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January 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
    White-tailed Kite   Washington Co.
    Western Gull   Davis Co.
    Lesser Black-backed Gull   Davis Co., Salt Lake Co.


Dave Hanscom (29 Jan 2011) - did the northern loop thru Faust Valley and Howell. Lots of Gray Partridge, including a flock just across the street from ATK near the turn to Golden Spike. Four Sharp-tailed Grouse south of Howell as others have reported. Most amazing sighting of the day was a Turkey Vulture just west of Tremonton!

Mike Fish (26 Jan 2012) - At about 1:00pm today, I spotted 4 Gray Partridge (finally) near the old abandoned house southwest of Howell. The house is located on 15200 N. and just east of 18300 West... I found one Great Horned Owl sitting in a tree right near the front of the lot. As I left that location, I headed east on 15200 N. and the Partridge were on the south side of the road down in the irrigation ditch.

Kris Purdy (15 Jan 2012) - What seems like thousands of Canada Geese and Mallards have amassed at three spots along Promontory Road in Box Elder County, and today, I saw CACKLING GEESE at two of the spots and ROSS’S GEESE at one.... Back at the 5 ˝-6 mile spot, there was a drake CINNAMON TEAL.

Edson Leite (14 Jan 2012) -... ATK, Bear River MBR...Picked up 5 year birds: Canada Goose,
Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Rough-legged Hawk, Killdeer, Rock Pigeon, Common Raven, Song Sparrow, SWAMP SPARROW

David Wheeler (3 Jan 2012) - The PACIFIC WREN(s) has returned to Box Elder Campground, near Mantua. One popped up from by the creek near the upper bridge of the top loop. Gods, those critters are adorable with their cocky stances and saucy dipping on those disproportionately long legs! Makes me smile.


Kris Purdy (29 Jan 2012) - ...Three RED CROSSBILLS flew over Smithfield Cemetery in the morning and both Ruby-crowned and GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS were at Mack Park in big trees off the senior center parking lot. It seemed like there were Pine Siskins in many places—both the cemetery and the park, and in neighborhoods down the east bench to Logan...

Andy Kleinhesselink (20 Jan 2012) - ... I found another Swamp Sparrow in Cache Co. this morning northwest of the Logan Airport on a 3400/3600 N ... I first saw it on the north side of the road in a clump of cattails, but it flew across to the south where there is a big weedy field where it was hanging out with two Song Sparrows.

Andy Kleinhesselink (19 Jan 2012) - Hey I just observed a Gray Catbird on the canal trail below the USU campus. It was in the small farmyard/pasture near all the greenhouses below the trail...

Andy Kleinhesselink  (15 Jan 2012) - In the hopes of adding some e-birds to the Cache Co. year list, I went out and looked for the American Tree Sparrows that were reported earlier in the winter south of the Benson Marina. I walked to the causeway south of the Marina parking lots and found the a flock of at least a dozen Tree Sparrows in the bushes along the causeway...Also the White-throated Sparrow continues at 1100 N 1200 W (behind Gossner's)...

David Wheeler
(3 Jan 2012) - The SWAMP SPARROW reported at the west end of 1000 N in Logan was still there yesterday morning (though skulkier than the Song sparrows there)...There were a good number of CACKLING GEESE in a flock of Canadas at a horse race track in the Crumb Brothers Bakery neighborhood of SW Logan. BARROWS GOLDENEYES aplenty, along with one HOODED MERGANSER, were floating about peacefully in the park at the mouth of Logan Canyon...

Mike Fish (1 Jan 2012) - I went up to the USU Water Lab yesterday and today to try to relocate the Gray Catbird. I wasn't able to find the Catbird but I did relocate the Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker that I had seen last week...


Bill Hutson (30 Jan 2012) - Found a Northern Pigmy Owl here in Sunnyside, Utah.

Harold Clayson (26 Jan 2012) - Saw 2 Turkey Vultures on Highway 6 along the road out of Helper on power poles heading up the hill towards Soldier Summit this afternoon at 3 pm.

Steve Christensen (15 Jan 2012) - [Price] - I'm getting tired of feeding House Sparrows, House Finches, & Collared Doves. The one bright spot is White-winged Doves that I'm still seeing regularly. Two on the power lines out my front window as I'm writing this


Bryant Olsen (25 Jan 2012) - We found some interesting birds on today's Great salt Lake Audubon field trip to Farmington bay. Started of with the BARN OWL in the nest box at the Heron rookery. Then on egg island we found a PRAIRIE MERLIN. In a rose bush near the base of egg island we found a group of sparrows that included a few AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS and one SAVANNAH SPARROW... we saw the PRAIRIE FALCON had come back to roost on the heron rookery. I swung by Lee Kay ponds on the way home, and not a single gull was on the ponds, just a few loners flying around, but I did see 7 HOODED MERGANSERS, a new county bird for me.

Jerry Liguori (25 Jan 2012) - Crazy thing....saw a Turkey Vulture today at Antelope Island. Pretty odd for January.

Kenny Frisch (24 Jan 2012) - Today I birded in the evening at Farmington Bay...there was a flock of 264 Tundra Swans which called the whole time there providing a nice background noise to my evening. Around 5:45 pm, I had views of 1 Short-eared Owl and 1 Barn Owl hunting, with the Barn Owl giving me my first good looks at this species (instead of seeing one flying in front of my car's headlights) .

Clay and Cliftia Johnson (15 Jan 2012) - We drove the Antelope Island causeway and over to the ranch entrance early Saturday morning, and again late Saturday afternoon...Gulls were conspicuously sparse, but we did see, near the beginning of the causeway in the morning, what I think was a Glaucous gull (I didn’t really get a good look, and are more gullible than gull expert); and in the afternoon on the north side near the beginning of the causeway, a MEW GULL.

David Wheeler
(4 Jan 2012) - Today I drove out over lunch and did a quick scan of the gulls on the south pond, where everyone has been reporting a variety of winter gulls of late.  I saw 2 immature Glaucous gulls, 1 adult Lesser black-backed gull, and 2 Great egrets amongst them.  I met Carl there and I think he said he saw that small, pink-legged, dark-mantled mystery gull that people can't seem to key out.  It was nice to have someone to share the view. 

David Wheeler (3 Jan 2012) - As Bryant mentioned, many of the winter gulls reported by Norman earlier were still at Farmington Bay on the 1st, including at least one WESTERN GULL, many HERRING GULLS, some THAYER'S GULLS, and an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL.

Norm Jenson (3 Jan 2010) - Glaucous Gull. Farmington Bay WMA.


Pat Jividen (18 Jan 2012) - Steve Carr, Ned Bixler, Doug Mead, and Pat Jividen all wendt to Rich county looking for the owl. No luck. We did see a few good birds: [highlights] Snow Buntings...Trumpeter Swan 12, ...Rough-legged Hawk 25,... We had a 10 plus hour day.

Dennis Shirley (17 Jan 2012) - Brown-headed Bald Eagle.

Jack Binch (15 Jan 2012) - I sent most of the day driving around Round Valley in Rich County looking for the Snowy Owl. No luck, and Dennis Shirley had been there for two days without seeing it. Best birds were a dozen or so Trumpeter Swans, Common Mergansers, several Bald Eagles, a couple of Golden Eagles, and a Northern Shrike.


Casey Day (26 Jan 2012) - Spent the day at Snowbird on Tuesday. The first birds I saw were a flock of 30-40 ROSY-FINCHES just along the trail that runs behind the main lodge... (23 Jan 2012) - saw two different Peregrine Falcons in the Jordan River corridor in Murray, one at the north end by the Kennicott Wetlands, and the other south of Winchester Street.

Bryant Olsen (23 Jan 2012) - I went over to Lee Kay ponds... manage to find some interesting Gulls, including a couple THAYER'S GULLS, a beautiful huge, nearly pure white 2nd winter immature GLAUCOUS GULL (my favorite gull), and a 3rd winter immature LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL...

Norm Jenson (22 Jan 2012) - MEW GULL reported by Tim Avery seen at Lee-Kay Ponds.  In addition to the Mew Gull we also saw 3 Hooded Mergansers two males and a female which were FOY birds for us.

Kenny Frisch (12 Jan 2012) - Today while working on at the University of Utah, I had my lifer Red-naped Sapsucker. This bird was to the the northwest of the track and is presumably the same bird that was seen last week. I also had a Merlin perched on the northeast corner of the Moran building.

Jeff Cooper (12 Jan 2012) - ... I stopped by the Sandy Urban Fishery at the tail end of my break...I saw a handsome male Barrow's Goldeneye with a couple of females, a male Bufflehead, as well as two male Canvasbacks with seven females...Right around 8 am I spotted a dark MERLIN (Point of the Mountain, Salt Lake County side) harassing the starlings around that structure...

Glenda Cotter (4 Jan 2012) - I was surprised to see a Red-naped Sapsucker on the U of U Campus this morning before sunrise. It was in a small stand of pine trees at the northwest corner of the Business Classroom Building.


Kimberly Roush (16 Jan 2012) - This afternoon 18 Common Ravens flew over ridge between Pineridge and Toll Canyon, Park City.

UTAH COUNTY (29 Jan 2012) - I have seen a Northern Pygmy Owl twice now in the same tree. I found him off the parking lot of the first National Forest access road up South Fork Canyon..

Eric Huish (26 Jan 2012) - I saw an adult Northern Goshawk in the woods along the river at River Lane today (2:30 pm). KC Childs was able to refind it at 3:10 pm.

Felicia Pimentel (26 Jan 2012) - I had a couple of hours to kill this morning and stopped at the Lindon Marina.  The best sightings for me were the 6 WHITE-FACED IBIS and 2 adult BALD EAGLES having a midair scuffle.

Oliver Hansen (22 Jan 2012) - LESSER YELLOWLEGS. 4:30 pm in Springville 1400 N exit. Turn right at the first street (heading towards the Stoffer's outlet) look in the ponds in the fields to the east. That's where I saw it if anyone is interested.

Jeff Cooper (20 Jan 2012) - On my way home from work at 5:35 I saw two White-faced Ibis  flying near the Pioneer Crossing exit of I-15. I guess some are still wintering here.

Eric Huish (16 Jan 1212) - I went birding this morning with KC Childs and Oliver Hansen. We decided to head up Provo Canyon even though the weather was ominous... We saw a flock of Wild Turkeys and a flock of Pine Siskin in the Sundance area...Down in Provo Canyon we found a PACIFIC WREN in the 'usual spot', the swampy area on the Provo River Parkway about 0.1 miles down stream from Canyon Glen Park. The only other birds we saw in this area were two Dippers. We found a NORTHERN PIGMY OWL up South Fork Canyon. The owl was in a tree on the North side of the road 3.1 miles after turning off Provo Canyon Road,...

Erich Huish (4 Jan 2012) - I just got a call from Reed Stone. He spotted a White-winged Scoter in the Provo River between the Provo Center Street bridge and the small foot bridge in Utah Lake State Park.

Deedee O'Brien (1 Jan 2011) - [Saratoga Springs] - 37 species (+3 other taxa)...Species seen: [highlights] - Snow Goose...Great Egret, White-faced Ibis...Sandhill Crane...

Oliver Hansen (1 Jan 2012) - There were 27 (that I could count) Wood Ducks at the "wood duck spot" just N. of Provo Center street. I think this is the most I've counted here. I'm pretty sure there were probably more in the willows that I couldn't see. Great way to start the new year.


Margaret Sloan (3 Jan 2012) - Yesterday, we drove through Heber, Midway, Kamas and Oakley on a "social" trip, but managed to see 8 Bald Eagles, 2 Golden Eagles and lots of Coots (Deer Creek) and Starlings.  The yak herd (OK, not birds) was a surprise!


Kevin Wheeler (29 Jan 2012) - [St. George Bird Festival summary] - Many thanks to the great organizers, presenters, field trip leaders, and especially all the participants - we had a great Winter Bird Festival. Following is a list of birds observed during field trips on the festival, although not all the trip leaders completed the checklist, so it probably is not complete:
[highlights] --Mute Swan - Quail Creek/Sand Hollow trip; Snow Goose - Springs Park... Wood Duck-Wilson's Pond...Canvasback...Greater Scaup...Hooded Merganser... Quail Creek/ Sand Hollow; ...Great Egret, Springs Park, Washington Fields;...California Condor, Zion Canyon; White-tailed Kite, Washington Fields;... Ferruginous Hawk - Cedar Valley, Quail Creek/ Sand Hollow; Rough-Legged Hawk, Lytle Ranch; ...Greater Roadrunner; Great-horned Owl, Burrowing Owl - Washington Fields;  Long-Eared Owl, Anna's Hummingbird... - Lytle Ranch; Ladder-backed Woodpecker - Halfway Wash;...Vermilion Flycatcher - Cox Park;...Verdin - Lytle Ranch, Quail Creek/Sand Hollow; Bushtit - Halfway Wash;...Black-tailed Gnatcatcher - Lytle Ranch;...Western Bluebird... - Quail Creek/ Sand Hollow/ Washingotn FIelds;...Black-throated Sparrow - Lytle Ranch; ...   --109 Species! Ostrich and Peafowl were also observed, and although not wild, really impressed some folks!

Rick Fridell
(24 Jan 2012) - The White-tailed Kite was still in the wet meadow area across from the George Washington Academy and at least one Lark Bunting was remaining in the southeast corner of the fields. We didn't get a chance to look for additional buntings because we got distracted by a beautiful young male Vermilion Flycatcher. We used the remaining light to try and photograph the flycatcher. This past weekend I saw a Red-breasted Sapsucker along the Beaver Dam Wash at the road crossing south of Lytle Ranch, and there's been an adult Herring Gull on Quail Creek Reservoir / Stratton Pond the last couple of days.

Jack Binch (01 Jan 2012) - White-tailed Kite in Washington fields is still there. I did not try to ID a couple of others. (Location: 2450 South 3000 East, Washington, UT).


Kris Purdy (31 Jan 2012) - I went to visit an old friend today—an American Dipper—at an angler’s access at The Oaks restaurant parking lot along the Ogden River in Ogden Canyon, Weber County. My friend was not “in”, but instead I found a slate-colored FOX SPARROW hopping along the stones in the river bed...The Oaks is located on SR-39 between mm 12 and 13; the sparrow’s location (and the dipper’s spot) is at the angler’s access at the west end of the parking lot.


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