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December 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
Red-necked Grebe    Washington Co.
Western Gull  Salt Lake Co.
   Iceland Gull  Salt Lake Co.
   Slaty-backed Gull  Salt Lake Co.
   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  Washington Co.
   Red-breasted Sapsucker  Washington Co.
   Winter Wren  Utah Co.,  Washington Co.,  Weber Co.


Kendall Watkins (31 Dec 2013) - Last Saturday 26 Utah Birders went out in search of Larks and Longspurs in Box Elder County... Highlights included a Northern Shrike at Bear River and a good look at a female Cooper's Hawk in Howell. It wasn't a very birdy day, but it was nice to have good company.


Ryan O'Donnell (6 Dec 20123) - A first-winter GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL was found by me at the Logan Landfill yesterday, 5 December. This is the first county record since 2006, and the first record for the county in eBird, although the website lists three earlier county records not in eBird.

Steve Hannington (30 Dec 2013) -  A Northern Shrike was observed and photographed near Garr Ranch on Antelope Island State Park on Saturday December 28.

Bryant Olsen (18 Dec 2013) - This morning around 10am I found a SNOW BUNTING mixed in with a small flock of Horned Larks on the Antelope Island Causeway, just a few hundred yards west of the entrance booth. At the 2 bridge mixed in with a few hundred Common Goldeneye was a gorgeous adult male LONG-TAILED DUCK, on the south side. It was very eerie out there in the fog and mostly frozen over lake.

Cindy Sommerfeld (6 Dec 2013) - [Antelope Isdand] - Today was one of our coldest surveys. We started at 5 degrees and warmed up to 16 degrees. At least the sun was shinning most of the time. We did see a Least Sandpiper, a Western Sandpiper, a Dunlin, and an Avocet. It seems late for them. The two Shrikes we saw were both Northern. Our Species total was 49. Here's the list: [other highlights]... Long-tailed Duck,...Peregrine Falcon, Virginia Rail...Hermit Thrush...American Tree Sparrow...


Bryant Olsen (22 Dec 2913) - This morning around 11am I saw a LAPLAND LONGSPUR on 7200 W. in SLC, between I-80 and the train tracks. Initially I found it in the middle of the road with some H. Larks, later I relocated it east of the road about 100 yards out, also with H. Larks. Nearby at Lee Kay I found an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL mixed in with a few hundred gulls there on the ice. ... At Decker Lake I found the most gulls, most of the lake was covered in them, probably 2,000 gulls. Among them were an adult WESTERN GULL and an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL...

Bryant Olsen (10 Dec 2013) - [Saltair] - I found several good gulls at Saltair this afternoon. My first find was an obvious adult dark mantled gull. It had its back to me so I couldn't see its eyes or legs, so I was debating over Western or Lesser Black-Backed, when suddenly a smallish very pale gull walked into the field of view. Obviously a 1st cycle ICE-LAND GULL. It was very whitish with gray checkering and pale gray primary tips and an all dark bill .... Saw some other good birds here including a very dark, big and mean 1st cycle WESTERN GULL, an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (probably the unknown dark mantled gull from earlier), an apparent 1st cycle "OLYMPIC" GULL, and a couple THAYER'S. All of these gulls were on the beach due east of the marina. I then decided to go check "sunset" beach on the west side of the marina, where I quickly located a 2nd ICELAND GULL.

Mike Hearell (6 Dec 2013) - Adult Western Gull at Lake Park Pond by Target (Pacific Loon spot).

Bryant Olsen (23 Dec 2013) - During our GSLA field trip this morning we came across an interesting gull at Lee Kay. Fairly gray back, with blackish primaries but a rather whitish head, but with a massive bill. In the field we first assumed a 1st cycle "Olympic" Gull, however after looking through some books, the pale head and black primaries would actually better match a 1st winter SLATY-BACKED GULL. I know that sounds a little nuts, but nothing else seems a good match. It was on the east end of the west pond, near the road that divides the 2 ponds.


Brian Maxfield (2 Dec 2013) - Two BLUE JAYS were observed this morning in Vernal at a bird feeder. The area is around 350 West and 600 South. I was unable to relocate the birds in the area but there is an extensive area of Russian olive and conifers behind many of the houses and this is where the birds were first heard calling.


Eric Huish (29 Dec 2013) -  I was just watching what I believe was a WINTER WREN at the Provo River Oxbow. I will post photos and sound clips later today when I get home..

Dennis Shirley (28 Dec 2013) -  The Pacific Wren found earlier this winter in the South Fork of Provo Canyon is still there...
   --The Western Screech Owl was found quietly resting in the owl box entrance at the neighbors residence near Eric's house in Pleasant Grove.
   --I also whistled in a Northern Pygmy Owl on the switch back above Mual Dell in American Fork Canyon...

Eric Huish (24 Dec 2013) - I saw three late Least Sandpipers at Lindon Beach this morning. Count week birds for the Provo CBC. There were also Common Mergansers and Herring Gulls at Lindon Boat Harbor which I think were missed on Saturday's CBC. I don't remember all the specifics but for anyone who may be interested I believe the Provo CBC (Sat, 21st) ended with 91 species. Highlights were Northern Goshawk, Northern Pygmy-Owl, Cackling Goose and Sanderling. The last two I believe were count firsts.

Eric Huish (20 Dec 2013) - I stopped at Salem Pond this afternoon in hopes of seeing the Barrow's Goldeneye or Greater Scaup that had been reported earlier this week. I couldn't find either. But while I was there a flock of Canada Geese flew in with 8 to 12 CACKLING GEESE mixed in.

Dennis Shirley (16 Dec 2013)- -This afternoon I made a brief check of Salem Pond. I was unable to locate the White-winged Scoter but I did find a drake BARROW'S GOLDENEYE. There was also a suspect bird which I'm pretty sure was a hen GREATER SCAUP...

Kendall Watkins (12 Dec 2013) - The White-winged Scoter continued this evening at Salem Pond providing excellent looks... Nice find Dennis! Other birds at the pond included a drake Barrow's Goldeneye, a juvenile Trumpeter Swan (previously reported to eBird by Dave Hanscom, and a hen Greater Scaup.

Eric Peterson
(11 Dec 2013) - Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk at the Art Dye Ball Park in American Fork.

Jeff Cooper (10 Dec 2013) - A light adult Ferruginous Hawk was on a power pole near Pioneer Crossing Road... A Barn Owl was flapping and gliding bouyantly over the pond, and a pair (male and female) of Hooded Mergansers were diving in a small part of the pond that was not frozen (west side of the pond)...

Eric Huish (9 Dec 2013) - Carlos and I just saw a 1st winter Harris's Sparrow at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Boat Harbor Drive in Provo. (7:45 am, Dec 9). In the Russian Olives across the street from the new little parking lot for the Provo River Parkway.  GPS 40.24043 -111.71129

Jeff Cooper (4 Dec 2013) - During my drive home tonight I was able to observe a dark adult Harlan's Hawk perched in a tree just off I-15 in Lehi... The bonus was a Sharp-shinned Hawk that flew overhead.

Dennis Shirley (2 Dec 2013) -  This afternoon at about 3:00 pm I saw a PACIFIC LOON from the fenced parking area just around the corner from Lincoln Point/Utah Lake... A COMMON LOON was also found just a short time earlier about a mile south of Lincoln Point and out about 300 yards. Loons have never been common on Utah Lake, but it seems we've had more this year than ever before. The Pacific Loon is probably the same bird Alton Thygerson reported last week at Utah Lake State Park and unless I'm mistaken are the first Utah County records.

Jeff Cooper (1 Dec 2013) - I had a nice long holiday weekend with family and said goodbye to the last ones this morning. This evening, nearly a week after Eric Huish first reported it, I finally had time to go down to Utah Lake State Park to look for the Long-tailed Duck. It was there and couldn't care less about who was watching it dive and feed right next to the rocks of the north jetty...
   --Before I found the duck, I found a lone Horned Grebe that was as friendly as the duck turned out to be. The grebe was in the marina, right by the docks on the north side of the marina.


Rick Fridell (23-24 Dec 2013) - Merry Christmas everyone! I made a very quick visit to Lytle Ranch and observed a few noteworthy birds, including several mountain birds, a White-throated Sparrow and the remaining Red-breasted Sapsucker. However, the most interesting sighting to me was two Abert's Towhees at the milo field. These are the first Abert's Towhees I've ever seen at Lytle Ranch.  ...
   --Also to update on some other continuing Washington County rarities, a White-winged Scoter was at Sand Hollow on 12/22, and the Barrow's Goldeneye and Red-necked Grebe were present yesterday (12/23). The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker also remains today (12/24) at the Zion Canyon visitor center.

Rick Fridell (21 Dec 2013) - There are some really nice birds continuing around Washington Co. the last few days, including:
   --Barrow's Goldeneye, male, 7-21 December, at Sand Hollow State Park, usually w/ Common Goldeneyes off the main boat ramp
   --Neotropic Cormorants (2), 13-21 December, Razor Ridge Pond, Coral Canyon
   --Red-necked Grebe, found by Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld, 19-21 December, SHSP, usually near center of lake observed from north end of sw dam.
   --Red-shouldered Hawk, observed by Kevin Wheeler and I, 18 December, in cottonwood along the Santa Clara River just above the old Windsor (Shem) Dam structure.
   --Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, adult male, 11-21 December, Zion NP visitor center parking lot.
   --White-throated Sparrow, adult, observed by Kevin Wheeler and I, 18 December, on lawn along road through Gunlock

Rick Fridell (13 Dec 2013) - Here's a couple of images of the Neotropic Cormorants photographed today (12/13) at the Razor Ridge Pond, Coral Canyon.

Rick Fridell (11 Dec 2013) - This afternoon (12/11) I photographed an adult male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker near the visitor center in Zion Canyon, Zion NP, Washington Co., UT...

Rick Fridell
(8 Dec 2013) - This morning (12/08) there was an adult Mew Gull with the Ring-billed Gull flock at Quail Creek State Park... Also today, Ned Batchelder captured a banded hatch-year Rufous Hummingbird in Ivins; I believe this is the first winter record for this species in Utah... Also this afternoon around 2:00p, there was a Barn Owl perched in the Hurricane Fields.

Rick Fridell (7 Dec 2013) - Quinn and I visited Sand Hollow State Park this morning (12/7) prior to the snow storm (yes, it's been snowing since 10:30a and there's several inches on the ground throughout Washington County!). Sand Hollow is packed with waterfowl and coots. Highlights included the remaining Barrow's Goldeneye and White-winged Scoter (which we enjoyed with Bill Richardson) and four species of geese. We saw 22 species of waterfowl: [highlights]
   -- Snow Goose, Ross's Goose, Cackling Goose,... Greater Scaup, Lesser Scaup, White-winged Scoter (imm.), ...Barrow's Goldeneye (drake), Hooded Merganser, Common Merganser, Ruddy Duck
   --Also present were a few Common Loons, five species of grebes, 4-5 Bald Eagles, and of course several thousand coots. I was surprised to see 3 late American Avocets (present since 12/2) and a Least Sandpiper...

Rick Fridell (2 Dec 2013) - The Winter Wren was relocated today 12/2 along Quail Creek near the inflow into Quail Lake (on north side of the road below the confluence with Cottonwood Wash). The wren likelys forages up and down along both Quail Creek and Cottonwood Wash. Also, this evening there was a drake Barrow's Goldeneye at Sand Hollow State Park actively diving off the point north of the main boat ramp with a small flock of Common Goldeneye. There was a also two adult Ross's Geese with a Canada Goose at Sand Hollow.


Mike Hearell (28 Dec 2013) - [Harold Crane WMA - Rainbow Unit Trailhead] - I've been impatiently waiting for the large flocks of Horned Larks to arrive and today a few (1700ish) finally showed. Had some Longspurs and Snow Buntings mixed in with them.

Kris Purdy (26 Dec 2013) - About 30 GRAY-CROWNED ROSY-FINCHES were quietly roosting in the aspen trees above the feeder at Powder Ridge Village Condominiums adjacent to Powder Mountain Ski Area in Weber County this afternoon at about 2 pm. There were three Hepburnís race rosy-finches among the gray-crowned race birds. They also dropped to the snow under the feeder and fed there a few times.

Kris Purdy (12 Dec 1013) - What a surprise when a WINTER WREN popped out of the Red-Osier Dogwood and other stream brush in Powder Mountain Canyon, Weber County, this morning to join the loose mob of birds protesting the NORTHERN PYGMY-OWLís presence at mile 8.2, SR-158.... In addition to the birdís Iíve mentioned already, I also heard an American Dipper calling upstream, a Townsendís Solitaire calling high on the canyon wall, and I saw a flicker and several magpies flying high.

Mike Hearell (10 Dec 2013) - Took a drive up to Powder Mountain today to see if the Rosy-finches are in I saw exactly 1 Gray-crowned Rosy-finch.



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