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Review Species Reported This Month:
    Cackling Goose   Salt Lake Co.
    Harlequin Duck  Davis Co.
    Black Scoter  Davis Co.
    Red-throated Loon   Morgan Co.Washington Co.
    Hudsonian Godwit  Davis Co.

    Red Phalarope   Davis Co.
    Pine Warbler   Washington Co.
    Common Redpoll  Davis Co.


Kris Purdy (23 Nov 2011) - [Bear River Refuge] ... A Long-billed Curlew was also strolling the dike across the canal from the road.

Jason St Sauver (13 Nov 2011) - Perry Nature Park, Brigham City. -- ...I flushed up 4 Wood ducks (two pair, I believe)...Also had pheasant and quail there. Resident Kingfishers were rattling and no less than 4 Virginia rails calling to each other to watch out for the nerdy birder in the area.... - had a lovely Northern mockingbird hopping thru the thick brush - flitting his tail and checking things out...


Ryan O'Donnell (27 Nov 2011) - birded around a few locations in Cache County today. First Dam had the usual large numbers of BARROW'S GOLDENEYES; I counted 27 today. The female or immature HOODED MERGANSER was still there. At Hyrum Reservoir, I had my best bird of the day: an immature SURF SCOTER near the dam. Four BARROW'S GOLDENEYE at the upstream end of the reservoir were a bit unusual for this location. Two female or immature HOODED MERGANSERS were in the same vicinity...

Craig Fosdick
(7 Nov 2011) - I birded Cache Co. yesterday with Andrew Durso, Mike Taylor, and Heath Weaver... Highlights were lots of birds at Hyrum State Park with a nice diversity of waterfowl-it was very birdy. The PACIFIC LOON from 10/30 continues at this location, but as usual, there were no scoters....A LINCOLN'S SPARROW was a nice bird on 200S near Sue's Ponds and the Logan Landfill...

Mike Fish
(6 Nov 2011) - I counted 16 Goldeneye at First Dam this morning (mouth of Logan Canyon).... Just ran back to First Dam to check the ID of the Goldeneye. The birds were indeed Barrow's Goldeneye...

Craig Fosdick (1 Nov 2011) - Ryan O'Donnell and I birded Hyrum Reservoir this evening; the PACIFIC LOON continues. This evening the PALO was out in the middle of the reservoir, hanging out with a Common Loon. We were not able to locate any scoters, but there was a swan, presumably a Tundra Swan in the far southeast corner of the reservoir.


Bryant Olsen (30 Nov 2011) - Today's GSL Audubon field trip to Farmington Bay ended up with 35 species. Highlight for me were a few brief glimpses of a VIRGINA'S RAIL on the end of the west dike at the "T" intersection area, plus some AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS near the eagle trees. Also lots of late WF IBIS still around, I think we saw something like 30. 3 BALD EAGLE were a clue winter is coming though.
   -- After the Bay I headed up to the AIC and Garr ranch on Antelope Island...On the island,1 NORTHERN SHRIKE on the way to Garr ranch was nice, also 2 PRAIRIE FALCONS. The little lost immature ROSS'S GOOSE was still hanging out with the domestic fowl at the ranch...

Paul Higgins
(26 Nov2011) - EJ Raynor found a Common Redpoll at Garr Ranch on Friday 11/25.

Robert Mortensen (25 Nov 2011) - There is a Ross's Goose just outside the Garr Ranch chicken coop.

Paul Barrus (24 Nov 2011) - Took my kids to Antelope Island yesterday... The 3 HARLEQUIN DUCKS were still there at the first bridge. ... There was 1 BLACK SCOTER at the Marina Bridge on the south side and the 3 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were also there about 2pm. There was a lone HORNED GREBE in the Marina with some Eared Grebe, which is always a treat to see.

Kris Purdy (23 Nov 2011) - Paul Higgins just called (9:15 a.m., Wednesday) with a report of 12 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE in a flock of Canadas in a cornfield near the intersection of Hill Field Road and 3100 West, Davis County. I think that would mean use I-15 exit 331 for Hill Field Road. A dozen GWFG at one location in Northern Utah is a pretty good number!

Ryan O'Donnell (19 Nov 2011) - Drove the Antelope Island Causeway. The three HARLEQUIN DUCKS continue at the first, "No Swimming," bridge. The best bird of the day, in my opinion, was a RED PHALAROPE at the same location.

Norman Jenson (7 Nov 2011) - A Long-billed Curlew on the Causeway.

Joel Beyer (6 Nov 2011) - Late this afternoon Kathy and I found a juvenile HUDSONIAN GODWIT at Farmington Bay WMA. It was located along the west dike, about 100 yards south of the 'owl' (2nd) bridge, in the large pond to the west...

Cindy and Steve Sommerfeld (4 Nov 2011) [Antelope Island] ...On the island we were happy to find the Bewick's Wren we haven't seen for months. And first sighting for this winter we saw a Northern Shrike and a Rough-legged Hawk. Along the Causeway we counted 14 Surf Scoters. Just one male, in full breeding plumage, beautiful bird. Also, we had a flyby Long-tailed Duck.

Norman Jenson
(4 Nov 2011) - When we left this morning to go birding Gail said, "Antelope Island again." "It's my favorite spot to bird." I said, "it's always good and sometimes great."  ... We first checked at the first No swimming bridge and found the male Harlequin Duck...we saw three Surf Scoters total as well as the two White-winged Scoters. The Black Scoter was the frosting on the cake...


Brian Maxfield (18 Nov 2011) - Today I located a PACIFIC LOON at Starvation Reservoir. It was located in the northern end of the reservoir in the Saleratus Bay. There was also one Common Loon nearby. There were two HORNED GREBES in the same bay as well.


Bryant Olsen (14 Nov 1022) - Today around noon I found a smallish loon (possible RED-THROATED LOON) with a very pale face, white above the eye, at East Canyon reservoir. It was WAY out there in the middle of the res. toward the south end. At one point a COMMON LOON was swimming near it, and it really looked small and pale in comparison. Other species seen: Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye, Common Merganser, Red-throated Loon, Western Grebe, Clark's Grebe, Bald Eagle, Larus sp., Black-billed Magpie, Black-capped Chickadee

Paul Higgins (14 Nov 2011) - Golden-crowned Sparrow, 1900 West Gentile Street, Syracuse, Utah. The birdís location is on the north side of West Gentile Road, 1/10 mile east of the intersection with 2000W. The bird is with a flock of American Tree Sparrows. Paul will be posting images later.


Rick Fridell ( 15 Nov 2011) - ... Otter Creek, as usual, hosted high numbers of birds (including fair numbers of waterfowl, thousands of grebes, and surprisingly large numbers of gulls). The highlight for me was a beautiful adult Sabine's Gull; the lastest Sabine's Gull and the first adult I've seen in Utah.


Craig Fosdick (28 Nov 2011) - While driving back from Wyoming today I saw a female Merlin (Prairie subspecies) trying to catch a large passerine near the intersection of UT-16 and US 30 in Rich County. Also present were a Rough-legged Hawk and an adult Bald Eagle.


Norm Jenson (29 Nov 2011) - Ross's Goose at  International Center.

Jeff Cooper (28 Nov 29011) - A Golden Eagle has been perched in a tree outside my South Jordan office for a couple of hours today.

David Wheeler (28 Nov 2011) - There were at least four Cackling Geese in three different parts of the Lake Park business park (West Valley City)...

Kerry Frisch (11 Nov 2011) - I just moved to Salt Lake City from Rochester, NY. ....on E 2100 S between State St and Main when I looked over at the sidewalk and saw a little yellow bird hopping around. Upon closer inspection, the bird was a Yellow Warbler... I visited the Great Salt Lake State Marina with my dad and girlfriend. There among many Eared Grebes was one Horned Grebe...There was also a Rough-legged Hawk on the drive in.

Bryant Olsen (9 Nov 2011) - This afternoon I saw 2 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE hens along the Jordan River and 2300 South. Also nearby was a hen COMMON MERGANSER.

Douglas Mead (4 Nov 2011) - After hiking several miles up Butterfield Canyon I stopped by the Copperton park to check for owls about 3 pm today ( found one in a big pine near the street (a Great Horned Owl) but was most surprised to find 4 McGillivray's Warblers in the spruce trees on the south side of the park. I thought they'd be long gone by now. 

Norm Jenson (1 Nov 2011) - I hadn't been by Lee Kay Ponds in a while and so decided to swing by this afternoon. Here's my list: ...Ring-necked Duck, Lesser Scaup, Western Grebe,... American Avocet...


Oliver Hansen (27 Nov 2011) - One drake Wood Duck was at the "Wood Duck spot" off of Provo Center Street this evening about 4:30. A few Cedar Waxwings and a Ruby-crowned kinglet flew in to say hi to me

Eric Huish (22 Nov 2011) -  birded the Provo Airport Dike this evening with Ned Bixler and KC Childs. There are still large numbers of Yellow-rumped Warblers hanging out around the dike. On the south side of the airport, between the south extension and the southwest corner we found a flock of yellow-rumps that included a 'Myrtle' Yellow-rump and a Wilson's Warbler. I was surprised to see a Wilson's this late. It was a bright male...

Douglas Mead (6 Nov 2011) - I observed my first-of-the-season American Tree Sparrow this afternoon while on a walkabout West of Redwood Rd. in Saratoga Springs. Also two Prairie Falcons and a large flock (30+) of Horned Larks and an even larger flock (200+) Rock Pigeons in a field just below Camp Williams.

Jeff Cooper
(6 Nov 2011) - I worked in Spanish Fork Friday so I hit a few of the hot spots between Spanish Fork and Pleasant Grove on the way home. Highlights were:
   --Two Snowy Egrets in the midst of cattle on the north side of SR77...
   --At least 25 Sandhill Cranes working a field east of Swede Lane (I'm sure there were more, but a large group of trees kept me from seeing the whole group
   --An unexpected Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on River Lane
   --Western Screech Owls calling from the trees at the turn off from Provo Center Street to the Provo Airport Dike Road (Just before crossing the river and entering Utah Lake SP)...
   --Four Snowy Egrets in the settling ponds and a small flock of American Pipits on the rocks along the shoreline of Utah Lake, opposite side of the dike forming the settling ponds...
   --Finished the night with a Northern Saw-whet Owl at Mutual Dell in American Fork Canyon

Eric Huish ( 5 Nov 2011) - Ned Bixler and I drove around the Provo Airport Dike this morning. The White-throated Sparrow is still there...We also saw a Northern Shrike on the west extension of the PAD.

Milt Moody (5 Nov 2011) - This morning (Saturday) there were somewhere between one and two hundred (maybe more!?) Sandhill Cranes in the fields north of Salem. The most I've ever seen.

Ned Bixler (4 Nov 2011) - Two Snowy Egrets at the Geneva Settling Ponds.

Eric Huish (2 Nov 2011) - I drove past the old Geneva Settling Ponds and Lindon Boat Harbor today. Best bird was a female Hooded Merganser on the south end of the pond...

Eric Huish (1 Nov 2011) - There as a bright white striped White-throated Sparrow on the west side of the Provo Airport Dike. It is hunkered down in some willows on the lake side of the road just north of the control tower.


Brian Maxfield (21 Nov 2011) - I made a brief stop at the Soldier Creek Bay area of Strawberry Res. today and found a single WHITE-WINGED SCOTER (Adult male in breeding plumage). It was not far from US40 when I left and was mixed in with numerous American Coots. It was also a bit entertaining to watch the California Gulls repeatedly attempt to steal fish from Common Mergansers. The Ring-billed Gulls were a bit less aggressive but did harass the coots a few times. For those interested, Soldier Creek Bay is the last part of Strawberry Reservoir visible from US40 as you head east.


Rick Fridell (30 Nov 2011) - This afternoon (11/29) I visited Springs Estate Pond and the Washington Fields, Washington Co., UT. The Highlight was a very unexpected flock of five Lark Buntings at the east end of 4200 South (and Medallion Road / 280 East). The buntings were with a large flock of White-crowned Sparrows. There were several Savannah and Vesper Sparrows in the area as well. There were also a several Greater Roadrunners along the roads in the southeast corner of the Washington Fields.
   --There were also several nice birds around Springs Park including the remaining immature Snow Goose (who has quickly acclimated to life as a park duck), a singing Crissal Thrasher, a male Common Yellowthroat, and a couple Orange-crowned Warblers. The biggest surprise was a Nashville Warbler in the Virgin River floodplain west of the Springs Estate Pond.

Rick Fridell (19 Nov 2011) - Quinn and I found a male American Three-toed Woodpecker at Lava Point, Zion National Park. ...Also nearby in Kolob Meadows were several Northern Flickers, at least a dozen Lewis's Woodpeckers, and a couple Acorn Woodpeckers (in their usual aspen grove below Kolob Reservoir). The juvenile Red-throated Loon and at least one drake Barrow's Goldeneye are remaining at Quail Creek State Park.... Highlights today at Sand Hollow included a first-winter Bonaparte's Gull north of the main boat ramp and a Merlin flying around the parking lot. Yesterday, I photographed a 'Harlan's' Red-tailed Hawk in the Hurricane Fields. There were also a couple Ferruginous Hawks present in the fields. Other waterfowl highlights around the county include the returning flock of ~ 20 Greater Scaup at Stratton Pond (Grandpa's Fishing Pond) at the north end of 3700 West in Hurricane...

Rick Fridell (13 Nov 2011) - This morning (11/13) the juvenile Red-throated Loon and three male Barrow's Goldeneyes were still present at Quail Creek State Park, Washington Co.

Larry Tripp (7 Nov 2011) - Today at Lytle Ranch there was a PINE WARBLER in the housing area. It was quite yellow below probably a male. It was mixed in with 15 or so Yellow rumps,1 OC Warbler and a few Kinglets...

Rick Fridell (3 Nov 2011) - This afternoon (11/3), I relocated a hatch-year HARRIS'S SPARROW orginally found at Lytle Ranch on 10/31 by Paul Lehman and Barbara Carlson... I didn't have much time to look around, but didn't see much else around Lytle other than a Great Egret at the pond.


Steve Christensen (17 Nov 2011) - This morning (Thursday) there were 16 Ferruginous Hawks, including one dark morph, in a cluster of trees near Lyman, UT Wednesday afternoon.


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