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une 2011

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Northern Bobwhite  Utah Co.
    Red-necked Grebe  Cache Co. 
    Neotropic Cormorant    Salt Lake Co.
    Little Blue Heron  Box Elder Co. 
    Pileated Woodpecker  Salt Lake Co.
    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher  Utah Co.
    Northern Parula  Salt Lake Co.
    Palm Warbler  Salt Lake Co.
    Dickcissel  Davis Co.


Mark Summers (19 Jun 2011) - I photographed the LITTLE BLUE HERON on Saturday morning at Bear River MBR. It was just past the a cattle grate and before the first concrete flood relief zone in the road. It was feeding with several Snowy Egret on the South side of the road.

Dave Hanscom (18 Jun 2011) - Bob MacDougall and I spent yesterday morning in Box Elder Country looking for a couple of birds for our 2011 lists...[highlights:]
    --A Short-eared Owl was right where Amber reported it a couple of weeks ago...We found another owl just west of the Monument visitor Center. Both were sitting on fence posts...

Jason St Sauver (10 Jun 2011) - Had to do some scouting of the road / route for an upcoming BB survey on Promontory Rd today - so wasn't doing any serious birding - but when a Peregrine Falcon  jumps up with food in its talons right in front of you...hard to ignore. Also had 3 Burrowing Owls on roadside fenceposts ...

Paul Higgins (4 Jun 2011) - Common Yellowthroat at Salt Creek WMA. Also, the Burrowing Owls are sitting on fenceposts along the roadway at Promontory Mountains.

Amber M (1 Jun 2011) - [Promontory] - My husband was out working on Promontory yesterday. I got home today and went through his pictures to find one of a SHORT-EARED OWL. I'm not sure exactly where he was yet, but he'll be getting the 3rd degree as soon as he gets home. He also had pictures of Burrowing owls, Common Poorwills and California Quails... 


Ryan O'Donnell (30 Jun 2011) - Last night I led 13 birders on a Bridgerland Audubon Society trip to see (or mostly hear) the nocturnal birds of Cache County's Green Canyon, near North Logan... We had a total of two counter-singing COMMON POORWILLS at the upper end of the road, plus one rather timid FLAMMULATED OWL that called only twice from the same location.

Dave Hanscom (22 Jun 2011) - [highlights:]
   -- Pineview Reservoir: Lots of Fox Sparrows, Black-headed Grosbeaks, and Yellow Warblers were singing, along with a Yellow-breasted Chat.
   -- On to Hyrum via the direct route through Avon: The highlight of that part of my trip were several Swainson's Thrush along the stream, and a Willow Flycatcher just north of where the dirt road turns to tar in Avon. I stopped to look at a Grey Catbird and heard the unmistakeable "Fitz Bew" call...

Bob Atwood (19 Jun 2011) - A RED-NECKED GREBE adult in full breeding plumage was observed close to shore on the West end of Hyrum Dam Saturday June 17th at noon. It was last seen near the Utah State Park entrance. Bob Atwood

Craig Fosdick (9 Jun 2011) - Today while walking on 3000 N west of Benson Marina in Cache Co., I counted nine LONG-BILLED CURLEWS all visible at the same time, and was mobbed and dive-bombed by 3-4 of them...

Ryan O'Donnell (8 Jun 2011) - Tonight Stephanie Cobbold and I birded around Cutler Marsh, near Benson in Cache County, from two locations, the boat launch off of the Valley View Highway, and the Pacificorp access point along the Benson Road. At each location we had one singing AMERICAN BITTERN, our target species for the night. These were my first for the county ....  At the boat launch near the Valley View Highway, there was also a female GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE, a locally tough-to-find species that seems to turn up about once or twice a year in Cache County. At the same location, I photographed a grebe that looks to me like a hybrid between WESTERN GREBE and CLARK'S GREBE.

Craig Fosdick (4 Jun 2011) - I hiked Dry Canyon last night, looking for FLAMMULATED OWLS; two visiting out-of-state birders joined me.  We were not disappointed and found two FLAMMULATED OWLS above 6000'; one was very close, one quite far.  We also found at least ten COMMON POORWILLS including one that we saw repeatedly, perched and foraging along the trail.  We also saw DUSKY GROUSE and VIRGINIA'S WARBLER.


Bryant Olsen (29 Jun 2011) - Here is the checklists of today's Great Salt Lake Audubon field trip to Farmington Bay. We started off looking for the Dickcissel, but he wasn't singing at around 8:00 and we couldn't locate him, so we headed over for a short walk out to the nearby Buffalo Ranch pond, were the best birds were a WILSON'S SNIPE, CASPIAN and FORSTER'S TERNS, and a good look at a COMMON YELLOWTROAT. Then, everyone still had the DICKCISSEL on their mind,so we headed back, and just as we pulled up we could hear him singing, and found him shortly thereafter. Then we went over to the road behind the church and found both the male and female BLUE GROSBEAKS. Sometimes perseverance pays off. Then off to the GSL Nature Center, and went for a short walk, and found a couple EASTERN KINGBIRDS, and heard a VIRGINIA'S RAIL and a SORA call nearby. Later we found a GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE and 3 BLUE-WINGED TEAL...

Bryant Olsen (27 Jun 2011) - This morning(07-27-11) at around 7:00am I found the male DICKCISSEL singing in the weed field in west Farmington. Thank you Tony for reporting it.  ... Then I headed out to Farmington Bay and spent some time. Best birds there were Coot chicks, weird but cute, EASTERN KINGBIRDS and a WOOD DUCK hen.

Tony Jones (26 Jun 2011) - I was hearing an odd bird outside my window here in West Farmington. It is a DICKCISSEL. ... I kept searching for the bird and finally found him. He has been calling for the last three days. I could not locate him until today. I played a tape once and he flew right in and I got some photos. The location is 817 North Fox Hunter Drive, Farmington. | Sight Record |

Sarah Knutie (16 Jun 2011) - The following were seen at Farmington Bay the past few days:
   -- 2 juv. Great Horned Owls, Long-billed Dowitcher, Long-billed Curlews, Caspian Terns (breeding pair)

Sarah Knutie (10 Jun 2011) - About a week ago I saw a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW at Farmington Bay. It was in the last willow bush (west side of road) just before you are forced to turn right from the entrance road...

Cindy Sommerfeld (5 Jun 2011) - [Antelope Island] - The more unusual species included an adult male LARK BUNTING, a pair of BLUE GROSBEAKS, and a WHIMBREL. The Lark Bunting and the Blue Grosbeaks were located half way to the ranch near the east side group of Russian Olive trees...


Bryant Olsen (2 Jun 2011) - On Monday(05-30-11) thru Wednesday, I headed out to the San Rafael Swell in eastern Utah, and saw 2 INDIGO BUNTINGS near Black Dragon Canyon. Saw a Kingbird, either a Western or Cassin's. Also lots of other cool desert birds around,my favorite of which were the BLUE GROSBEAKS and YELLOW-BREASTED CHATS. Also lots of NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRDS that were going insane, singing day and night. Still lots of neo-tropical migrants moving through the desert oasis.


Steve Hampton (12 June 2011) - CASSIN'S KINGBIRD seen  in Tropic, UT.


Steve Hedges (15 Jun 2011) - A Gray Catbird has been hanging out in my backyard in Cedar City since Saturday June 10. He spends most of his time in the dense roses and willows along the Coal Creek diversion that runs along the east side of our yard but he occasionally sings from a cottonwood or Russian olive.


Jack Binch (26 Jun 2011) - Off to Rich County on Saturday specifically to find a bittern. I was not disappointed. I arrived at 7:30 AM after taking the Monte Cristo road that Kris noted was open. Right off the bat I flushed an American Bittern next to the road. I then continued back and forth until just before noon. I counted eighteen individual sightings. I am sure some were duplicates, but what fun. ....Also seen were lots of Black and Forester's Terns, Mountain Bluebird, Western and Eastern Kingbirds, Vesper Sparrow, Mourning Doves, Eurasian Collared Doves, Red-winged-, Yellow-headed-, and Brewer's Blackbirds, Blue-winged and Cinnamon Teal, one Great Blue Heron, and a Common Nighthawk.

Kris Purdy
(14 Jun 2011) - Jack Rensel and I visited Rich County today from just northwest of Evanston, WY to Randolph. We drove the main road to Deseret Ranch, walked around the spring and then out the north entrance, and then birded along Crawford Mountain Road about a mile and a half north of Randolph off SR-16. Highlights:
   -- Multiple Golden Eagles soaring over sage at Deseret... An American White Pelican at the pond at the ranch struggling with a fish that must have been 18 inches long. Several Common Nighthawks over Woodruff... Black and Forster’s Terns along Crawford Mountain Road posing cooperatively on posts just 20 feet away. A pumping American Bittern out in the marsh, but invisible to us. Western Tanagers in the marsh seeming way out of place. Many Canvasbacks, likely breeders in that location ... Lovely, lovely day to be out in green, green Rich County.


Bernie G. Sloan (28 Jun2011) - Tonight I was hanging out in my son's yard when I heard the unmistakable "peent" of a Common Nighthawk flying high overhead. The time was about 9:15PM. This would be somewhere to the northeast of the intersection of State Street and 2100S.

Cindy Sommerfeld (18 Jun 2011) - Steve and I needed a Neotropic Cormorant for our year list. We headed to the Jordan River Parkway to take a look. On the way we found three Neotropic Cormorants at an apartment pond. There were one adult and two juveniles. ...

Bryant Olsen (18 Jun 2011) - Today,06-18-11,during a Breeding Bird Survey up City Creek Canyon, I heard and then saw a male? NORTHERN PARULA WARBLER at picnic site #13a,about 2 mileS up the canyon from the gate.

Matthew Wallace (18 Jun 2011) - I saw a single Pileated Woodpecker on Thursday, June 16, my first ever in the wild.  (Cool!!!)  It was flying East to West over our house.  It made a distinct sound, which I had not heard before, and flew rapidly darting from side to side.  I only saw in for a few seconds, but it is certainly a woodpecker, but much bigger than the Downy or Hairy Woodpeckers, being black and white with red on its head. Sibley lists it as L 16.5" W 29" which is about the size of the bird I saw.

Oliver Hansen (15 Jun 2011) -  I joined up with 25 or so SLC birders at R.E.I last night at 7:00pm. We then carpooled up to the Terraces parking lot in Millcreek...We heard warblers, thrushes, robins, siskins, and our 2 target species: Flammulated owls and Common poorwills.

Tina Magnesson (13 Jun 2011) - We live in Cottonwood heights UT, and we were swimming in our pool when we noticed a bird we have never seen here in UT before. It has a bright yellow underbelly, and sort of a green top. It's been seen here all day so far. I looked it up online, and even found a site that shows what they sound like, so playing it on my cell phone I got a reaction out of the PALM WARBLER.

Bryant Olsen (3 Jun 201) - I heard at least 2 FLAMMULATED OWLS up Millcreek Canyon. Also many neo-tropicals have arrived up there, including empidonax's, warblers, Western Tanagers, Swainson's and Hermit Thrushes...

Sylvia Gray (1 Jun 2011) - At Mountain Dell Recreation Area, Parley's Canyon, SL County this morning the following birds were seen by members of GSLAudubon... [highlights:]...Osprey...Common Merganser, Caspian Tern... Gray Catbird...Fox Sparrow...MacGillivray's Warbler... Red-naped Sapsucker...Cooper's Hawk... 


Dave Hanscom (24 Jun 2011) - Never thought I'd see an Ash- throated Flycatcher in Summit County, but one was flying around near the road just north of the marina. ... Other highlights were Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Cooper's Hawk (with a breakfast mouse), Plumbeous Vireo, lots of Rough-winged Swallows, Lazuli Buntings, both American and Lesser Goldfinches, Green-tailed Towhees, a Bullock's Oriole, and a couple of Clark's Grebes braving all the rubble floating around in the water.


Candy Zaffis (4 Jun 2011) - [Dugway] a male Red-breasted Grosbeak flew into my neighbors window yesterday.   They went outside and protected it until it recovered and flew away safely. This Grosbeak had been seen at the feeders the day before.


Diane Penttila (8 Jun 2011) - (Ouray National Wildlife Refuge) -  General Water Bird Survey: 
    --Flooding continues... The following birds were seen within the survey route: [highlights:]...Wood duck...Sandhill crane, American bittern... Black tern...


Eric Huish (20 June 2011) - Alona Huffaker saw Bobolinks in Springville. Take I-15 exit 260, drive west on SR 77 (4000 South) to 2000 West and turn right. She two males in these fields this evening.

Lyle Bingham (15 Jun 2011) - Eight birders visited three hotspots in and near Payson. We visited two wooded areas with walkways and Spring Lake, between Payson and Santaquin. Highlights included a Black-chinned Hummingbird on a nest, discovered by Alona's sharp eyes. And we found Yellow-breasted Chats near the mouth of Payson canyon ( Payson-Greenridge Hollow).

Eric Huish (13 Jun 2011) - Last night Dennis Shirley led 12 Utah County Birders out to Goshen for an evening field trip. Our target species were Short-eared Owls and Bobolinks. Target acquired!...

Ryan O'Donnell (7 Jun 2011) - This morning I was one of the lucky ones who saw the SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER near the tower on the Provo airpot dike. After seeing my first lifer for the day, I took a good walk along the Provo River parkway, where I saw an adult male COMMON GRACKLE, and saw 4 GREAT HORNED OWLS (momma with 3 chicks, and heard a WESTERN SCREECH OWL at 10:30 am,which was weird.
   --After that I headed to Bridal Veil Falls,where I saw several BLACK SWIFTS...

Jeff Cooper (6 Jun 2011) - [Provo Airport Dike] - Northern Bobwhite. This bird was walking along the road going west toward the southwest corner of the dike. Closer to the extension that goes further south from the airport.

Eric Huish (6 Jun 2011) - SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER .... Provo Airport Dike south end of west extension! 

Eric Huish (4 Jun 2011) -  [Lake Mountains - Utah Co. UT] -  Birding with KC Childs. We birded the Soldiers Pass Road area at the South end of the Lake Mountains. We went hoping for Scott's Oriole, Lu Giddings and Dennis Shirley reported one there 4 years ago. Number of species: 34  [highlights:]
...Burrowing Owl, Common Nighthawk, Black Swift ...Gray Flycatcher, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Gray Vireo... Pinyon Jay... Juniper Titmouse, Rock Wren, Bewick's Wren...Northern Mockingbird...

Eric Peterson (3 Jun 2011) - [Highland Glen Park] - I was at my favorite place other than my house that I like to bird which is Highland Glen.  I was really excited cause I had never seen a Western Grebe there in the pond.  I then ran across a Common Nighthawk.  I was on my way out and I saw yet another Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  I am wondering why they keep following me...


Joel Beyer (11 Jun 2011) - This afternoon we observed a singing Grasshopper Sparrow in Heber Valley. It was along 2400 So., about a half mile west of the intersection of 2400 So. and Highway 189 (this is halfway between Heber and Charleston, and near the west end of the airport). Numerous Bobolinks were seen where previously reported (drive west on Potters Lane, turn at first left, turn again at next right, and go a quarter mile to large grassy fields).


Steve Hampton (18 June 2011) -  I'm a visiting birder from California. Yesterday, June 17, 2011, I saw an adult male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK at the amphitheater of South Campground at Zion NP.  Also of interest, but no photo, was a singing male INDIGO BUNTING. This bird was along Pine Creek 100-150m downstream of the nice stone bridge of hwy 9 (the lowest switchback below the tunnel).

Leena Rogers (17 Jun 2011) - Beautiful VERMILLION FLYCATCHER flitting around late this afternoon in trees west of fifth hole at Red Cliffs Golf Course (east side) in north St. George.

Rick Fridell (1 Jun 2011) - [Sand Hollow State Park] - The Western Gull was still present today (06/01/11)at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co., UT. It was along the south shore of the reservoir a few hundred meters east of the south boatramp, and was very cooperative allowing some better photos than yesterday.


Joel Beyer (21 Jun 2011) - Monday morning we found a male Indigo Bunting in Capitol Reef National Park.  It was seen on the Fremont River trail, just east of the campground, and was singing continuously during the half hour we were there.


Kris Purdy (12 Jun 2011) - You’d think I was reporting today’s sightings from Bear River MBR in the fall, but no, I saw a GREAT EGRET and a pair of Bald Eagles in west Weber County this afternoon near the north end of 8300W, which is likely West Warren or unincorporated Weber County. The egret and several Snowy Egrets were using a slough on the east side of the road. The Bald Eagles were perched in widely separated cottonwoods west of the pastures and feedlots on the west side of the road...

Paul Higgins (2 Jun 2011) - Western Tanagers, Ogden Bay.



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