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November 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
Black Scoter  Davis Co.
   Red-necked Grebe  Morgan Co.Weber Co.
   Tropical Kingbird  Weber Co.
   Winter Wren  Washington Co.
   Northern Parula  Utah Co.
   Painted Bunting  Washington Co.

Ryan O'Donnell (23 Nov 2013) A BLUE JAY was found by me in my neighborhood in Logan on 23 November and continues through at least yesterday, 5 December. This is the third county record in eBird.

Ryan O'Donnell (17 Nov 2013) A drake EURASIAN WIGEON was found by me at the Logan Polishing Ponds on 17 November but has not been seen again since, despite at least two attempts to relocate it. This is the sixth county record overall, and the first record from the county in fall.

Ryan O'Donnell (9 Nov 2013)  A PACIFIC LOON has been seen at Hyrum Reservoir, starting on 9 November and continuing through at least 27 November. This species is less than annual in the county, but has been recorded here in recent years once every two or three years on average.

Weston Smith (27 Nov 2013) - A Black Scoter at Farmington Bay.

Bryant Olsen (18 Nov 12013) - Saw some good birds today around the GSL. Started off at dawn with the continuing PACIFIC LOON at Lake Park ... Then I went to the AIC, were I found 3 LONG-TAILED DUCKS at the second bridge. Also there were 2 SURF SCOTERS and the continuing BLACK SCOTER hen and at least 1 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE. Nearby in the marina I found an apparent 1st cycle WESTERN GULL?, large very dark overall, with a massive spade shaped all dark bill.

Paul Higgins (18 Nov 2013) - [AIC] - I saw five Snow Buntings at the concrete, rock jetty, rusted culverts, just south of the weather station(only got one quick image). I saw five Long-tailed Ducks at the first bridge north of Antelope Island....

Rich Young (16 Nov 2013) - I just got around to posting my finds at the Antelope Island Causeway on November 10, looking primarily for sea ducks; but I did happen onto the juvenile Sabine’s Gull, along with a Horned Grebe

Delores Freestone (14 Nov 2013) - We saw some GRATER SCAUP (hens) at Farmington Bay this past weekend.

Brenton Reynor (4 Nov 2013) - [AIC] - LONG-TAILED DUCKS south of the second bridge. Behind a raft of scaup. Flying around a lot. Dickson Smith and I are looking at them right now. Scope needed.

Cindy Sommerfeld (1 Nov 2013) - [Antelope Island] - Lovely weather to bird today. We did see the Black Scoter along with 22 Surf Scoters. Our species count was 55 (thanks for a little bit of help from our friends, Kris and Paul). Here's the species list: [highlights]  Surf Scoter, Black Scoter, Red-breasted Merganser, Horned Grebe, Merlin, Prairie Falcon, Baird's Sandpiper, Bonaparte's Gull, Great Horned Owl, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush, American Tree Swallow, Snow Bunting,..


David Allen (25 Nov 2013) - [Oak City] - I saw a Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker at the spillway from Gunnison Bend Reservoir on Sunday 11/24. There were also `1000 Snow Geese around the reservoir - along with a few Ross's. Had a WHITE-WINGED DOVE at the feeders in my backyard in Oak City. Bald Eagles seemed to arrive here early this year. Observed my first of season on 11/3. I don't usually see any in NW Millard until the week of Thanksgiving.


Weston Smith (25 Nov 2013)- There is a Long-tailed Duck on East Canyon Reservoir. It was with about a dozen Common Goldeneyes and a male Bufflehead over near the marina. Also there was a male Hooded Merganser near the South end of the lake and a male Barrow's Goldeneye with a large group of Common Goldeneye in the middle of the lake.

Weston Smith
(12 Nov 2013) - The Red-necked Grebe was still on East Canyon in the same area as reported earlier. I also saw one drake Barrow's Goldeneye with a couple hens. I was able to find one Pacific Loon in the nearly two dozen Common Loons that are still on the reservoir.


Carolina Roa (28 No 2013) - HERMIT THRUSH. Tanner Park intersection at bottom of hill north to the stream by big patch of grapes.

Stephanie Greenwood (25 Nov 2013) - I stopped at the Warm Springs pond on my way to Salt Lake again to see if the Mew Gull was there. A few minutes in Bryant Olsen pulled up and shortly relocated the gull...

Keeli Marvel (23 Nov 2023) - [Redwood Trailhead] - Kendall Watkins, Yvonne Carter and I stopped to scope out the Jordan River for Goldeneyes at Redwood Trailhead Park and Kendall spotted a Female Long-tailed Duck floating mixed with several dozen Goldeneyes...

Kathleen Robins (23 Nov 2013) - A VARIED THRUSH (adult male) showed up in our backyard this afternoon. It has been around now for a few hours eating apples brought down by the wind. Nice surprise. We live in the Canyon Rim area of Salt Lake City.

Bryant Olsen  (23 Nov 2013) - This morning around 11am I saw an apparent 'WHITE-WINGED' DARK-EYED JUNCO in the SLC Cemetery. It was near the Catholic church in the east central section of the cemetery.

Rachel LeBlanc (17 Nov 2013) - Looks like there’s a PACIFIC LOON at the westernmost lake at Lake Park Bldv, Lake Park in West Valley City. I saw it at 9:00 am and again at 11:30 am... Nice bird!

Jeff Cooper (14 Nov 2013) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - I made two cursory visits to Lee Kay Ponds today. ...The coolest birds for me today were some handsome male Hooded Mergansers, female counterparts, and young ones. They were first of season observations for me...Other FOS ducks were Buffleheads, Common Mergansers, Common Goldeneyes, and Northern Pintail. I think American Wigeons were also first of season for me. Lots of RB, California, and Herring Gulls.

Bryant Olsen (9 Nov 2013) - I went for a short walk in the rain around Mt. Olivet cemetery near the U of U this morning, and much to my surprise came across a male 'Black-backed' Lesser Goldfinch among a large flock of them in the northeast section, in the birch trees...

Nicki Davis
(12 Nov 2013) - [Draper] - The Western Screech Owl is here in Draper for the fifth year. He uses a Flicker Nest box to sleep in during the day...

Rich Young (7 Nov 2013) - [Big Cottonwood Park, Holladay] - Today I discovered a male Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker there!

Bryant Olsen (4 Nov 2013) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - Today around 1:30pm myself and Matt Pendleton saw an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at Lee Kay ponds.... Also lots of Herring Gulls there. Earlier in the day we saw several ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS, 5 TUNDRA SWANS, and a large flyover flock of SNOW GEESE at the ISSR.

Glenda Cotter (2 Nov 2013) - [Parley's Gulch] - Saw one of the reported Lewis's Woodpeckers at about 5:15 p.m. this afternoon. It was on top of the fifth pole heading east, next to the interstate. A pair of Red-tailed Hawks were squabbling over the second pole.


Eric Huish (27 Nov 2013) - If you go looking for the Blue Jay in Santaquin watch the tops of the telephone poles. There is a Lewis's Woodpecker hanging out in the area.

Dennis Shirley
(27 Nov 2013) - ...John Gunderson called me yesterday to say he had a "blue jay" coming to his feeders and has been doing so for a few days now.... It is in fact an  EASTERN BLUE JAY! It usually doesn't stay long, grabbing a seed or two then flying off....

Alton Thygerson (25 Nov 2013) - ...At about 2:30, while looking for the Long-tailed Duck west of the south jetty which bends to the north, a PACIFIC LOON was spotted in the same vicinity that the Long-tailed Duck has been found. The Long-tailed Duck was seen in the same location reported by Eric, Dennis, John, Carlos, etc., west of the north end of south dike at Utah lake Stat Park.

Eric Huish
(25 Nov 2013) - I just spotted a female Long-tailed Duck LONG-TAILED DUCK feeding right up against the north side of the north jetty at Utah Lake State Park. (7:30 am Nov 25). Long-tailed Duck are rare in Utah County. This is only my second sighting ever in the county.

Jeff Cooper
(24 Nov 2013) - [Pleasant Grove] - ... a fly-in Merlin temporarily put our drive on hold. Unfortunately, it landed in a poplar tree with the sun right behind it--talk about blinding. We drove down the street and out of the neighborhood when the previous Merlin perched on a power pole briefly and then flew. Five minutes later we were admiring a satisfied immature Cooper's Hawk.

Eric Huish (24 Nov 2013) - Carlos Caceres and John Crawley reported a Pacific Wren up South Fork yesterday, in the same spot the Pygmy-Owl was seen on Friday. Brenton Reyner and I went up South Fork this morning to look for the wren. We found a pullout and walked back to the spot where we heard it call and were able to get close views of the wren....

Eric Huish (23 Nov 2013) - I just saw a first winter HARRIS'S SPARROW on 4000 West in Lakeshore. (10:30 am nov 23). It was with about 50 White-crowned Sparrows along the road just south of the viewing tower (before the road drops downhill). GPS 40.14248 -111.74952. There was also a late Cattle Egret at the beginning of Swede Lane and 2 more Cattle Egrets on River Lane earlier this morning.

Eric Huish (22 Nov 2013) - I was up early this morning (Nov 22) so I went up South Fork Provo Canyon before work. I listened for owls while it was still dark but couldn't hear any. I did hear Chukars calling from up on the hillside. At about 7:00am I spotted a Northern Pygmy-Owl in the bushes on the side of the road. It was just up-canyon from the Big Springs Park turn off...On Wednesday I spent an hour in the rain up American Fork Canyon. There was a large flock (10 or 15 birds) of Golden-crowned Kinglets at the Swinging Bridge Picnic Area...

Dennis Shirley (21 Nov 2013) - [Lincoln Point] - This morning a COMMON LOON was seen diving along the west side of Utah Lake near Lincoln Point. Other notable birds: COMMON GOLDENEYE, HOODED MERGANSERS, DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS, other GREBES (PIED-BILLED, WESTERN, CLARK'S).

Bryant Olsen (21 Nov 2013) - I went for a walk along the Jordan River from were it comes out of Utah lake down just past the model airplane field. I was surprised to find 2 late BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS and a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER. ... Also had a flyover Peregrine after a Collard Dove, which in turn was being tailed by another Peregrine. The dove escaped and landed in a tree, and the Peregrines went off after each other, pretty cool.

Jeff Cooper (19 Nov 2013) - 1st winter MEW GULL at Powell Lake. In case you are looking for a Mew Gull in Utah County. Tim reported this at Powell Lake in Lehi moments ago.

Eric Huish (19 Nov 2013) - Carlos Caceres and I just saw a NORTHERN PARULA on the Provo Airport Dike. It was with a couple of chickadees in trees and brush between the south extension and the southwest corner. GPS 40.20752 -111.72323.

Jeff Cooper (3 Nov 2013) -... I drove down to the LDS Church farm in Elberta. My favorite raptor was the first Prairie Falcon I'd seen in months...On the way home I enjoyed both light and dark morph Ferruginous Hawks along with a variety of Red-tailed Hawks along SR 68 (aka Redwood Road).

Eric Huish (3 Nov 2013) -I birded several areas around Utah Lake this past week. Highlights were Harris's Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow. I birded Lindon Beach again on Saturday. I didn't look for the White-throated Sparrow because I didn't want to disturb some nearby duck hunters. A Chukar was still there, 6 Tundra Swans flew over and there was a couple of Herring Gulls in with a flock of Ring-bills and Californias. A small flock of peeps flew by but I couldn't ID them. I'm guessing probably Least Sandpipers.

Rick Fridell (29 Nov 2013) - [Lytle Ranch] - Yesterday (11/28), Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld located a female PAINTED BUNTING in the milo field at Lytle Ranch, Washington Co., UT. Larry Tripp, Quinn and I relocated the bunting mid-day today (11/29) foraging near the north end of the milo field.

Rick Fridell (27 Nov 2913) - This morning (11/27) I located a WINTER WREN at the Cottonwood Wash inflow, Washington Co., UT.

Rick Fridell (24 Nov 2013) - There is an adult male SURF SCOTER at Stratton Pond (Grandpa's Fishing Pond), Hurricane, Washington Co., UT. The pond is at the north end of 3700 West. There is also a nice collection of ducks at the pond including a flock of Greater Scaup, several Hooded Mergansers, many Canvasbacks, Redheads, Ring-necks, Wigeon, etc.

Rick Fridell (23 Nov 2013) - On Wednesday evening (11/20), Quinn and I stopped at Berry Springs Marsh (along SR-9 near the Quail Creek Chevron in Hurricane) to watch the large numbers of blackbirds and starlings coming to roost in the marsh. We were pleased to see two COMMON GRACKLES on the wires along SR-9 among the large flocks of black birds. Dan Trujillo made it just before dark to see the grackles as well. Somewhat surprising, these were my first Common Grackles for Washington County (county bird number 362!); I'd been expecting to find one for over ten years before finally giving up a few years ago...
    --Also the Snow Goose has arrived back to winter at Springs Estate Pond (Springs Park, St. George). It arrived two years ago as a juvenile and is now sporting immaculate adult plumage. There were also three additional Snow Geese with a small flock of Canada Geese in the nearby Washington Fields.


Kristin Purdy (26 Nov 2013) - I finally scratched an itch today and logged a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL on SR-158 in lower Powder Mountain Canyon in Weber Canyon on the way to Powder Ridge Village to check on the bird feeders. ...The owl was at mile 8.7, west side of the road, surveying across the road from about 30 feet up. This was at 10:45 a.m. I also decided to continue birding up the road past the condo complex on foot and didn’t go very far when I heard RED CROSSBILLS kip-kipping and apparently landing in nearby fir trees. ... The crossbills were singing. Not just kipping; they were singing short segments of their thin warble while I couldn’t see a one of them. Sticking with it meant also seeing Mountain Chickadees, Pine Siskins, and even an uncharacteristically silent pair of CLARK’S NUTCRACKERS also working the seeds from the fir cones.
   --It was so warm on the way down the mountain that I had the window open and heard Mountain Chickadees calling about two-tenths of a mile below the condos. I stopped to see what else might be with them and heard a Red-breasted Nuthatch gip-gip-gipping right away. Then a silent, big, gray finch with white wingbars and a yellow-green head caught my eye. I thought sure I had a female White-winged Crossbill until I saw the whole thing and Whoopee! It was a PINE GROSBEAK. I also saw a LEWIS’S WOODPECKER on the big power pole at mile 5.5 (just over a half-mile north of Valley Market), and today was a two-MERLIN day; one along SR-158 north of the Port Ramp Marina, and one on a power pole in southeast Ogden.
   --Ogden City Cemetery: A flock of 6-8 Golden-crowned Kinglets who seem to love the clumps of cedar trees and my pishing; they fed my ego when they finally came out of the clump and seemed to go mad for me.
Mike Hearell
(22 Nov 2013) - There are currently 2 Cackling Geese and 1 Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser Hybrid at pond on 2700 N & HWY 89 in Pleasant View (by Pepsi Plant).

Mike Hearell (21 Nov 2013) - Just located an adult winter plumage MEW GULL mixed in with approx 150 RBGU in west Weber County.

Mike Hearell (14 Nov 2013) - Found a GREATER SCAUP by the dam at Pineview Reservoir yesterday. She was hanging out by herself approx 200 yards east of the dam when I last saw her.

Mike Hearell (6 Nov 2013) - [Ogden Bay WMA] - TROPICAL KINGBIRD. Came across this guy at Ogden Bay WMA this evening while picking through tons of sparrows and Marsh Wrens.

Mike Hearell (2 Nov 2013) - Red-necked Grebe at Pineview Reservoir. West end approx 400 yards east of the orange buoy rope.


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