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December 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
   Harlequin Duck  Davis Co.
   Mountain Plover  Weber Co.
   Lesser Black-backed Gull  Davis Co.
   Northern Parula  Utah Co.
   Common Redpoll
 Box Elder Co., Duchesne Co.,  Morgan Co., Salt Lake Co., Summit Co.,  Utah Co., Wasatch Co.,
   Hoary Redpoll  Uintah Co.


David Wheeler (30 Dec 2012) -  I thought I'd do some last o' the year birding today, so I headed north. It was a chance to wander alone with Mojo in search of snowbirds and serenity. I found both.
I saw at least one LAPLAND LONGSPUR on the road leading to the Box Elder County Landfill NW of Corinne (just east of Salt Creek WMA) in a flock of larks feeding along the highway. ...There were at least three SNOW BUNTINGS in a large flock of horned larks north of the same lonely highway as the longspur.
   --There was a SHARP-TAILED GROUSE right on the paved highway south of Howell, almost exactly where it was reported last year by Jack Binch. ...There was a flock of seven PARTRIDGES ("huns") near the E-W road leading to Howell. ... Finally, there was a murderous NORTHERN SHRIKE trying really hard to hunt down a hapless lark north of Howell. ...Happy new birding year to you all!

Jeffrey Saffle (23 Dec 2012) -  At Bear River we saw six (count 'em! Six!) SHORT-EARED OWLS, a raccoon, and a skunk along the road. Many ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS everywhere. It was great to be out.

Kris Purdy (22 Dec 2012) -[Box Elder County] ... I headed northwest with visions of longspurs and redpolls in weedy fields. Since I didnít see any of those, hereís what I did see. Raptors. My minimum for a good raptor day is eight species; I saw nine with two unidentified that I thought were two additional species:
   --a beautiful blue male Richardsonís Merlin, on a power pole on East Canal Road in Howell.
   --Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Rough-legged Hawks, Red-tails and American Kestrels on the power poles along SR-83 from Public Shooting Grounds WMA.
   --A Cooperís Hawk on a power pole out in the open with no trees in sight along Promontory Road, and another in a tree next to I-15...
   --Two Great Horned Owls in trees in front yards in Howell. ...Also amusing in the dry leaves in one of those front yards were two Common Snipe snuggled up to each other. I canít figure that one out.
   --A Northern Shrike in a yard in Howell.
   --An incredible biomass of waterfowl at ATK Ranch on Promontory Road.... I also found two minima subspecies of CACKLING GEESE and suspected that several I studied were Richardsonís Cacklers, but it was quite difficult to study them in the goose mass. Finally, there were two Rossís Geese there.

Jason St. Sauver
(19 Dec 2012) -This morning - seen and verified by four of us on staff - we have a COMMON REDPOLL at our feeder station here outside the Wildlife Education Center at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Let's hope he sticks around...there is plenty of feed!


Ryan O'Donnell (9 Dec 2012) - On Saturday I led a field trip for the Bridgerland Audubon Society...
   --We started with a walk around the Logan Cemetery ... and we had a flyover flock of RED CROSSBILLS calling, plus a later lone crossbill that was probably a WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL... 
   --From there, we went to First Dam, where we were able to identify some BARROW'S GOLDENEYES and COMMON GOLDENEYES before getting blown away by the strong canyon winds....While we were driving away, one car saw a HOODED MERGANSER from the road.
   --Our next and final stop was Rendezvous Park and the Logan River Golf Course. A flock of CANADA GEESE that flew overhead had one CACKLING GOOSE among them, a species that was on the state review list until just last year...
   --Tom Forwood and I continued to Sue's Ponds and the Logan Landfill, where we found one adult MEW GULL among several hundred California Gulls, a thousand or so Ring-billed Gulls, and a handful of Herring Gulls


Jeff Cooper (4 Dec 2012) - Eric Peterson and I covered 416 miles over a 13-hour period last Saturday in an effort to see some Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep north of Green River and to enjoy some birding in Emery and Carbon Counties. ... We did see an unexpected Say's Phoebe north of Green River. We saw a number of common birds, but a highlight for me was seeing several individuals of my favorite hawk species, Buteo Regalis or Ferruginous Hawk, along Hwy 6 in both Emery and Carbon County


Tyler Grant
(31 Dec 2012) - I'm in town for the holidays and did some birding. I was surprised to see a single Sharp-tailed Grouse eating rose hips on the side of Glover Lane on the way to the Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Area today. I also saw an Ibis (probably white-faced). In the past few weeks I have seen a flock of Bohemian Waxwings 3 times in a tall tree near east Parrish Lane in Centerville.

Brad Stevenson (31 Dec 2012) - [Garr Ranch] - It's a great time of year to see Virginia Rails. They were fighting and chasing one another...odd behavior for this time of year!

Paul Higgins (29 Dec 2012) - Common Grackle, Garr Ranch, Antelope Island.

Mike Hearell (26 Dec 2012) - [Centerville] -  Long-eared Owl at intersection of Parrish Lane and 1250 W..

Bryant Olsen (24 Dec 2012) - This afternoon around 3pm, I saw an apparent 1st winter GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL at Bountiful pond.

Mike Hearell (22 Dec 2012) -  Birded small portions of Weber, Davis and Salt Lake Counties today with Taylor Abbott. We started around 9:15 am at Ogden Bay WMA in hopes of relocating ( and photographing ) the Swamp Sparrow. No such luck. Jensen Nature Park: Cinnamon Teal, Greater Egret; Bountiful Pond: 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Bryan Shirley (21 Dec 2012) - After I left Antelope Island I went by Bountiful Lake. I could see several hundred gulls on the ice when I pulled in ...  I finally found the White-throated Sparrow that others have reported. By now the gulls were coming back, so I went back and started going through them. Immediately I found the Glaucous Gull (also reported earlier). After a bit more scanning I found a 1st winter Mew Gull. I originally picked it out because it was noticeably smaller than the Ring-billed Gulls surrounding it.

Mike Haerell (20 Dec 2012) - Just leaving the south entrance to Ogden Bay WMA where I relocated the Swamp Sparrow. It really stands out in the sunlight compared with the other birds. I saw the photo take last Saturday during the Ogden CBC, so I knew it was here. It took 3 tries but...

Joel Beyer (16 Dec 2012) - Over 300 Least Sandpipers were along the south side of the Antelope Island Causeway this morning. Surf and White-winged Scoters were at the second bridge. The Common Grackle is still at Garr Ranch, as well as a Pacific Wren.
   -- A Merlin was seen along N. Main St. in Centerville. At Bountiful Lake we found a first winter Glaucous Gull and a female Red-breasted Merganser, along with the previously reported White-throated Sparrow.

Bryant Olsen (10 Dec 2012) - On todays GSL Audubon field trip to the ISSR and south shore of the Great Salt Lake, we found some good birds, including 3 late WILSON'S PHALAROPES at the Marina, at the ISSR I briefly saw a distant flock of small passerines in flight ... the only thing I can think of that matches what I saw is SNOW BUNTINGS. Later, we looked in the area I saw them fly towards but found nothing. Also found a NORTHERN SHRIKE and 3 AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS out there. There were also a ton of raptors around, especially ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS, but also a male PRAIRIE MERLIN, a PRAIRIE FALCON, and lots of N. HARRIERS.

Joel Beyer ( 9 Dec 2012) - Today on the Antelope Island causeway we found 2 Baird's Sandpipers near mile marker 5. Near the second bridge were a Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, Barrow's Goldeneye, and 4 Long-tailed Ducks (1 male, 3 female). Several Bonaparte's Gulls were still around. A Bewick's Wren was at Ladyfinger Point, and several Am. Tree Sparrows were seen along the road to Garr Ranch...
   --A mixed flock of Bohemian and Cedar Waxwings were seen in Kaysville, and 2 pair of Hooded Mergansers were on the Kaysville Ponds.
   --At the main impoundment at Farmington Bay WMA was a Mute Swan and 4 female Red-breasted Mergansers. From atop Egg Island, we scoped the far marshes and were rewarded with 3 Long-billed Curlew, 2 Least Sandpipers, 3 Greater Yellowlegs, and a Spotted Sandpiper.

Mark (7 Dec 2012) - Just walked out of the house go to Farmington Bay, and I heard loud trilling. 50+ BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS in the tree across the street with a smattering of CEDAR WAXWINGS. About 7th east and Center St in Kaysville. Awesome!

Stephanie Servoss
- 3 Dec 2012 - [Farmington] -  We have a beautiful, small owl in a hollow in our tree in the backyard. We believe from the picture we took and comparing it to the ones we found on the internet, it is a Western Screech Owl.

Cindy Sommerfield (3 Dec 2012) - Today's weather wasn't too bad for our survey. A few birds managed to withstand the wind. At the bridge closest to the island we had both a Surf and White-winged Scoter. The Harlequin Duck was also seen there by Glenda Cotter and Paul Higgins.


Pat Jividen (3 Dec 2012) - Common Redpolls. I have about 11 birds coming to my cabin in Tabiona.


Jeff Cooper (4 Dec 2012) - Eric Peterson and I covered 416 miles over a 13-hour period last Saturday in an effort to see some Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep north of Green River and to enjoy some birding in Emery and Carbon Counties. ...A highlight for me was seeing several individuals of my favorite hawk species, Buteo Regalis or Ferruginous Hawk, along Hwy 6 in both Emery and Carbon County


Martha Veranth (30 Dec 2012) - There was a Pacific Wren near where Highway 12 crosses Boulder Creek in Boulder (Garfield County) about 4:15 this afternoon..


Paul Higgins (15 Dec 2012) - COMMON REDPOLL and an American Tree Sparrow - Croydon, Morgan County, Utah

Alton Thygerson (7 Dec 2012) - A single Common Redpoll was seen at Weston Smith's home near Croydon  at about noon.


Dan Salemi (27 Dec 2012) - [Draper] - Immature Harris' Sparrow with 3-4 White Crowns. Near 138th South and 7th East.

Jack Binch
(24 Dec 2012) - I took my dog for a walk in Creekside Park again, but this time I had a camera with me... I saw a sparrow in the bushes and got it in my binoculars and saw that it was a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW.

Jeffrey Saffle (22 Dec 20120 -  At Lee Kay I saw one very pretty Glaucous Gull, which appeared to be a 2nd winter bird, and a number of Herring gulls among others.

Pomera Fronce
(17 Dec 2912) - [
Salt Lake CBC] - We did get an Eared and Horned Grebe. Also a COMMON REDPOLL which is another first time species since I've been coordinating the count. Other good sightings this year (seen in past years on a sporadic basis): Wood Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, Western Grebe, Double-crested Cormorant, Northern Goshawk, Barn Owl, Northern Shrike, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Grackle, Fox Sparrow, Gray-crowned Rosy Finch

Jeff Saffle (17Dec 2012) - After watching anxiously for the last two weeks, at least one Common Redpoll was sighted at the Saffle feeders in Emigration Canyon this morning, among a large flock of goldfinches.

Hearkens (17 Dec 2012) - I just saw a Dark Merlin in Sandy in the trees above the Seagull Book on State and 90th.

Bryant Olsen (12 Dec 2012) - Saw a Harlan's Hawk and Peregrine Falcon at Lee Kay Ponds today.

Matthew Pendleton (10 Dec 2012) - Saw a Yellow-shafted Flicker at Creekside Park (SLC) with Evening Grosbeaks and waxwings.

Bryant Olsen (10 Dec 2012) - We briefly stopped by Lee Kay, nothing unusual but 3 HOODED MERGANSERS and 3 CANVASBACKS was a treat, also many thousands of gulls, including a high percentage of HERRING GULLS.

Richard Young (9 Dec 2012) - While searching for Bohemians, I was surprised to discover 12 to 15 Evening Grosbeaks at Big Cottonwood Park, in the area directly north of the parking lot, on the west side of the trail.

Bryant Olsen
(9 Dec 2012) - This morning I went to Creekside Park in Holladay looking for the reported EVENING GROSBEAKS, which I did find. In addition I found 6 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS mixed in with the numerous CEDAR WAXWINGS. They were in the cottonwoods and Russian olives along the creek just south of the parking lot.

David McCoy (7Dec 2012) - I worked from home this week on Monday and Friday. Monday was the first day I saw a Red-naped Sapsucker in the yard. I have seen them around the neighborhood (Olympus Cove) ... I saw it fly into the pine outside my office and noticed it had been working on it for awhile with several rings around a particular trunk. It was spooked by some rambunctious Scrub Jays and didnít come back while I was working..... Another treat this morning was great views of a Brown Creeper working the same tree, sometimes so close I couldnít use the binoculars.

Bryant Olsen (4 Dec 2012) - Just had a flyover flock of 4 COMMON REDPOLLS along the Jordan river near the 2380 S. trailhead. They were heading west toward Decker lake. Also in the area were 21 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE and a male YELLOW-SHAFTED NORTHERN FLICKER.


Dave Hanscom (10 Dec 2012) - Today I had another one of those serendipidous moments, when 2 Trumpeter Swans crossed my path. Yesterday at Echo, there were 2 Cackling Geese, 1 Greater White-fronted Goose, and 1 Tundra Swan. ...
   --On to the Wahsatch exit of I-80 to look for winter birds. More Rough- legged Hawks were on the power poles along the west frontage road than I'd seen before ... headed east on the dirt road from the exit. One more RL Hawk was on a pole, and one (guess what??) COMMON REDPOLL was feeding beside the road. I drove to the Wyoming line and turned around, and on the way back a flock of about 30 (guess what??) Common Redpolls were feeding on mullein seeds inside the fence at a gas facility.
   --Today, to get out of the wind, I decided to check out the campground below Rockport Reservoir, which has been closed for a while. I walked in to the river and what should be hanging out in the pond at the base of the dam but two Trumpeter Swans!


Oliver Hansen (28 Dec 2012) - 17 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches in South Willow Canyon today along with a huge flock of turkeys. The paved section of the road in the canyon is plowed during the winter.

Oliver Hansen (4 Dec 2012) - Finally took an afternoon to explore the miles and miles of telephone pole and fence-lined roads north of Grantsville. Biggest highlights of the afternoon were three  Ferruginous Hawks and a Loggerhead Shrike. Two new birds for my County list.


Clay Johnson (31 Dec 2012) - I believe I had a Hoary Redpoll at our feeder in Jensen (Uintah County) today, maybe the first reported in this county? 


Eric Huish (30 Dec 2012) - I drove by my neighbors house on my way out this morning and stopped to check their feeders at the intersection of 700 E 100 N in Pleasant Grove. They had a White-winged Dove up in a tree with several collared-doves...

Bryan Shirley (28 Dec 2012) - ...Glad I did. I just got great looks at the Northern Parula in the Provo cemetery...
   --This evening after seeing the Northern Parula in the Cemetary I birded my way through East Bay and found a White-throated Sparrow. It was at the entrance to the Kuhni's Wetlands...

Norm Jenson (23 Dec 2012) - [Provo City Cemetery] - ...I walked underneath the Ponderosa tree and saw a few Ruby Crowned Kinglets in the top of the tree. ...It was then I saw what I first thought was a Yellow-rumped Warbler, but there was no streaking, just a yellow breast and throat and clean white belly.  ...The Northern Parula was polite enough to give us a top view, olive colored back a couple of wing bars and a faint eye ring. ... What a great way to end the year with a beautiful bird, and a Lifer!

Alton Thygerson (22 Dec 2012) - While snowshoeing with a son and three grandsons, a NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen about 1/4 mile from the Aspen Grove trailhead on the trail the Stewart's Falls.

Eric Huish (18 Dec 2012) - I just saw a NORTHERN PARULA in the Provo City Cemetery. (1:45 pm Dec 18). It was hanging out with a mixed flock of about 10 kinglets, 5 nuthatches, 5 chickadees and a Yellow-rumped Warbler...

Alan Jensen (17 Dec 2012) - I observed an Osprey sitting on a post along I-15 just north of Payson today about 11 am.

Bryan Shirley (16 Dec 2012) -  [Provo CBC] - It looks like we ended up with 92 species - the lowest we have had since 2000. Besides the snow, Utah lake had no ice at all and that probably hurt our waterfowl numbers (all the ducks stay in the middle of the lake too far to see). We did have a couple of both  Prairie & Peregrine Falcons, a few Bohemian Waxwings, 2 Northern Mockingbirds, and our East Bay resident AW Pelican.

Eric Huish (16 Dec 2-12) - Found a flock of about 30 Cedar and 15 Bohemian Waxwings at about 815 Heather Road, Orem, Just north off Skyline Drive which is south of Dry Canyon.

Eric Huish (11 Dec 2012) - There were several Evening Grosbeaks and Red Crossbills in the Provo Cemetery today. They were just north and west of the cemetery intersection Main St and 400 West.

Eric Huish (8 Dec 2012) - KC Childs and I saw a flock of 16 COMMON REDPOLLS up Spanish Fork Canyon this morning. We were on Dairy Fork WMA on the south side of hwy 6. We were between somewhere around 2 miles up Dairy Fork road when a flock of small finches flew in. A few landed up in the trees and a bunch landed down in the willows by the stream. ... On our way home we stopped at Evergreen Cemetery (Springville/Mapleton). We found a flock of 7 or 8 Red Crossbills in one of the ornamental cedar trees.

Jeff Cooper (6 Dec 2012) - [Pleasant Grove] - I had another one of those experiences when the feeders seemed eerily quite when they should have been buzzing with finches, juncos, and sparrows. I checked the perimeter of the yard and discovered and adult Sharp-shinned Hawk perched in a locust tree.


Doc Hogan (13 Dec 2012) - I live in Midway Utah. Common Redpolls (up to 20) have been at my feeders everyday for the last 2 weeks. Looks like they're here to stay for a while.

Ned Bixler (7 Dec 2012) - I saw a single Common Redpoll at a feeder in Heber City today. It only stayed for about 15 min.


Rick Fridell (23 Dec 2012) - Today (12/23) there was a male Vermilion Flycatcher in Hurricane, Washington Co., UT. The flycatcher was along 400 South, often in the field and nearby yards in the vicinity of 1576 to 1580 West. At Sand Hollow State Park there was a huge flock of American Goldfinches and the remaining Tundra Swans, Dunlin, and 6-7 Least Flycatchers.

Rick Fridell
(22 Dec 2012) - Yesterday (12/21), I encountered a mixed flock of birds on the Beaver Dam Slope, Washington Co. Noteworthy birds included 2 Black-tailed Gnatcatchers, 25 or so Brewer's Sparrows, 3 Black-throated Sparrows, and a few Sage Sparrows...
   --Other highlights around Washington County include:
   --A Snow Goose at Springs Park and a continuing Ross's Goose at Lower Tawa Pond, in St. George.
   --Four Tundra Swans at Sand Hollow State Park.
   --Long-tailed Duck at the Hildale Sewer Ponds.
   --Two Dunlin at Sand Hollow State Park (usually in the southwest corner).

Rick Fridell (20 Dec 20122) - There is a female Long-tailed Duck at the Hildale Sewer Ponds, Washington County. The ponds are located along the UT/AZ stateline ~ mile or so west of Hildale.


Paul Higgins (31 Dec 2012) - I saw three Lapland Longspur's among the many Horned Larks on West 12th Street (900 South) Weber County, this afternoon. Too flighty, I couldn't get any images.

Pat Jividen (27 Dec 2012) - Ned Bixler and I saw Snow Buntings at about 5600 w. 1000 n. in Weber County.

Bryan Shirley (27 Dec 2012) - Can't find the plovers this morning. ...I did add Tree Sparrows to my Weber County list though, so well worth the 3 hour drive going 30 mph on I-15 this morning...

Mike Hearell (26 Dec 2012) - [Harold Crane WMA] - Mountain Plovers in Weber County.

Mike Hearell (25 Dec 2012) - [Harold S. Crane WMA] - Hiked about a half mile away from my iPad to glance through herds of Horned Larks at the south entrance to Harold S Crane WMA. It used to be called the Rainbow Unit.  ...  MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO ME!  A Christmas Day SNOW BUNTING! (26 Dec 2012) - I saw a Western Grebe on December 25, 2012 at Buess's Pond in Ogden.

Kris Purdy (24 Dec 2012) - Just had a flock of about 60 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS at the corner of Arapaho Drive and Arapaho Circle in Ogden, Weber County...
   --Itís nary a fit day out for woman or beast, so the birdies are coming to me. Iím watching a male COMMON REDPOLL at one of my feeders in Ogden, Weber County, through the snow which the wind is driving horizontally. The House Finches are dominant at the feeder and keep driving the little guy off, but he keeps coming back or crosses the yard to another bunch of feeders. Merry Christmas to me!

Kris Purdy (23 Dec 2012) - I saw a NORTHERN GOSHAWK at North Fork Park in Weber County today; it was flying along a ridge line and wasnít close enough to age. But I wondered if it was the young bird Iíve seen there twice in the last month.

Kris Purdy (22 Dec 2012) - A Merlin on a power pole at Beus Park in Ogden

Weston Smith (15 Dec 2012) - My Father and I found a SWAMP SPARROW on our portion of the Ogden Christmas Bird Count today. The bird was seen near the main entrance to Ogden Bay WMA, it was seen at about 8am with several White-crowned and Song Sparrows.

Susan Snyder (9 Dec 2012) -We saw a Northern Pygmy Owl sitting in a tree along the edge of State Highway 39 on the way to Monte Cristo. It was a couple of miles past Red Rock Ranch on the south side of the road.

Kris Purdy (7 Dec 2012) - Add Ogden to the list of locations where BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS are showing up in the yard. Iíve had five this afternoon in a flock of Cedars that are eating in the ornamental pear trees. I also had a lone female Cassinís Finch at the feeder this morning

Kris Purdy (6 Dec 2012) -
A friend and I relived the experience of seeing a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL along Old Snowbasin Road in Weber County today while we were walking the road; we saw one along that same road a couple weeks ago. We had passed the spot once and were heading downhill when I saw the tiny blob in an aspen right next to the road.

Mike Hearell (5 Dec 20122) - Saw two Cackling Geese today. 1520 E 1250 N, Layton.



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