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January 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
   Harlequin Duck  Davis Co.
   Western Gull  Salt Lake Co.
   Lesser Black-backed Gull  Salt Lake Co.
   Snowy Owl  Box Elder Co.
   Blue Jay  Cache Co., Davis Co.
   Northern Parula  Utah Co.
   Common Redpoll
 Cache Co., Davis Co., Garfield Co., Millard Co., Morgan Co., Salt Lake Co., Tooele Co., Utah Co.
   Hoary Redpoll  Morgan Co


Nate Landon (14 Jan 2013) - SNOWY OWL. Corrine Fairgrounds, Corrine, UT.

Paul Higgins (9 Jan 2013) - Ruddy Duck--Bear River, FWMA, Box Elder County.

Norm Jensen (7 Jan 2013) - Gray Partridge. Golden Spike National Historic Site - behind the Visitor's Center.

Paul Higgins (1 Jan 2013) - [Salt Creek, WMA] - Salt Creek was not very "birdy" today except for this very cold, hungry Barn Owl out hunting in the day time


Mike Fish (24 Jan 2013) - I was also out in Howell yesterday around 11:30ish. ... I found the single Sharp-tailed Grouse again sunning itself below the tree at the south end of the yellow mobile home. The grouse hide very well below the tree so scan thoroughly if you go looking for them.

Norm Jenson (24 Jan 2013) - I've lose track of how many times Gail and I have driven to Howell to see a Sharp-tailed Grouse. Today we saw Dickson's post about the Northern Saw-Whet Owl and simply had to chase it. He keeps it in his garage and though it was dark it, the owl, was cute as a button. ... So since we were over half way there we decided to try the area around Nucor, but once again without success.... As we were going back to the highway we saw a bird in the tree ...We pulled to the end of the driveway and decided to walk over and get a close look. ...It was indeed a Sharp-tailed Grouse, a lifer for Gail and a bird I had seen once before on AI, but which was a less than satisfying view, and so for me it was like seeing it for the first time.

Mike Taylor (13 Jan 2013) - Pacific Wren. Logan Canyon -- Third Dam/Spring Hollow CG, Cache, Utah

Nancy Williams (7 Jan 2013) - [Providense] - We've had two Common Redpolls at our feeders in Providence (Cache County) every day since December 30. They are fierce little competitors for the Niger thistle against the Goldfinches. (5 Jan 2013) - BLUE JAY found in Smithfield Cemetery in Cache County at northeast corner about 1 pm Saturday, Jan 5, 2013.

Connie McManus (4 Jan 2013) - [Nibley, UT] - The Common Redpoll has returned! The resident Sharpie snapped up a bird on New Year's day and because I hadn't seen the Redpoll since that first time, I feared he had become the Sharpie's dinner. At any rate, the redpoll - or one of his kin - is back at the feeders!



Bryant Olsen (30 Jan 2013) - Say some good birds out and about today around Davis and Weber co. Started at Farmington Bay, nothing unusual, but there are a lot of BALD EAGLES and Gulls near a huge pile of dead carp at the second bridge. Probably a good idea to check this spot in the coming weeks for good gulls, only HERRING, RING-BILLED and CALIFORNIA today though. Also saw something I've never seen before, RN PHEASANTS eating dead fish!? Who new Pheasants had a taste for sushi? On west gentile street in Layton, there was a huge mix flock of blackbirds, with an unusually high # of YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS, at least 50. Sign of coming spring? On to the AIC, which was pretty dead, but I did see 2 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE at the second bridge, and heard a SNOW BUNTING, but couldn't find it as it was probably hunkered down in a bush somewhere in the gale force winds, an adult PEREGRINE FALCON was a nice bonus. On Antelope Island itself, the usual gang of CHUKARS was at the visitor center, along with some RW BLACKBIRDS, but in Bridger Bay Campground I came across a HUGE flock of COMMON REDPOLLS, at least 75 birds!!

Paul Higgins (23 Jan 2013) - BLUE JAY -- East Bench, Bountiful City, Utah (private residence).

Jack Binch (21 Jan 2013) - A Barn Owl cruising the freeway near the Farr West exit started our day.
Bob Huntington and I then went to Powder Mountain to deliver some seed and see the great birds there. Clark's Nutcracker, Steller's Jay, Hairy Woodpecker, Mountain and Black-capped Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches (lots) and two Black Rosy-Finches.

Keith Evans (11 Jan 2013) - [Antelope Island Causeway] - On Thursday 1/10, Betty and I observed a Red-necked Phalarope and several Least Sandpipers on the north side of the Antelope Island Causeway at the rock spit where the rusted out culvert is (just east of the weather station). It was about 3:00pm during the beginning of a raging snow storm.

Bernie Sloan (11 Jan 2013) - [Bountiful] - This photo was taken by my son's mother-in-law in her driveway in Bountiful. The bird is sitting on top of a car. Where I come from there's only one species of Grouse: Ruffed. But I understand you all have two species: Blue and Ruffed. I'm thinking this one is a Blue Grouse?? [Craig Fosdick identified it as a DUSKY GROUSE.]

Edson Leite (8 Jan 2013) - I went to Antelope island today trying to pic up a few of the goodies reported there lately to add to my good year list start. I was not able go find the LONG TAILED DUCKS, or any SCOTERS. The HARLEQUIN DUCK came swimming to shore as I watched other ducks, and a SNOW BUNTING flew over head at the same time. There were three sets of hunter near the first bridge and the bay north of the Visitors Center where the rare ducks have been reported. I also spotted the BEWICK'S WREN at Lady's Finger point it called alot but never stayed out in the open long enough for a picture...

Mike Hearell (8 Jan 2013) - 22 Bohemian Waxwings mixed in with triple that Cedars. Corner of Huntington Dr and Bountiful Blvd.  Wild Turkeys were one half-mile to the north of there ( Bountiful Ridge Golf Course ).

Norm Jenson
(6 Jan 2013) - Gail and I chased a Sage Sparrow up the Visitor Center Loop Road Friday, but were unable to get a recognizable picture. Today in almost the same spot we were finally successful. This is about 100 yards from the Lady Finger parking lot.

Dennis Shirley (6 Jan 2013) - Alton Thygerson and I birded the AIC and the north end of the island this afternoon. Birds of note included: SNOW BUNTING (1) and BONAPARTE'S GULL (1) at the open water bridge near mile post 1, and LONG-TAILED DUCK (1) and HARLEQUIN DUCK (1) in the bay north of the Visitor Center...

Cindy Sommerfeld
(4 Jan 2013) - [Antelope Island] - It was a cold survey today.  Most of the time the temperature was 7 degrees.  It did warm up to 10 before we left.  Just when I'm thinking the cold might have had an effect on the birds, I looked at last year's survey.  The average temperature last year was in the mid 30's and we only found 32 species.  This years species total was 35.  Go figure. [Hightlights]: ...Harlequin Duck, Long-tailed Duck... Barrow's Goldeneye... Prairie Falcon...American Tree Sparrow...


Jens Munthe (17 Jan 2013) - [Escalante] -  "We've expected Common Redpolls here for 17 winters now. Just got our first, a male Common Redpoll, 8 miles west of Escalante. Nights have been down to -13F and days about +15, unprecedented cold in our experience here at 6,500'.


David Allan (20 Jan 2013) - [Oak City, UT] - I had a COMMON REDPOLL visiting the feeders in my Oak City backyard on Saturday 1/19. I have not seen it today. He might have been a one day wonder like the gray-crowned rosy finch that stopped by on 12/24.


Weston Smith (30 Jan 2013) - [Croyden] - The HOARY REDPOLL is back or its another one, first seen at about 9:30am. I have been searching for over a month since the Hoary was first seen here. Finally I found a redpoll that matches all the field marks in my books and on the internet. ... Also I have counted as many as 42 Common Redpolls at one time. The Redpolls seem to be here more in the morning than afternoon but I see them all hours of the day unless one of the two Sharp-shinned Hawks comes for a meal.

Paul Higgins (20 Jan 2013) - Sharp-shinned Hawk, Croydon, Morgan County, Utah


Bryant Olsen (27 Jan 2013) - This morning around 9am I saw a beautiful immature GLAUCOUS GULL on the west pond at Lake Park, the pond just south of the Target on 5600 S. Spotted it with the naked eye as I pulled up, as it was glistening in the sun like a swan, immaculate pure white. There was also a THAYER'S GULL there too along with many California, Ring-billed and Herring Gulls, and several HOODED MERGANSERS. At Lee Kay earlier I saw an immature PEREGRINE FALCON, as well as a PRAIRIE FALCON, BALD EAGLE, HARLAN'S HAWK, RED-TAILED HAWKS, N. HARRIER, A. KESTRELS, and a few hundred gulls, all California and Ring-billed as far as I could tell. Also a few HORNED LARKS, but not enough to have any good tag alongs. At Redwood Trailhead park along the Jordan River were tons of waterfowl, including 24 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE, along with most other common species of duck present.

David Wheeler (23 Jan 2013) - Over lunch today I went to the Lake Park business park in West Valley City, to enjoy the lovely (coff-coff) day. I saw:
1 WESTERN GULL adult at the pond near the west entrance.
1 HOODED MERGANSER male in the pond near the west entrance.
1 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL adult on the frozen pond west of the Discover Bldg.

Ed Conrad (18 Jan 2013) - [Murray] - Today, a flock of at least 120 Bohemian Waxwings was seen in Murray (5900 South 700 East is the general area). Cedar Waxwings, Robins, and tons of starlings were also in the mix. Also, I've been seeing Gray-crowned & Black Rosy-Finches on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above 'The Avenues' in SLC. .... They were literally next to the trail feeding on the only bare ground w/out snow.

Pomera Fronce (15 Jan 2013) - There have been a couple of flocks of waxwings swirling around my yard this afternooon. The larger flock of 200 birds is easily 70% Bohemian. The smaller flock of 75 is 99% Cedar. I live in Salt Lake County in the general area of Cottonwood High School (5600 South and 1300 East).

Mike Hearell (17 Jan 2013) - A Trumpeter Swan in Salt Lake County. 3200 W and approx 1 mile south of Ruddy Duck Club.

Matthew Pendleton (14 Jan 2013) - Pacific Wren. Capitol Hill, City Creek Canyon Road, Salt Lake, Utah

Bryant Olsen (13 Jan 2013) - [West Valley] - A short time ago, I found a 3rd winter WESTERN GULL on the open water pond south of Target at Lake Park in West Valley...

Kendall Watkins (12 Jan 2012) - My dad and I went out to a few places in Salt Lake County today and added some new birds for the year. [near the International Center]  ...We went back out the way we came and found a couple new birds. Just before the road turns paved we found a group of 5 Rosy-finches consisting of 2 Blacks and 3 Gray-crowned (1 Hepburn's Subspecies and 2 Interior).

Cindy Sommerfeld (12 Jan 2013) - Today Steve and I made a third attempt to locate the White-throated Sparrow at Big Cottonwood Park. Finally persistence paid off. The bird was near the inflow as previously reported. It seemed to hand out higher in the trees than I expected.

David Wheeler (7 Jan 2013) - Yesterday I decided to do some local birding, up City Creek Canyon in SLC. The "hound" appreciated the change.
   --The Varied Thrush was still where reported earlier, and flew right across the road above picnic site #6. Thank you, Kenny, for alerting us to that gem--and no playback necessary, per instruction.
   --The Pacific Wren was next to the creek about 50 feet above mile marker 2.5. It popped up to a brief use of a recording.
   --The Pygmy Owl, which apparently has been in the area for the last two weeks, was near mile marker 2, across the large meadow where the road starts going down for a bit, by the small no bike sign (visible going down on the north side of the road). My thanks to three charming ladies who gave me a heads up on the location of this one.
   --The Ruffed Grouse was up in a tree somewhere above mile marker 2.5.

Stephen Carlisle (5 Jan 2013) - Spent several hours today in the cold, I can feel my face now, birding the Jordan River Parkway in Salt Lake County between the Redwood Trailhead Park (2320 South) and 33rd South. The highlights were the expected Common Goldeneye (50+) and Barrow's Goldeneye (25+). Also a Bald Eagle, a Wood Duck and lots of other watefowl. A total of 34 species seen...

Jack Binch (5 Jan 2013) - I started by going after the Horned Grebe at the Sandy Fishing Pond. Cannot remember who first posted it, but thanks, and it is still there. Expected ducks there as well. Next I went up to Creekside Pond hoping to see the White-throated Sparrow again, and it was there.

Bryant Olsen (1 Jan 2013) - [Jordan River Trail] - Our team of the Jordan River CBC saw some good birds today, including 3 COMMON REDPOLLS, 1 NORTHERN SHRIKE,1 FERRUGINOUS HAWK, and 1 MERLIN in Herriman, and 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW, 5 CACKLING GEESE, 4 LONG-EARED OWLS, 1 MERLIN,1 PEREGRINE FALCON, and 1 BARN OWL along the Jordan River. Total species seen by our team was 63. Great way to start the new year. First bird of the day for me was a NORTHERN FLICKER.

Brad Whalin (1 Jan 2013) - [Sandy] - A HORNED GREBE at Sandy Fishing Pond.


Oliver Hansen (12 Jan 2013) - Really psyched that looking through thousands of horned larks in the county during the past few weeks finally paid off today. About 4 miles south of I-80 on the Skull Valley Road (road that connects Dugway to I-80) I had a very cooperative group of about 100-150 Horned Larks that were feeding on some grass poking up through the snow on the side of the road. I was able to look at them through my scope from about 20-30 yards away for nearly 30 minutes. I'm pretty sure I looked at every single individual. One was for sure a LAPLAND'S LONGSPUR.

Oliver Hansen (11 Jan 2013) - I have been wanting to go look for owls again in the county since my last try in Ophir Canyon was a bust. I was in Tooele this evening doing some shopping and before heading home, around 9pm or so, and decided to try a spot I've driven past during the day several times. ...I parked the car, turned off the keys, and no more than 15 seconds after stepping out into the snow I heard a Great Horned Owl calling. Crazy!... GH Owl was my 57th bird for the county so far this year.

Weston Smith (7 Jan 2013) - I saw two Common Redpolls near the salt plant north of Grantsville feeding on the seeds at the top of the bushes in the area about noon today the 7th.  ... Also I am still getting Common Redpolls everyday at my house in Croydon (Morgan County).

Oliver Hansen
(1 Jan 2013) - 30+ species in a couple hours of birding this morning. Best birds were 3 Hooded Mergansers @ Stansbury Park Lake - 1 male and 2 females. Tons of Ferruginous Hawks out this morning in Tooele county.


Clay Johnson (4 Jan 2013) - [Jensen, UT] - Two  locally uncommon species (Harris’s Sparrow & Gray-crowned Rosy-finch) that I saw that week have showed up again in the past day or two…there are five Rosy-finches at the feeder as I write this, so perhaps the Common Redpoll is also still around.


Bryan Shirley (25 Jan 2013) - Yesterday afternoon there was a flock of about 50 waxwings in northern Utah County. It looked like about half of them were Bohemian Waxwings. I think it was Eagle Mtn, but I still haven't figured out where I am out there. They were at the intersection of Pony Express Parkway and Saddle Rock Road (7870 North). Also I heard a report of a flock of 300-400 Black/Gray-crowned Rosy Finches between Elberta and Eureka along the hwy.

Dennis Shirley (19 Jan 2013) - [Elk Ridge] - I finally had a COMMON REDPOLL at my feeders this morning between 8:30am and 9:30am. I thought the winter was going to end before one showed up. It was mixed in with the large flock of Pine Siskins, common Goldfinches and other everyday feeder birds that have been hanging around. I also am still feeding 13 WILD TURKEY.  

Eric Huish (17 Jan 2013) - I made a quick stop at East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo. There was a flock of about 40 Cedar Waxwings with 2 or 3 Bohemian's mixed in. There were also a few Wild Turkeys wandering around.

Ned Bixler (17 Jan 2013) - At 8:00am this morning, the three Sandhill Cranes, reported on Lakeshore Dr. Provo, 3100W & Lakeshore on the West side, in a large field.

Eric Huish (15 Jan 2013) - Twice in the past week I saw a Barn Owl hunting in the early morning near the East end of the Provo Airport Dike, in the field by the paintball obstacle course...
   --Last week I drove up to Aspen Grove (above Sundance) to hike in the snow. I saw almost nothing at Aspen Grove but on my way up there I found a Northern Pygmy-Owl sitting in a tree right next to the road between Sundance and Aspen Grove. Then on my way down Provo Canyon I spotted another Pygmy-Owl in a tree over the Provo River next to the highway. Across the highway from the Squaw Peak turn off.
   --I have a Screech-Owl nest box in my backyard in Pleasant Grove. Usually the owl sits down in the box, out of sight, but the past few weeks I have seen it almost every day sitting up at the nest box entrance sunning itself.

Eric Huish (14 Jan 2013) - [Pleasant Grove] - I drove by my neighbor's feeders on my way home today (4:00 pm Jan 14th) and found the WHITE-WINGED DOVE up in their tree above the feeders. The feeders are near the corner of 700 East 100 North in Pleasant Grove.

Jeff Cooper (1 Jan 2013) - The first bird species I photographed for the new year was unexpected, a PYGMY OWL. ... Eric Peterson and I came across a small flock of these birds frolicking in the freshly-fallen snow at Canyon View Jr High in Orem on New Year's Day. ... We saw some Red Crossbills down there at the [Provo] cemetery, but we missed the Parula during our brief visit.

John Kreitzer (10 Jan 2013) - While on a birding field trip with some high school students, I found two American Avocets in the shallow pond at the West end of the Kuhni Wetland trail (next to I-15). They were present on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Other birds at the pond included: American White Pelican, many Northern Pintail, Green-winged Teal, Canada Geese, and two Wilson's Snipe. A flock of Evening Grosbeaks was present along the trail just before you can see the pond. They were apparently feeding on the Russian Olives....

Jeff Cooper (7 Jan 2013) - I came across a Barn Owl engaged in daylight hunting on my way home from grocery shopping Saturday. This is likely one of the Barn Owls that roost in some silos near my home...

Dennis Shirley
(1 Jan 2013) - This afternoon while unsuccessfully searching for the white-throated sparrow at the previously described location at the Kunhi's ditch bridge, SE Provo, Dave Wheeler, Josh Kreitzer, and I, found a 1st year HARRIS'S SPARROW. It was mixed in with a flock of White-crowned Sparrows, in the Russian olive tree just east of the RR tracks at the D track sign 50 yards south of the bridge. Later, a hen HOODED MERGANSER, three WOOD DUCK, and a pair of CINNAMON TEAL were seen at the black-crowned night heron island at East Bay. Dave also reported a flock of 15 EVENING GROSBEAK in trees west along the north side of the ditch...

Milt Moody (1 Jan 2013) - At about 2 PM today the Provo Cemetery (Center and 4th South)  Northern Parula was seen for the first time this year by Josh Kreitzer, Leena Rogers and Milt Moody ...

Keeli Marvel (1 Jan 2013) - Thirteen birders met this morning in single digits temps to kick off
the new year with a new list of birds and bird a couple of hotspots in southern Utah County. Our first stop was the Lewis' Woodpecker spot in Woodland Hills where we saw at least 2 Lewis' Woodpeckers, and got good looks at several other species...
. ... In one of the ponds in northwest Payson [Salem] we found a female Cinnamon Teal. We ended the trip with around 38 species of birds for our 2013 list.

Eric Huish (1 Jan 2013) - KC Childs and I searched through thousands of Horned Larks this morning around Eagle Mountain and Fairfield.  We were hoping for Snow Buntings or Longspurs but couldn't find any.  Neither of us has ever seen a lonspur in Utah County. There was a smattering of Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches and at least 1 Black Rosy-Finch with the thousands of Horned Larks in Eagle Mountain.  They were along Pony Express Parkway near where the new school is being built.


Nate Brown (28 Jan 2013) - Wanted to report a Mute Swan (2 of them) sighting on Deer Creek Reservoir, yesterday, January 26. ...Easily viewed as you take Center/Charleston/3600 W heading south from Midway, UT ... View is to the west. The reservoir has finally melted some ice off from the northern areas, lots of waterfowl - juvenile Bald Eagles, Bufflehead, Tundra Swans, Coots, Common Mergansers, Canvasbacks, Canada Geese, Ring Necked ducks. 


Rick Fridell (6 Jan 2013) - Some highlights from this weekend (Jan 4-6) around Washington County:
   --Sand Hollow State Park: 3 Tundra Swans; Dunlin (remaining); 18 Least Sandpipers; Long-billed Curlew (my first ever in winter); Kevin Wheeler also saw a Yellowlegs on 1/4
   --Lytle Ranch - very birdy despite the ongoing construction / destruction: Long-eared Owl; 2 Harris's Sparrows (immatures); White-throated Sparrow
   --Also of note: 3-4 Brewer's Sparrows in the Flora Tech fields (Hurricane), and remaining large flocks west of Ivins and on the Beaver Dam Slope; 3 Tundra Swans at Quail Creek State Park;
Male Cinnamon Teal at Springs Estate Pond, Washington Fields; Greater White-fronted Geese (SG Golf Course), Ross's Goose (Tawa Pond), and Snow Goose (Springs Park) remaining at various St. George locations.


Bryant Olsen (31 Jan 2013) - I found several SNOW BUNTINGS dodging the trucks with the HORNED LARKS in the spot across from the model airport on 900 N. Also mixed in with the H. Larks was 1 'HEBURNS' GRAY-CROWNED ROSY-FINCH. Nearby say saw 3 BARN OWLS and several ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS. All in all, not a bad day of birding considering all the snow we got today,and I only had to pull one person out a snowbank with my truck, a mother with a baby in the car seat in the back. ... As I was helping her a Roughy looked on, and a BARN OWL flew by ...

Bryant Olsen (23 Jan 2013) - I went back out to west weber today to try and re-find the odd bunting I photographed Sunday, no such luck. But I did see a LOT of SNOW BUNTINGS. Its hard to say how many are actually there as they move around so much, but probably a few dozen at least. Here are more precise directions to where they are: Go west on 12th street in Ogden, it will go over the Weber River, twice, and then curve past some frozen ponds. ... On the north side is a rusty gate which says something like "Highland Farms, No trespassing". The Snow Buntings were mixed in with the numerous H. Larks north of that gate, although at times some could be seen in the road with the larks. I also saw 1 LAPLAND LONGSPUR there today.

Mike Hearell (14 Jan 2013) - Lewis's Woodpecker. Found this guy along North Fork Rd today on my way to North Fork Park. It was in a dead tree approximately 200 yards north of the 'Barn' with the very oversized L on it.

Mike Hearell (7 Jan 2013) - [West Weber] - For those of you making the trek to West Weber to look through the 100's of Horned Larks. There were quite a few at the far west end of California Ave last night. With the ponds frozen the Gulls are absent but the larks are in heavy on Sundays (no trucks). This is where I found the leucistic Horned Lark, as well as: Prairie Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, WC Sparrow, GB Heron, Am Tree Sparrow.

Susan Snider (6 Jan 2013) - Spotted RED CROSSBILLS in the shorter conifers in the southwest section of the Ogden City Cemetery this afternoon -- about 17-22 of them. Hard to say exactly how many, as they moved into and out of the trees quicker than I could count.

Mike Hearell (5 Jan 2013) - Birded Weber County today with Taylor Abbott. I had a good feeling we were in for a good day when we had a GREAT HORNED OWL in a tree within 15 minutes of leaving my house in North Ogden.


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