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October 20

 Review Species Reported this month:
    Harlequin Duck  Davis Co
    Lesser Black-backed Gull  Davis Co., Summit Co.
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  Davis Co., Washington Co.
    Yellow-throated Vireo  Washington Co.
    Brown Thrasher  Tooele Co.
    Black-throated Blue Warbler  Washington Co.
    Blackpoll Warbler  Davis Co.
    Ovenbird  Tooele Co.
    Baltimore Oriole  Salt Lake Co.

    Lawrence's Goldfinch  Washington Co.


Ryan O'Donnell (28 Oct 2012) - I birded the Logan City Polishing Ponds and Benson Marina today. The highlights were two juvenile Greater White-fronted Geese and a drake "Brewer's Duck" (hybrid Mallard x Gadwall) at the Polishing Ponds, and a flock of 16 Bonaparte's Gulls flying over the road near the Logan Airport. A flock of Mountain Bluebirds at the Polishing Ponds was also a bit of a surprise.

Mike Fish (22 Oct 2012) - Tonight there were two White-throated Sparrows in my yard in Logan.

Ron Hellstern (11 Oct 2012) - I was watching two Spotted Towhees this morning, when I glanced toward the river. Beautiful Osprey just took a trout in the Blacksmith Fork river behind our place. He is enjoying his feast on the top of a telephone pole, and looks very content.


Bryant Olsen (31 Oct 2012) - [Antelope Island] - Yes, I did see 3 female/immature SURF SCOTERS at the second bridge, along with the HARLEQUIN DUCK, RED-BREASTED MERGANSER and an immature BARROW'S GOLDENEYE. Tons of BONAPARTE'S GULL at the 2nd bridge too, but couldn't find anything rare among them. Missed the Lesser Black-backed Gull and Dunlins. I was watching a bunch of peeps (LEAST and a few WESTERN SANDPIPERS) near the first bridge, when suddenly they all spooked, and Paul Higgins pulled up and pointed out a GREAT HORNED OWL on the side of the road.  ... Lots of TUNDRA SWANS in the mudflats north of the AIC..
   --At Jensen park there was a 'MYRTLE' YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER along with the usual gang of GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES.
   --At Layton Park I found a TRUMPETER SWAN and a couple WOOD DUCKS...

Norm Jenson (31 Oct 2012) - [Antelope Island]  - ...The day started with a Great Horned Owl on the Causeway followed by a Red-breasted Merganser, and the Harlequin Duck who is quick becoming a regular feature of the Causeway. ....Other highlights included a a Bewick's Wren at the visitor center. It was a wonderful Halloween Day trip and not at all scary.

Joel Beyer (30 Oct 2012) - [Antelope Island] - There were 2 DUNLIN mixed in with the large flock of peeps, about mile marker 5, on the Antelope Island Causeway. The rest were mostly Least Sandpipers, with a few Pectoral, Western, and Baird's.

Joel Beyer (29 Oct 2012) - Adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL seen Sunday at 2nd bridge on the AI Causeway.

Bryant Olsen (25 Oct 2012) - I stopped by Jensen Park on the way out and saw 2 CATTLE EGRETS hanging out with the domestic geese and ducks on the north pond. They looked strange standing in the snow.

Norm Jenson (24 Oct 2012) - The HARLEQUIN DUCK continues at the second bridge the one nearest the island.  Saw an American Golden Plover at the 2.4 mile mark and a Lesser Black-backed Gull at about 2.5 miles both on the North side. ... Also a few Bonaparte Gulls mixed in with the Eared Grebes.

Mike Herrell (16 Oct 2012) - 5 Greater White-fronted Geese mixed in with approx 750 Canada's. Tilled under field SW corner of 1300 N 2000 W, Clinton.

Joel Beyer (14 Oct 2012) - We and the Sommerfelds saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker today on Antelope Island, in an area not accessible to the general public. Other than some flecks of red on the head, the bird was in complete juvenile plumage.

Joel Beyer (8 Oct 2012) - [Antelope Island] - Two birds found yesterday by the Sommerfields at Garr Ranch (Antelope Island SP) were seen again today.  The tan morph White-throated Sparrow was hanging about the brush pile, and eventually made it's way to the spring.  The red (Taiga) subspecies of Fox Sparrow was also found near the spring, along the north fence. A Merlin was seen along the road to the ranch.  On the Causeway were three Least and one Pectoral Sandpiper, a Herring Gull and a Horned Grebe.

Kathy Beyer (1 Oct 2012) -Since no one else reported, thought I'd mention that on Sunday morning a BLACKPOLL WRBLER was seen midstory in the trees near the spring. A visiting birder from New Hampshire found the bird, and a couple others saw it before it flew off.


Bryant Olsen (30 Oct 2012) - This afternoon I found 2 immature/female SURF SCOTERS at East Canyon reservoir. They we near the south end by a large group of Ruddy Ducks. Also at least 20 COMMON LOONS... There were 6 HOODED MERGANSERS on the south end too.

Weston Smith (21 Oct 2012) -  Saw three Tundra Swans at the Henefer Sewer Lagoons, one had a large amount of yellow on the bill.

Kimberly Roush (14 Oct 2012) - Scott and I found a pair of Wood Ducks on the south end of East Canyon Reservoir today @ noon.

Weston Smith (12 Oct 2012) - [Croyden, UT] - Had a male Common Grackle at the feeder this morning. I think it is getting late for them.

Bryant Olsen (9 Oct 2012) - This afternoon I found the PACIFIC LOON that Norm reported on eBird at East Canyon Reservoir. It was mixed in with 6 COMMON LOONS near where the south and east bays of the lake join, way out in the middle of the lake. ... Later near Little Mt. Pass, I saw a couple RUFFED GROUSE, but there were very few passerines anywhere, winter must be coming.


Paul Higgins (30 Oct 2012) - Golden Crowned Sparrow at Mt. Dell Reservoir.

Martha Veranth (14 Oct 20120 - There's a Greater White-Fronted Goose on the Intermountain Healthcare property (4646 Lake Park Blvd, WVC). It's in with a huge flock of Canada Geese on the north side of the building.

Richard Young (11 Oct 2012) - For those who frequent Big Cottonwood Park, this afternoon I played hide and seek with a noisy Virginia Rail at the pond there.

Bryant Olsen (6 Oct 2012) - This morning I saw 2 EVENING GROSBEAKS, a male and female, In the SLC Cemetery on Central Avenue,just south of where the old fox dens are. They were mixed in with a huge group of A. ROBINS and CEDAR WAXWINGS feeding in the juniper trees. This is the second time this week I have seen Evening Grosbeaks in SL Co. ...

Stephanie Greenwood (1 Oct 20120 - [International Center] - Today I had to run out to West Valley on some errands for my business and so I thought I'd do a quick drive-through at the Salt Lake International Center. I pulled on to Neil Armstrong way and went north more than I normally do. I spotted a sapsucker in an olive tree and stopped to take a look. Lo-and-behold, a small oriole popped in to view. I knew this wasn't a Bullock's, and realized that this was likely a BALTIMORE ORIOLE.


Dave Hanscom (15 Oct 2012) - A friend who lives in Hoytsville has been telling me that she has Merlins in her neighborhood all year. She has a bunch of feeders, and they stop by for lunch every few days. I figured she must have Sharp-shinned Hawks, but didn't tell her that. ... Her husband was home when I got there, and began regaling me with Merlin stories. ... Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a Merlin came swooping by us and straight into a thick bunch of brushy cottonwood trees. A couple of incredible maneuvers and he was gone, as if to say "I'll show you, Mr. Doubter!" Pretty neat birding moment.

Dave Hanscom (14 Oct 2012) - Today was another great birding day at Rockport Reservoir.... The north end of the reservoir, where the grebes and loons hang out, was the real jackpot. A Pacific Loon was near the boat launch area ...That was the first one I've ever seen at Rockport. ...

Dave Hanscom (10 oct 2012) - I went for a hike up Plantation Trail from the Beaver Creek Trail (along the Mirror Lake Highway) late this afternoon in search of a Ruffed Grouse in Summit County.  I've seen them there when skiing in past years.  ... When I was almost to the car and had given up on the calling, I heard one behind me.

Dave Hanscom (5 Oct 2012) - I've been stopping by Rockport a couple times a week lately to see what might be coming in or passing through, and it's been most productive. Two weeks ago a Nashville Warbler was hanging out in the Russian Olives at one of the campgrounds, and a Sabine's Gull was in the water by the inlet. On Monday the Ruddy Ducks had returned, but no warblers or Sabine's were to be found. Today it was a LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL!

Jack Binch (3 Oct 2012)- Bob Huntington, Bob MacDougal, Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld and I were on Tri-county Peak this last Saturday watching for rumored hawks. A Dusky Grouse came up the side of the hill and sat down maybe twenty feet from us and just watched. I am sure it felt its camouflage was keeping it hidden.


Candy Zaffis (18 Oct 2012) - Tonight, a female Evening Grosbeak and male Common Grackle were at the yard birdfeeders on Dugway.

Candy Zaffis (11 Oct 2012) - [Dugway, UT] - Today, 10 Oct 12, at noon, I was watching a Spotted Towhee foraging in some bushes/shrubs behind my work buildings, when out popped a BROWN THRASHER.  It looked at me with those yellow eyes then flew off to some denser shrubs farther back from the road. 

Keeli Marvel
(9 Oct 2012)- I spotted an Ovenbird while heading out to do some field work today at
Dugway. It was walking around on the ground under a tree just off a main road.


Eric Huish (30 Oct 2012) - I stopped at River Lane today. On Sandy Beach at the end of River Lane there were a few shorebirds. 50 Killdeer, 8 Greater Yellowlegs, a Wilson's Snipe, 5 Least Sandpipers, 3 Western Sandpipers and 5 DUNLIN. ...There was a pair of Golden-crowned Kinglets on River Lane. I don't often see them down in valley.
   --There was a late Savannah Sparrow on Swede Lane.
   --I stopped at the Provo Airport Dike to look for the White-throated Sparrow Bryant Olsen reported there last week. But I couldn't find it. ... but there was a late Wilson's Warbler there...

Bryant Olsen (25 Oct 2012) - Monday I headed down to Washington county to get some warmth before the cold set in, and do some birding along the way. First stop was at Provo Airport dike on the way down, found a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW just west of the tower.

Kay Stone (15 Oct 2012) - Today about noon I saw a White-Throated Sparrow, tan striped morph, along the Jordan River Parkway southwest of Lehi...Just before the river there is a parking lot where people fly model air planes; go north on the trail until you come to a little abandoned pump house on the east side of the trail; its is about a half mile walk....

Eric Huish (6 Oct 2012) - I had a single Evening Grosbeak at the Provo River Oxbow earlier this week. This spot is down in the valley. The oxbow is just upstream from Utah Lake.

Nancy Matro (6 Oct 2012) - [Jeremy Ranch, Park City, UT] - I had males and female Evening Grosbeaks at my house today, eating some seed off the ground below my feeders....  First time I've seen them this fall.


Keeli Marvel (28 Oct 2012)- 12 Utah County Birders met yesterday morning for some birding around
Jordanelle Reservoir and Wasatch Mountain State Park. Highlights, in spite of the cold temperatures included a Tree Swallow (this late in the year?!), a Greater Yellowlegs and 11 Wilson's Snipe at the Rock Cliffs boat ramp at Jordanelle, and quite a few Common Loons and various Grebes at Jordanelle State Park. We also observed a pair of American Wigeon in the ponds at Wasatch Mountain SP.

Dave Hanscom (23 Oct 2012) - My wife and I walked through the Jordanelle Wetlands this morning and found a MERLIN in the trees near the north end of the trail. I saw one there a couple of years ago, but only that one other time.
   --This afternoon I went for a run on the Deer Creek Reservoir trail which starts at Soldier Hollow. A couple of friends had told me that a pair of Great-horned Owls hung out in the big cottonwoods near the trailhead, but I hadn't been able to find them last week. Today I discovered that I needed to look on the ground, rather than up in the trees, to see them. They were sitting in the grass about 50 feet east of the trail under the big trees.


Bryant Olsen (25 Oct 2012) - Monday I headed down to Washington county to get some warmth before the cold set in, and do some birding along the way. ... I went to Kolob road, and found 4 LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS near Lava Point. At Springdale pond I found another WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, not at the main pond, but near a tiny pond behind the hotel across the street. I saw 2 HOODED MERGANSER hens at Quail Creek Res. At Lytle Ranch I found what I believe was a male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER in the orchard, no red on the nape, and a solid red throat with a strong black border. Also at Lytle was yet another WHITE-THROATED SPARROW in the sorghum field near the black-berry bushes. At Snow Canyon, I found a male ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD coming to the feeders of the camp ground hosts, and also a female up the wash

Rick Fridell (15 Oct 2012) - This evening (10/15), there was a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the Washington Fields, Washington Co., UT. The grosbeak was eating sunflowers and sorghum seeds near the southeast corner of the fields.

Larry Tripp (13 oct 2012) - Birding today at Lytle there was a Black and White Warbler and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the orchard.

Rick Fridell
(13 Oct 20122) - The heavy rainstorm this morning cancelled a tournament at the Red Hills Golf Course (St. George, Washington Co.); since the course was closed I was able to access the golf course this afternoon (10/12) and located a Yellow-throated Vireo. ... Another surprise was a male Red Crossbill feeding in the sunflowers ...

Rick Fridell (13 Oct 2012) - This morning (10/13), Kevin Wheeler and the Red Cliffs Audubon field trip participants found a Red-necked Grebe at Quail Creek State Park, Washington Co., UT. The grebe was actively swimming in southwest portion the reservoir near the dike (off the big parking lot adjacent to the UDWR office).

Rick Fridell (7 Oct 2012) - This morning (10/7) there was a Black-throated Blue Warbler and a Lawrence's Goldfinch at Tonaquint Park, St. George, Washington Co., UT. Both birds were females and were observed near the nature center building. The Black-throated Blue Warbler was gleaning moths under the eaves of the building and the goldfinch passed through the nearby pine trees with a few Lesser Goldfinches.


Bryant Olsen (17 Oct 2912) - Today I found a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER larder pole along the North Fork of the Ogden River in Liberty. ... where I found the Woodpecker apparently caching acorns



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