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April 20

 Review Species Reported This Month:
   Red-throated Loon  Salt Lake Co.
   Neotropic Cormorant   Salt Lake Co., Utah Co.
   Glossy Ibis  Utah Co.
   Mountain Plover  Davis Co.
   Painted Redstart  Washington Co.

   Painted Bunting  Davis Co.


David Wheeler (27 Apr 2013) - There were 2 Horned Grebes at Mantua yesterday, in breeding plumage, right near the boat launch.

Mike Hearell (8 Apr 2013) -  I temporarily gave up on finding Snowy Plovers in Weber and went out to the SW corner of Willard Bay to see them. I wasn't disappointed in finding 14 of the little guys/gals.

Jason St Sauver (7 Apr 2013) - Had a lovely morning around the Bear River Refuge loop this morning - with nearly 70 species seen including first of the year Great & Snowy Egrets. Also first Barn & Bank Swallows mixed in with the hundreds of Tree & Cliff Swallows, 2 Peregrine Falcons - and several pairs of grebes running!


Nancy Williams (8 Apr 2013) - [Providence] - We had a half dozen Evening Grosbeaks at our feeders from March 27-30. Since then we've had dozens of American Goldfinches every morning, and 4 Cassin's Finches. I live on the bench in Providence.


Norm Jenson (30 Apr 2013) - [Antelope Island Causeway] - RUDDY TURNSTONE on AIC causeway between mile markers 4 and 5 north side.

Bryant Olsen (30 Apr 2013) - [Garr Ranch] - PAINTED BUNTING at Garr Ranch in the Russian Olives near burnt our brush pile.

Dennis Shirley (27 Apr 2013) - The RED KNOTS reported by Dave Wheeler were still in the same spot on the south side of the AIC today at noon. There were seven and were mixed in with a flock of Black-bellied Plover and one AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER. They were south out from the 50mph sign at about mile 5.5.

David Wheeler (27 Apr 2013) - Yesterday evening I found myself near the causeway after a day of birding. I saw two SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS north of the first bridge. There were six RED KNOTS south of the road in the first mudflats past the gate, along with many BB PLOVERS.

Mike Hearell (26 Apr 2013) - Blue-winged Teal, Solitary Sandpiper. 1325 W Farmington Bay.

Tana Hunter (26 Apr 2013) - [Farmington] - Two male Horned Grebes at the Buffalo Ranch trail head yesterday.

David Wheeler (25 Apr 2013) - A little after lunch, there were two Semipalmated Plovers on the south side of the Antelope Island Causeway at about mile 3.5.

Dave Hanscom (25 Apr 2013) - Yesterday was causeway day. Bobs MacDougall and Huntington joined me to look for the WW Scoter... Hanging out with a half dozen Black-bellied Plovers on the north side at about mile 5 was a black bellied Dunlin.

Mike Hearell (13 Apr 2013) - Started my day on AIC where the numbers of Black-bellied Plovers and Willets are increasing but the highlight was the WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, furthest west bridge, south side.

Kendall Watkins (10 Apr 2013)- The two Mountain Plovers were still there at 5:40 when we left. Also on the causeway we saw 3 very close Black-bellied Plovers. One male, an immature molting bird, and a female.

Ned Bixler
(10 Apr 12013) - [Antelope Island] - Doug Mead and I saw the MOUNTAIN PLOVERS at White Rock Bay Campground, Antelope Island. There were several other birders there also.

Norm Jenson (8 Apr 2013) - Watching Long-eared Owls on Antelope Island a Bobcat introduces himself to David Wheeler, later two Peregrine Falcons make the skies over Farmington Bay come alive, the Wood Ducks stayed put.

David Wheeler (3 Apr 2013) - There were two Burrowing Owls directly west of the visitor center on Antelope Island this weekend, due north of where the road straightens out after that sharp turn from the south...

Norm Jenson (1 Apr 2013) - [Antelope Island] - Lincoln Sparrow at Garr Ranch.


Pat Jividen
(25 Apr 2013) - First Broad-tailed Hummingbird of the year, at our cabin in Tabiona.


David Allen (25 Apr 2013) - [Oak City] - Had our FOS Black-chinned Hummingbird at a feeder in my backyard in   Oak City on Monday 4/22. There were two there early this morning. My wife tells me she saw 52+ Evening Grosbeaks in our Oak City backyard. I saw FOS Barn Swallows and Savannah Sparrows in the Fool Creek Sinks  along Sink Rd on my way home from work yesterday evening. Saw my first  Great Horn Owlet of the season in Lynndyl. I also caught a couple of  Swainson's Hawks mating in Lynndyl.


Dave Hanscom (25 Apr 2013) - Stopped at Rockport on the way home. The white geese were gone, but a small flock of Marbled Godwits were hanging out on the shore by the highway. Didn't see any Bonaparte's this time, but several Franklin's Gulls. Still lots of Common Loons.


Jack Binch (28 Apr 2013) - I just got back from a hike up Butterfield Canyon. Not too many birds yet. I saw a robin, Green-tailed Towhee, Spotted Towhee, Wild Turkey, Bushtit, Turkey Vulture, and some Tree Swallows.

Bryant Olsen (27 Apr 20130 - This morning around 9am I re-located the RED-THROATED LOON at Lee Kay. It was south of the gazebo on the "gull" pond, diving frequently. It then took flight and flew south,and appeared to land in the ponds near the dog training area ,behind the gates (which were open). Also present were 2 NEOTROPIC CORMORANTS on the west pond, and I saw an apparent SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER mixed in with some LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS. Lots of SNOWY EGRETS and FORSTER'S TERNS too.

Brad (27 Apr 2013) - Virginia Warbler (life bird for me) up City Creek this morning.  The Lazuli Buntings are back too.

Mattew Wallace (26 Apr 2013) - [East Millcreek] - Just spotted the first Swallows of the year in our area. I presume they are Barn Swallows. There are a few flying above the trees along Millcreek between 2300 and 2700 East.

Joe Rossi (26 Apr 2013) - Had a first time visitor Lazuli Bunting to my feeder in Murray twice in the last 10 minutes.

Bryant Olsen (25 Apr 2013) - Bryant Olsen is reporting a Red-throated Loon in the west pond at Lee Kay Ponds.

David Wheeler (8 Apr 2013) - The Blue-winged Teal reported a few days back south of Saltair, Salt Lake Co., are/is still there. The pond is at the Saltair exit of I-80 (I believe that's Exit 104), near Tooele Co, south of the Interstate, north of the eastbound off-ramp...

Richard Young (6 Apr 2013) - For those of you who frequent Big Cottonwood Park, keep an eye out for a male Wood Duck on the pond (first one Iíve ever seen there!) I happened on it after sunset, lousy lighting conditions.

David Wheeler (3 Apr 2013) - I managed to get out to the SW-most of the Lee Kay ponds after work today. ...The Long-tailed Duck, at a little after 6 pm, was way north of this spot, almost to the north bank, clearly visible in a scope. Beauty. There was also a Great Egret in a little pond on the south side of the road near there earlier in the day.


Dave Hanscom (25 Apr 2013) - Went over to Henefer after seeing Weston Smith's report of a Wood Duck in the sewage ponds. Thanks for a new county bird, Weston! Also quite a few Bonaparte's Gulls in varying plumage.

Weston Smith (22 Apr 2013) - There was a pair of Cackling Geese as well as a pair of Wood Ducks in the South pond of the Henefer Sewer Lagoons in Summit County at about 10:30am today.


Deedee O'Brien (24 Apr 2013) - While working on a raptor nest survey in the West Desert today Jack Clark and I saw many good birds - Western Kingbird in Faust, 1 LB Curlew; A. Pipits, Bluebird,  a very bright Audubon's Warbler, and a few swallows - N. Rough-winged and Tree, a Juniper Titmouse, Sage Thrasher, lots of Horned Larks and Western Meadowlarks, my 1st Brown-headed Cowbirds of the year on ground next to a cow...

Oliver Hansen (12 Apr 2013) - Went back out to Timpie springs tonight at sunset. A colony of Cliff Swallows has set up camp on the overpass at the Timpie springs exit. Glad they found their way back from Argentina. I walked out on the dike quite a ways and was able to a lot of the same birds as earlier in the week: AVOCETS, WILLETS, SAVANNAH SPARROWS, PELICANS, and an assortment of TEALS and other duck species. There was a PERIGRINE FALCON hanging out on a big structure with some sort of water tower thing on the top...

Eric Huish (13 Apr 2013) - This morning there was a White-winged Dove cooing away at the mouth of Ophir Canyon in Tooele Co. I turned around and found the dove in the top of a tree.

Oliver Hansen (12 Apr 2013) - There are 15+ Turkey Vultures continuing to use the large Cottonwood trees on the corner of West and Main in Grantsville. I have seen them 3 or 4 times this week.

Oliver Hansen (4 Apr 2013) -  I was with some people botanizing (yes it's a word) yesterday on Stansbury Island and also went back today to hike up to the high point on the island. ROCK WRENS and W. MEADOWLARKS galore. Also, flushed a few CHUKAR. There were also 30+ AVOCETS and a handful of B-N STILTS in some of the evaporation ponds right off of the exit to the island on I-80...

Oliver Hansen (4 Apr 2013) - Was at Clover Springs campground (west of Rush Valley) this morning. Mountain Bluebirds, Towhees, Juniper Titmice, and a few other normal species I've been seeing up that canyon. The best surprise was seeing 4 RED-NAPED SAPSUCKERS...

Eric Huish (1 Apr 2013) - I drove out to Tooele yesterday for a family get-together.  So of course I birded on my way out and on my way back. Stopped at Ophir Canyon where I found Juniper Titmice, Bushtits, Pinyon Jay, Mountain Bluebirds, Clark's Nutcrackers and heard singing Canyon Wrens...


Eric Huish (30 Apr 2013) - There is a Solitary Sandpiper at Lakeshore Drive Pond in Provo.

Eric Huish (28 Apr 2013) - I woke up this morning to the sound of Evening Grosbeaks outside my bedroom window.  A flock of about 20 have been here all morning long...

Jeff Cooper (28 Apr 2013) - [Pleasant Grove] - 1 summer Common Loon on Manila Creek Pond.

Douglas Mead (28 Apr 2013) - [Lehi] - 3 Glossy Ibis now along with the other species previously reported on Powell Lake..

Eric Peterson (27 Apr 2013) - [Lehi] - I visited Powell Lake this evening...was able to locate a Horned Grebe in the north pond close to where the Baird's had been seen...

Dennis Shirley (27 Apr 2013) - A SOLITARY SANDPIPER was seen this afternoon by Steve and Cindy Summerfeld and I at Powell Lake , west Lehi in the north mud flat. Least, Western, Baird's, and Spotted Sandpipers were also present.

Eric Huish (
27 Apr 2013) - I birded the foothills at the south end of Saratoga Springs early this morning to look for the Grasshopper Sparrows ....

Eric Huish (26 Apr 2013) - I birded the east end of the Provo Airport Dike this morning...A Western Kingbird and Green-tailed Towhee were new arrivals.
   --Last night at my feeders in Pleasant Grove I had new arrivals, 3 Lazuli Buntings and 1 male Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Cassin's Finches continue.

Dave Hancom (25 Apr 2013) - I visited Dennis Shirley's favorite little marsh yesterday in hopes of
finding a Blue-winged Teal. No luck on that, but there was a lone Red-necked Phalarope there...

Eric Huish (25 Apr 2013) - I birded Powell's Lake and Pioneer Crossing Ponds in Lehi this afternoon. At Pioneer Crossing Ponds there were over a hundred Marbled Godwits and about 50 Red-necked Phalaropes and 20 Wilson's Phalaropes.

Felicia Pimentel (22 Apr 2013) - Just barely had the first LAZULI BUNTING (male) briefly at my feeders. Feels way early, but exciting, too. I live in Highland by the mouth of AF canyon.

Douglas Mead (21 Apr 2013) - Observed 5 LAPLAND LONGSPURS in the sage and grass near the SE corner of Camp Williams in Saratoga Springs at 3:20 p.m. today. 

Kay Stone (18 Apr 2013) -  Have just been to Powell's Lake west of Lehi and have seen the following birds: Great Egret, ... Black Crowned Night Heron,... Lesser Yellowlegs, Lesser and Western Sandpipers, Baird's Sandpipers...and many, many AW Pelicans.

Jeff Cooper (13 Apr 2013) - [Provo Airport Dike] - Northern Mocking Bird, fence line and phragmites 200 yards south of control tower. White-throated Swifts, south of control tower mixed with swallows.

Brad Stevenson (11 Apr 2013) - [Pioneer Crossing, American Fork] - Thanks to reports from others I was able to find the Eurasian Wigeon at the Far East side of the Pioneer Crossing ponds.

Eric Huish (10 Apr 2013) - I woke up early this morning and drove up Spanish Fork Canyon to check out the Emma Park Sage-Grouse lek... Yesterday evening I stopped at Lindon Beach and saw 3 Bonaparte's Gulls fly by. One landed on the beach for a moment. I also got my FOY Violet-green and Cliff Swallows. On Monday Morning there was a small flock of Red-breasted Mergansers in Utah Lake near the Southwest Corner of the Provo Airport Dike.

Alona Huffaker (7 Apr 2013) -[Springville] -  I have had a few Evening Grosbeaks visiting my feeders off and on yesterday and today. They are also in the trees just south of my house and I can hear them in the trees about a block west of here. 1195 S 700 E.

Jeff Cooper (4 Apr 2013) -[Provo Airport Dike] - I saw and photographed an adult Neotropic Cormorant around 2:40 this afternoon. The bird was in the moat on the east side of the airport. I took 3110 West from Center Street to get onto the dike road. It was about 1/4 of a mile south on the dike road. The bird had the white "V" bordering the bill and dark lores.

Bryant Olsen (4 Apr 2013) - This past Sunday I headed down to Washington county for some spring fun and birding. First stop was Skipper Bay trail in Utah county, where I finally got the EURASIAN WIGEON about a 1/4 mile north of the gate,50 feet off the trail. ...Stopped by Lincoln beach and saw 2 SNOWY PLOVERS. Spring has definitely sprungeth.

Jeff Cooper (3 Apr 2013) - I did a little drive yesterday afternoon along SR 68 (aka Redwood Rd) near Saratoga Springs to do some thinking and try for a glimpse of my first Burrowing Owls of the season. I ended up seeing my first Sage Thrasher and Burrowing Owls for the year.

Eric Huish (1 Apr 2013) - There were 23 Turkey Vultures at the Provo Center Street Roost this morning.


Dave Hanscom (25 Apr 2013) - One lone Long-billed Dowitcher was hanging out with one lone Greater Yellowlegs at Richardson Flat (just east of Park City). The water is finally starting to accumulate in that area, but much less than usual for this time of year. Still not many birds.


Kayla (10 Apr 2013) - [Zion's National Park] - There is a PAINTED REDSTART right now in the Temple of Sinawava area on Zion NP... For myself it is a first for the State of Utah. The Anna's Hummingbird is still hanging out, after the storm, in the very lower area of the Watchman Trail. Yesterday saw 5 species of wrens (House, Bewick's, Rock, Canyon, and Marsh),...and other birds including a Black throated Sparrow.

Rick Fridell (5 Apr 20130 - There is a currently a Whimbrel with a flock of 27 Long-billed Curlews at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co., UT. There is also one Marbled Godwit with the flock. Other shorebirds around include a Greater Yellowlegs, 3 Least Sandpipers, several American Avocets, and a few Black-necked Stilts.

Bryant Olsen (4 Apr 2013) -  Bryant Olsen (4 Apr 2013) - This past Sunday I headed down to Washington county for some spring fun and birding. .... Next stop was Zion NP where I got several FOY (First Of Year) birds... best of all, great looks at 2 MEXICAN SPOTTED OWLS very close!! Then I went to Grafton and spent the night nearby. Was awoken in the middle of the night by calling COMMON POORWILLS and a GREAT HORNED OWL. In the morning I got several more FOYS, including 2 male VERMILION FLYCATCHERS, ... LUCY WARBLERS, BLACK-THROATED and BLACK-CHINNED SPARROWS... Then near the Hurricane sewage lagoons I got a FOY FRANKLIN'S GULL, VERDINS, and GREAT EGRET, plus my lifer COMMON MOORHEN (now officially called a Common Gallinule I guess)... At Lytle I got FOY LADDER-BACKED WOODPECKERS,... HARRIS'S SPARROWS,..., COSTA'S, ANNA' a male HOODED ORIOLE visiting the hummingbird feeders...


Mike Hearell (30 Apr 2013) - Found my first Weber Solitary Sandpiper late this evening!

Paul Higgins (27 Apr 2013) - Snowy Plovers--Willard Bay.

Brenda Kidman (27 Apr 2013) - [South Weber] - Bullock's Orioles. They are a day "late" but the boys are back in town.

Mike Hearell (22 Apr 2013) - The last 3 days there have been Long-billed Dowitchers by the many hundreds at the north entrance (7500 W) to Ogden Bay WMA. There have also been good numbers of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Avocets, Black-necked Stilts, Marbled Godwits and all 3 Species of Egret. The Blue-winged Teal pair have been staying as well.

Mike Hearell (5 Apr 2013) - [West Haven] - Currently looking at 167 Long-billed Curlew in one field! Never seen more than 5-6 at once before. 3133 S 4700 W.



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