Birdnet Hotline Highlights

April 2011

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Cackling Goose  Davis Co.
    Garganey  Davis Co.
    Neotropic Cormorant  Davis Co.
    Glossy Ibis  Box Elder Co.Utah Co., Weber Co. 
    Gilded Flicker  Washington Co.,
    Chestnut-backed Chickadee  Salt Lake Co.

    Yellow-throated Warbler  Washington Co.,


Jason St. Sauver (27 April 2011) - Was out scouting along Promontory today - for my tour during the GSL Bird Fest - and had over 60 sp. including a pair of Burrowing owls, FOY sightings of Brewer's blackbirds, Say's phoebes and Western kingbird...and - a Myrtle warbler (yellow-rumped) mixed in with some other Audubon's warblers

David Wheeler (25 April 2011) - last night I saw a Merlin (pale race) hunting amid a swarm of hundreds of swallows at Bear River MBR. Very cool. Seems fairly late for a Merlin to be sticking around.

Kris Purdy (24 April 2011) - Seven Snowy Plovers were widely dispersed on the mudflat across the road (south of) from the Bear River Club, and another flew across the road in front of my truck at the low-water crossing east of the north-south section of the road (east of the major canal called the O-line)...

 (24 April 2011) - Had a LOVERLY Easter/spring walk this morning - around Brigham and then box elder campground. Had a few more FOY - 2 Orange-crowned warblers singing and eating in the scrub just below mayor's pond... Also had a Northern mockingbird flying around BC as well. And - up at Box Elder campground - singing Fox sparrows continue to be numerous, as well as Ruby-crowned kinglets...and today had a drumming Ruffed grouse!...

Mike Fish (6 Apr 2011) - Today on my way to work (I went in late) I saw my first of the year Long-billed Curlews. I saw three different pairs involved in various courtship motions in the fields surrounding Penrose...

Jack Binch (23 April 2011) - The birding is picking up at Bear River. There are thousands of Marbled Godwits and looking through them for a Hudsonian is worse than looking through gulls.
I saw lots of White-faced Ibis, one probable GLOSSY IBIS, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Vesper Sparrows, lots of Franklin's Gulls. Basically what you would expect this time of year. On the way out by the burned out duck club, when the road turns west, I saw two WHIMBRELS at the northwest end of the big pond that is there now.

Stephen Peterson (21 April 2011) - I had another uncommon visitor to my yard this morning that got me excited enough to share with everyone. Yesterday I had a group of Red Crossbills, and this morning I was alerted to a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks at the top of my green ash tree by the persistent, loud calling of a very colorful male.

Mike Fish
(21 April 2011) - I discovered the nest of Burrowing Owls this morning out in Promontory. Right near the nest I saw what I think were 2 Willet. I also saw several Long-billed Curlew and an amazing assortment of other birds common to the area. --  Had my first White-crowned sparrow of the year show up in my yard tonight. Also saw 26 Long-billed Curlews all together this morning in a field near Penrose. There were 6 others just a quarter mile from the 26.

(20 April 2011) - had my first of the year Lazuli Bunting at the backyard feeder this afternoon in Brigham.

Kris Purdy (17 April 2011) - A HORNED GREBE was at Mantua Reservoir in Box Elder County this afternoon. I saw the breeding-plumage bird through a gap in the trees from the south dike...

Paul Lombardi (13 April 2011) - I birded Willard Bay State Park today with a group from the Wasatch Audubon. Outstanding looks are 8-10 Evening Grosbeak near the parking lot for the nature trail.

Mike Fish (6 Apr 2011) - Today on my way to work (I went in late) I saw my first of the year Long-billed Curlews. I saw three different pairs involved in various courtship motions in the fields surrounding Penrose...

t might have been chilly with the top down off my jeep this morning - but man was it worth it to drive the Bear River MBR Auto Loop today. Not only did i get a nice view of a Male Eurasian Wigeon just off the county road on the way too the Refuge, but saw a brave FOY pair of Black-necked Stilts trying to decide if they wanted to join some avocets or not.


Mike Fish (28 April 2011) - YES - Just had my FOY Hummingbird. A male Calliope just showed up in the same location that I first saw it last spring. The Calliope showed up on April 21st of last year. Hope my Nectar feeder doesn't freeze tonight :)

Craig Fosdick (27 April 2011) - Birded a few spots around Cache Co. this evening; finally got my FOY MARBLED GODWITS, 4 at Sue's Ponds, on the edge of the shorebird playa. At Benson Marina, I had the pleasure of watching a SWAINSON'S HAWK with a freshly-killed and still wriggling garter snake (I think it was a garter) and a CASPIAN TERN flyover. There were 38 CATTLE EGRETS in the plowed field on the northwest corner of the intersection of 3000 N and 4000 W in Benson, about 1 mile east of Benson Marina.

Craig Fosdick (25 April 2011) - At Benson Marina this evening, there was a flock of 50 American Pipits feeding on along the north side of road.

Mike Fish (6 Apr 2011) - Today on my way to work (I went in late) I saw my first of the year Long-billed Curlews. I saw three different pairs involved in various courtship motions in the fields surrounding Penrose. I also saw several different groups of Pelicans on the water along Valley View Highway when I left Logan this morning.

Ryan O'Donnell (23 April 2011) - Twenty-five birders (or subsets thereof) saw the following on the Bridgerland Audubon Society field trip I led this morning: One PEREGRINE FALCON feeding at the BAS Amalga Barrens Sanctuary. Numbers of recently returned SAVANNAH SPARROWS singing around the Barrens. Several SNOWY EGRETS at the Barrens, a first of the season for most (all?) of us. WHITE-FACED IBIS, recently arrived in numbers - we had dozens fly over but none paused to let us search for Glossy Ibises. ... At the Bear River Bottoms property that is managed by BAS: we had a single HARRIS'S SPARROW loosely associating with some White-crowned Sparrows.

Mike Fish (20 Apr 2011) - I spent the morning out at the Little Bear River access on the Mendon road (Cache Valley). The sights and sounds were amazing! I was fortunate to find a group of Wood Ducks who appeared to be taking up residency on the River.

Connie McManus (20 Apr 2011) - Dry Lake on Highway 89 between Mantua and Logan : Eared grebes, Red-necked Phalaropes, American Coots (jillions), Mallards. Hyrum Dam: Western Grebes, Common Loons, Caspian Tern.

Stephen Peterson (20 april 2011) - Just 2 minutes ago I had a group of ~20 Red Crossbills (males and females) buzz in to my birdbath and take a drink and then take off again.

Mike Fish (15 April 2011) - Just had my FOY Caspian Tern fly down the river behind my house, coming down from First Dam at the mouth of Logan Canyon.

Craig Fosdick (12 April 2011) - Today I had a SAGE THRASHER at 1000 N 1850 W in Logan, about 3/4 mile west of 1000N/1000W.  The bird was on the south side of the road, on the old railroad grade, which is visible as an earthern fill; it intersects 1000 N at a diagonal.  I also had another GRASSHOPPER SPARROW on 1200 W and 1400 N, with a flock of 10 SAVANNAH SPARROWS.

Craig Fosdick (11 April 2011) - This evening I had my FOY GRASSHOPPER SPARROW at Benson Marina, a bird on the north side of the road about 1/2 mile west of the bridge.  The bird stuck to the stubble (not corn stubble, but I don't know what its) between the road and the field.  This is the same location I had two Grasshopper Sparrows 22 Sept. 2010, also migrants. Also at Benson Marina I had two CLIFF SWALLOWS, also Cache Co. FOY for me.

Bryan Shirley
(10 Apr 2011) - Spent the day in the snow in Northern Utah. Around Howell there were lots of Chukars along the road and 1 Short-eared Owl on the fence. Vesper Sparrows are here in good numbers. Bear River was cold and snowy, but tons of birds. Most of the species #'s
were in the 100's - 1000's. Not too many shorebirds (other than American Avocets), but a few Long-billed Curlews and a pretty goodbunch of Marbled Godwits around the SE end of the loop. There was 1 Swainson's Hawk in the visitor center parking lot.

Craig Fosdick (8 Apr 2011) - What is presumably the same adult Peregrine I saw on 3/24, or perhaps one member of a pair, was back on the north spire of the Logan Temple this evening at 730. It was gone by 749.

Craig Fosdick (6 Apr 2011) - This evening there was an OSPREY, my FOY for Cache Co., on the nest platform south of Benson Marina.


Steve Christensen (25 April 2011) - [Price, UT] - I spent all day yesterday looking for the White-winged Doves I was told by Kris that I photographed on Saturday. No luck. But, glad I came home for lunch today, as there were at least five at my house.

Alton Thygerson (17April 2011) - On April 15th (Friday), my wife and I ventured to Southeastern Utah
for two days of birding. Early Friday morning we observed what appears to be two leks of GREATER SAGE GROUSE along Emma Park road which is east of highway 6. We found the grouse in two separate areas—one just east of the Carbon and Utah County line sign and about 100 yards off the road on the north side and the other further east was about 25 yards from the road, also on the north side of the road. A combined number of an estimated 25 grouse were seen (9 males).


Norman Jenson (28 April 2011) - [Glover Pond] - NEOTROPIC CORMORANT.

Jack Binch (25 April 2011) - Bob Huntington just called to report three Red Knots between mile marker 5 and 6, but close to 5. They were on both sides of the road and quite a ways out. You would need a scope.

Kris Purdy (24 April 2011) - Horned Grebes at Buffalo Ranch Pond, northwest of Glover Pond in Davis County.

Stephen T Carlisle (23 April 2011) - Farmington Bay and Glover Pond - Blue-winged Teal (1-Glove Pond), Red-breasted Merganser (1-Glover Pond), Long-billed Curlew (3), Caspian Tern (1), lots of Tree and Northern Rough-winged Swallows plus some Barns,...

Bryant Olsen (19 Apr 2011) - Today I had an itch to get out, so I headed up to Farmington Bay, and saw lots of FOY's, including several flocks of WHITE-FACED IBIS, YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS, BLACK-NECKED STILTS, WESTERN GREBE. Also tons of swallows, including VIOLET-GREEN, TREE, BARN and NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED. Then I had a single RICHARDSON'S CACKLING GOOSE mixed in with several dozen CANADA GEESE in the fields just north of the nature center. Also I had 3 GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES...

Weston Smith (11 April 2011) - I went to Jensen Nature Park (west end of Gentile Street in Davis County) today. There was a lone Snow Goose (I believe it is the same one that spent the winter there with a Ross's Goose. Today there was no Ross's Goose though.) Also of interest were three Red-breasted Mergansers one drake and two hens...

Kris Purdy (7 Apr 2011) - The male EURASIAN WIGEON that has been seen many times at Glover Pond at Farmington Bay WMA, Davis County, since Bill Fenimore reported it on March 14 was grazing south of Egg Island this afternoon at about 2:00 p.m...

Norman Jenson (16 April 2011) - Snowy Egret at Farmington Bay today.

J. K. Peterson (2 Apr 2011) -  Saw what I believe was a male GARGANEY DUCK on the ponds at the Farmington Bay this morning. It was milling about with several widgeons and a pair of Cinnamon Teal.

Paul Higgins (3 Apr 2011) - Long-eared Owl today. Antelope Island. Thanks Steve & Cindy.


Cheri (22 April 2011) - 12 Black-necked Stilts in small pond just N. of Mount Carmel Junction on East side of Hwy 89.

Cheri (22 April 2011) - Black-throated Grey Warbler. It came within 6 ft of me. Was curious about that "pishing" sound. Ruby-crowned Kinglets as well and Black chinned and Broad-tailed Hummers. Cassin's Finches here for a few weeks now. Robins nesting. Chipping Sparrows. Spring is great!


Keeli Marvel (25 April 2011) - Three Utah County Birders met in the wee hours of the morning
Saturday, April 23rd for a field trip to the Henefer Greater Sage-grouse Lek... After spending about an hour watching the grouse, we were treated to the sight of a PEREGRINE FALCON chasing a smaller bird (possibly a robin) directly over the parking area...  --After visiting the lek, we wandered on down to East Canyon Reservoir. Highlights were a VESPER SPARROW on the fence perched on the fence about halfway between the lek and the reservoir, COMMON LOONS, COMMON MERGANSERS, and WESTERN GREBES on the reservoir, a SPOTTED TOWHEE across from the entrance to the RV park and a FOX SPARROW in the brushy marshy area on the east side of the road past the resort....

Douglas Mead (11 April 2011) - Notwithstanding I had to get up at 4:30 to make a rendezvous with the GSLAS group, it was a fantastic day. Roberta Wherritt led 5 of us to the Henefer Sage Grouse lek and when we crested the last hill before the reservoir the birds were all over the middle of the road--and I do mean all over. We counted 104;... Other highlights included Common Mergansers, Common Loons, 20 Turkeys--the toms were really gussied up too, many Sandhill Cranes, Savannah Sparrows, Spotted Towhees, 2 Ospreys, 13 Great Blue Herons in a rookery at Henefer and a Golden Eagle. ...

Jon Watkins (9 Apr 2011) - Flock of ~50 Franklin's Gulls in field just before Hwy 65 T's into Henefer, with a larger flock of Ring-billed Gulls.  Pinkish hues showing off beautifully.



Matt Williams (30 April 2011) - During a walk through the snow this morning, a tail-wagging and likely upset Gray Flycatcher had found a bare patch of grass and was presumably hunting for any sign of insect life...This is at about 500E 6800S in Midvale.

Deedee O'Brien (28 April 2011) - A friend, Brent Houskeeper, living in West Jordan just told me about sighting a Chestnut-backed Chickadee in his yard yesterday. See his message pasted in below.
   --I just saw a Chestnut-backed Chickadee in my back yard. First time I have seen one and it seems quite a bit out of range according to my guides. Maybe their range is expanding. I thought perhaps the Audubon folks would be interested. Hi again, there was no time for a photo, but the chestnut breast sides and back were unmistakable. I am at 2624 Bueno Vista Drive in West Jordan, Utah.

Bryant Olsen (24 April 2011) - I have been house/cat sitting up emigration canyon the past week,...I did manage to find 2 EVENING GROSBEAKS in a neighbour's tree, a male and female exhibiting courtship behaviour (male feeding female).... a pair of B. KINGFISHES along the creek. This was about 5 miles up the canyon. I also saw my f.o.y. FOX SPARROW up here a few days ago. Over on the other side of the ridge at the Mountain and Little Dell Res., there are lots of COMMON LOONS, and an OSPREY, collecting nest material.

Stephen D Carlisle (23 April 2011) - Lee Kay Ponds - Greater and Lesser Scaup, Black-crowned Night Heron, Forester's Tern, the six expected Utah swallow species (only 1 Violet-green), 200+ American White Pelicans flying overhead and Western Kingbird. Also Ring-necked Ducks are still there in good numbers.

Kristin Purdy (20 April 2011) - A NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was singing his heart out near the parking lot at Bountiful Lake in Davis County today. My ears couldn’t listen as fast as that bird could sing, but here’s what I think I heard in a bout of sustained listening: Tree Swallow, American Robin, Pinyon Jay, Northern Flicker, American Kestrel, Western Grebe, Purple Martin, Black-billed Magpie, Rock Wren, Red-winged Blackbird.

Susan Grey (20 April 2011) - went to Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak for a quick look around 11am. I saw 1 Common merganser and 2 Red-breasted mergansers.... It's a sure sign of Spring.

Richard Young (13 April 2011) - Sandy Pond beckoned me again today (April 12), with a real surprise! Along with the typical birds making themselves available for photos, I saw my FOY Caspian Tern.

Norman Jenson
(10 Apr 2011) -  [Jordan River Parkway -- 3300 S to 4500 S incl. General Holm Park] - Osprey, Swainson's Hawk, Belted Kingfisher, Northern Flicker, Black-billed Magpie, Black-capped Chickadee, American Robin, European Starling, FOX SPARROW, Red-winged Blackbird, House Sparrow.

Bob Walters (4 Apr 2011) - FOY (for me) Swainson's Hawk observed - perched high in a roadside tree at 2790 North along 2200 West St. in Salt Lake City at 5:22 p.m. on April 3, 2011.

Frank Clawson (3 Apr 2011) - I have the privilege of having an office across the street from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City, which provides multiple daily opportunities to view the Peregrine Falcons. This creates distractions in getting my work done--a burden which I bear with the greatest of pleasure.

Matt Williams (3 Apr 2011) - ...On Friday evening at Wheeler Farm in Murray, amidst the many domestics we found a rather tame, bread-eating but legit-looking immature Snow Goose. It was dwarfed by the domestics but came complete with a grin so it clearly was not a Ross's. ... On Saturday, I heard a Red Crossbill fly over our condo in Midvale.


Alton Thygerson (17 April 2011) - My wife and I We drove to Devil Canyon campground (off of highway 191 and between Monticello and Blanding). After spending most of the afternoon in the
area, we observed the following specialty birds: ACORN WOODPECKER, WILLIAMSON’S SAPSUCKER, PYGMY NUTHATCH, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and WESTERN BLUEBIRD. Recapture Reservoir was almost birdless—one COMMON LOON, EARED GREBES,
and a single gull.

Justin Shirley (16 April 2011) - The Acorn Woodpeckers are still in Devils Canyon. I watched two this morning on the east side of Highway 191 at Devils Canyon (between Monticello and Blanding). They are easily seen from the highway - usually on the east side as you start up the south side of the canyon.


Ryan Jones (10 Apr 2011) - There is a great opportunity to see a pair of nesting Ospreys in Coalville. A nesting platform has been built behind the Best Western Hotel just off of the interstate. It is easily viewed from a vehicle, as it is only 30 or so yards from a paved road.

Jon Watkins (9 Spr 2011) - [Echo Canyon and Reservoir]: Kendall is more sure than I am, but because I'm the one posting, and am no expert, I'll say possible Baird's Sandpiper in the mud flats at the far south shore...
   -- Also at Echo: 4 Red-breasted Mergansers (3 at far NE corner near dam), Common Mergansers, many Mountain Bluebirds, 2 Vesper Sparrows, a Say's Phoebe, 1 Cormorant, many Common Loons,...

   -- East Canyon
: Several Common Loons, Western Grebe, Gadwall, Northern Shovelers, Green-winged Teal, Kestrel, 2 Red-tailed Hawks, 2 Golden Eagles (just east of the reservoir toward Henefer, perched in tree at top of ridge to the south).


Candy (9 Apr 2011) - This morning I had a male and female Common Grackle visit the yard.  I was able to get a picture of the male on the feeder thru a dirty window - not the best photo but it is identifiable.


Diane Penttila (4 Apr 2011) - [Ouray National Wildlife Refuge] - Canada geese, Mallard, Gadwall, Green-winged teal, Cinnamon teal, Northern shoveler, Northern pintail, American wigeon, Bufflehead. Ring-necked duck, Lesser scaup, Redhead, Canvasback, Ruddy duck, Common goldeneye, Red-breasted merganser, American coot, Great blue heron, Double-crested cormorant, American white pelican, Sandhill crane, Killdeer, Greater yellowlegs, Pied-billed grebe, Western grebe, Clark's grebe, American kestrel, Northern harrier, Red-tailed hawk, Turkey vulture, Ring-billed gull


Eric Huish ( 30 April 2011) - 15 Birders met at 8:00 this morning to bird the Provo Airport Dike and nearby areas. We saw Wilson's Snipe, 2 Solitary Sandpipers and a couple of Savannah Sparrows in the fields along Harbor Road (Lower Provo River Parkway area). There were 6 Solitary Sandpipers at the Pond on the North end of Lakeview Drive. Also at the pond a Forester's Tern and Spotted Sandpiper were year firsts for most of us.  On the Provo Airport Dike in the Flooded Field on the South extension we saw a Western Sandpiper, Wilson's Phalarope and a Marbled Godwit. Between the South extension and the Southwest corner we saw a Clay-colored Sparrow (unfortunately not seen well by everyone) and a Rock Wren. On the West side of the loop, by the control tower, a Sage Thrasher gave everyone great views. In the woods along the river at the North end of the Dike Loop we saw 2 Townsend's Solitaires and a Yellow Warbler was a year first for everyone in the group. 

KC Childs (30 April 2011) - Today on a field trip to the Provo Airport Dike a Clay-colored Sparrow was spotted. It was only seen by the first car. It was seen halfway along the southern road of the dike. It was halfway between the extension and the southwest corner of the dike. There are a lot of sparrows along this road. It was coming into breeding plumage, but not quite there.

Mike Mahoney (30 April 2011) - Spotted two Wilson's Phalarope on Boat Harbour dr. 3/10ths of a mile West of Lakeshore dr. in Provo. in the little ponds on the South side of the road.

Eric Peterson (29 April 2011) - ... I started to wash the inside windows, when what would appear on my humming bird feeder, a bright orange Bullock's Oriole. Right behind him on the seed feeder was a male Lazuli Bunting trying to share a few seeds with the Cassin's finches, Chickadees and White Crowned Sparrows...

Alona Huffaker (28 April 2011) -  I've had a couple of pretty male Lazuli Buntings at my feeders in South Springville this week!.  Still getting some Evening Grosbeaks once in awhile, too.

KC Childs (24 April 2011) - Today while going to study the Glossy Ibis more in west Provo I stopped by the pond at the end of Lakeshore Drive in Provo. Take 1520 north off of Geneva Road and Lakeshore Dr. is about 3100 west. The road dead ends and the pond is on the other side of the chain link fence. I was able to view 2 Solitary Sandpipers, 1 Semi-palmated Plover, 2 Sanderlings and a peep that didn't wanna show itself very well...

Norman Jenson ( 23 April 2011) - [Pioneer Crossing, Lehi, UT] -  stopped by PCP today and in the field west of the mile marker, the area without the concrete fence I saw this Sandhill Crane. The little pond at the mile marker was virtually empty, but the area just east had a nice collection of birds including one Blue-winged Teal cavorting with half a dozen Cinnamon Teals.

Casey Day (22 April 2011) - Spotted a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER mixed in with BLACK-NECKED STILTS, AVOCETS, and KILLDEER. There were also a couple of YELLOWLEGS, I think lesser but who knows. The birds are at a pond visible from 3110 west in provo. If you head west on 1390 north off of lakeshore drive and follow the road you will pass right by the pond.

KC Childs (21 April 2011) -  Stopped by on my l lunch break at the pond on the south side of Pioneer Crossing at mile post 1. The majority of all the birds sighted were still there, but in much smaller numbers. With the exception of Marbled Godwits, there was easily over 50 of them. I was not able to find a Hudsonian in with the flock though. Also a Blue-winged Teal was there, as was a few Bonaparte's Gulls and Franklins. I was able to observe 1 Cattle Egret. I also saw a few peeps flying out into fields to the west, but could not locate them.

Ned Bixler
(20 April 2011) - Today, in a field on North Harbor Road, Provo, there were 200-300 ibis. There was at least one Glossy Ibis in this group. They were on the South side of the road. This road leads to Skipper Bay Trail. There were also several cattle egrets along with other birds.

Dave Walton (20 April 2011) - A lone Bar-headed Goose caught my eye while watching BC Night Herons on East Bay island. The goose was crossing the golf green just north of the island about 11:30 am this morning.

KC Childs (19 April  2011-  I was out in the area of mile marker 1 on Pioneer Crossing for work today ... Highlights were an all together impressive number of birds. I estimated low on my number below. Highlights included the continuing Bonapartes Gulls. A Peregrine Falcon that was working on catching some dinner. A first of the year Blue-winged Teal was gorgeous. There were more Great Egrets then there were Snowy Egrets, that was interesting.

Jeff Cooper (18 April 2011) - This evening I dropped by the ponds near mile marker 1 on Pioneer Crossing in Lehi and saw my FOY Cattle Egrets. There were four of them mixing with nine Snowy Egrets. The place was hopping with birds.

Jeff Cooper (16 April 2011) - BLACK-THROATED SPARROW on Provo Airport Dike (west side of airport between the tower and the bend in the road, closer to the bend at the south end of the dike).

Alona Huffaker (14 April 2011) - There are a dozen or so Evening Grosbeaks at the feeders in my yard this morning. They were here this time (7:45 am) yesterday, too. There were many more on Saturday afternoon. (1195 S 700 E Springville)

Bryan Shirley (14 April 2011) - Today had a great day. Started with a Pacific Wren in the Provo South Fork Canyon, It didn't get the mileage, but I think less than 1 mile up the canyon near the gate and Provo city water signs. Next there were a bunch of Wild Turkeys displaying in the road just above Sundance and then a Nor. Pygmy Owl enjoying the sun just above Aspen Grove. This afternoon there was a Whimbrel just east of milepost 15 on the hwy from Saratoga Springs to Elberta. It was with a few curlews.

Flora Duncan
(10 Apr 2011) - Saturday afternoon sighted Blue-wing Teal on east edge of the water just south of Lindon marina.

Ned Bixler (10 Apr 2011) - North Harbor Road, in the fields, there were Greater Yellowlegs, and a Great Egret this afternoon.

Dennis Shirley (9 Apr 2011) - In between snow squalls I took a couple hour spin around southern Utah County this afternoon. New FOY birds included: Red-necked Phalarope - Benjamin Slough, Snowy Plover - Lincoln Beach, Barn, Cliff, Bank, and Violet-green Swallows, mixed in large flock of Tree Swallows - Lincoln Beach. Additionally, Lewis's Woodpecker along the Salem canal and Osprey at Salem Pond are still there.

Eric Huish (9 Apr 2011) - ...7 Utah County Birders stood on the side of the road overlooking beaver ponds in South Fork Canyon. We listened to the babbling brook, singing Robins, a Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrows and Fox Sparrows. We patiently waited over 30 minutes before we heard what we had come for.   --, a drumming Ruffed Grouse. Heard Only. It was on the far side of the beaver ponds just downstream from South Fork Park...

Alton Thygerson (7 Apr 2011) - Close-up and prolonged looks occurred this afternoon (4:30 p.m.) in Diamond Fork Canyon of a FOX SPARROW, a RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER, and a FERRUGINOUS HAWK...

Douglas Mead ( 4 Apr 2011) - At 12:15 today there were 3 Lesser Yellowlegs in the remainder of the pond on 2300W in Lehi. Also present were several Mallards, 4 Canada Geese and 3 very frisky Sandhill Cranes.

Dennis Shirley (4 Apr 2011) - Alona Huffaker just called to report EVENING GROSBEAKS in her next door neigbors yard in Springville this morning. In years past Alona and Bonnie Williams have periodically had them at their feeders, so there's a good chance they may stick around. 


Kimberly Roush (14 April 2011) - I continue to get large numbers of Evening Grosbeaks every day
and also see them around Pinebrook, Park City.

Dave Hanscom (11 April 2011) - My wife and I hiked the trail from Soldier Hollow along the west side of Deer Creek this morning. Lots of Common loons and Osprey, as well as one lone pelican, were the highlights. At Jordanelle Dam, Western Grebes and Common Loons. Best birds were a few Avocets and Godwits near the campground, Red-breasted mergansers at the edge of the ice by the marina, and Clark's grebes.


David Wheeler (24 April 2011) - By the way, I am not sure (though maybe I'm wrong?) any of the folks posting on UBIRD have reported on this listserv that Tim Avery saw two Gilded Flickers at Zella Tank on the Beaver Dam Slope.

Glenda Cotter (24 April 2011) - At Brooks Park in St. George (Main St. and approx 455 No), we have seen on two occasions an Anna's Hummingbird (4/21 and 4/22) perched and displaying from a bush about 200 yds? ...

Kevin Wheeler
(22 April 2011) - About 10:20 this morning I observed a male Yellow-throated Warbler in the tall cottonwoods against the cliffs (as opposed to the ones along the river) at Confluence Park along the Virgin River near La Verkin, Washington County. The white patch on the cheek made the dark triangle encircling the eye stand out, differing it from a Grace's Warbler. This was my first one in Utah.

Jack Binch (3 Apr 2011) - [St. George] -  I spent most of my time in the Joshua trees, so I did not find a great variety of birds. Lots of House Finches, White-crowned Sparrows, several Cactus Wrens, a Rock Wren and one Black-throated Sparrow, Gambel's Quail and one Greater Roadrunner. I  went by Tonaquint Park on my way back to town to see an Abert's Towhee and was surprised to see the Swamp Sparrow that Craig Fosdick found a couple of weeks ago...
   -- Same scenario on Saturday, and similar results. I left a little earlier and checked the spot in Hurricane for a Common Moorhen and was at least successful on that.


Kristin Purdy (22 April 20110 -  The flocks of White-faced Ibis along the eastern border of Ogden Bay WMA are huge; I came across a big flock in a flooded farmer’s field in Taylor, northwest of West Haven, and a good candidate for a GLOSSY IBIS before I had scoped a dozen birds.

Paul Higgins (11 April 2011) - Vesper Sparrows, pair (male and female) North Arm, Pineview Reservoir, Weber County.


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