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April 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Neotropic Cormorant   Davis Co., Salt Lake Co.
    Glossy Ibis   Box Elder Co., Davis Co., Utah Co.
    Upland Sandpiper  Davis Co.


Norm Jenson (29 Apr 2012) - Gail and I visited Mantua and Box Elder Campground this morning we found the Fox Sparrows at BC and Chipping Sparrows plus a couple of surprises, both a Yellow Warbler and a Wilson's Warbler, at Mantua.

Jack Binch (28 Apr 2012) - I went back to Bear River MBR today hoping there would be an influx of shorebirds. Not many yet. A couple of flocks of Long-billed Dowitchers totaling about fifty is about it...About twenty Great Egrets along the north west part of the loop...
   --Along the east dike just south of the middle viewing ramp I found a GLOSSY IBIS mixed in with some White-faced Ibis...

Kris Purdy (23 Apr 2012) - [Mantua] - Most of the birds at Mantua Reservoir in Box Elder County today were of three species: Western Grebes, American Coots and Eared Grebes, but the east side harbored a greater diversity that included six GREATER SCAUP...

Jon Watkins (21 Apr 2012) - Drove the Bear River Refuge loop ...Highlights included:
   --Snow Goose...Marbled Godwits...Great Egret...-Tundra Swan...Short-eared Owls...Black-crowned Night Herons...

Kenny Frisch (8 Apr 2012) -... I drove up to Stateline Rd in Box Elder County to try for Sharp-tailed Grouse, but unfortunately missed them but did have 2 Gray Partridge flush from the roadside and also saw a dark morph Swainson's Hawk for the first time just sitting in a tree... (8 Apr 2012) - I had a great day with my family at the Bird Refuge on Friday 4/6/2012. We saw 59 species from the Visitors center to the end of the auto loop. Highlights for our family were 1 Whimbrel, 1 Lincoln's sparrow, 1 Horned grebe, 4 Long-billed Curlews, 2 Black-crowned Night Herons, 1 Tundra Swan, 1 Bald Eagle, and 1 racoon...

Jack Binch (7 Apr 2012) - [Bear River MBR] - Still a little early for Bear River at least for me. ...I did not look through the hundreds of ducks along the east side of the loop, but counted two flocks of Caspian Terns with a combined total of about fifty. Most I have ever seen. Only saw a couple of shore birds, Greater Yellowlegs. A very pleasant surprise was as I was leaving, just where the road turns from heading east to heading south, a Short-eared Owl flew across the road right in front of me. I got out of the car to watch it and also saw a Peregrine Falcon flying and an adult Bald Eagle soaring above the road.


Craig Fosdick (29 Apr 2012) - Today I hiked Dry Canyon in Cache Co-among the many returning spring migrants were a singing Virginia's Warbler, and about five different singing Black-throated Gray Warblers. I was not able to track down any of the Black-throated Grays, but all were singing that wonderful buzzy "zray-zray-zray-zee"... Other entertaining species in Dry Canyon were a booming Dusky Grouse which tolerated a rather close approach, a pair of Black-capped Chickadees apparently exploring suitable nest sites, a single Lazuli Bunting, and lots of Chipping Sparrows and Orange-crowned Warblers. And a shy but agitated Cooper's Hawk that gave its nasal "kakking" call, warning me I was not terribly far from its nest.

Casey Day (28 Apr 2012) - [Selman Ranch] - ...Every year the Selman's host a group of birders who are fortunate enough to view a SHARP-TAILED GROUSE lek on their property...Matt Westover and I counted 9 male grouse dancing on the lek from 6 - 7 am, but I heard reports of as many as 16....r SANDHILL CRANES.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (24 Apr 2012) - This morning I lead the USU ornithology class for a birding walk along Logan's Canal Trail. Most of the highlights were firsts of the year (FOY): it's the time of year when FOYs come quickly and easily. Here are the highlights:
   --A small MIXED flock of quail, including two CALIFORNIA QUAIL (one male, one female) and one male GAMBEL'S QUAIL. These are likely part of a series of illegal introductions that have been noted in the area in recent years.
   -- Our FOY HOUSE WREN, a singing mal-- Our FOY HERMIT THRUSH, seen and heard calling (but not singing
   -- Our FOY CHIPPING SPARROWS, a small flock of about four individuals.
   -- An adult male MYRTLE subspecies YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER. Most Yellow-rumpeds in Utah are of the Audubon's subspecies, but Myrtles are reported in the county about once a year or so, usually in spring migration.

Ryan P. O'Donnell
(19 Apr 2012) - This morning I led the USU ornithology class to the Amalga Barrens in Cache County...The highlight of the day, in my opinion, was a lone and distant BAIRD'S SANDPIPER...

Craig Fosdick (10 Apr 20123) - This evening...There also was a booming Dusky Grouse (heard only) at 6500' in Dry Canyon.

Ryan O'Donnell (5 Apr 2012) - I led another field trip for the USU Ornithology class this morning, focussing on the Benson (Cache County) area. The highlight of the day was a PAIR of WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS in Benson...


Steve Christensen (24 Apr 2012) - [Price, UT] - On March 31 Layne Miller, Mike Keller, Tammy Lyman, and I counted 80-90 (we all had different counts each time we tried) Turkey Vultures in trees on the south side of Price. After a couple of days half (perhaps a few more) left and went elsewhere. There are still 30-40 that roost there every night. I love Vultures. I enjoy watching them come into the trees in the evening. I have pondered why they like it here, but have come to no conclusion.


Craig Fosdick (30 Apr 2012) - On Saturday's eBird alert digest, there was a record of an Upland Sandpiper from Antelope Island.

Kris Purdy (26 Apr 2012) - Two DUNLINs were using the far grassy edge north of Antelope Island Causeway at about mile 6.1 this evening at around 6:15.    --A probable GLOSSY IBIS was foraging in the grass north of the causeway at about mile 6.4...

Bryant Olsen (25 Apr 2012) - Today was a phenomenal day of birding at the Great Salt Lake. We started off at Farmington Bay, where I gained 5 FOYs. WILSON'S SNIPE (doing display dive winnowing right above us),4 BLUE-WINGED TEAL, 2 GREATER SCAUP,30+ MARBLED GODWITS, ...: 1 SOLITARY SANDPIPER,1 RED-NECKED PHALAROPE ... many BONAPARTE'S GULLS, 80 WILSON'S PHALAROPES,2 LONG-EARED OWLS, plus GRASSHOPPER and LARK SPARROWS...

Kris Purdy (25 Apr 2012) - Eleven RED KNOTS were mixed with a flock of Black-bellied Plovers south of mile 6.4 at Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County this afternoon at about 3:30 pm...
   --The four WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS continue south of the big bridge near the marina...

Norm Jenson (23 Apr 2012) - Antelope Island - road to Garr Ranch:  Lark Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow.

Norm Jenson (20 Apr 2012) - [AIC] - 2 DUNLINS in breeding plumage 6 mile marker cavorting with Black-bellied Plovers. David Wheeler asked that we send in report.

Kris Purdy
(9 Apr 2012)- There was a NEOTROPIC CORMORANT on Egg Island north of Antelope Island in Davis County today, four scoters south of the big bridge near the marina including at least two WHITE-WINGED, and three BARROW’S GOLDENEYE there as well.


Ron Walker (24 Apr 2012) - I had the opportunity to attend a family wedding in Roosevelt, Utah (Duchesne County) last week end. I built in a couple of extra days and visited some of the local birding locations while I was there. I spent time at Pelican Lake and the Ouray National Wildlife Refuge. I saw Cinnamon Teal, Meadow Larks, Coots (of course), Yellow-headed Blackbird, Double Crested Cormorants, Bitterns, White Pelicans, Wild Turkeys, Canada Geese, Blue Herons, and lots of birds at the ONWR which I could hear but couldn’t see and didn’t know enough to identify them. But the highlight of my trip (outside of the family wedding) were the Turkey Vultures which come to visit Roosevelt and roost in a couple of pine trees in the middle of a residential area. The vultures arrive each year (for about the last 5 years) in April. They stay until about the first of June then leave. ...I counted 16 of them in the trees when I was there. In the evening they return about an hour before sunset. I asked my brother why they picked 2 pine trees in the middle of Roosevelt to call home. He said, “‘cause it’s only a half block from the mortuary”. – argh!


K Langford (18Apr 2012) - I was fishing up above Morgan at East Canyon Res. on Sunday, April 15, 2012. I saw a pair of Common Loons. I thought I recognized them as loons but as soon as they began vocalizing in the evening I knew for sure. I think I will drive up that way again.


Kenny Frisch (29 Apr 2012) - I hiked a bit of Yellow Fork Canyon, There were tons of birds calling including 2 Virginia Warblers, Orange-crowned Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Bushtits, Lazuli Buntings, Mountain Bluebirds and Chipping Sparrows.

Rich Young (26 Apr 2012) - Not since the summer of 2009 have I located a Neotropic Cormorant  on the small body of water at the Kennecott Nature Center, Murray/Jordan River Parkway. Although I have photographed DCCOs there on occasion, today is only the 2nd time for a NECO!

Bryant Olsen (24 Apr 2012)- [Lee Kay Ponds] - Yesterday I went to Lee Kay and found the NEOTROPIC CORMORANT that's been hanging around there. Also saw my FOY FORSTER'S TERNS, And one tern that looked kinda like a COMMON TERN, gray breast and dark edges to primaries...

Bryant Olsen (19 Apr 2012) - [Lee Kay Ponds] - Today I saw an adult MEW GULL at Lee Kay ponds. It was near the west end of the ponds...

Ron Walker (13 Apr 2012) - On the 10th I went to the Mill Race ponds and happened to catch the Neotropic Cormorants (two of them) at the pond...

Tom Fletcher (8 Apr 2012) - This evening I birded Lee Kay ponds. The highlights were a female Hooded Merganser and a gorgeous male Red-breasted Merganser, both good birds for SLC...


David Wheeler (9 Apr 2012) - Mojo & I went out last weekend to see what we could see in San Juan County. We had a good time. Here are some avian highlights:
   --Gunnison Sage-grouse east of Monticello [though I could not find any display activity at the usual lek spot (they do move year-to year), despite being there before dawn]
   --Pygmy & White-breasted nuthatches in/around Devil's Canyon NF Campground (dang those WB nuthatches are handsome birds!)
   --Lucy's warblers at just about any riparian spot from Bluff to Montezuma Creek Canyon (four alone in 1 parking lot in Bluff), singing their heads off.
   --Barn swallows (x3) on wires by town of Montezuma Creek.
   --Evening grosbeaks all over southern end of Monticello.


Bryan Shriley (30 Apr 2012) - 2 Dunlin at Lincoln beach. Also Semipalmated Plover, Western and Least Sandpiper. Seen on the field trip this morning. Still there as of 5:30.

Eric Huish (29 Apr 2012) - KC Childs and I drove up American Fork Canyon this morning to try to find the Evening Grosbeaks at Mutual Dell.   --On our way home we stopped at Highland Glen Park in hopes of seeing the Lazuli Buntings that have been reported there. We never saw a Lazuli but we got our first Black-headed Grosbeak of the year.

Dennis Shirley (28 Apr 2012) - ...  --We fared much better on #12, with 23 birders seeing about 35 species on the Tintics Saturday morning. New trip birds included: Gray Flycatcher, Plumbeous Vireo, Bewick's Wren, Virginia's Warbler, Green - tailed Towhee, Lark Sparrow, Lazuli Bunting (At Lyle Bingham' yard in Payson- Thanks Lyle and Katrina!!!
   --Other birds seen by birders on off field trip days have included: Glossy Ibis - In a flooded field with 90 W. F. Ibis near the Spanish Fork River Bridge at River Lane, Lake Shore; Purple Martin - In large flocks of swallows west side of West Mt.; Caspian Tern and Snowy Plover at Lincoln Point.


Dennis Shirley (26 Apr 2012) - ...Alton and I on Wednesday (April 25th) saw the following:
The last needed swallows - Cliff and Bank at Goshen Reservoir; Green-tailed Towhee - Tintics; Gray Flycatcher - Tintics; Bewick's Wren - Tintics; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - Tintics; Virginia's Warbler - Tintics; Wilson's Phalarope - Phil Green's Pond (NW Goshen)...

Alton Thygerson (23 Apr 2012) - For the 10th UCB April Big Month field trip, 19 birders met at the mouth of American Fork Canyon.  Over 20 species were seen which included these highlighted birds: RUFFED GROUSE only heard, WILD TURKEY only heard, COOPER'S HAWK, GOLDEN EAGLE, PEREGRINE FALCON, WHITE-THROATED SWIFT, STELLER' S JAY, VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW, RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, AMERICAN DIPPER, RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET, FOX SPARROW, EVENING GROSBEAK

Keeli Marvel (22 Apr 2012) - I went for a walk down the Skipper Bay trail in Provo this afternoon and spotted a FOY Bullock's Oriole. There was at least one Blue-winged Teal still present in the flooded fields east of the trail and it was keeping company with a whole smorgasbord of other birds that included 7 Cattle Egrets... I also heard a Virginia Rail call while I was scoping out the bird party going on in the field. (20 Apr 2012) - My family and I saw a pair of Northern Bobwhites in our back yard in Eagle Mountain! It was a fun sighting. We still hear them every once in a while in the horse fields next door.

Eric Huish (20 Apr 2012) - I saw a hybrid Gadwall x Mallard on the Provo Airport Dike early this morning. It was down the gated road past the pump house on the east side of the dike loop. I also saw my first Caspian Terns and Brown-headed Cowbird of the year this morning.

Keeli Marvel (18 Apr 2012) - Just stopped at the ponds on Pioneer Crossing on my way home from work. There was a GREAT EGRET in the pond right next to the north side of the road...

Dennis Shirley (14 Apr 2012) - This mornng 17 UCBABM birders spent 5hrs birding the Sheep Creek - Ray's Valley - Diamond Fork loop. We saw 31 species...including; Mountain Bluebird, Townsend's Solitaire, Fox Sparrow, Canyon Wren (only heard singing), Belted Kingfisher, and RUFFED GROUSE. The grouse was first heard drumming, then with a little sneaking around in the thick stuff, located on its drumming log, and then great close up looks by all. It was a dynamite moment and Life Bird by many. On our way back home we stopped and saw the Lewis' Woodpecker in east Salem. It was not the best weather day, but good enough!

Douglas Mead (10 Apr 2012) - ...a hike of about a mile along the Jordan River Trail near the RC Park provided views of SONG SPARROWS, WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, SAND HILL CRANES, and a HERMIT THRUSH, which permitted a long examination...

Keeli Marvel (7 Apr 2012) - ...We started the trip in the fields north of Goshen along the road to Goshen Bay where the highlights were a GOLDEN EAGLE on the nest, 16+ GREAT BLUE HERONS in the rookery, a FOY CATTLE EGRET flying over the field west of the rookery, several LONG-BILLED CURLEW, SAVANNAH SPARROWS, TREE SWALLOWS, HORNED LARKS, and a HORNED GREBE in the pond on private property on the little spur road west of the Goshen Bay Road...

Jeff Cooper (7 Apr 2012) - ... --9 new bird species for the year made it an exciting day to be with a fellow birder & photographer
GREATER YELLOWLEGS at the Pioneer Crossing Ponds
   --Lots of VESPER and LINCOLN'S SPARROWs around the Provo Airport Dike. The Lincoln's are showing very bright yellow/buff coloring in their chests and malars. Fresh breeding plumage is always nice to observe
   --NORTHERN HARRIERS doing flight displays as part of courtship ad Provo Airport Dike
Getting two first-of-the-year birds in a graceful and impressive white egret flyover. Ten SNOWY EGRETS and a single CATTLE EGRET flew a large, lazy circle about forty feet or so above us on the Provo Airport Dike. That really was an impressive sight
   --Running into Ned Bixler at the head of Skipper Bay trail and then spotting the male BLUE-WINGED TEAL which was located earlier in the week by a Utah County Birder's group
   --A GREAT EGRET fly-by at Pioneer Crossing Ponds
   --Finding a mix of dabbling ducks, GREATER and LESSER YELLOWLEGS, BLACK-NECKED STILTS, a pair of LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS, and a pair of BAIRD'S SANDPIPERs in and around the marshy area on the south side of the Saratoga Springs Public Works facility.

Jeff Cooper (7 Apr 2012) - I saw  two Baird's Sandpipers at the Saratoga Springs Public Works marsh Friday evening. I did not see them fly or hear them call before having to leave for other business. ... I also saw two Long-billed Dowitchers in non-breeding plumage there. Other birds were expected birds.

Jeff Cooper (6 Apr 2012) - Horned Grebe, south pond Geneva Settling Ponds, Lindon.

Jeff Cooper (5 Apr 2012) - [American Fork] - ...with my kitchen door open I can hear the soft song of a Say's Phoebe high on the rooftop of some homes behind me. I sure hope he gets a mate because I want him to stick around.

Alton Thygerson (5 Apr 2012) - ...I drove to Pioneer Crossing and westward on the parkway....immediately on the north side of the parkway in a small pond were 2 Snowy Egrets and 1 Great Egret.

Milton Moody (5 Apr 2012) - 17 Birders showed up at Sam's Club for this morning's "Big Month" UCB field trip. ...At the Skipper Bay trail we saw a lot of waterfowl in the flooded fields east of the path, including a nice BLUE-WINGED TEAL, and a late RING-NECKED DUCK. We also saw some more Sandhill Cranes, another pair of Osprey on the platform and an early WHITE-FACED IBIS. About half the group dropped by to see the local WOOD DUCKS on the way back, which brought the total number of species to 46 for the half-day trip.


Dave Hanscom (30 Apr 2012) - Spring continues to move into the high country. Today my wife and I walked the trail through the Jordanelle Wetlands, as we do every week, and were serenaded by our first Common Yellowthroat of the year. Also, two FOY Spotted Sandpipers flew down the river. Nice!

Kimberly Roush (8 Apr 2012) - The cat walk was a delight this am. As soon as I took Sundance into the back of our yard a beautiful FOX SPARROW was singing. To top that off, as I stood patiently waiting for Sundance to check out gopher holes, he started watching something move through the bushes. It was a LINCOLN'S SPARROW.


Cindy Sommerfeld (7 Apr 20112) - Yesterday Steve and I ventured out to Lytle Ranch.  The weather was perfect, in the 50's and sunny.  Many new arrivals. Here's a few interesting sightings we either saw on the Beaver Dam Slope or Lytle Ranch: Black-crowned Night Heron, Greater Roadrunner, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Anna's Hummingbird, Costa's Hummingbird, Dusky Flycatcher, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Western Kingbird, Bell's Vireo, Bushtit, Cactus Wren, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Phainopepla, Lucy's Warbler, Brewer's Sparrow, Black-throated Sparrow, Bullock's Oriole, Scott's Oriole. Oh, and a  hundred BYU students.


Andy Kleinhesselink (29 Apr 2012) - I did a trip to the North Arm Natural Area of Pineview Reservoir today. Right as I was getting in my car to leave at about 1:20 pm I spotted a small hawk flying north very rapidly. When I got my binoculars on it it was an unmistakable light morph Broad-winged Hawk. Classic light brown above, white underwings with black border to the wings and striking black and white barred tail. It was moving to the north up the valley so I assume it was a migrant and is long gone by now. Other birds of interest included a female Red-breasted Merganser on the reservoir and a pair of Yellow Warblers.

Kris Purdy (22 Apr 2012) - I can’t believe I’m posting under the subject line of WebCo Shorebirds, but I actually had a pretty good shorebirding experience in my county today...
   --In addition to American Avocets, the other shorebird were: [highlights]:  Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs, SOLITARY SANDPIPER, Willet, Marbled Godwit, Long-billed Dowitcher, Wilson’s Phalarope
   --I also saw a pair of Long-billed Curlews off 9300W. near Great Salt Lake Minerals Company. There were many other species of birds at the wetlands, such as dabbling ducks, ibis, blackbirds and swallows overhead.
...Also in the cemetery was a Bullock’s Oriole and several Western Kingbirds, with other Western Kingbirds appearing on power and fence lines in many places...

Kris Purdy (18 Apr 2012)- I was stunned just a moment ago to see a Lazuli Bunting at my feeder in Ogden, Weber County. It’s not just that it’s about a week early for this species, but this one’s a female. My experience in the past is that the males arrive about a week ahead of the females, which is usually the last week in April, during one of those spring storms that brings violent and varied weather throughout the day and causes a seething mass of turquoise on the ground under the feeder. The females tend to arrive by the first week of May.

Utahbirds (12 Apr 2012) - Someone reported a Common Loon at Pineview Reservoir. One adult male seen by the dam.


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