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November 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
     Harlequin Duck  Davis Co.
     Red-necked Grebe  Davis Co., Piute Co.
     Lesser Black-backed Gull  Cache Co.
     Brown Thrasher  Wayne Co.
     Common Redpoll  Box Elder Co., Cache Co., Davis Co., Morgan Co., Salt Lake Co., Weber Co.


Mike Hearell (11 Nov 2012) - [Howell, UT] - I'm currently sitting on 1 White-throated Sparrow and 2 Common Redpolls.


Jon Watkins (30 Nov 2012) - I'm at my parents home in Mendon, where 1 Common Redpoll is visiting their feeder. The feeder hangs in a Mountain Ash just outside the kitchen window, and at least 1 Bohemian Waxwing is helping itself to berries among 20-30 Cedar Waxwings. Anyone welcome to visit--they are in the middle of town on main street, across the street from the park/volleyball court.

Mike Fish (25 Nov 2012) - I saw a Northern Pygmy Owl today at 1pm up Logan Canyon in the Spring Hollow Campground - Group Area B. The locals refer to Spring Hollow as Third Dam. I was walking up the paved road from the parking lot to Group Area B when I spotted the owl east of the creek. The Owl was hunting along the maples trees about 100' up the hillside above the creek.

Bryant Olsen (12 Nov 2012) - [Logan] - I think it is safe to say that this is an invasion year for Common Redpolls. ...  The latest of these is in my yard: I saw one COMMON REDPOLL on my thistle feeder this morning. This is turning also out to be a great year for "winter" finches. We have had many reports of Evening Grosbeaks around Cache County in the last couple of weeks.

Craig Fosdick (12 Nov 2012) - This morning Stephen Peterson and I birded Steel Canyon in northwestern Cache Co., looking for the Bushtits, Common Redpoll, and Western Scrub-Jay found there by Ryan O'Donnell and company on 11/8. No luck on the Bushtits, but the WESTERN SCRUB-JAY persists in the same location.... We also found two COMMON REDPOLLS, a little further up the canyon than Ryan reported. ... On the drive from Steel Canyon back to Clarkston, we found a LAPLAND LONGSPUR with 80 Horned Larks on 10800 W, 1/4 mile south of the intersection of N 10800 W and W 13400 N.

Ryan O'Donnell (8 Nov 2012) - Had a great afternoon of birding today with Andrew Durso and J.D. Willson. Highlights in Steel Canyon (extreme northwest Cache Co.) included a COMMON REDPOLL, our first WESTERN SCRUB-JAY in the county, and our first BUSHTITS in the county, plus a flyover adult NORTHERN GOSHAWK and a small flock of GRAY PARTRIDGE (each lifers for at least one of the other two birders in our group).

Andy Kleinhesselink (11 Nov 2012) - An adult Lesser Black-Backed Gull at the back pond at Sue's Ponds in Logan today.


Paul Lombardi (30 Nov 2012) - [Centerville] - I just notice a flock of Cedar Waxwings in a tree in my neighborhood and after a bit of searching found a single Bohemian WW with the group.

Jason St. Sauver (26 Nov 2012) - [Garr Ranch, Antelope Island] - Hello all - just a quick note on a nice Sunday trip of birding on Antelope Island. My friends Susan & Doug and I zipped out across the Causeway and birded the island from early morn til lunch and nabbed nearly 50 spp. on a cool, foggy and grey day. Some interesting highlights. Pacific Wren still at the ranch, chattering away - as well as Virginia Rails, California Quail, Pheasants and a Great Horned Owl.

Ron Walker (14 Nov 2012) - White-winged Scoter at Antelope Island Causeway.

Bryant Olsen (13 Nov 2012) - [Antelope Island] - I re-found the VARIED THRUSH reported by Norm Jensen yesterday at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island. It was in the Russian Olive trees directly above the spring on the north-east side, the ones near the red shed. It was very tame and cooperative. Also near the spring was a 'RED' FOX SPARROW, plus a VIRGINIA RAIL out in the open. Otherwise the ranch was actually pretty quiet; numbers of song birds are way down. Also had a lone flyover GRAY-CROWNED ROSY FINCH on the trail to Frary peak, plus a CANYON WREN. At The bridge by the marina, the HARLEQUIN DUCK continues, along with 4 SURF SCOTER, and 2 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE, plus the usual assortment of diving ducks and grebes. Lots of BONAPARTES GULLS still,and a couple FRANKLIN'S mixed in too. ...Down near the first "no swiming" bridge there were lots of peeps, including several DUNLINS and a BAIRD'S along with lots of LEAST and a few WESTERN SANDPIPERS. 3 late WILLETS too. TUNDRA SWANS flying low right over the causeway was an added bonus.

Norm Jenson (12 Nov 2012) - [Garr Ranch, Antelope Island] - VARIED THRUSH. Near pond feeding with spotted towhees.

Joel Beyer (12 Nov 20122) - Barn Owl today at Farmington Bay WMA. We found a COMMON REDPOLL late this afternoon along the edge of Glover Pond at Farmington Bay WMA. It was seen briefly with several American Goldfinches before they all flew off to the north.
   --Earlier today at the AI Causeway, in addition to the birds reported by others, were a Wilson's Phalarope, a Marbled Godwit, an American Golden Plover, 9 Black-bellied Plovers, a Baird's Sandpiper, 8 Willets, 30 White-faced Ibis and 2 Surf Scoters.
Ryan O'Donnell (11 Nov 2012) - [Antelope Island] - Yesterday's Bridgerland Audubon Society trip to Antelope Island. Highlights included a Harlequin Duck, 3 Surf Scoters, 500 Least Sandpipers, two Great Horned Owls, a Northern Goshawk, a Sage Sparrow (late), and a Brown-headed Cowbird (late).

Rich Young (9 Nov 2012) - A Trumpeter Swan at Antelope Island Causeway. It was cool to see a swan  between the bridge and the Marina.

David Wheeler (4 Nov 2012) - [Bountiful Pond] - I was able to relocate the Harris's Sparrow found by Stephanie this morning at about 9:30 .... It was actually just west of the little "orchard" (mowed) area south of the pond. There is a little canal bordering the western edge of the "orchard", and a dirt road on the western bank of that.

Norm Jensen (2 Nov 2012) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - We decided to go back to Lee Kay again this afternoon to scan the Wigeons for Eurasians, a bird we missed in the spring. We didn't locate any but can report that the Red-breasted Mergansers were still there and that we finally located the Hood Mergansers that were reported several days ago.

Cindy Sommerfeld (2 Nov 2012) -  Beautiful day for a November survey.  Fewer birds but enough to keep it interesting. Two Surf Scoters and the Harlequin Duck are still present on causeway. Today's species total was 50:...

Norm Jenson (1 Nov 2012) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - the Red-necked Grebe was at the east end of the west pond though we first saw it near the island with the pelicans. Of note inside the gate at the southwest corner of the loop were two Cattle Egrets. Also on the main west pond were what I believe we're Red-breasted Mergansers.


Weston Smith (12 Nov 2012) - There is a Common Redpoll at my feeder in Croydon, UT.


Rick Fridell (14 Nov 2012) - Yesterday afternoon (11/13), I stopped by Otter Creek Reservoir.  Unfortunately, I did not have much time as there were large numbers of waterbirds throughout the reservoir.  In the short time I was there, I saw 19 species of waterfowl.  Highlights included: Tundra Swans, White-winged Scoter (adult female), Red-necked Grebe, Sandhill Cranes, Thayer's Gull (first cycle)


Deedee O'Brien (30 Nov 2012) - [Millcreek] - I just returned from Vivian Schneggenburger's yard where two Common Redpolls are busy bathing and eating seeds with some goldfinch. Viv lives a couple streets behind the REI on 33rd S.

Jessica Stokes (29 Nov 2012) - [UofU Campus] - At least one BOHEMIAN WAXWING in Cedar Waxwing flock. Presidents Circle trees just east of Kingsbury Hall.

Jessica S (24 Nov 2012) - The Redwood Road trailhead of the Jordan River Parkway (~2700 S.) is usually on our CBC route. We wanted to see what it was like in warmer weather! The highlight had to be the two Evening Grosbeak slumming it with a small flock of American Robin. These were at the south end of the reclamation/nature area (south of the trailhead).

Sylvia Gray (12 Nov 2102) - About 3pm this afternoon (Sunday) I heard, then saw 23 Sandhill Cranes flying high over my home in SLC heading south. Better late than never!

Bryant Olsen (11 Nov 2012) - [Liberty Park, SLC] -  In Liberty Park this morning, in a lake effect snow squall with near white out conditions, I heard a flock of SNOW GEESE overhead going south. ... Then a couple hours later on my way to work downtown I saw a big black bird soaring over being harassed by a flock of gulls and pigeons, ... when it got close I realized it was a dark morph buteo, so I quickly pulled over and saw that it was a HARLAN'S HAWK!

Dave Hanscom (5 Nov 2912) - I saw my first American Tree Sparrow of the fall at Jordanelle Wetlands today. It was hanging out with a Song Sparrow not far from the north end of the trail in some rose bushes.

Dave Hanscom
(2 Nov 2012) - After 5 trips and about 7 hours of searching, I finally got a look at the Golden-crowned Sparrow at Little Dell this noon. It was on the ground under the rabbit brush along the edge of the parking lot, just outside the locked gate at the north end of the area that's fenced in.

Jeff Cooper (2 Nov 2012) - I made a lunch drive to the Sandy Urban Fishery Thursday for the first 2 Npond and allowed some nice observations as it flew from a tree down to the edge of the pond. .... A Peregrine Falcon flew from the tall power poles above the golf course, across the pond, and then out of sight.

Martha Veranth (2 Nov 2012) - There was an Evening Grosbeak in the thicket at the southwest edge of the Intermountain Healthcare property (4646 Lake Park Blvd, WVC) around 1:00 this afternoon (Friday). #134 for my Lake Park list!

Kimberly Rousch (1 Nov 2012) - I watched a Northern Harrier and Rough-legged Hawk tumble together and primarily the Harrier mobbed the Rough-legged over Little Dell Dam @ noon today.


Bryan Shirley (3 Nov 2012) - Today at Arches National Park I was surprised to see a flock of 34 Black Rosy Finches picking seeds out of the red sand. We were at the Devil's Garden parking area. While hiking we was Bush Tits and a few Juniper Titmice.


Dave Hanscom (4 Nov 2012) - I've had a tough time finding raptors in Summit County this summer, but today was (finally) my day. Weston Smith kept telling me that the place to go is the Wahsatch exit of I-80 (just east of the Wyoming border near Evanston). I'd been up there 3 or 4 times already this year, with little success. Today's list, however, included Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Rough-legged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, and Ferruginous Hawk. Most were soaring or perched on phone poles in the south end of Deseret Ranch, which borders I-80 to the west in that area. The ranch is private with a big fence around it, so I just drove along the frontage road and set up my scope whenever I saw something that looked interesting. The Prairie Falcon was seen about a mile east of I-80 along the dirt road that starts at the Wahsatch exit.


Eric Huish (24 Nov 2012) - There was a Pacific Wren at the Mouth of American Fork Canyon this afternoon (11/24). It was at the east end of the Highland Irrigation Facility parking lot at the Mouth of AF Canyon. I birded the area for 30 minutes and this was the only bird I could find.

Jeff Cooper (14 Nov 2012) - I stopped by Highland Glen Park this morning on the way to work. There were a couple hundred MALLARDS and more flying in, lots of COOTS, and a handful of WOOD DUCKs on the pond.
   --Eric Peterson and I have noticed a beautiful dark Red-tailed Hawk along the north side of SR-92 (Timpanogos Hwy) in Lehi in recent weeks. It tends to be on the north side of the highway a half mile or so west of Smith's Market. The bird has a beautiful chocolate color.

Eric Huish (3 Nov 2012) - I stopped at River Lane this morning (11/3). There was a Pacific Wren hopping around in some low brush right next to the road (north side of the road) about 0.1 miles east of the beach end of the road. The wren was calling loud enough for me to hear as I was driving up the road. ...
   --There were two Say's Phoebes on Swede Lane just south of the boat launch parking area.
   --There were about 20 Least Sandpipers at Lincoln Beach.

Jeff Cooper (2 Nov 2012) - I'm now seeing two adult Peregrines daily at the River Park business complex in South Jordan. I have not seen a band on the leg of either bird. They have several perches on two separate buildings that appear to be their favorites. They seem to prefer perching in some nooks that are shaded so they change their perch throughout the day based on the location of the sun.


Kimberly Rousch (12 Nov 2012) - Scott heard then saw a V formation of Sandhill Cranes fly over our house in Pinebrook, Park City (just east of Parley's Summit) yesterday!!

Dave Hanscom (12 Nov 2012) - I heard a flock of loud honking overhead as I looked for Tree Sparrows along River Road in Francis this morning.  (Found some.) It took a minute to sink in that I wasn't hearing geese, and when I looked up, there was a large 'V' of Sandhill Cranes heading south.  I counted 33 in the group.  The storm must have awakened them to the fact that winter is really going to happen in 2013, despite what they might have observed in 2012. .. I also found a Northern Shrike along the Mirror Lake Highway, but no Bohemian Waxwings yet.

Bryant Olsen (7 Nov 2012) - I've been at my cabin in Strawberry valley the past couple days, found some good birds. Yesterday on Strawberry reservoir I found a PACIFIC LOON just east of the "ladders", about 100 yards off shore ... Also saw my first of season NORTHERN SHRIKE and BALD EAGLE near the dam, and a few AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS in various places in the valley. New yard birds for the cabin included a PACIFIC WREN and a flyover PINE GROSBEAKS. Also had some EVENING GROSBEAKS, and the resident GREAT HORNED and NORTHERN PYGMY OWLS at the cabin too. Plus my first ever ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK in the valley. On the way home I swung by Rock Cliff S.P.. and found a flock of 11 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS in the top of a cottonwood west of the visitor center, they are lovely birds with their rufus colors.


Rick Fridell (12 Nov 2012) - This weekend (11/9-12) there were quite a few noteworthy water birds observed around Washington County. Wintering waterfowl numbers really picked up across the county following the storms up north late last week.
   --Ross's Goose; SR-9 (Hurricane) Sewer Ponds
   --Trumpeter Swan: adult; Herring Gull; first-cycle; Red-necked Phalaropes (4), (found by Dan Trujillo); Least Sandpipers (11); Dunlin (4); American Avocet; Cattle Egret (found by Kevin Wheeler & Dan Trujillo) at Sand Hollow State Park
   --Barrow's Goldeneye: 2 males at Quail Creek State Park; Common Loons; a few on Quail and Sand Hollow over the weekend
   --Surf Scoter: imm/female at Gunlock State Park (found by Rob Dobbs)
   --Red-breasted Mergansers; on most reservoirs over the weekend

Dianne (9 Nov 2912) - I closely observed a PACIFIC WREN in Zion National Park on the first third of the Riverside Walk trail. I pished and it danced at my feet - a lifer for me.

Bryan Shirley (3 Nov 2012) - A few days ago I was in Zion's and had a Pygmy Owl calling along the trail to Hidden Canyon. We had a bunch of Bush Tits there - 3 different flocks of 20-30 birds in each flock.


Steve Christensen (2 Nov 2012) -  Today at Capitol Reef NP I saw what I believe to be a Brown Thrasher. (Confirmed by Rich Fridel).


Kris Purdy (28 Nov 2012) - A Ruffed Grouse in North Fork Park. The park was relatively quiet today other than Stellerís Jays and Black-capped Chickadees. I also saw a smattering of House and Goldfinches, and heard a Brown Creeper and a Common Raven.

Kris Purdy (26 Nov 2012) - What a great day birding in Weber Countyís North Fork Park in Liberty, Ogden Valley. Hereís the Readerís Digest condensed version: BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS, PINE GROSBEAKS, LEWISíS WOODPECKER, COMMON REDPOLL, Stellerís Jays, Townsendís Solitaires and two moose.

Kris Purdy (23 Nov 2012) - Jack Rensel and I enjoyed the COMMON REDPOLLS, Gray-crowned Rosy-finches, Northern Shrike, Stellerís Jays, Ermine and more at Powder Ridge Village Condominiums in Weber County this morning with Mike Hearell and Taylor Abbott. When Jack reviewed his images post-trip, he noticed that one of the Gray-crowned Rosy-finches was banded.

Kris Purdy (1 Nov 3012) - Hiking friends and I came across a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL along Old Snowbasin Road in Weber County this morning at about 11:00. The owl was perched atop a maple or scrub-oak at the top of an embankment about 40 feet above where we were standing on the paved road. Our chatty little group admired him and tried to take cell phone pictures, and the bird ignored us all the while. We actually left it perched there and resumed our hike.


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