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March 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
Cackling Goose  Cache Co. 
    Cackling Goose  Utah Co. 
    Neotropic Cormorant  Davis Co. 


Dave Hanscom (30 Mar 2011) - Stopped at Salt Creek to see what I could find there.  Gazillions of water birds, most of which have already been reported.  Best find was a small flock of Red-breasted Merganzers doing their courting dance. 

David Wheeler (25 Mar 2011) - SHARP-TAILED GROUSE -- ten at White's Canyon, Box Elder County. Snow there is DEEEEEP, both on road and then walking..

Kirstin Purdy (17 Mar 2011) - I saw two flocks of Tree Swallows totaling 32 birds at Bear River MBR in Box Elder County on March 5. It was warm enough so they were aerial foraging for bugs over phragmites stands. I was glad to see them.

Craig Fosdick (12 Mar 2011) -  Walked Long Divide Rd this afternoon and was rewarded with two flocks of MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS and a NORTHERN SHRIKE. But my favorite of the day was the beautiful PRAIRIE "RICHARDSON'S" MERLIN sitting in the tree at Benson Marina on the BAS field trip this morning!

Kirstin Purdy (5 Mar 2011) - ...   --Salt Creek WMA: Cinnamon Teal, Sandhill Crane: Heard, but didnít see them, American Avocet: Just three. Mountain Bluebird: Fourteen along the access road to the WMA from SR-83 at mm 7, and along the eastern border of Public Shooting Grounds WMA. All males, reflecting the characteristic migration behavior of this species. How could I have forgotten how vibrant that electric blue color is?

Paul Higgins (12 Mar 2011) -  birded West Corinne, ATK and went over to Salt Creek to visit Wasatch Audabon and Utah DWR conducting Swan Day. I could not locate any white geese in the fields around Corinne but had two large flocks fly over high, and continued north. Highlight for me was a pair of Say's Phoebe's south west of ATK along the Promintary Mountain Road...spring is close.

Norm Jenson
(3 Mar 2011) - What a pleasant surprise 5 or 6 Sharp-tailed Grouse on the road to Bear River Refuge, the paved portion that heads Northwest a couple of miles before you get to the loop.  ...


Craig Fosdick (31 Mar 2011) - This evening at Benson Marina in Cache Co. I had my FOS SWAINSON'S HAWK, LONG-BILLED CURLEW, and WESTERN and CLARK'S GREBES.

Ryan O'donnell (27 Mar 2011) - CINNAMON TEAL: Previously seen by others in the county, but I'd missed them until today.  About 25 at the Logan City Polishing Ponds. AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN: Also previously seen by others. Seen at three locations, including 15 at Benson Marina.
HORNED GREBE: Two at the Logan City Polishing Ponds. EARED GREBE: One at the Logan City Polishing Ponds. YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD: Five males at the Logan City Polishing Ponds.
RED-BREASTED MERGANSER: A male and female together at Benson Marina.

Craig Fosdick (27 Mar 2011) -There were two American Avocets on the south side of Utah 30 at the Logan Fish Hatchery at 4 pm-these are the first I've seen in the county this year.

Craig Fosdick
(23 Mar 2011) - This evening there was an adult PEREGRINE FALCON perched on the spire on the east side of the Logan Temple.

Mike Fish (16 Mar 2011) - My first of the season Sayís Phoebe welcomed me to work this morning with an endless serenade of ďI am hereÖI am hereÖI am hereÖ..YYYup." I have also seen several Sandhill Cranes and Killdeer throughout this week here on the ATK mountain...

Ryan O'Donnell (13 Mar 2011- Stephanie Cobbold and I had our first-of-the-season FOX SPARROW in Green Canyon, near North Logan, this evening. This is just a few days ahead of schedule according to records in eBird, which show the species usually appearing here in the third week of March.

Craig Fosdick (13 Mar 2011) - I hiked a short ways up Green Canyon this morning to enjoy the spring air. A NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL was calling-always nice to hear.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (12 Mar 201) - This morning I lead about ten people on a field trip for the Bridgerland Audubon Society.  The main focus of our trip was migrating geese and swans.  Here are some highlights: About 40 SNOW GEESE plus two or three ROSS'S GEESE flew over 4600N near Sam Fellow Road, including one dark-morph SNOW GOOSE.  Three SWAN SP. also flew over here.  Two or three CACKLING GEESE were visible among the CANADA GEESE, but were pretty distant.
   -- At the Bear River Oxbow we had a few more SWANS, but they were still too distant to identify.  There was one additional CACKLING GOOSE (Richardson's) among about a hundred CANADAS here.
   -- At the Amalga Barrens, we had a couple first-of-the-year CINNAMON TEAL, plus more distant SWANS.  Again, there was one CACKLING GOOSE among Canadas here.
   -- In the town of Benson, we had two CALIFORNIA QUAIL. California Quail are not nearly as common in Cache County as they are along parts of the Wasatch Front. ...  This pair seemed pretty tame, but were not banded, and other California Quail have been seen in this area on several occasions in recent years...

Connie McManus (10 Mar 2011) - Spring-za-comin! Last night I heard - but did not see- Sandhill Cranes around my house. 3200 South in Nibley, Cache Co if anyone is interested. There are usually 2 or 3 mating pairs that nest around my house each year.

Craig Fosdick (8 Mar 2011) - There was a dark-morph Harlan's Hawk on the nw corner of 14N and 10W in Logan this afternoon.

Craig Fosdick (4 Mar 2011) - I was very surprised to see two Sharp-tailed Grouse about 1/10 mile west of 1000 W and 1400 N in Logan today. This is the first time I have ever seen them in the valley, away from the foothills in Smithfield or in Paradise. I can only guess they are not enjoying the deep snow in the foothills.


Steve Christensen (22 Mar 2011) - There were at least a dozen Turkey Vultures flying around Price this evening. About half of them landed in one tree.


David Wheeler (25 Mar 2011) - NEOTROPIC CORMORANT --lovely adult at end of Glover lane pond portion of Farmington WMA.  Also there was the male EURASIAN WIGEON, but along a small sleugh a few hundred yards directly south of the ponds.

Stephen T. Carlisle (19 Mar 2011) - Like a lot of other folks, went this morning to search out the Eurasian Wigeon at Glover Ponds. After many years of "it was just here", I was not disappointed. The bird was still there as described by others. Watched it for over an hour. ... A Life bird for me! ...Lots of other ducks at Glover Ponds and Farmington Bay. Tundra Swans still at Farmington Bay. Found four Wood Ducks on the canal north of the road, as it emerges from the reeds, before you get to Egg Island. ... Saw a total of 43 species.

Bryant Olsen (15 Mar 2011) - I spent last night on Antelope Island, nothing rare or unusual seen, but it was nice to get out again and I did see a few FOY birds, including MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS, A. W. PELICANS, and a SAVANNAH SPARROW, but perhaps the highlights were the owls, LONG-EARED OWL (heard only), 2 BARN OWLS.

Bill Fennimore (13 Mar 2011) - There is a drake EURASIAN WIGEON at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. It was resting on a small finger of land that runs directly north of the Great Blue Heron rookery at the Great Salt Lake Nature Center...

Dave Hanscom (11 Mar 2011) - Today I had an hour to kill and decided to head for Mueller Park above Bountiful to try (for the umteenth time) to scare up a Golden-crowned Kinglet and Brown Creeper. One for two ain't bad. The Kinglets were near the second switchback (the first that goes to the left as you climb) on the trail that ascends south from the road just outside the gate.

Stephanie Greenwood (10 Mar 2011) - This morning I heard a loud thud on my window.  I jumped out of bed, knowing that a confused bird was likely the culprit.  To my surprise, I looked down on the deck below the window, and a very small owl was sitting there, confused.  I believe that it was a Northern Pygmy Owl (aka Rocky Mountain Pygmy Owl).  I snapped a picture with my iPhone.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (1 Mar 2011) - This afternoon I found an out-of-season LEAST SANDPIPER at the Logan Fish Hatchery (aka Logan Fisheries Experiment Station), just north of the Logan Landfill on 200N at about 1600W in Logan, Cache County. The earliest record of Least Sandpiper for Cache County in eBird is from mid-April, and they can be fairly common here by May. They are also the most likely peep to be found elsewhere in Utah in winter.


Cheri (28 Mar 2011) - Cinnamon Teal. A beautiful pr. here on a shallow pond/marshy area. Lydia's Canyon, Kane Co.


David Allan (28 Mar 2011) - Found a few FOY birds in the Fool Creek Sinks area of of Millard County this past weekend. 3/26: Long-billed Dowitcher (1). 3/27: Say's Phoebe (1), Turkey Vulture (10+), Double-crested Cormorant (10).
   --The Harris' Sparrow that I first noted in my backyard on 12/26/10 has continued through the winter. It was still present on Sunday 3/27. I have observed it every weekend I've been home since the first sighting.


David Wheeler (25 Mar 2011) - GREATER SAGE GROUSE above Henefer at lek. Big activity. The spot continues to amaze.

Weston Smith
(22 Mar 2011) - There is a Black Rosy-finch at my feeders here in Croydon, UT eating sunflower seed.

(13 Mar 2011) - Approximately fifty Greater Sage-Grouse were on hand at first light this morning at the usual place along State Road 65 (at the county line) coming out of Henefer headed for East Canyon. Mostly males with only a few females. There were Wild Turkeys on State Road 66 just as you came out of the canyon and began seeing small homesteads on the way to Morgan. Just past the turkeys were a pair of Lewis' Woodpeckers on telephone poles.

Tim Gorman (6 Mar 2011) - The Great Blue Herons are starting to congregate in and around the Henefer heron rookery along the Weber River. Some blue herons are on the nests "staking claim". The heron rookery is on the Weber River along I84 between Henefer and Echo. A few Bald Eagles are hanging out amongst the herons, as always. No immature Bald Eagles were noted.


Geoff Hardies (30 Mar 2011) - A quick run out to Lee Kay this morning yielded a male Hooded Merganser. I have never seen one out there before.

Deedee O'Brien (24 Mar 2011) - The first Band-tailed Pigeon of the year showed up in our yard in Holladay on Monday, March 21st. He doesn't hang out much, but comes every day.

Stephen T. Carlisle
( 20 Mar 2011) - Looks like the Peregrine Falcons in downtown SLC are setting up shop in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building nest box.  Lots of noise and acrobatics.  Last Thursday the female (bigger bird?) was in the nest box calling out for minutes at a time and the male (smaller bird?) was doing the acrobatics around the next box and the plaza.  The male also brought a feathered treat for the female.

Bob Walters (10 Mar 2011) - March 3,4,7 & 9 - 2 Sandhill Cranes foraging in the area of large, cattle feeding troughs west of 2200 West St. (at about 2688 North) in Salt Lake City.

Carol Gwynn (4 Mar 2011) - There were Tundra Swans at the end of Glover Lane along with DC Cormorants, and a very busy [GB] heron rookery. As I was walking part of the long dike road, there were still numerous Bald Eagles - about 20 in the air at one time and a couple of dozen more in the fields to the west of the dike. The dike road is closed to vehicles until the end of the nesting season, so you have to hoof it. As I was standing around by the first bridge on the dike road, an immature Bald Eagle came and landed on a post about 50 feet away. That was a surprise, since I wasn't using a vehicle as a blind. Sandhill Cranes were also heard. FOY on sandhills and cormorants for me. Beautiful day to be out. For once, the weather was nice on a day off from school. :-)

Bryant Olsen (4 Mar 2011) - I went up Neff's canyon this evening, and was able to find the N. Pygmy Owl again in the same spot near the mouth of the canyon. But this time it wasn't alone, and there were 2 of them tooting back and forth, and then they started doing a very enthusiastic sounding thrill call to each other, which I assume is more of a courtship call, so maybe they will make some babies this year up there!


Office @ RecaptureLodge (5 Mar 2011) - A suspected male Greater Roadrunner has become a common sight just north of the Navajo Fair Grounds in Bluff. This morning he is calling from the roof of a porch until the resident cat approaches, then jumps down and leads the cat on a merry chase into Cottonwood Wash only to reappear on the roof later.


Dave Hanscom (11 Mar 201) - On my way to go skiing up toward Wolf Creek Pass on Wednesday, I decided to take the long way and check out Lower River Road for Waxwings and Grosbeaks.  No luck on either of those, but I did find a Lewis' Woodpecker hanging out by the corner of 1000 East.  That was a Summit County first for me, which was a nice bonus. 


Dave Hanscom (30 Mar 2011 - Took a trip up to Faust Valley to see if I could find the Short-eared Owls reported by Kris Purdy about a month ago.  No luck on that, but I did find three Long-billed Curlews hanging around the fields.  No surprise on the owls with all the pipeline work going on.  They're still burying pipe, so there's lots of commotion.

Candy (17 Mar 2011) - There was a lone Tree Swallow flying around in Dugway this morning.

Eric Huish (14 Mar 2011) - I drove out to Tooele yesterday. In the morning, on my way out, I stopped at Ophir Canyon and Rush Lake. On my way back, near sunset, I stopped at James Walter Fitzgerald WMA. Highlights in Ophir Canyon were 6 species of Corvid (best were Pinyon Jays and Clark's Nutcracker), a Hairy Woodpecker, a Cassin's Finch and a singing Canyon Wren. Rush Lake was full of waterfowl but much of it was two distant to identify from my vantage point. There were a couple of Bald Eagles there. Highlights at J.W. Fitzgerald WMA were a Red-breasted Merganser, a dozen Canvasback, my first Sage Thrasher of the year and a Great Horned Owl in the trees by the house on the corner of UT-36 and Pony Express Rd.


Dennis Shirley (30 Mar 2011) - We had a fun night, owling, last night. Fifteen UCB's first tried to locate a Short-eared Owl at several locations, but had no luck. Our luck changed in Payson Canyon after dark, where we got great looks at Western Screech Owl, a brief look and accompaning hooting of a Great Horned Owl, and a dynamite eye-level look at a Saw-Whet Owl. It was one of those "golden birding moments" for all.

Eric Huish (29 Mar 2011) - count at the Provo Center Street Roost this morning was 34 Turkey Vultures. There were only 9 yesterday.  400 east Center, Provo.

Eric Huish (26 Mar 2011) - This morning (Mar 26) 17 Birders met at the mouth of American Fork Canyon for field trip #9 in the 'Utah County March Big Month' series.   ... After everyone arrived, instead of heading up the canyon we drove along the foothills south of the canyon toward Cedar Hills to chase the finches.  We found the flock of 150 ROSY FINCHES feeding in a sandy cut in the foothills about 1/2 mile south of A.F. Canyon.  There were about 140 Gray-crowned and 10 Black Rosy-Finches.   We got very close long looks at the flock as it fed on the open ground. ...
   --On our way back up the canyon the last car in our group saw a Golden Eagle feeding on a carcass near the road. The rest of us missed it...

Dennis Shirley (23 Mar 2011) - Twenty four species were seen by seven "stick-with-it"  March Big Month UCB on Tuesday morning in the P/J/sage areas of southwestern Utah County. Target species seen included: Juniper Titmouse (2), Pinyon Jay (2 flocks), Praire Falcon, and Ferruginous Hawk. Misses included: Sage and Brewer's Sparrow, Bushtit, Loggerhead Shrike, and Long-eared Owl.

Jeff Cooper (16 Mar 2011) - I stopped by the Geneva Cooling Ponds this evening about 5:30 on the way home from working in Spanish Fork for the day. The cooling ponds are just south of the Lindon Boat Harbor (Utah Lake). There was one male HOODED MERGANSER among the regular species for the ponds. I also saw AVOCETS in the same pond for the first time this year.

Eric Huish (16 Mar 2011) - Ned Bixler and I birded the Provo Airport Dike this morning. Police barricades are still blocking the south part of the loop. New PAD Arrivals - Tree Swallows, Clark's Grebes, Western Grebe, DC Cormorants. I saw a large flock of cormorant flying north at Powell Slough. On the Lower Provo River Parkway we saw a pair of Wood Ducks sitting high in a cottonwood tree.

Bryan Shirley (16 Mar 2011) - Just after somebody reported a Fox Sparrow a couple of days ago I found one in the Campground in Diamond Fork on Monday evening. Yesterday there was a FOY Marbled Godwit and Bonaparte's Gull in Lehi.

Dennis Shirley (16 Mar 2011) - Eight UCB spent four hours Tuesday morning on #6 March Big Month Field Trip in the Genola, Goshen, Elberta, Goshen Canyon areas. We saw 45 species of which several were new for the month: Hooded Merganser, Ruddy Duck, Sage Thrasher, Merlin, Say's Phoebe, and Bewick's Wren. Other good birds included: Ferruginous Hawk, Evening Grosbeak, and Sandhill Crane.

Douglas  Mead (16 Mar 2011) - At 4:30 yesterday afternoon I observed a Northern Goshawk near 10400 W and Jordan River in Lehi. I approached on foot across a field and was able to observe it from a distance of 50 yds for abt 10 minutes before it flew to the West across the river. Way Cool!!

kd7mnr (14 Mar 2011) - A Long-eared Owl has been seen at this address last 3 weeks check at 31 North 775 East American Fork so as to not frighten it away.

Dennis Shirley (12 Mar 2011) - A large group of 24 UCB went on the field trip this morning to the Payson,Spring Lake, Santaquin, Genola, areas. Forty six species were seen. New birds for our field trips included: Tundra Swan at Santaquin Reservoir, Virginia Rail and White Pelican at Goshen Warm Springs, Spotted Towhee in Santaquin Canyon, and Yellow-headed Blackbird at Santaquin (for those who got a look at it). Other always-good-birds-to-see included Barn and Great Horned Owl and Mountain Bluebird. Our total for the five morning field trips now stands at 89. 
Jack Binch
(11 Mar 2011) - [Provo Airport Dike] -I
went back down this afternoon prepared to walk the west side. It was very pleasant and I had the place to myself. ... I saw a bird doing an imitation of a chipmunk. It was running down the side of the road with its tail straight up in the air. I did not need to look in the binoculars to know it was a Sage Sparrow. It stayed fifty feet ahead of me, but I got some good looks at it. Along the road were Cinnamon Teal, Coots, Canada Geese, Great Blue Heron, Red-winged Blackbirds, Song Sparrows, White-crowned Sparrows, Flickers, Mallards, and kind of a surprise Northern Shrike.

Kay Stone (10 Mar 2011) - This morning I saw a pair of Hooded Mergansers on Powell's Lake west of Lehi. To get there go west out of Lehi on main street which becomes U-73 until you come almost to the Jordan River. It will be the last left lane turn out before the Jordan River. It is called Willow Lane. Proceed south until you come to a stop sign and turn right on Willow Reed and you will find the lake.
   -- The Evening Grosbeaks were found on the Jordan River Parkway, just north of the R.C. Flying Field about a half a miles north on the trail.

Jack Binch (5 Mar 2011) - ... I drove around a bit and saw some Sandhill Cranes fly over River Lane, but nothing else noteworthy.

Ned Bixler (3 Mar 2011) - [North Boat harbor Rd] - Cackling Goose, Canada Goose, Mallard, Northern Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk, Sandhill Crane, Black-billed Magpie, European Starling, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird

Dennis Shirley (1 Mar 2011) - We started the Utah County Big Month field trips this morning in west Provo. Six birders saw 45 species at Skipper Bay Trail, Utah Lake State Park, Provo Airport Dike(part), Provo River Trail, and the "Wood Duck Pond." Best birds of day were: Northern Shrike, Herring Gull, Snow Geese, Great Horned Owl, Brown Creeper and Wood Duck.

Douglas Mead (1 Mar 2011) - Observed 34 American Avocets near 145S 2300W Lehi/Saratoga Spgs. today...

Bryan Shirley (1 Mar 2011) - After leaving the group this morning me and my 2 girls birded at Goshen Warm Springs where we saw several hundred Cedar Waxwings and 1 Bewick's Wren...


Ned Bixler (27 Mar 2011) - The Ospreys have returned to Deer Creek Reservoir.

Craig Provost (26 Mar 2011) - Skiing at Deer Valley this week, my daughter spotted a "chicken size bird" on the ground between the Birdseye and Nabob ski trails, while on the Sterling ski lift. Some skiers gathered and scared it into a tree, where it stayed for over an hour  ... We did get photos on our iPhones and my daughter got a video. It was a DUSKY GROUSE.

Kimberly Rousch (25 Mar 2011) - Just wanted to report that the Evening Grosbeaks still come every morning. I also still pass them on the trail in Pinebrook - always in the same spot.

Kimberly Roush (3 Mar 2011) - RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER arrived. Seen at trailhead on Buckboard Dr. just after/south of Buckboard Circle in Pinebrook. Also of note: we have had a small flock 4-8 EVENING GROSBEAKS at our feeder for the past month or two. Usually come once a day @ 10:30 am. They have never come regularly to our feeder in the past.


Ryan O'Donnell  (22 Mar 2011) - Highlights of the GSL Audubon trip in Washington County that we went on this weekend (18-20 March), led by Carl Ingwell and Jeff Bilsky:
   -- 19 March: SWAMP SPARROW - Tonaquint Park, GREATER ROADRUNNER - Tonaquint,  VERDIN - Tonaquint, SNOW GOOSE - Springs Estate Pond, ROSS'S GOOSE - Springs Estate Pond, PEREGRINE FALCON - Snow Canyon State Park, BUSHTIT - two building a nest at Snow Canyon State Park, ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD - one at SCSP and one at Lytle Ranch, CRISSAL THRASHER - along  road to Lytle Ranch, PACIFIC/WINTER WREN - Beaver Dam Wash south of Lytle, BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER - Beaver Dam Wash,  YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER -  Beaver Dam Wash - at least 5% Myrtle subspecies.
   -- 20 March (just Craig and I): BLACK-TAILED GNATCATCHER - Beaver Dam Slope,  CRISSAL THRASHER - Lytle Ranch road, OSPREY - our first of the year, at Stratton Pond.

Rick Fridell (9 Mar 2011) - I haven't been able to get out birding much lately, but there's been a few sure signs of spring. Today there was a flock of at least seven Turkey Vultures soaring around the St. George, Santa Clara, Ivins area. Also swallows (Tree and N. Rough-winged) and Costa's Hummingbirds are returning. I've noticed several species starting to build nests lately including Cooper's Hawks, Say's Phoebes, and Inca Doves. It won't be long before spring migration starts to really pick up.


Bryan Shirley (29 Mar 2011) - A Red-tail-Ferruginous Hawk hybrid reported March 5 in Wayne County.

Steve Christensen (14 Mar 2011) - I spent a few hours each day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday wandering around Wayne County. There were lots of birds along the Big Rocks Road between Loa and the airport. Most of the eagles have left the valley. I identified these species: 
    [highllights]... Common Merganser, Bald Eagle... Rough-legged Hawk, Golden Eagle... Pinyon Jay...Sandhill Crane... Horned Lark...Ferruginous Hawk... Mountain Chickadee, Mountain Bluebird...Wild Turkey (Capitol Reef NP)... American Tree Sparrow

Steve Christensen (6 Mar 2011) - The Greater White-fronted Geese near Loa were still there Saturday afternoon. There were 12 today.


Kris Purdy (26 Mar 2011) - Hereís what one of my indoor cats is good for: Staring intensely through the window from his window shelf at whatever is scarfing up seed under the bird feeder at my home in Ogden, Weber County. I have to check whatís there when I see that intensity. Itís usually juncos or Rizzo the Rat. This afternoon, however, a LINCOLNíS SPARROW was with two juncos. Whoopee! Thatís a new yard bird, and not one I thought Iíd ever see under my feeder. Good kitty.


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