Birdnet Hotline Highlights

May 2011

Review Species Reported This Month:
Neotropic Cormorant  Davis Co., Salt Lake Co
    Glossy Ibis  Davis Co.
    Gray Hawk  Cache Co.
    Hudsonian Godwit  Davis Co.
    Western Gull  Washington Co.
    Pomarine Jaegar  Davis Co.
    Vaux's Swift  Cache Co. Davis Co.
    Least Flycatcher  Washington Co.
    Northern Parula  Utah Co.
    Palm Warbler  Salt Lake Co., Weber Co.
    Ovenbird  Washington Co.
   Scarlet Tanager  Utah Co.
    Northern Cardinal  Tooele Co.


Paul Higgins (30 May 2011) - Snowy Plover at Bear River WMA.

Norm Jenson (24 May 2011) - Gray Catbird - Willard Bay State Park.

Jason St. Sauver (12 May 2011) - stopped by the Perry Nature Park real quick after work - had both a Sora and Virginia Rail calling...

Matt and Leann Crook (7 May 2011) We arrived at Lucin, Box Elder Co., just as the sun was coming up and stayed there until noon. The warblers have definitely arrived... [highlights:] ... MacGillivray's Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, and Yellow-breasted Chats...  Merlin, Great Horned Owls... Say's Phoebe...

Paul Higgins (5 May 2011) - SOLITARY SANDPIPER, Willard Bay (South Side)

Mike Fish (5 May 2011) - There is a Great Horned Owl nest out here on the ATK mountain (Promontory) again this year. ... I was surprised to see yesterday that there are 4 Owlets in the nest. I have been watching the nest for the past month and haven’t noticed more than 3 babies until yesterday. The fourth owl chick is the smallest and is usually hidden behind the other owls. Last year this Great Horned pair successfully raised 2 babies in this nest  ... 


Ryan O'Donnell (31 May 2011) -  just saw a GRAY FLYCATCHER foraging around the fountains just south of the Taggart Student Center (TSC) building on the campus of Utah State University. It was flycatching from low branches, shrubs, and the ground, and habitually dipping its tail phoebe-like each time it landed. The bird did not vocalize in the ten minutes or so I watched it.

Jason St. Sauver (29 May 2011) - My friend Kent and I did some soggy day birding all around Cache county yesterday - starting at Benson Marina, Cutler Marsh, Green Canyon,Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Logan Canyon and back. Lots of ground and lots of birds - most the usual suspects - BUT had some nice highlights: American Bittern at Cutler Marsh, Blue-wing Teal at Benson Marina...

Mike Fish (19 May 2011) - I'm quite sure I just saw my first ever INDIGO BUNTING. The bird was just in my backyard stting in a Water Birch tree and gave me about a 4 minute look (looked like a Lazuli but completely blue with blackish primaries and no wing bars)...

Ara Shahbazian (16  May 2011) - About a week ago I saw a grey hawk flying overhead approximately 50 feet away. Color wise it seemed similar to a rock pigeon or seagull. It seemed strange; once I checked a sight about Utah birds, I was sure it was a GREY HAWK. I also read that there has been only one sighting of a grey hawk in south western Utah. After explaining my experience to a friend of mine who happened to be a game warden, he suggested I report it to the Audobon Society. I did not see any transmitters or any other tracking devices on the bird. The exact location of the sighting is: 2000 North 6450 West Petersboro, Utah.

Craig Fosdick (13 May 2011) - This evening at Benson Marina I had a BLACK TERN flying around on the south side of the road, gleaning insects from just above the water's surface. This is only the second Black Tern I've seen in Cache Co. and the first one I've seen in the spring.

Kurt Kotter (11 May 2011) - Monday, May 9, I found 12 VAUX'S SWIFTS feeding in Cache County along the old Mendon Road where it crosses the Little Bear River (ebird - hot birding site: Mendon Road Management Area) at 1:30PM. They were flying back and forth during a light rain, only very seldomly soaring.

Craig Fosdick (2 May 2011) - This morning the EVENING GROSBEAKS finally found my feeder ....took 'em long enough....  Also today, I had one each SEMIPALMATED and LEAST SANDPIPER in the small pond on the south side of Utah Hwy 30 across from the Logan Fish Hatchery.  Near the Cutler Marsh Boat Launch on Utah 30 I had a GREAT EGRET... At DEEP CANYON, I had COOPER'S HAWK and FOY (for me at least) HERMIT THRUSH, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, FOX SPARROW, CHIPPING SPARROW, RUFFED GROUSE (drumming), and WILD TURKEY....

Mike Fish (1 May 2011) - May 1st has brought three new first of spring birds to my yard. 1 - Green-tailed Towhee, 1 - Lazuli Bunting. 2 - Brown-headed Cowbirds. I also captured three new pictures of a Calliope Hummingbird this morning.


Steve Peterson (23 May 2011) - The White-winged Doves have been eating at my feeders the past several days.


Glen Barlow (26 May 2011) - I often pass the Haight's Creek Irrigation Pond on 200 North in East Kaysville on a daily basis.  Today, I was curious about an unknown bird that I have seen for several day.  Sure enough it was a male Common Loon in breeding plumage.  It usually stays near the dam in the western part of the pond.  LOVELY BIRD!

Norm Jenson (24 May 2011) - Eastern Kingbird - Antelope Island Causeway.

Bill  Fennimore (19 May 2011)- Ann Matthews who works for me has an INDIGO BUNTING coming to her backyard in Clearfield.  She lives at 144 North 1300 West, Clearfield and said birders are welcome...

Kristen Purdy (15 May 2011) - A NEOTROPIC CORMORANT was at Buffalo Ranches Pond in Farmington, Davis County, this afternoon at about 1 pm. This could quite possibly be the same bird that Norm Jensen reported at Glover Ponds on April 28 and David Wheeler reported on March 25, assuming the bird has found the ponds nice places to stay...

David Wheeler (15 May 2011) - POMARINE JAEGER. On Antelope Island Causeway mile marker 6 @ 3:30 pm on Sunday, 5/15. Adult light phase, long streamers. Fabulous.

Kristen Purdy
(9 May 2011) - Pomera Fronce and I enjoyed two VAUX’S SWIFTS at Kaysville Ponds in Davis County this afternoon...

Joel and Kathy Beyer (8 May 2011) - This morning on the Antelope Island causeway we saw 12 Whimbrels (mm 6), 7 Semipalmated Plovers, and approx. 150 Black-bellied Plovers. Along the road to Garr Ranch we saw and heard a total of 9 Grasshopper Sparrows. At Farmington Bay WMA a GLOSSY IBIS was along the entrance road. From atop Egg Island, we scoped a flock of over 300 godwits and found a single HUDSONIAN GODWIT.

Carol Gwynne (7 May 2011) - There were about 60 Long-billed Dowitchers at Farmington Bay this afternoon.... The ponds at Glover Lane were very quiet; most of the birds were at the Buffalo Ranches pond. There were several FOY Black-crowned Night Herons and a female Red-breasted Merganser at Buffalo Ranches.

Cindy Sommerfeld (2 May 2011) - Yesterday we enjoyed the beautiful weather for our count. There were some pleasant surprises. The first was 180 Black-bellied Plovers, on the Causeway . They were on the south side just past mile marker 6. We walked a squishy sinky two hundred yards to get a little better look. Among them we found an American Golden-Plover and a Red Knot. In the same area, closer to the road were Snowy Plovers and a Semi-Palmated Plover. Also along the Causeway we saw Sanderlings and Long-billed Dowitchers.


Richard Coomber (19 May 2011)- We have had a lot of snow at Bryce today, but not much settling except at over about 8,500 ft. The best bird however was a male Myrtle Warbler with Audubon's on the shore of the lake at the back of Ruby's Inn.


Bob Bradley (31 May 2011) - Lark Bunting - displaying male along with 2 others was seen on my Westwater BBS route in Grand County today.

Dave Hanscom (8 May 2011) ...
   --Since Monticello was so close, I couldn't resist a quick visit to Devil's Canyon Campground to look for Acorn Woodpecker and Pygmy Nuthatch.  Both were there, along with many Western Bluebirds, a Juniper Titmouse, a couple of White-breasted Nuthatch, and a very cooperative Black-throated Gray Warbler

Susan Snyder (2 May 2011) - Not that they're all that rare, but we did enjoy seeing Juniper titmice and Black-throated sparrows at Dead Horse Point State Park and in Arches National Park this past weekend. The sweet little feathered peepers were faring much better in the cold winds than I!


Joel and Cathy Beyer (23 May 2011) - On the way home Sunday, we stopped at Chicken Creek Reservoir (Juab Co.) and spotted 2 breeding-plumaged Horned Grebes.


David Allan (17 May 2011) - [Oak City] I saw a male BOBOLINK singing in the Fool Creek Sinks Monday evening while driving Sink Road on my way home from work. The bird was in a dead tree close to the old concrete silo with "Taylor Flats" painted on it; ~2.5 miles SSE of the Lynndyl Sinclair convenience store. A first for me in Millard Co. I also saw a "Myrtle" Yellow-rumped Warbler. Evening Grosbeaks found there way to Oak City on Saturday and Sunday. I had 5+ in my yard.


Weston Smith (26 May 2011) - I just had a female Lark Bunting in the driveway here in Croydon, Utah. It was feeding with several Lark Sparrows.


Jeff Cooper (30 May 2011) - I was able to spend Saturday on Deseret Ranch with a few intrepid Utah birders... before the end of a GREAT day on the ranch we broke the 100 mark for species identified. Two WHIMBRELS among a flock of WHITE-FACED IBIS (in the same field we watched a Badger, Coyote and an immature GOLDEN EAGLE that stooped and attempted to take a White-tailed Prairie Dog but failed), GREATER SCAUP; BOBOLINK (life bird for me) that flushed along with a small group of sparrows and warblers and gave great views; BLACK TERN (life bird for me);  GREAT HORNED OWL; LEWIS'S WOODPECKER; FERRUGINOUS HAWK; SAGE SPARROW; PRAIRIE FALC


Bob Walters (30 May 2011) - Eastern Kingbird observed at the intersection of 3300 North and 3200 West in SLC at 4:07 p.m.

Glenda Cotter (29 May 2011) - Northern Mockingbirds on Thurs in SLC (I didn't see the bird, but my daughter did, at approx 1200 E. Browning Ave).

Pomera Fronce (28 May 2011) - The Peregrine Falcons that are nesting on the JSMB in downtown Salt Lake City welcomed their first hatchling into the world at 9:45 this morning. The young one just devoured a meal (5:00 p.m.) and then promptly fell asleep. (#s 2 and 3 have hatched since then).

Bryant Olsen (26 May 2011)  We seem to all of a sudden be in the midst of a great many migrating Flycatchers here in SLC, especially those pesky little Empidonax's. A short walk through Mt. Olivet cemetery this evening,and I had Dusky/Hammond's everywhere (not singing of course), and at least one Cordilleran Flycatcher, and my FOY Olive-sided Flycatchers too.

Bryant Olsen (22 May 2011) - I saw and heard my first Gray Catbird of the year in the park at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, SLC. this morning (Sunday 05-22-11).

Norm Jenson (22 May 2011) - [Lee Kay Ponds] -  a Great Egret around the corner on 7200 west and the fence line from 7200 west to the Mountain Landfill...

Eric Huish (19  May 2011) - Jeff Cooper just called me. He briefly saw saw a Black-throated Blue Warbler in Riverfront Park (along River Front Parkway) in South Jordan

Bryant Olsen (17 May 2011) - Today while birding the Jordan River Parkway in Rose Park, I saw 1 male TOWNSENDS'S WARBLER just a few hundred yard southeast of the 2200 North trail head...

Aubree Huff (17 May 2011) - My money is on me!  I saw two Neotropical Cormorants spooning while listening to Marvin Gaye and taking a romantic bubble bath in the warm springs of Glover Ponds. The romance is there, and soon the magic will happen, my friend.

Deedee O'Brien (16 May 2011) - Thanks for all the lovely responses to my "Blue Grosbeak" sighting. Indigo Bunting is better yet! Yahoo! I live in Holladay just two blocks west of I-215 and near 4500 S.

Hugh Gillilan (15 May 2011) - At about 12:30 PM this afternoon my son and I got great views of a second PALM WARBLER this week. It was just off the Bonneville Shoreline Trail about two miles up and on the north side of City Creek Canyon...

Richard Young (13 May 2011) - A little late this year, but I located a lone Neotropic Cormorant at my old stomping grounds, Mill Race Park, Murray/Jordan River Parkway, Salt Lake County.

Bob Walters (13 May 2011) - Northern Mockingbird observed (about 6:00 p.m. on May 13) repeatedly perching, flying, then landing and foraging on the ground at the Salt Lake City Wastewater Reclamation Plant at 1365 West 2300 North.

Bryant Olsen (10 May 2011) - This morning while going for a walk around Liberty Park, I heard and then saw a flock of 4 EVENING GROSBEAKS, about a 1/2 block north of the park on Green Street...

David Wheeler (9 May 2011 - Today from about 6:50 to 7:10 pm, and then a couple more glimpses up to 7:35, I observed a nominate Group PALM WARBLER along a small canal between the MASOB building (directly west of the tax bldg north of North Temple) and I-215. Go along North Temple Street in SLC until 1950 W (which has a semaphore)...

Bryant Olsen (6 May 2011) - Today around 8:30AM I saw a large flock of 30+ EVENING GROSBEAKS near the Salt Lake City Cemetery on about 7th Avenue and N Street...

David Wheeler (3 May 2011) - Had first of year and first of year yard birds as follows (downtown Sugarhouse, SLC): Black-chinned hummingbird at feeder on Saturday, Virginia's warbler in hedge this morning, and Chipping sparrow on sidewalk two houses to the north. [Sigh] I love spring.


Dave Hanscom (8 May 2011) - {Matheson Wetlands] - There are a couple of ponds in the north end of the preserve, so there were lots of water birds.  The south end has a combination of tall trees and scrubby vegetation, so good habitat for a variety of species.  Birds seen included Lazuli Bunting, Dusky Flycatcher, Cassin's Vireo, Wilson's Phalarope, Yellowthroat, Hermit Thrush, House Wren, and Bullock's Oriole. Nothing we won't see up here in the next few weeks. Arches yielded Black-throated Sparrow, Rock Wren, White-throated Swift, Violet-green Swallow, Cooper's Hawk...
   --Since Monticello [Grand Co.] was so close, I couldn't resist a quick visit to Devil's Canyon Campground to look for Acorn Woodpecker and Pygmy Nuthatch.  Both were there, along with many Western Bluebirds, a Juniper Titmouse, a couple of White-breasted Nuthatch, and a very cooperative Black-throated Gray Warbler


Bill Fennimore (23 May 2011) - I led a bird walk Saturday at the Swaner EcoCenter (Kimball Jct) and saw a small flock of Bobolinks. The males were singing. It's the first time that I have seen them there...

Karl Mellor (4 May 2011) - I recently hung a bird feeder on my back porch and today I spotted a male and female VERMILLION FLYCATCHER sitting on the feeder right in front of my window. I was stunned to see this bird so far north and at such a high elevation. We are located in Hoytsville, Utah, just 10 miles east of Park City, and our elevation is about 5500 feet. I'll watch for them again tomorrow and see if they return.


Candy (31 May 2011) - A co-worker saw a male Northern Cardinal yesterday morning at her feeder in Tooele. 30 May around 8am. She loves Cardinals and is SURE that is what she saw and now has a camera ready in case it returns. Location: Oquirrh Ave and N 7th St. There is also Oquirrh Hills Golf Course and Elton Park in that vicinity.

Candy (16 May 2011) - The White-faced Ibis were showing the soldiers on Dugway how to get into formation correctly....  LOL.


Diane Penttila (6 May 2011) - [Ouray NWR] The time to come visit is now. We are already taking on a lot of water. Wetland bottom flooding is expected to be record highs and most roads will be under water. And it is likely that the auto tour route will be blown out - the river has been working on it for a few years. The following birds were seen within the survey route: [highlights:] ... Blue-winged teal... Wood duck...

Scott Edmisten (2 May 2011) - Great birding on the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam right now: Mallard, Lesser Scaup, Common Merganser, Eared Grebe, American White Pelican, Great Blue Heron, White-faced Ibis, Turkey Vulture, Osprey, Red-tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, American Coot, Sandhill Crane, Least Sandpiper, Bonaparte's Gull, Northern Flicker, Steller's Jay, Black-billed Magpie, Clark's Nutcracker, Common Raven, Tree Swallow, White-breasted Nuthatch, Canyon Wren, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Mountain Bluebird, American Robin, Spotted Towhee, Red-winged Blackbird, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Brewer's Blackbird


Eric Huish (30 May 2011) - Scarlet Tanager on Provo airport dike in moat north of control tower. Red-eyed Vireo at north end by Center Street bridge.

Glenda Cotter (29 May 2011) - At least two Yellow-breasted Chats in the gully at the first turnout in Goshen Canyon (and several farther up the canyon)...

Eric Huish (17 May 2011) - KC Childs and I drove the Provo Airport Dike this afternoon...  Our best birds were 2 small groups PURPLE MARTINS along the west side of the dike. 3 males and 1 female sitting on top of a short tree south of the control tower. Then 3 males and 2 females sitting on top of the tree and flying around at the Southwest corner...

Eric Huish (14 May 2011) - KC Childs and I drove the Provo Airport Dike this morning (May 14). Our best bird was a male Northern Parula on the West side of the Dike Loop, West side of the road, just South of the control tower. ... We walked down the gated road on the East side of the loop and were treated to were a Great Egret...

Milton Moody (14 May 2011) - For a couple of hours, yesterday (Friday) morning, I went with my sister, her husband, her daughter and four grandkids to explore the birds around Salem. I was surprised to see a COMMON LOON at Salem Pond this late in the year...

Eric Peterson (8 May 2011) - [American Fork, UT) - I just got home from showing dogs this morning and my wife said what kind of bird is that on the feeder.  I looked out to see a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK and a Black-headed Grosbeak on the feeder together.

KC Childs (6 May 2011) - I went hiking today up Slate Canyon which is located on the south end of Provo about 900 S. and Slate Canyon Drive. I hiked up about 2.5 miles from the parking lot and was quite surprised when I ran across a Pacific Wren being very vocal about a half mile up from the red gate...

Jeff Cooper (6 May 011) - I dropped by the ponds by mile marker 1 at PIoneer Crossing last night on the way home from work. This time there was a lone RED-NECKED PHALAROPE in the pond off the road ..

Bryan Shirley (6 May 2011) - There are 2 Common Loons at Santaquin Reservoir. (To find the reservoir take 500 South west past where it turns to a dirt rd)

Norm Jenson
(5 May 2011) - Snowy Plover, Lincoln Beach.

Bryan Shirley (3 May 2011) - This evening at about 7:30 pm I observed a Short-Billed Dowitcher at the Benjamin Slough. It was just north of the corner where you can park to look over the wetlands...

Felicia Pimentel (3 May 2011) - I walked a big chunk of the Provo Airport Dike road today. The first bird I saw was right at the entrance of the road by the river. It was about 6 inches or so, very dark (almost black), with a contrasting white lower breast. ... It looked to me like it had to be a BLACK PHOEBE, but I know they don't usually get up north this far.[hightlights:]... LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE... NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER...VESPER SPARROW...  Another great sighting today was a small flock of 13 EVENING GROSBEAKS at my feeder, seen right after I sent in a report of other feeder birds this morning...

Mike Mahoney (2 May 2011) - Plenty of Green-tailed Towhee's on the Skipper Bay Trail. Saw the first one 5/1/11 Mike

Bryan Shirley
( 2 May 2011) - Black-Bellied Plover at SR-77 and 1750 west. It is just north of the intersection. SR-77 is the rd to River Lane from Springville.


Dave Hanscom (29 May 2011) - Took the slow road home through the Heber Fields and was not disappointed. One Eastern Kingbird appeared among a huge number of Westerns...

Dave Hanscom (28 May 2011) - I saw a Grasshopper Sparrow sitting a fence when I was driving around the Heber Fields.

Dave Hanscom (28 May 2011) - I headed south on the West Strawberry Road to look for the Purple Martins reported last summer by Bryant Olsen.  I could only find one in the little grove of trees about 7 miles south of Strawberry Bay... On the way home, I turned west on Potter's Lane (across from the UVU campus on US-40 north of Heber) to look for Bobolinks.  None were visible from the lane, but there were several near the next road to the south.

Hugh Gillilan (14 May 2011) - Today there was a Trumpeter Swan on the southernmost pond of the former fish hatchery south of Midway.

Dave Hanscom (12 May 2011) - My wife and I walked the trail along Deer Creek this morning, starting from the north end by Soldier Hollow. Lots of FOY birds for that area - Yellow and Yellow-rumped Warblers, Chipping Sparrows, Green-tailed Towhee, House Wren. Biggest surprise was just before we got back to the trailhead when a DUSKY GROUSE sauntered across the trail in front of us. I don't remember ever seeing one at such a low elevation. Must be waiting for the snow to melt up high.


Rick Fridell (31 May 2011) - This evening (5/31) there was an adult Western Gull at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co., UT. The gull was originally observed perched on an emergent sandstone island off the main parking lot with a couple Ring-billed, California, and Franklin's Gulls.

Larry Tripp (31 May 2011) -  Today while doing a bird survey along Pinto Creek there were good numbers of migrants along with a Brown Thrasher and a Gray Catbird. Both were in Washington Co. about halfway between the town of Pinto and Newcastle Res.

Larry Tripp
(30 May 2011) - Today in Veyo Washington Co. I saw a Ovenbird in the same lacation that I saw one last year. This isn't much of a birding spot. It's just a thicket at the end of the road where I take the dogs walking.

Ryan O'Donnell (23 May 2011) - Last weekend (May 20-22, 2011) I led a field trip for the Bridgerland Audubon Society to Washington County.  The rarest birds we found were a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK at Boots Cox Park in St. George and a possible LEAST FLYCATCHER at Lytle Ranch.  

Dave Hanscom (3 May 2011) - Three days in Washington County with Bobs Huntington and MacDougall were extremely productive. We found most, but not all, of the birds reported by Ryan O'Donnell, plus a few others. Here's a summary of our weekend:...
   --Next was Boots Cox Park to check out the Vermillion Flycatchers, but we didn't see the grosbeak reported by Ryan and Craig.
   --Back to Springs Pond after dinner for a successful attempt at finding Lesser Nighthawks.
   --Sunday. Back to Hurricane for another try at the Hooded Oriole. Success, with a special bonus of Inca Doves in the same location. Thanks, Jack.
   --Then along came the Beyers, who said they'd seen a couple of Horned Grebes. We ended up seeing four, ... all were in full breeding plumage. Thanks again to Joel and Kathy!

Jason St. Sauver (8 May 2011) - Came down to St. George for the weekend and before these horrible winds hit - got several good birding spots in and found nearly 70 spp. 
   --Highlights: Lytle Ranch: 6 Phainopepla, several of both Ash-throated and Brown-crested flycatchers, lots of singing Bell's vireos, lots of Cactus Wrens on the road in, Cassin's kingbirds, almost all the hummers to be expected - including Anna's, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed and Costa's.  Also Bullock's Orioles and Summer Tanagers, and 5 Lucy's Warblers.


Steve Christensen (29 May 2011) - Indigo Bunting in Bicknell.

Steve Christensen (28 May 2011) - Tamra Lyman just reported a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at her feeder in Bicknell.

Terry Sandler (21 May 2011) - The bird class went well. We saw a Vermillion Flycatcher in Capitol Reef and several Bobolink south of Bicknell.


Kris Purdy (29 May 2011) - [Ogden] - Ding, ding! It’s a male Calliope Hummingbird. I’m so surprised to have a Calliope in the yard this late in May, but am glad to help him get over his spring snowstorm shock.

Paul Higgins (28 May 2011) -  located five Bobolink males near Huntsville, last night. It's really nice to have them back.

Paul Higgins (16 May 2011) - PALM WARBLER - It's right on the north side of Ogden Bay...  It was along the fence and Russian Olives just past the house (east side).

Paul Higgins (15 May 2011) - Ruffed Grouse, South Fork Ogden River, Weber County, Utah.

Brenda Kidman (12 May 2011) - Caliope Hummingbird (male), South Weber.

Kirsten Purdy (12 May 2011) - White-throated Swifts at the head of Ogden Canyon, Weber County. Earlier I visited The North Arm Natural Area of Pineview Reservoir to check on the “regular” male Calliope Hummingbirds that set up territories at the same places every year. ... He was along the Pineview West trail near the log retaining wall, down slope side, and about 20 yards north of the wall.


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