernon. Of the 50 or so species I saw, best were Sagebrush, Lark, and Black-throated Sparrows and Pinyon Jay along the foothills south of Mercer Canyon...

Darlene Stump (22 Apr 2014) - FOY Lazuli Bunting at our feeders today. A beautiful compliment to the colorful American Goldfinches that are here in large numbers. Also heard a Poorwill last night. A new yard bird for us.

Bryan Shirley (5 Apr 2014) - This morning 3 of us had a good morning in Tooele County. We started off in 5 mile pass with several singing Sagebrush Sparrows and Sage Thrashers. At Fitzgerald WMA we added about 30 species quickly - all of the common waterfowl was there, including about 40 RB Mergansers. There were a few migrant arrivals too like Avocets and Tree Swallows. Our next stop was Clover Springs Campground. Overall it was not very birdy, but we did see a couple of Belted Kingfishers, a small group of Bushtits and a Juniper Titmouse. Rush Lake is packed with several thousand ducks, but most were too far to see well...


Keeli Marvel (28 Apr 2014) - Yesterday I spent the afternoon hiking off trail in Main Canyon a mile or so past where Main Canyon Rd turns into dirt in Wallsburg, and picked up a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks, a Clarks's Nutcracker, and some very confiding Red-breasted Nuthatches.

Dennis Shirley (7 Apr 2014) - I spent the morning in Wasatch County. Highlights included; 118 COMMON LOON (actual count on upper reservoir only) and one HORNED GREBE on Deer Creek Reservoir, and a pair of LONG-TAILED DUCK and GREATER SCAUP on the Rock Cliff arm of Jordanelle Reservoir.

Dave Hanscom (3 Apr 2014) - It's definitely spring below the Jordanelle Dam. This week, for the first
time this year, we saw Osprey, Snipe, Kingfisher, Virginia Rail, Turkey Vulture, Coot, Killdeer, Cinnamon Teal, Sandhill Crane, and Spotted Towhee. Also lots of Red-winged Blackbirds and Song Sparrows serenading us along the way.


Kate (27 Apr 2014) - This morning we saw two Yellow Shafted Flickers in Mathis Park in St. George, Utah. Also one gorgeous Bullock's Oriole flew tree to a tree at the park. Many Violet-green Swallows were flying above and close to the Santa Clara River in the Mathis Park area.

David McCoy (26 Apr 2014) - ...At Gunlock Reservoir there were several Western Grebe and one Clark's along with numerous (50+) Eared Grebe. Also a flock of about 16 Ruddy Ducks and a few Lesser Scaup. Surprised to see Common Loon in numbers of about 30 apparently resting up waiting for better weather. The big surprise however occurred when we drove by the large copse of Cottonwoods between the reservoir and the town of Gunlock. There was a most beautiful COMMON BLACK HAWK perched at the verge keeping watch on the open riparian zone of the Santa Clara River...

Ron Hellstern (7 Apr 2014) - Although not on a "birding" trip, we saw the following while casually hiking in Zion National Park this past week: [highlights]  ... Black Phoebes, ...Canyon Wrens,...Stellars Jays, ...American Dippers, ...Western Kingbirds, ...


Mike Hearell (30 Apr 2013) - Kris Purdy is reporting a Black Phoebe at Ft Buenaventura in Ogden.

Kristin Purdy (25 Ar 2014) - Thank goodness I’ve been home a lot lately in Ogden, Weber County, to see some great yard birding. ... Yesterday, the pair of Mourning Doves that visits my yard regularly found my water bowl on the deck rail that the robins dearly love. ...  Had the first male Broad-tailed Hummingbird of the season at my deck feeder today. ... The number of male and female Cassin’s Finches was waaaay high today; higher than I’ve seen it since the first one of spring arrived about 2 months ago. While I was sitting looking out the front window (northeast view)... I looked up past the eve to the sky in anticipation of a Turkey Vulture appearing, but instead, it was my FOY Swainson’s Hawk from the comfort of my living room. ... As I watched the Swainson’s begin to circle north of my house, another raptor appeared in my view closer, flapping constantly, and spiraling higher until it closed its wings and dove, and did this over and over again. It was a Cooper’s Hawk doing a breeding display called sky-dancing.

Mike Hearell (24 Apr 2014) - Some notable birds seen/heard in Weber this week: American Bittern, Glossy Ibis, Sage Thrasher, Least Sandpipers, Blue-winged Teal, and FOY's Forster's Tern, Virginia's Warbler, Lark Sparrow, and Common Yellowthroat. Also have large numbers of Common Loon, Long-billed Dowitcher, and 10K+ White-faced Ibis.

Wes Johnson ( 23 Apr 2014) - The Lazuli Buntings have arrived in South Weber.

Mike Hearell (11 Apr 2014) -  ... I started out by going for a drive to Pineview Reservoir with little luck. There are still good numbers of Common Loon, Red-breasted and Common Merganser, and large numbers of gulls and Western Grebe but, nothing out of the ordinary.... We then to a drive out further west where we found the best birds of the day, two Bonaparte's Gulls (hard to come by in Weber) and then while I was trying to turn a Buffleheads into a LTDU, Taylor spotted a Greater White-fronted Goose taking off with a small flock of Canada Geeese. We also saw the continuing Burrowing Owl standing outside its burrow.

Kris Purdy (11 Apr 2014) - Let me second Amber’s inclination. I just heard my first-of the season male Broad-tailed Hummingbird high on Ogden’s east bench at the Burch Creek Trailhead. I hurried home, heated a heap o’hummer hooch, and am about to set my feeders out.

Mike Hearell (5 Apr 2014) - In the last week I've seen Black-necked Stilts and good numbers of Franklin Gulls start arriving, the number of Long-billed Dowitcher have tripled and today I saw my first Cattle Egrets of the year. Can't wait to see what next week's warm spell brings in!

Mike Hearell (2 Apr 20140 - Took a drive up to Pineview Reservoir yesterday evening to see if I could find any 'lost' sea ducks. Although I struck out on that front, I did see some other decent birds. Highlights were my first county Horned Grebe, 23 Red-breasted Mergansers, 13 Common Loons and 29 Franklin's Gulls. The Horned Grebe was seen just north of the yacht club on the north arm.


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