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Febuary 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Western Gull   Davis Co.
    Lesser Black-backed Gull   Box Elder Co.
    White-tailed Kite   Washington Co.


Kris Purdy (28 Feb 2012) - A third-cycle LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was feeding on the mud flats in Unit 2 within the auto tour loop at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge this afternoon around 4 p.m...

Mike Fish (28 Feb 2012) - On Monday, February 13th, I noticed a male Great Horned Owl sitting on a nest platform here at ATK in Promontory (my work). The next day a female joined him and they have been hanging out on the platform every day since...

Kris Purdy (25 Feb 2012) - [BRMR] - I counted about 130 American Avocets at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Box Elder County today. All of them were along the west leg of the auto tour loop; some in Unit 2C tucked into the northwest corner, and others farther south in Unit 2...

Kris Purdy (21 Feb 2012) - A Tundra Swan of the Eurasian BEWICK’S SWAN subspecies was feeding along with thousands of its best buddies within the auto tour loop today at Bear River MBR in Box Elder County...

Kenny Frisch (20 Feb 2012) - Today I headed up north to witness the previously reported massive groups of Tundra Swans and gulls at Bear River MBR and was not disappointed...The highlight of the day was a gorgeous male EURASIAN WIGEON hanging out with the other ducks north of the "Grebes" informational sign on the southern road...I did manage to pick out 2 1st winter Glaucous Gulls and a 1st winter Thayer's. I am sure I missed some other gulls out there. Other highlights included at least 2000 Tundra Swans including one with a marker around its neck that I couldn't make out, at least 70 Bald Eagles, and 1 early Double-crested Cormorant....

Norm Jenson (4 Feb 2012) - [BRMR] - Trumpeter Swans at Bear Lake. NO Snowy Owls.


Craig Fosdick (28 Feb 2012) - This evening I went for my usual walk at Benson Marina and was surprised to see a CLARK'S GREBE south of the road.  I think this might be the earliest record for Cache County, but perhaps only by a day or two...

Ryan O'Donnell (20 Feb 2012) - I did a lot of birding around Cache County this weekend, some with Craig Fosdick. Here are some of the highlights:
   --Along the Logan Canal Trail on Friday, I saw a very pretty Dark-eyed Junco intergrade between the Pink-sided and Gray-headed subspecies.
   --Craig and I found a group of eight CACKLING GEESE among Canada Geese in the fields near the pig farm at the intersection of Sam Fellow Road and 4600N in Benson yesterday...
   --Although not observed for several visits to First Dam, the previously reported MEXICAN DUCK was relocated at the same location by Andy Kleinhesselink yesterday, and by Craig and I later the same day... On our latest visit, we saw only eleven Barrow's Goldeneye and no Common Goldeneye. The HOODED MERGANSER was seen there on Friday but not on Sunday.
   --Two HOODED MERGANSERS were at the 20-20 Ponds on Friday.
   --Gull diversity has recently increased in Cache Valley, and the California   Gulls have returned. For the first time in months, I had more CALIFORNIA GULLS than Ring-billed Gulls at Sue's Ponds, and there were also three HERRING GULLS present. (Herring Gulls are common in the Great Salt Lake area in winter, but only a few individuals show up each year in Cache County)...

Andy Kleinhesselink (10 Feb 2012) - Hi just saw the Gray Catbird in Logan again today on the canal trail. This time it was above the canal in a thicket but very near where I saw it previously in January...


Oliver Hansen (4 Feb 2012) - We have been taking family trips to some of the museums around Utah lately and decided to head to the one in Price. I convinced the family to let me take an hour detour to Desert Lake in Emery Co. I was hoping the water would be opened up with all the sun and warm weather the past few days. No luck. It was all frozen up and I saw a total of 3 species out there. I did however, see a Merlin, a Western Meadowlark, and flock of 100+ Horned Larks in the Elmo/Cleveland area which made up for the 3 No. Harriers, 1 No. Flicker, and 9 Brewer's Blackbirds out at the frozen lake. Looks like a great place to hit up in the spring when the lake thaws out. Would be interesting to see what shows up there during migration. Not much else by way of water in this area (besides Huntington Res.)


Paul Lombard (17 Feb 2012) - A pair of Wood Ducks were seen about noon today on the first pond on the left going into the Bay [Farmington Bay]. Finally, the numbers of bald eagles are increasing there. Good birding to everyone.

Norm Jenson (14 Fb 2012) - [AIC] - White-winged Scoter. Second bridge, the one nearest the island, south side of the road. Also a Double-crested Cormorant  reported by Shyloh and others at the Jensen Nature Park [Syracuse].

Bryant Olsen (13 Feb 2012) - After reading the reports of Mew Gull and G. White-fronted Goose at Farmington Bay, I twitched, and found myself there this morning. I struck out on both birds, but I did see some interesting things, including 3 soaring AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS, at the 4 way, and 12 WHITE-FACED IBIS and 2 GREAT EGRETS near the were the road turns sharply to the west.

Kris Purdy (10 Feb 2012) - I  went to Farmington Bay yesterday and beheld Gimpy, the Western Gull, amid the many Ring-billed, California and Herring Gulls, but I had to look at something...

Dave Hanscom (8 Feb 2012) - After reading reports sent in last week by Bryant and Jeff, I decided to make the rounds in Davis County yesterday morning. Here are highlights:
   - Farmington Bay - The Barn Owl was in his box by the heron rookery, and a big flock of Night Herons was still hanging out west of the first bridge.
   - Kaysville Ponds - ... The Hooded Mergansers were back on the lower pond, along with a big flock of Canada Geese that included several Cackling Geese. The white bird on the upper pond turned out to be what I think is a Snow Goose, although I couldn't see any black on the wings, and it was quite large.
   - Gentile Street - My usual route to the island these days is to go through Layton and out Gentile Street to see if I can find any unusual sparrows. No luck on that yesterday, but a Cowbird was a new one for me this year. Woopie!
   - AIC - The bay south of the causeway is starting to melt, so there are quite a few ducks there now. The only interesting ones I saw were at the last bridge, where a Horned Grebe, Redheads, and Common Goldeneyes were hanging out.
   - AIC - As I was leaving the island, I stopped to see what a couple of photographers were so intently watching and photographing. Turned out to be a Prairie Falcon perched on one of the cement structures along the south side of the road...



Brian Maxfield (18 Feb 2012) - [Rock Creek] - Today I took a quick trip up Rock Creek in the Uinta Mountains. I noticed a large Engelmann Spruce that had a dead top but nothing else until something moved. All the branches were full of Bohenian Waxwings, 174 in total. I picked through every one of them looking for a Cedar Waxwing, of all things. None. After watching them for a time I continued up the canyon and was surprised to find another larger (241) flock of Bohemian Waxwings. This lively bunch was perched in aspen trees and Engelmann spruce but were also feeding on berries in Rocky Mountain juniper and common juniper.
   --A bit farther up the canyon I stopped to look at a single bird sitting in an aspen and was a bit surprised to see a female Red Crossbill. A male appeared out of the thicket soon after. A bit farther up the canyon I found three additional Red Crossbill (two male, one female). This small group was sitting on the road.


Oliver Hansen (25 Feb 2012) - [Delta-Gunnison Bend Reservoir-Clear Lake Reservoir] - Several cars worth of Utah Co. birders (about 15 people) made their way out to the Snow Goose Festival today. We birded at Gunnison Bend reservoir, Clear Lake WFMA, and the small reservior marked on google maps as DMAD reservoir. We found a "small" flock of maybe 3-4 thousand SNOW and ROSS'S geese early in the morning in some fields outside of town. Most of the access/dike roads in Clear Lake were closed for the season, but we did drive around to a few different spots and find a few flocks of waterfowl...
   --Some other highlights for me (besides the geese and good company) included seeing 10 SANDHILL CRANES near Lynndyl, Utah on the way into Delta. I saw 2 CRANES on the way out at the same location in the afternoon. Another was a flyover PRARIE FALCON at Clear Lake WFMA. ... Great day. Another find that came up as a seasonal rarity in ebird was the handful of CINNAMON TEAL we saw at Clear Lake WFMA.


Matt Wallace (26 Feb 2012) - [East Millcreek] - We saw a Spotted Towhee at our backyard bird feeder today. First one I've seen this winter (or is it spring already? Crocuses are coming up). It was feeding on the ground near our feeder.

Joel Beyer (23 Feb 2012) - [Olympus Cove[ - We had a fortuitous sighting of a Northern Saw-whet Owl this evening. It flew across the road and into a large pine. We were able to pull the car over, walk under the tree and get a close look as it sat watching us watch it. We had assumed it was a screech-owl, and were happily surprised to find it was a Saw-whet. Fun fun fun!

Bryant Olsen (17 Feb 2012) - This evening I re-found the male WOOD DUCK I saw a couple days ago, on the big pond in Liberty Park SLC. Also I heard a report that a wild, WILD TURKEY had taken up residence in the Tracy Aviary, and I found him, a young tom who was going around strutting and gobbling, seemingly confusing the Pea hens for Turkey hens? This is the first Wild Turkey I have seen in SL county, although I have heard them gobbling up in the canyons, but never seen one.

Kenny Frisch (14 Feb 2012) - Today I birded Parley's Historical Site. The best bird was a singing American Dipper towards the east end the of park. Other birds in the area included a Sharp-shinned Hawk and many Juncos. Also today which working at the University of Utah, I had a Merlin and a Cooper's Hawk hanging around.

Jeff Cooper
(4 Feb 2012) - A group of twenty-one seasoned and beginning birders joined a Utah County Birders-sponsored field trip this morning and made the drive up to Farmington Bay and Lee Kay Ponds... Lee Kay ponds added another 12 species to our list for a total of 42 for the day. The surprise there was a lone Double-crested Cormorant that flew overhead. What a strange winter this has been with summer birds wintering in Utah...We observed at least seven duck species and the Male Buffleheads and Hooded Mergansers were a treat for many in the group.


Eric Huish (20 Feb 22012) - Last night, while driving home from Tooele, I made a stop at Fairfield around 8:00 pm... I crossed the hwy and drove into the Fairfield Cemetery.... From there I could hear them much better and I realized they where Long-eared Owls. At least 3 different owls making a single hoot call...


Jeff Cooper (29 Feb 20123) - Turkey Vulture seen in Lehi Field north of Lehi block. Jerry Liguori, Mike Shaw and I saw it soaring above the field.

Jeff Cooper (28 Feb 2012) - I drove by the small wetland area on the south side of North Vineyard Road (Vineyard, Utah County) on my way back to Pleasant Grove following a meeting in Provo. I noticed a lone WILSON'S SNIPE and stopped to observe and photograph it.

Doug Mead (28 Feb 2012) - Flock of 50 American White Pelicans just flew north at low alt over Saratoga Springs.

Ned Bixler (27 Feb 2012) - [Skipper Bay Trail - highlilghts] - ...Cinnamon Teal...Sandhill Crane...Great Horned Owl...

Alan Jensen (18 Feb 2012) - [Payson] - We had four Pine Siskins on our thistle sock feeder yesterday in Payson - first of the year.

Jeff Cooper
(10 Feb 2012) - So I took a late lunch today and then called and met up with Eric Huish near the Lindon Marina/Geneva Settling Ponds area in Utah County. We didn't see a lot of birds, but we did find some wintering White-faced Ibises, a female Hooded Merganser, and what we believe was a 1st winter Glaucous-winged Gull....

Eric Huish (10 Feb 2012) - Jeff Cooper and I just had a Glaucous-winged Gull fly past, heading south, at the south end of the settling ponds south of the Lindon Boat Harbor...

Donna Thorum (7 Feb 2012) -My husband Glen and I went to see if we could find the Pygmy Owl up South Fork Canyon this midmorning. Couldn't find it. Found Eric and Jeff looking for it too. No luck! However I did find a flock of 20+ Wild Turkeys in the field on the right side of the road just south of the beaver pond. That was good. Haven't seen them for a while...

Eric Huish (1 Feb 2012) - Eric Peterson and I went birding up American Fork Canyon today. There weren't a lot of birds around. Our best bird was a Pacific Wren on the left side of the road (not river side) just above the Roadhouse Picnic Area. It was calling and flitting about when we first spotted it, but it quickly disappeared and we couldn't relocate it....


James Remsen (26 Feb 2012) - [Lytle Ranch] - Walked with Russell Schreiner from ranch buildings to ca. 1/2 mile upstream and return, and then ca. 1/2 mile downstream and return, plus trails through Chilopsis thickets around education building. 34 species seen:  [highlights]... Long-eared Owl, Anna's Hummingbird, Costa's Hummingbird, Red-naped Sapsucker, Ladder-backed Woodpecker...Verdin, Bushtit...Black-tailed Gnatcatcher...Western Bluebird...

James Remsen (25 Feb 2012) - [Sand Hollow Reservoir] -  From entrance to end of road around reservoir, stopping at as many vantage points as needed to see all birds; no telescope, but few birds too distant as to be identified. 25 species (+1 other taxa): [highlights] ...Red-breasted Merganser...Horned Grebe...

Larry Tripp
(26 Feb 2012) - Today at Lytle continuing White-throated Sparrow and male Anna's Hummingbird.

Jon Watkins (18 Feb 2012) - single Ross' Goose w/ Canada Geese in field adjacent to Seegmiller Marsh area (east of marsh). Seen this morning, 9am
   --White-tailed Kite present in field west of academy...early am this morning..
   --3 Lark Buntings @ Washington fields, 4200 South and Medallion Drive (in bushes along south side of 4200, near a dirt road turn-off around broken white plastic pipe sticking up from ground.... mixed w/ WC Sparrows). 9:30ish this morning...
   --17 Snow Geese at Hurricane sewage ponds, with Canada Geese...3pm

Yvonne Carter (10 Feb 2012) - The White-Tailed Kite was still in the vicinity of 2450 South 3000 East across from the academy in Washington/St. George, Utah. I was there around 10:00 a.m. and it was perched on a post near some homes.  


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