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Aug 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
   Neotropic Cormorant  Box Elder Co.
   Wandering Tattler  Cache Co.
   Bar-tailed Godwit  Box Elder Co.
   Scissor-tailed Flycatcher  Davis Co
   Hermit Warbler  Garfield Co.
   Baltimore Oriole  Washington Co.


Joel Beyer (11 Aug 2013) - We refound the Bar-tailed Godwit previously reported by Stackhouse and Wheeler, on the NW side of the Willard Bay Reservoir dike road. We observed the bird for about 2 hours this morning, and were able to see all the field marks, as described by Mark....A Pectoral Sandpiper and 3 Black Terns were also seen in this area.

Jack Binch (10 Aug 2013)- [Willard Bay] - I drove up to see the quantity of birds reported. If you want to look through the birds for something rare, better take a lunch. There are a lot of godwits, phalaropes, gulls, ibis, and dowitchers to look at. I saw a few smaller godwits, but after looking at them with a spotting scope, they were all Marbled. The only bird I saw that was a little rare was a Ash-throated Flycatcher in the tamarisks toward the north end of the road. The road itself is the best I have seen it. One section in the middle is bumpy, but not all that bad.

Mark Stackhouse
(5 Aug 2013) - This morning, David Wheeler and I, along with David's trusty birding sidekick Mojo went out to the backside of Willard Bay, along the mudflats of the actual Willard Bay (Spur) of the Great Salt Lake, below the NW side of the dike around Willard Bay Reservoir. David and I decided to give it a more thorough look today to see if there were any goodies hidden in the masses. Our best find was a BAR-TAILED GODWIT that was not too surprising given that there were between 10 and 20 thousand Marbled Godwits there. The Bar-tailed Godwit wasn't in one of the large Marbled Godwit flocks, but was off by itself with some avocets, that dwarfed this small, gray godwit. We watched it for about 15 minutes at about 100 meters range, before something spooked everyone ...

Kris Purdy (4 Aug 2013) - I saw two NEOTROPIC CORMORANTs at Bear River MBR in Box Elder County today at a likely place: One of the rocky rookery islands in an area not open to the public along the D-Line. I’ve seen them there in past years and I make a point of scanning the islands when I do my monthly general bird survey. The two appeared to be adults and were with 75-100 Double-crested Cormorants, pelicans and other species that amass on those islands. I saw a smattering of migratory shorebirds including two Solitary Sandpipers (not together, of course), Marbled Godwits, a Least Sandpiper and a Lesser Yellowlegs. Several Great Egrets were using various egret rookery islands and were flocking with Snowy Egrets, Black-crowned Night-herons and Great Blue Herons. Also behind the gates was a flock of about 150 Black Terns. If you’re looking for Black Terns in your county along the lake, looks like fall migration is on for them and it’s time. Somewhat unusual on the general bird survey today were a Sage Thrasher and a Bullock’s Oriole far out into the marsh.


Ryan O'Donnell (7Aug 2013) - [Logan] - Leah Waldner and I had a potential WANDERING TATTLER at the Polishing Ponds in Benson this evening. Leah picked up a bird flying in to the ponds, and we both saw a medium-sized shorebird with pointed wings that was solidly dark gray above: no wing bars, no white on the sides of the tail or the rump, etc. It was roughly the size of a Killdeer. The bird did not call. ...The Polishing Ponds are closed to public access but we have arranged access through the City of Logan.


Ryan O'Connell (29 Aug 2013) - Jay Carlisle, visiting from Idaho, reported to me by phone that the American Golden-Plover is still present at about mile-marker 3 on the Antelope Island Causeway.

Norm Jenson (25 Aug 2013) - We birded Antelope Island this morning, there was not much new on the causeway but there were thousands of Red-necked Phalaropes, and a Peregrine Falcon. At Garr Ranch we ran in to the Sommerfields who we can thank for a Townsend Warbler, in addition we saw Wilsons, Virginia, a Western Tanager. There were a couple of Common Nighthawks flying over by the restrooms and we looked without success for the reported Lark Bunting, we did find the Chipping Sparrows and a Lark Sparrow as well as lots of flycatchers

Stephanie Greenwood (16 Aug 2013) - If you subscribe to eBird needs or rare birds alert, you probably have seen a sighting for a SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER at the Nature Conservancy's Shorelands Preserve. This bird was found in the north quadrant of the preserve, on private property, not accessible to the public.

Cindy Sommerfeld (2 Aug 2013) - 56 species today. Lots of Phalaropes, Eared Grebes and Avocets. Oh, we did get great looks at the Bobcat on Ladyfinger. Here's today's list:  [highlights] ...Virginia Rail , Snowy Plover...Baird's Sandpiper...Red-necked Phalarope...Burrowing Owl, Common Nighthawk...Loggerhead Shrike...Northern Mockingbird...Common Yellowthroat, Western Tanager...


Bryant Olsen (8 Aug 2013) -  Up on top of the Table Cliff Plateau at 10,000ft I found a small flock of TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, with 1 apparent female HERMIT WARBLER mixed in, seems a bit early but there they were.

Bryant Olsen (8 Aug 2013) - I've been down on the Aquarius Plateau for the past several days, saw some interesting birds. At the Pine Lake campground hosts feeder there was a female ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD mixed in with the numerous Rufous, Black-chinned and Broad-tailed. Also 1 female CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD was there too. 1 of the RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS was a "GREEN-BACKED" male. I tried really hard to make it into an Allen's, but the photos and video clearly showed it had a notched R2 tail feathers, making it a Rufous. Also at Pine Lake were recently fledged NORTHERN GOSHAWKS, OSPREY and RED-TAILED HAWKS, making a lot of noise. Plus a NORTHERN PYGMY OWL was around tooting in the mornings, and I was able to bring it in by mimicking their call. A couple female WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKERS were around too, and PYGMY NUTHATCHES and GRACE'S WARBLERS.
   --Near Boulder, I got stuck behind a trailer going 20mph under the speed limit, so I pulled over at a random trailhead, and happened to notice 2 of the dead pines were covered in little symmetrical holes, just like I've seen at Devil's Campground and in Arizona where I've found Acorn Woodpeckers. So I started playing there calls to see if any would come in, but instead of Acorn WP, it brought in 3 LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS, 2 adults and a fledgling. This was near mile post 96 on SR 12,at the Chriss Lake trailhead. ....Also flushed up a COMMON POORWILL, which is always a treat to see during the day.


Bryant Olson (29 Aug 2013) - OK,I know its the second time in the past month I have claimed to have seen a sparrow that looked like a Clay-colored Sparrow, but this one Really, Really looked like one. I saw it at Big Cottonwood Park in Holladay, about 1300 E 5000 S., along the trail that goes around the pond on the southeast corner of the park, very near where the White-throated Sparrow was seen this past winter.

Mike Wallace (27 Aug 2013) - I saw 2 Common Nighthawks before dusk last night. They were flying up and down the line of trees behind our house as they fed on airborne insects.

Glenda Cotter (20 Aug 2013) - [Sugar House] - My schedule seems to be the opposite of Jack’s, but while taking my dog for a walk late last night I also heard a Western Screech Owl calling. This is in the Sugar House area, where they are known residents.

Jack Binch (20 Aug 2013) - Thanks to my hummingbirds, I got a new yard bird this morning. I go to bed early so I fill my feeders before I go to work in the mornings. I was out on my deck filling the feeders at about 4:15 AM when I heard the unmistakable call of two Western Screech-Owls. I had to wait for my dog to come out of the backyard, so I took out the kitchen garbage. Again I heard the calls, but this time they sounded like they were in the back yard. I hurried and got a spotlight and went back out. There is an open spot in the tree with some dead branches, and there were two Western Screech-Owls sitting facing opposite directions on a branch.


Kay Stone (10 Aug 1013)- Last Thursday afternoon and evening and Friday morning Jim Strong, Lynn Nielsen and myself went down to Devil's Canyon just south of Monticello  and saw an Acorn Woodpecker.  We just drove into the campground by the Host's Trailer as an Acorn Woodpecker flew right past us.  It disappeared into a nearby tree for a couple of minutes and then flew out again headed to the east.  It was a great look showing all the field marks.  Later we traveled on the large loop road outside of the campground and saw Pygmy and White Breasted Nuthatches, Western Bluebirds, Grace's Warblers, Mountain Chickadees, Gray Vireo, and several other species.  We also saw many deer, turkeys,and a Kaibab Squirrel.  I have never seen so many Pygmy Nuthatches and last year I struggled to see just one.  It was a great trip and the weather was superb.


Bryant Olsen
(8 Aug 2013) - Swung by Fish Lake on the way home 9from Aquarius Plateau), lots of Osprey and a few Hummingbirds around, but very few waterfowl on the lake . Then I hit Koosherum reservoir, had an odd looking buff sparrow hop up on a fence that looked an awfully lot like a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW.


Eric Huish (25 Aug 2013) - I birded Manning Canyon (Utah Co) and Ophir Canyon (Tooele Co) this morning. Manning Canyon has been closed for years while they cleaned up poisonous mine tailings. But now it is open again and freshly rehabilitated. Best sightings up the canyon were a couple of large flocks of Pinyon Jays, a couple of flocks if Bushtits, some Clark's Nutcrackers and a Gray Flycatcher. Full list below. Up Ophir Canyon I ran across a mixed flock of vireos and warblers up near the Lion Hill Loop Trailhead parking area. I couldn't ID them all but there were at least 3 Cassin's Vireos and a Nashville Warbler in the flock.

Oliver Hansen (21 Aug 2013) - Took a quick trip to Timpie Springs WMA and a little BLM area called Horseshoe springs in Skull Valley. Not very birdy but still a nice evening. Looks like the majority of the shorebirds have moved out. I did see one WILLET at horseshoe springs and one SOLITARY SANDPIPER at Timpie Springs. The PEREGRINES are still hanging out on the tower at Timpie springs. SAVANNA SPARROWS galore at both of these locations. Also several groups of 8-10 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS were cruising really low at Horseshoe Springs. Very fun to see.


Eric Huish
(27 Aug 2013) - I birded River Lane early this morning (6:30-7:40am. 8/27). No rarities.
Highlights were -
    --3 Purple Martins at the corner where the paved road changes to dirt.
    -- A Snowy Plover out on Sandy Beach.
    --6 Blue Grosbeaks on the fence where the paved section of road makes that jog.
    --A Barn Owl flushed from the top of a tree near the end of River Lane...

Eric Huish (26 Aug 2013) - I birded the east side and the south side of the PAD this morning. There was a Northern Waterthrush at the base of the first Russian Olives on the right when driving in from the east entrance. There was a Northern Mockingbird at the southeast corner. A young Peregrine Falcon was zooming around harassing all the other birds. Chasing gulls and terns. Diving at ibis. It looked like he was just having the time of his life...

Jeff Cooper (25 Apr 2013) - I took my twin sons and their wives on a drive along Timpooneke Road around the north end of Mount Timpanogos on Saturday...While looking for a pika I could hear Clark's Nutcrackers, Northern Flickers, squirrels, and some song birds.

Jeff Cooper (22 Ayug 2013) - I just saw the female Calliope again at my feeder.  ...My male left the area a couple weeks ago, but multiple juveniles/females have been visiting the feeder the past two weeks.

Eric Huish (20 Aug 2013) - I birded the Provo Airport Dike this morning. (8/20). The 2 Stilt Sandpipers continue west of the south extension. They were with about 25 Dowitchers and 5 Lesser Yellowlegs. There were 2 Solitary Sandpipers among the reeds seen from the west side of the south extension...

Jeff Cooper (19 Aug 2013) - [Pleasant Grove] - Two Say's Phoebes passed through my yard while my wife and her mother were visiting and watching hummingbirds this past weekend.

Eric Huish (18 Aug 2014) - I ran out to Lincoln Point yesterday morning (8/17). Nothing rare to report. Best sighting was a Baird's Sandpiper, not rare but I had missed it this spring... Lots of birds out there. Virginia's Warbler and Black-throated Gray Warbler down by the lake suggest that warbler migration has started.

Eric Huish (13 Aug 2013) - I birded the Airport Dike early this morning. Nothing rare to report. I started early enough to hear a Screech-Owl calling along the Provo River. There's a Northern  Mockingbird on the east side of the loop. I saw it there last week as well...I walked Skipper Bay Trail yesterday morning. Best birds out there were 2 Blue Grosbeaks.

Eric Huish (7 Aug 2013) - I ran out to Lincoln Point and River Lane early this morning....There were a few peeps around the bend at Lincoln Point north of the boat harbor, one of them looked like a Semipalmated Sandpiper. There was also a Semipalmated Plover over there. There were more shorebirds at Sandy Beach (at the end of River Lane). There were 3 Semipalmated Sandpipers there with Western Sandpipers for comparison...
   --This morning and last Monday there were about a dozen Cattle Egrets along SR 77 just west of the freeway exit. Hanging out with the cows...

Jeff Cooper (1 Aug 2013) - I just got home from work and decided to watch the hummingbird feeder outside my home office. I saw male and female Black-chinned, juvenile male and female Rufous, and an adult male CALLIOPE...


Rick Fridell (28 Aug 2013) - This evening I observed another Red-shouldered Hawk and a first-fall male Baltimore Oriole in the Washington Fields, Washington Co., UT. The hawk was in the northwest corner along the Y-drain and the oriole was with some Sage Thrashers along the field edge in the far southeast corner of the fields. I managed a couple diagnostic photos of the oriole. I  was also surprised to see a Western Scrub-Jay in the Washington Fields; there appears to quite a movement taking place with Scrub-Jays turning up in some odd places lately.

Rick Fridell (25 Aug 2013) - Wednesday evening (8/21), I observed an immature Red-shouldered Hawk at Lytle Ranch. It perched in several of the trees along the west edge of the fields. There were several migrants passing through including some empids and many Wilson's Warblers and Lazuli Buntings. Also somewhat surprising was an Olive-sided Flycatcher with a small flock of Pinyon Jays.


Bryant Olsen (8 Aug 2013) - I swung by the Wild Cat ranger station on SR 12, they had 3 hummingbird feeders up and the place was swarming with hummingbirds,4 species, RUFOUS, BROAD-TAILED, BLACK-CHINNED and at least female 2 female CALLIOPE. I've never seen so many hummingbirds, must have been 30+, and you can stand 3 feet away from them and they feed in a frenzy right in front of your face, pretty cool. Nearby I found some another WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKER, GRACE'S WARBLER, PYGMY NUTHATCHES, and flushed up a family of COMMON NIGHTHAWKS, one of them doing the broken wing display like a killdeer.


Mike Hearell (19 Aug 2013) - CANYON WREN. Taylor A. and I found this guy in Taylor's (no relation) Canyon this evening. This is a Utah first for me and the first eBird report in Weber since 2006.

Kris Purdy (12 Aug 2013) - The BLUE GROSBEAK that Mike Hearell and Taylor Abbott found along the rail trail in West Weber County on Friday is the gift that keeps on giving. I visited the bird on Saturday, and then again yesterday with Jack Rensel. We found the grosbeak in the same tree where Mike and Taylor found it, although this bird has the habit of disappearing for long periods and patience is a must. Jack and I continued to bird along the rail trail south of the Blue Grosbeak’s spot and came across an ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER east of the trail using the barbed-wire fence and the Russian Olives. I’ve seen the species only one other time in Weber County. Jack Binch’s recent post about another one not far away in Box Elder County on the west side of Willard Bay was perhaps a harbinger for yesterday’s sighting.


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