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October 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
Black Scoter  Davis Co., Washington Co.
   Red-necked Grebe  Duchesne Co.,  Utah Co.
   Little Gull  Davis Co.
   Parasitic Jaeger  Utah Co.
   (80% Ruddy) Ground-Dove  Washington Co.
   Red-breasted Sapsucker  Washington Co.
   Thick-billed Kingbird  Garfield Co.
   Magnolia Warbler  Washington Co.
   Blackburnian Warbler  Washington Co.
   Palm Warbler  Washington Co.
   Bay-breasted Warbler  Salt Lake Co.
   Dickcissel  Washington Co.

Keith Evans (31 Oct 2013) - [South Ogden] - As I read Eric's message about a White-throated Sparrow sighting, I thought some would be interested in an update from my South Ogden yard. A few weeks ago, an adult WTSP spent a few days in my yard (photo attached). Then I didn't see the adult for a few days and two immature WTSPs arrived. I've been seeing them nearly every day for a week.

Dave Hanscom (30 Oct 2013) - [Farmington Bay[ - I went looking one more time for the Little Gull at Farmington Bay, but had no luck... The good news is that I did find Shyloh himself, and he told me he'd just seen a BLACK SCOTER. Indeed, it was right where he said it was, so he saved me a few miles of driving up to AIC. The bird was along the dike that goes south from Egg Island to the four corners where the gates are all closed.

Joel Beyer (27 Oct 2013) - Nineteen (19) SURF SCOTERS at the first bridge on the Antelope Island causeway this morning. Also one Horned Grebe. Nothing happening at Garr Ranch, other than a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Matthew Pendleton (22 Oct 2013) - Kenny Frisch found a LITTLE GULL at the four way stop in Farmington Bay. He and I are looking at it right now.

Mike Hearell (21 Oct 2013) - [Antelope Island Causeway] - Currently 13 SURF SCOTERS at second bridge.

Mike Hearell (10 Oct 2013) - 5 Greater White-fronted Geese just East of Syracuse High School on North side of 700 S.

Cindy Sommerfeld (4 Oct 2013) - Today's survey was cold, cloudy and windy. In spite of that there were some interesting birds. On the causeway a Sabine's Gull was just east of the big bridge. Also we saw two AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS among the many Black-bellied Plovers. Three miles south of Garr Ranch we found a female AMERICAN REDSTART. This is an area accessible only by foot. Our species count was 48: ...


Brian Maxfield (22 Oct 2013) - I just left Starvation Reservoir in Duchesne County and there were two RED-NECKED GREBES in Saleratus Bay on the very north end of the reservoir. They were both adult non-breeding plumage birds and stayed together but away from all the other birds.


Larry Tripp (9 Oct 2013) - Today just before 10:am there was a THICK-BILLED KINGBIRD in Tropic Garfield county. I Watched the bird in my yard for about 10 minutes before it flew off to the north. I was working at the time so I was unable to chase after it. I was able to get out after noon to look around town but didn't see it.


Dave Hanscom (16 Oct 2013) - Stopped by East Canyon Reservoir today in search of a Pacific Loon. Lots of Common Loons, but no Pacific was to be found. Bonus was two SURF SCOTERS near the south end of the lake, not far from the inlet.


Rich Young (31 Oct 2013)- [Big Cottonwood Regional Park] - A flock of a dozen Evening Grosbeaks. I believe this is the first record for Evening Grosbeaks in the Salt Lake Valley this season...

Brenton Reyner (28 Oct 2013) - Band-tailed Pigeon in my yard.

Sylvia Gray (28 Oct 2013) - Cedar Waxwings. The first of the season at our house - Avenues District of SLC - a juvenile yesterday and an adult today peering at me from the yew bush eating the red berries. I love those guys.

Bryant Olsen (26 Oct 2013) - This morning during our monthly survey of City Creek canyon around 10:30am we saw an adult "white-striped morph" WHITE-THROATED SPARROW near picnic site #7 . It was in the brush near the creek...

Bryant Olsen (15 Oct 2013) - This morning around 9am myself and Carolina Roa saw what appears to be a 1st year BAY-BREASTED WARBLER during our Liberty Park survey. It was in the pines near the restrooms in the north-east area of the park. I

Matthew Wallace (6 Oct 2013) - A flock of Olive-backed Swainson's Thrushes flew through our area this morning at our house just south of Millcreek (the creek not the township). I'd guess there were 30 or so...

Brenton Reyner (2 Oct 2013) - Had a late female or immature male Black-chinned Hummingbird in the yard this afternoon...


Oliver Hansen (5 Oct 2013) - This morning I was sitting in the stadium at Herriman High School at a band competition. A flock of maybe 1500-2000 Snow Geese flew over the stadium at about 11:30 am. Fun to see.


Eric Huish (30 Oct 2013) - There is a 1st winter Harris's Sparrow on Swede Lane at the short jog in the road. It is with a large flock of WC Sparrows. 8:30 am. GPS 40.16427 -111.72252

Jeff Cooper (26 Oct 2013) - [Provo Airport Dike] - Eric Peterson and I were just looking for the red-necked grebe (no luck) and talking about birding in Florida when all of a sudden we both heard the distinctive call of a BLUE JAY. We then found it close by at the top of a tree and Eric got photos (he will share later)...

Eric Huish (24 Oct 2013) - Just saw a White-throated Sparrow on the east side of the Provo airport dike loop. Just south of the little dirt road that crosses the moat. GPS 40.21585 -111.71238

Eric Huish
(22 Oct 2013) - Merrill Webb  reported a RED-NECKED GREBE at the Provo Airport Dike in the moat at the southeast corner (by the yellow school bus).  I jumped in my car and ran down. It is still here (6:30 pm, Oct 22).

Eric Huish (21 Oct 2013) - I walked Skipper Bay Trail this afternoon looking for the White-throated Sparrows Donel reported there yesterday. I couldn't find the WTS but did get my first-of-season AMERICAN TREE SPARROW. This is the earliest I have ever seen a tree in Utah County.

Kendell Watkins (13 Oct 20130 - Just before dark my dad and I took a look around the beach area on River Lane. Best bird was an immature SABINE'S GULL. It was hanging out with a large group of gulls on the lakes edge. We watched it for less than half a minute before it took flight and flew north, out of sight. We also saw (the continuing?) three BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS.

Eric Huish (12 Oct 2013) - On a Big Sit you pick a spot and spend the day sitting within a 17 foot circle and only count birds you see from that one spot...  --This year's Provo Airport Dike Big Sit was covered continuously from 6:02 am to 7:53 pm. (13 Hours 50 Minutes). We sat at the Southwest Corner of the dike loop...   --We added 4 Big Sit Lifers this year that we have never seen on any previous sits - Common Merganser, PARASITIC JAEGER, Violet-green Swallow and Green-tailed Towhee. The Jaeger was kind enough to fly right over us then circle over us giving everyone a great view...Our last sighting of the day was a Barn Owl. A great finish to a great day...

Jeff Cooper (4 Oct 2013) - [Pleasant Grove] - I was just sitting in my home office in Pleasant Grove looking out the window toward Mahogany Mountain... I noticed a hawk stooping into my view so I tuned in to identify it.... It was a light juvenile Ferruginous Hawk. I love watching the raptors.
    --My little owl friend, a Western Screech Owl,  was in the yard again so I got some more photos...

Keeli Marvel (3 Oct 2013) - I spent my mandatory time off yesterday hiking part of the Great Western Trail at the end of South Fork Canyon, up Provo Canyon. The fall colors were beautiful and the birds were obliging. We saw a Northern Goshawk cruising around along the conifer line about 2.5 miles up the trail. On the way back down the trail, we spotted a Ruffed Grouse sneaking around on the side of the trail trying to slip away from us unnoticed. There was also a handful of Clark's Nutcrackers on the move up the canyon following the Northern Goshawk...


Merrill Webb (26 Oct 2013) - [Lytle Ranch] - With the Sommerfelds saw a Ground-Dove in the Milo-Maize fields at Lytle Ranch yesterday morning (Oct 25th). Got a good enough look to say it was definitely a Ground-Dove but are not certain whether it was Ruddy or Common. Leaning 80% Ruddy. It had "dark back and dark flanks." It would flush ahead of us then drop back down into the field. We never got a clean look at the head.

Johnnie Rowbear (24 Oct 2013) - I watched two MERLINS trying to take food away from a Road Runner this morning at 10:30 am at Ivins Reservoir. I also saw a WOOD DUCK.

Rick Fridell (14 Oct 2013) - There are currently three Surf Scoters (imm/ female types) and a Black Scoter (imm/ female) together off the south boat ramp parking area at Sand Hollow State Park.

Kathy Beyer (13 Oct 2013) - This afternoon we saw an adult male Surf Scoter at Sandhollow State Park. The Common Tern was still at Grandpa's Fishing Pond, and the Greater White-fronted Goose was still at St. George Golf Club.

Rick Fridell (11 Oct 2013) - his afternoon (10/11) Kevin Wheeler and I birded a few Hurricane area locations. ...   --After Quail, Kevin and I stopped by Sand Hollow State Park. There were a few shorebirds of note in the southeast corner of the reservoir including: American Avocet, Snowy Plover, Greater Yellowlegs, Western Sandpiper, Dunlin, Long-billed Dowitcher. There were also a couple Tree Swallows and an Osprey at SHSP.

Rick Fridell (10 Oct 2013) -[Lytle Ranch] - Several highlights. There were many sapsuckers present in the orchard and cottonwoods including various plumages of Red-naped Sapsuckers (male / female, adult / juvenile) and a couple apparent hybrid red-naped X red-breasted... There were two Townsend's Warblers with a small mixed flock in the cottonwoods near the gate / parking area (a male and first-fall / female type).
   ...The highlight of the day was a pair of Steller's Jays in the orchard. I was shocked to see these, certainly a first for me at Lytle.... and any other lowland location for that matter.
    --After Lytle I stopped at the Beaver Dam Wash road crossing below the ranch. There was a great little mixed flock in the willows on the south side of the road including a Magnolia Warbler, Pacific Wren, and a molting Indigo Bunting. While I was watching these guys I noticed a bonus Long-eared Owl roosting in the willows! Also present today at the St. George Golf Course middle pond (off Larkspur Road) was a juvenile Greater White-fronted Goose - first observed along lower Fort Pearce Wash on Tuesday (10/8) by Martin Schifj and Dan Trujillo.

Kendell Watkins (9 Oct 2013) - Doug Mead, Ned Bixler, and I ventured down to Lytle Ranch to try our luck for the Red-breasted Sapsucker. No luck on the R-B Sapsucker, but we did see two very promising YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS eating persimmons in the orchard with a dozen or so Red-naped Sapsuckers were very abundant in the orchard. We also saw two PALM WARBLERS. One in the Milo fields and the other near the parking lot with a mixed flock of Bushtits, Orange-crowned, and Yellow-rumped Warblers. I got good looks and pictures of a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW mixed in with a flock of White-crowned Sparrows in between the orchard and the Milo fields. Fall plumage BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER near the parking area with Townsend's and Yellow-rumped Warblers. Two RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS seen, possibly three. One bird was seen at the very end of the ranch road by the white gate. We also saw one bird in between the Milo fields and the orchard area. Both birds were calling. Other cool birds included a CRISSAL THRASHER near the pavilion by the parking area. A possible (heard only) DICKCISSEL in the Milo fields. I heard the buzzy zeet call once, but I never was able to locate the bird. Keep an eye out if you're in the area. A pair of LADDER-BACKED WOODPECKERS were calling and drumming pack and forth between the houses and parking area.

Rick Fridell
(9 Oct 2013) - There were three Pectoral Sandpipers in the irrigated fields east of 3000 East (and north of 1130 south) in the Washington Fields (on 10/8 and still present this evening -10/9)...

Rick Fridell (5 Oct 2013) - Today (10/03) I visited Lytle Ranch, Washington Co., UT. Periodic wind gusts made birding difficult, however, there were a few nice birds around: RED-SHOULDERED HAWK (remaining since 8/21) - vocalizing in trees along wash and then observed briefly in the orchard. RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER - eating persimmons in the orchard. GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW - with White-crowned flock in the milo field.


Mike Hearell
(27 Oct 2013) - I found one WHITE-WINGED SCOTER this morning at Pineview Reservoir. It was swimming about 30 yards off the beach along Cemetery Point. This is only the second reported WWSC in Weber County.

Mike Hearell (20 Oct 2013) -  I took my camera with me while 'hiking' at North Fork Park this morning in hopes of being able to get photos of the Pygmy Nuthatch from yesterday. I was unable to locate the nuthatch in question and strangely most the birds from yesterday had been replaced by other species. the good thing about this was the fact I found 2 GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS. This is a new county bird for me!

Mike Hearell (19 Oct 2013) - While 'hiking' today in my orange vest I came across a flock of mixed birds being very noisy and chasing one another. Off the top of my head I had no clue what bird I had heard but started looking for the one making the call. To my surprise, a PYGMY NUTHATCH! This bird wasn't even on my hopeful list for Weber County. It was located approx 1/2 mile up the trail from North Fork Park to Ben Lomond Peak.


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