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Review Species Reported This Month:
    Cackling Goose   Davis Co.  Salt Lake Co.  Utah Co.
    California Condor  San Juan Co.
    White-tailed Kite   Washington Co.
    Western Gull   Davis Co.
    Lesser Black-backed Gull  Davis Co.  Washington Co.
    Snowy Owl   Davis Co.
    Boreal Owl   Duchesne Co. 
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  Salt Lake Co.


Jason St. Sauver (18 Dec 2011) - Another lovely little morning of birding with a light snow falling.
Mayor's pond continues to have a nice array of ducks:...2 female Hooded Mergansers...Then - quick stop by Perry Nature Park was also rewarding. Lots less ducks there today - but 4 Hooded Mergansers (2 pair) and the Northern Mockingbird is still there. Also - today - got lucky enough to see 2 of the 3 Virginia Rails I was hearing there.

Craig Fosdick (11 Dec 2011) - Heath Weaver and I birded Box Elder County today (Bear River MBR, Salt Creek WMA, Blue Creek Valley north and south of I-84) hoping and looking for a Snowy Owl, which, of course, we did not find. Best bird of the day were 4 Western Grebes at Bear River MBR (they got flagged in eBird) and perhaps two Northern Shrikes, one each on the road to BRMBR and at Salt Creek WMA. There was also a dark-morph Rough-legged Hawk at BRMBR;...

Jason St. Sauver (4 Dec 2011) - First stop was my fav, Perry Nature Park and it didn't disappoint. Not frozen over - this is an amazing loafing pond for lots of waterfowl and MAN was it packed. Only bad thing is - getting near it to see and count unfortunately means you flush the ducks. BUT - there was easily over 200-300 ducks on that lil pond of mixed species including Mallard, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, N. Pintail, N. Shoveler AND 8 Wood Ducks. There was also a Belted Kingfisher and couple of Virginia Rails, Towhees, Sparrows and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.


Andy Kleinhesselink (31 Dec 2011) - I went out briefly this afternoon and while at the very west end of 1000 N in Logan, near the Cowley Walk-In Access Gate, I heard the distinctive phoebe-like call of a SWAMP SPARROW. I stood and waited for several minutes and it popped up into view south of the road in the weeds among some dilapidated wooden fencing, this is right where a flowing irrigation canal crosses the road. I got good looks at it for several minutes but unfortunately didn't have my camera with me.

Mike Fish (27 Dec 2011) - I can't believe I just saw a GRAY CATBIRD in Logan in the winter. I don't know if that is highly unusual, but I haven't seen one before at this time of year. I was in the parking lot of the USU Water Lab sitting along the river in the upper part of the parking lot. I could hear the bird singing across the river but couldn't see it for a while...

Mike Fish (27 Dec 2011) - A flock of 25 Northern Bobwhite have taken up residence in our Logan neighborhood this fall. Every morning they visit my neighbor's feeders to scratch around. I took this photo of them last month when they were snuggled up next to our house. Apparently a woman down the road raises and releases a new quail species every so often...

Craig Fosdick (22 Dec 2011) - Ryan O'Donnell just called to report a GREATER YELLOWLEGS at the Logan Fish Hatchery Ponds on Utah 30 just west of Logan.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (10 Dec 2011) - This morning I led a field trip for the Bridgerland Audubon Society. Nine brave souls made it out in the bitterly cold wind coming down the canyon in the morning. Here are some of the highlights:...At Spring Hollow, we had several more AMERICAN DIPPERS. One PACIFIC WREN was heard calling, but only twice and only by two observers...

Andy Kleinhesselink (9 Dec 2011) - I found a couple of birds of local and seasonal interest today, a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, and a Lincoln's Sparrow. These birds were in a flock together at approximately 1100 N, 1200 W on the west side of Logan--Behind Gossner's Cheese Factory where a small ditch crosses underneath 1200W...

Craig Fosdick (4 Dec 2011) - Birded First Dam this afternoon. The usual suspects, including 30 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE, a male CANVASBACK, and a continuing female HOODED MERGANSER were present, along with an Andrew Durso and a Bob Atwood...As I drove past USU on US-89 after birding First Dam, there was a MERLIN getting hassled by a magpie near one of the parking lots along the south side of the road.


Kris Purdy (31 Dec 2011) - My Antelope Island CBC team enjoyed an adult HARRIS’S SPARROW on 4000W. in Syracuse, Davis County, a few car lengths south of the intersection with Antelope Drive...

Bryant Olsen (28 Dec 2011) - Todays GSL Audubon field trip to Farmington Bay turned up some good birds. First was a GREAT EGRET at the pond to the left of where the road turns right. At the second bridge was an adult male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD, then one to the end of the west dike,where a large flock of gulls were feeding about 100 yards or so to the south.. First good gull among them was a 3rd winter immature WESTERN GULL, then an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL turned up, and there were several possible adult THAYER'S GULLS, based on the dark eye. Then we went on to Jensen Park in Syracuse, where we found 27 GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES, but no cackling geese, then on to the AIC, which was deader than I have never seen it although 2 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were at the 2nd bridge, plus many Kestrels everywhere. Back at Farmington Bay as I was leaving I heard the woow of TUNDRA SWANS, and saw at least 100 in flight over unit 1 to the south,..

Kris Purdy (26 Dec 2011) - I birded in Syracuse and unincorporated Davis County today in the slice of the Antelope Island CBC circle that falls on the mainland. ...A CACKLING GOOSE and at least one CINNAMON TEAL at Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse off Bluff Road. The Cackler was small and stubby with a steep forehead and a cute look, and while I don’t think it was a minima subspecies, I’m not quite sure which one it was until I do some follow-up study...A Prairie Falcon on the cell phone tower at the Syracuse Equestrian Park. A Great Horned Owl in the rafters of an open hay storage facility on the west side of 4000W. just south of Antelope Drive...

Lauire Letz (9 Dec 2011) - [Bountiful] Much to my amazement and delight, a Peregrine Falcon made 5 passes over my house, trying to get under a piece of tar paper we have hanging down on our unfinished entryway....

Bryant Olsen (6 Dec 2011) - ...I went to Ogden Bay WFMA, where I saw a NORTHERN SHRIKE, then Howard Slough WFMA,...

Paul Higgins (5 Dec 2011) - Snowy Owl reported by Earl Nelson on the Antelope Island Causeway.

Kris Purdy (4 Dec 2011) - There were fourteen Hooded Mergansers at Kaysville Ponds this afternoon around 2; looked like an even split between drakes and hens...

Bryant Olsen (3 Dec 2011) - Took a quick trip to the AIC (Antelope Island Causeway) this morning in the bitter cold the 1st bridge. 2 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS and a SURF SCOTER at 2nd bridge. 1 BONAPARTE'S GULL...

Cindy Sommerfeld (2 Dec 2011) - December Antelope Island Survey - We had 49 Species. Last year we only had 34. We did have one surprise, a Least Sandpiper, hanging out with a group of Killdeer. Seen: [highlights]  Ross's Goose...Tundra Swan...Surf Scoter...Horned Grebe...Virginia Rail...American Avocet...Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl...Horned Lark, Rock Wren..., American Tree Sparrow...


Brian Maxfield (5 Dec 2011) - Today I stumbled upon a BOREAL OWL while out working. I was completely surprised to see a small owl sitting in a pinyon tree along a small road I had just been on minutes before. It was right next to the road and gave me some great looks. I was able to get the video camera out and get a bit of footage. I found in on the Skitzy Wildlife Management Area southwest of Duchesne. Skitzy is pretty remote and is mostly pinyon-juniper with openings created by chaining. The owl was in a small patch of trees left in the middle of a chained area.


Kenny Frisch (31 Dec 2011) - Today while playing some ultimate frisbee at Sugarhouse Park, I had some nice raptor sightings. An adult Bald Eagle flew in from the east low heading towards the pond. There was also a Golden Eagle flying over and 2 Red-tailed Hawks plus a Cackling Goose in the pond.

Bryant Olsen (30 Dec 2011) - This afternoon I went to Decker Lake to scan the geese. Mixed in with the thousand or two Canada's were more Cackling Geese than I have ever seen. One flock of 16 Richardson's Cackling Geese were moving together on the pond, and a smaller flock of 4 were grazing on the grass, plus 2 more single darker individuals, which I presume were the Taverner's Cackling Geese...

Bryant Olsen (20 Dec 2011) - Yesterday I saw a flock of 4 very late A. W. Pelicans in the International center west of the SLC airport. All of them appeared to have wing tags.

Stephen T Carlile (19 Dec 2011) - I don't know if it matters for the CBC, but this afternoon (12:30 p.m.) there were two Peregrines at the JSMB nest box in downtown SLC. I guess I can't assume they are "the" pair, but they were making a lot of noise and within a few feet of each other.

Pomera Fronce (18 Dec 2011) - We had a great count yesterday. Thanks to all who participated! We logged some great birds we don't often see, some of which are new to the count since I started coordinating several years ago:  [highlights] Dusky Grouse, Double-crested Cormorant, White-faced Ibis, Long-billed Dowitcher, Northern Pygmy Owl, Clark's Nutcracker, Rock Wren, White-throated Sparrow, Common Grackle...Cackling Goose, Wood Duck, Horned Grebe, Northern Goshawk, Greater Yellowlegs, Herring Gull, Red-naped Sapsucker, Pacific Wren,
Bohemian Waxwing, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Cassin's Finch, Red Crossbill...
  In the "where did you come from" category: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (count week), Common Yellowthroat

David McCoy (18 Dec 2011) - Yesterday, the 17th, I looked up from my reading to see the final seconds of what appeared to be a lengthy splashing by a Red-naped Sapsucker in my heated bird bath. Finished with its bath, it hopped into the Gambel Oak and went up about 10 feet and proceeded to face and belly rub the trunk, splaying its wings and tail and generally having a good long preen...

Bob Walters (13 Dec 2011) - A Merlin perched and, as is typical, soon flighted to the west: north of 2200 N. along west side of 3200 W. (north of SLC International Airport) Salt Lake City. A sharp-looking, adult male, which, from what I know 'bout it, appeared to be a Prairie Merlin (F. c. richardsonii).

Bryant Olsen
(11 Dec 2011) - This morning...  I swung by Lee Kay ponds on the way home. First good bird was a dark-morph ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK by the train tracks, the ponds were almost completely frozen large very pale gull took flight and flew over toward the dump. It must have been a 1st winter GLAUCOUS GULL therefore. Should mention there were still 24 AMERICAN AVOCETS at the GSL Marina...


Jim Hook (16 Dec 2011) We now have 4 different sightings from yesterday and today of a California Condor soaring and perching on a power pole about 5 miles south of Blanding near the White Mesa Uranium Mill on Highway 191. All 4 persons have seen condors at the Grand Canyon and all 4 persons had a Red-tail Hawk on the next power pole for comparison, with the Condor being 3x taller. There have been many road killed mule deer in this area over the last 3 weeks. Yesterday Tanner Desrosier and Thomas Hook saw the bird from the school bus, today Luanne Hook and later Brandt Hart parked and watched the bird fly away. All viewers are residents of Bluff. Good enough for me, I hope to see it tomorrow!


Jeff Cooper (27 Dec 2011) - ...near Highland Glen Park in Highland I saw an adult Bald Eagle perched in a tree on the west side of the park and south of Lone Peak High School...I pulled into the area for a better look at the eagle and noticed a large flock of Canada Geese (probably 100 or so) in an adjacent field. Mixed in with that flock was a Snow Goose and at least one Cackling Goose...

Bryant Shirley (26 Dec 2011) - Today was the Payson Bird Count. I don't know how other groups did or how the count went as a whole, but my group covered the Salem area. Here are the highlights for us: Say's Phoebe, White-faced Ibis, Canvasback, Hooded Merganser, (on the part of Salem pond North of the hwy), 10 Wild Turkeys terrorizing my dad's bird feeders.

Alona Huffaker (21 Dec 2011) - I found a couple of Juniper Titmice at the Springville Evergreen Cemetery today. They were on both sides of the main road going between the East side of the cemetery and the West side of the cemetery, not through the cemetery...

Eric Huish (21 Dec 2011) - I saw a 1st winter Harris's Sparrow south of Lindon Boat Harbor this morning. It was in a bush out in a field along the road about 1.5 miles south of the boat harbor. It was across the street from the south end of the paved walking trail...

Bryan Shirley (19 Dec 2011) - [Provo  CBC] - Highlights of the Provo Bird Count included:
   --3 Say's Phoebe (only seen one other year), 1 Ferruginous Hawk (only seen one other year), 25 White-faced Ibis, 1 Am White Pelican, 2 Lincoln's Sparrow, 8 Am Tree Sparrow. For count week we had a Eurasian Wigeon in the East Bay Golf Course Ponds. We were unable to relocate it on our count, but did get over 800 Am. Wigeon on the Golf Course, so the Eur Wigeon is probably still in there somewhere. We also had 1 Hooded Merganser for count week. We ended up with 96 species total.

Eric Peterson (7 Dec 2011) - ... I took a trip around the Provo Airport Dike... I saw a Great Horned Owl at the south end at the turn to head east...

Jeff Cooper
(4 Dec 20-11) - ... drove a short piece of Vineyard Rd in Vineyard (in Utah County and bordered by Lindon, Orem, Utah Lake and Provo). I stopped at a spot where a small water hole is bordered by cattails...I was able to see several Virginia Rails and one surprise Sora there this weekend. I also saw a late Lincoln's Sparrow near the rails Saturday afternoon.


Dave Wheeler (27 Dec 2011) - Cactus Wren on a wooden power pole in the very SE corner of Washington Fields--did not expect to see that species there. That genus is full of goofy characters.
Crissal Thrasher and Black Phoebe by the pond at Spring's Estates.Western Bluebirds and a Lewis' Woodpecker on the Kolob Terrace Rd. north of Virgin. Hooded Mergansers -- at least seven on Grandpa's Fishing Pond in Hurricane.

Ron Hellstern (21 Dec 2011) - I saw what appeared to be a Varied Thrush at Menu Falls in Zion
National Park on Tuesday 12/20, at 3:00pm.

Rick Fridell (21 Dec 2011) - This evening (12/20) Quinn and I located a female SHORT-EARED OWL in the Washington Fields, Washington Co., UT. We watched and photographed the owl as the sun set in the southeast corner of the fields (along 2550 South....I believe). Short-eared Owls are extremely rare in Washington Co., and this is only the second I've ever seen in the county...

Rick Fridell (17 Dec 2011) - Today (12/17) Quinn and I found an immature WHITE-TAILED KITE in the Washington Fields, Washington Co., UT. ...It typically perched low to the ground on fence posts, and also spent alot of time kiting and hovering over these areas. Several additional observers including Steve & Cindy Sommerfeld, Dan Trujillo, Jane Day, Kevin & Pam Wheeler, Larry Tripp and Barbara, and a women from Springdale who's name I never caught showed up quickly and were treated to great views of the kite. Quinn and I also saw at least six Lark Buntings remaining in the southeast area of the fields including three in the original reported location (along 2000 / 4200 South) and three more along 2550 South.

Rick Fridell (9 Dec 2011) - This afternoon (12/9) there was an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull and a first-winter Thayer's Gull among the hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls at Quail Creek State Park, Washington Co., UT. There was also a first-winter Herring Gull that has been hanging around the last week and a drake Barrow's Goldeneye was still around through at least 12/8.

Larry Tripp
(4 Dec 2011) ... Today I drove around the back roads north of Enterprise looking for Raptors. 11 different species with Rough-legged Hawks being numerous compared to recent years. I counted 17. I haven't seen that many in the area for 10 years... 14 Ferruginous Hawks was a little lower number than the last few years but a dark adult was nice.


Kris Purdy (18 Dec 2011) - Brian and Jeannette Nosker found a RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER in Uinta, Weber County, during yesterday’s Ogden Christmas Bird Count. I went to visit the bird today. She’s an adult and appears to have been working on her chosen tree for quite awhile; perhaps even wintering there for multiple years. Her choice pine is ringed with many parallel rows of holes. Most are not fresh implying she’s got a long-term history with that tree, but the fresh ones are productive enough that a Ruby-crowned Kinglet was feeding from them yesterday also.

Kris Purdy (14 Dec 2011) - Thanks to Pomera for the encouragement to scout our CBC areas for count week species. A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW was in Riverdale today, Weber County, in the backyard at 1127 Ritter Road...

Kris Purdy (10 Dec 2011) - Beus Park in Ogden, Weber County, is hosting three Mandarin Ducks: Two drakes and a hen. The hen appears to be paired with one of the drakes, and he seems to have a gimpy right leg. I have dutifully staked out a Western Screech-owl for the Ogden CBC in his usual spot at Glasmann Park in Ogden, and this morning, I saw a Prairie Falcon in my sector near the Adams Parkway toll booth at I-84 exit 85. It’s about the only place likely to see a Prairie Falcon in my sector. Couldn’t tie him down until next Saturday, however.


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