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October 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Black Scoter  Summit Co. 
    Red-necked Grebe  Wasatch Co. 
    Broad-billed Hummingbird  Washington Co. 
    Ruby-throated Hummingbird  Washington Co. 
    Eastern Phoebe  Utah Co. 
    Black-throated Blue Warbler  Washington Co. 
    Brown Thrasher  Salt Lake Co. 
    Pyrrhloxia  Washington Co. 


Craig Fosdick  (27 Oct 2010) - Had a flock of 20 Tundra Swans fly over Benson Marina this evening-first ones I've seen this fall in Cache Co.

Craig Fosdick (25 Oct 2010) - This evening I saw a FOS Rough-legged Hawk at Benson Marina, Cache Co.  Still present were four Eared Grebes, at least five Pied-billed Grebes, five Redheads, and more than a couple Western Grebes.

Craig Fosdick (21 Oct 2010) - Walking on the road (3000 N) west of Benson Marina tonight I watched a Prairie Falcon fly from the powerline south of the road (1/2 mile?) across the road about nearly a mile to make two unsuccessful attacks on a hen Ring-necked Pheasant, which promptly flew to the edge of the marsh at Benson Marina and hid herself in the grass. Pretty entertaining stuff, maybe not for the pheasant.

Craig Fosdick (20 Oct 2010) - I had a single female Evening Grosbeak at my apartment on the Island in Logan this evening. She was sitting in the top of a Green Ash (I think that's what the tree is) with a bunch of bunch of House Finches, eating the ash seeds.

Ryan O'Donnell  (16 Oct 2010) - This morning I led a trip for the Bridgerland Audubon Society in search of birds of big water (loons, grebes, diving ducks, etc.) with eight total participants. Here are some of the highlights:
     At Hyrum Reservoir, we had three COMMON LOONS, among the first of the fall...
     At the Logan Polishing Ponds, we had thousands of waterfowl, dominated by GADWALL, AMERICAN COOTS, and AMERICAN WIGEON, but also including growing numbers of RING-NECKED DUCKS, LESSER SCAUP, and NORTHERN PINTAILS, among others... We also had first-of-the-season BUFFLEHEAD, one, and REDHEADS, two, plus a fly-by PEREGRINE FALCON.
     At the Benson Marina, ...Craig Fosdick spotted a distant falcon which we got closer to and then identified as a PRAIRIE FALCON, a great note to end the trip on.

Ryan O'Donnell  (12 Oct 2010) - I had a late male RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER in my yard in Logan, UT today. For Cache County, this is the latest record in the fall in eBird by about a week. The late date made me suspicious of a vagrant Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, but the shape of the red in the throat (reaching through the black malar to touch the white lines) and the amount of black on the face (more black than white) indicated that this was just a late individual of the expected species for the area, although I did not see the nape well...

Mike Fish [Logan] I had a White-throated Sparrow in my yard tonight. The bird showed up last fall at this same time, and again like last year, the bird is in the company of White-crowned Sparrows...

Craig Fosdick (11Oct 2010) - I had a Sage Thrasher this evening at 545pm on 3000 N, west of Benson Marina. The bird was in vegetation at the corner of a fencerow on the north side of 3000 N, about 1500-2000 feet east of the jct of 3000 N and Utah Hwy 23...

Craig Fosdick (2 Oct 2010) -  Birded several locations around Cache Co. this am, visiting Mendon Rd., Bud Phelps WMA, the 16-16 ponds north of 1600 W and 2200 W in Logan, and Cutler Marsh. No surprises. Best birds were 75 Sandhill Cranes on Mendon Rd, a Ferruginous Hawk at Bud Phelps WMA, and a Prairie Falcon chasing a Common Raven on Utah Hwy 30...


Jack Binch (31 Oct 2010) - AIC and Garr Ranch -  We met Paul Higgins at the ranch and were wondering if a Varied Thrush would show up this year, and Paul promptly spotted one. There were some Hermit Thrushes and one or two Swainson's Thrushes. Several Ruby Crowned Kinglets, a Merlin, California Quail, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a good BS session ....

Jack Binch (30 Oct 2010) - [AIC] - There was a juvenile Surf Scoter at the marina bridge on the south side.

Jeff Bilsky (24 Oct 2010) - [AIC] - The number of Dowitchers on the north side of the causeway past mm 5 is a sight to see. Guessing a thousand? Most I've ever seen.

David Wheeler (23 Oct 2010) - ... drove out to Antelope Island.  Really, there was almost nothing unusual to see by way of birds, but I had a long look at a Merlin from about 15-20 feet away on a boulder, and then a juvenile SABINE'S GULL at about mile marker 2.5 on the south side, water's edge.  ..  I saw the gull at 2:30.

Jeff Bilsky (9 Oct 2010) - There is a Flammulated Owl in the southeast corner of garr ranch perched in a russian olive. I am referring to the russian olives bordering the east fence out south of the spring pond. He is fast asleep. I made a deal with him that id tell people where he is as long as they respected his space so please honor that request if you go for a look. If you count 3 trees down from the fence corner you should find it. Thanks!

Stephen Dinsmore (3 Oct 2010) -  I am visiting Utah for a couple of days to attend the Wildlife Society meeting in Snowbird. I thought I would pass along a few sightings from the last 2 days that may be of interest because I am not a member of Utah Birds. 1 October: At AIC I saw 2 juv American Golden-Plovers, 1 juv Red Phalarope, and 4 (1 ad, 3 juv) Sabine's Gulls...

Kristin Purdy (3 Oct 2010) - ...yesterday. I ran into a birder on the causeway who had photographed a female or juvenile Evening Grosbeak at Garr Ranch. He showed me his image on his camera screen. Funny bird for the ranch.


Lu Giddings (16 Oct 2010) - Chuck Larue and Brian Gatlin and reported seeing a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at the Hog Springs rest area in North Wash on Hyw 95 between Hanksville and Hite on 16 October 2010...

Tim Avery (2 Oct 2010) - We made a stop by the lake [Panguitch Lake] late tonight and found 2 individuals [Sabine's Gull] (1 adult, 1 juvenile) on the far east end...


David Allan (01 Oct 2010) - There was a single White-winged Dove hanging around in my Oak City, Millard County yard this morning before I left for work... That's the second new "yard bird" I've noticed in less than a week.


Jeff Bilsky (22 Oct 2010) - Birded East Canyon Red last night with Steve and Cindy and we relocated what certainly seems to be a PACIFIC LOON. It was on the south shore, not quite all the way to the east side of the res, but past the pullout with the restrooms. It's an interesting bird, very dark, kinda messy, small, seems to have some of the grayish tinges of breeding plumage in the neck. Also we had a NORTHERN SHRIKE tee-up for a nice look in the same general area. Good Birding...

Weston Smith (7 Oct 2010) - [Broad-winged Hawk] Wife and I seen bird soaring over our house in Croydon (Morgan County) at about 4:20pm.  It came from Henefer (Summit County) and was last seen headed west towards Morgan City at about 4:25pm.


Matthew Wallace (27 Oct 2010) - I saw two American Crows at the northwest corner of Bonneville Jr. High School on Monday, Oct. 25 at about 4:30 p.m.

Nicky Davis (25 Oct 2010) - The Western Screech Owl that used the Northern Flicker nest box in our back yard the last two years arrived on October 9th this year. This is two weeks earlier than last year.

Matthew Wallace (23 Oct 2010) A short pre-rain walk with my son (3) this morning in Midvale (~550 E, 7000S) yielded an Oregon Junco and a yard first Red-naped Sapsucker.  On Thursday (10/21), while walking outside, trying to get our 6-month old to sleep, I heard the muted squeaks (not the typical loud call) of a Red-breasted Nuthatch over our heads.

Carl Ingwell (23 Oct 2010) - Had a Mountain Chickadee, Spotted Towhee, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Black-Billed Magpie, etc. in my Sugarhouse backyard.

Jeff Bilsky (17 Oct 2010) - Driving back from my looning I had a GREAT HORNED OWL fly across the road and perch on a conifer and stare me down. It then flew down the road and out of sight.... and I heard but didn't see the distinct call of the NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL. I didn't spend long trying to see it as I was not in exactly the safest spot, having my car barely pulled over and me standing in the road...  I pulled over at a random pullout and decided to try some more whistling. A few seconds of Saw-whet and from a few feet away a terrifying screech set my heart racing and sucked the wind out of me. It was my first time actually hearing this SAW-WHET distress call in the wild and from so close... With no plans to owl even in my mind originally, its interesting that this impromptu session afforded 3 species in less than 30 minutes.

Bob Walters (14 Oct 2010) -  [Ferruginous Hawk] once again (about this time of the year for at least several years) good numbers of this glorius hawk are "stacking up" north of the SLC International Airport (2200+ North St.) and largely west of 3200 West St., I've tallied 5-7 ferrugies per day from Oct. 11 to Oct. 14 with most birds perched upon lattice-type powerline structures that make up the line that diagonals from the southwest to the northeast across 3200 West St.

Jerry Liguori (10 Oct 2010) - There was a Brown Thrasher in my yard (near Mill Creek) late afternoon today... My wife was doing yard work late in the day and the bird moved to the next yard. Maybe it will be around tomorrow. Good yard bird though....yard list is the only one I keep, much fun.


Dean DiTommaso (31 Oct 2010) - [Echo Reservoir] I observed a drake Black Scoter this afternoon at the Echo Reservoir north of Coalville. It was among a group of about 30 ducks, mostly lesser scaup. Probably the best place to look for it is the viewing area off I-80E at MP 165 or 166. Go to the north end of the viewing area and look north.
   - [Rock Port Reservoir] - I also saw an immature/female Surf Scoter at the Rockport Reservoir. It was close to the eastern shore and more toward the southern end of the reservoir.

Dave Hanscom (24 Oct 2010) - Lots of Common Loons and Western Grebes on the water, as well as a small flock of Eared Grebes and a few DC Cormorants, but nothing unusual to report at Rockport.


Dave Hanscom (31 Oct 2010) - I went skiing at Trial Lake this morning and decided to spend some time on my way home looking for Cedar Waxwings along the Mirror Lake Highway.  Only a few flew in my scope of vision, but most of the small flock of 10-15 were Bohemians. The birds were between mile post 12 and the Provo River overlook when I saw them, but they weren't holding still.


Jeff Bilsky (27 Oct 2010) -There are about a dozen American Crows feeding on the ground at 960 North and University in Provo right now.

Jeff Bilsky (26 Oct 2010) - Drove through both last night. Lots of Clarks/Western Grebes at the State Park and a bunch of Ringbilled Gulls. Not much else. At the airport dike: some later Barn Swallows, a few American White Pelicans, Dowitchers, Caspian Terns and Avocets were the highlights. Bring on the old squaw (long-tailed ducks) and scoters.

Eric Huish (23 Oct 2010) - At Deer Creek we saw a Herring Gull and 2 Bald Eagles from the pull-out on hwy 189 just west of the Charleston turn-off.  There were Common Loons scattered around at various places on the reservoir and at the Provo River inlet there were Pintail, Bufflehead, Coots, a couple Caspian Terns and some pipits flew over.

Jeff Bilsky (18 Oct 2010) - There's an Eastern Phoebe at the provo airport dike. It is on the south straightaway that runs east to west. It was flycatching from the fence and hanging out with a yellow-rumped warbler. The frantic downward tail wagging was my first indicator then I saw the dark head and light belly. Cool bird.

Eric Huish (9 Oct 2010) - Yesterday at the Provo Airport Dike several Utah County Birders spent the day birdwatching in one spot at the East corner of the dike road. Best birds were a Peregrine falcon in the morning and a Barn Owl, our last bird of the day, at 7:30 pm...

Eric Huish (9 Oct 2010) - I ran out to the Provo Airport Dike this morning (Oct 9th) to pick a spot for the Big Sit. On my way along the East side of the dike loop I saw a Merlin and a Wilson's Warbler. Out on the mudflats at the East corner of the dike loop there were 4 Great Egrets all standing together...
     Alona Huffaker called me about an hour ago. She saw a Lewis's Woodpecker at the East corner of the Provo Airport Dike on a power pole. She also said the Great Egrets were still there.


Eric Huish (23 Oct 2010) - I birded Deer Creek and Jordanelle Reservoirs this morning with KC Childs, Jeff Cooper and Eric Peterson.  Best bird was a Red-necked Grebe at Jordanelle State Park. Some of the other birds seen at Jordanelle were one Ruddy Duck, one Common Loon, Common Mergansers, many Eared Grebes with possible Horned Grebes (distant and in the rain), plus more expected stuff.
Bryant Olsen
(7 Oct 2010) - On Monday I went to my cabin near Strawberry res., and had 2 NORTHERN PYGMY OWLS in the woods behind the cabin. I had started mimicking a Pygmy Owls song to get the chickadees and nuthatches to come in closer, but instead I had the N. Pygmy Owls respond and eventually one of them came in very close, less than 5 feet from me. They stuck around calling all evening until dark, but were gone the next day, or at least not responding to my imitations.

Eric Huish (5 Oct 2010) - For the past several years there have been a couple Mute Swans I would
occasionally see at the North End of Deer Creek Reservoir. I assume someone originally bought these as pets/livestock and they have just been roaming the area ever since. This fall there is a Trumpeter Swan with them.... The swans have been hanging out at the bottom pond of the Heber Valley Water Treatment Facility for at least a month.

Eric Huish (4 Oct 2010) - KC Childs and I ran up to Strawberry this afternoon to try to find the Sabine's Gull and Pacific Loon reported by Stephen J. Dinsmore. We were not able to find the Pacific Loon. We only saw one Common Loon on the reservoir. We did see a Sabine's Gull but it was an Adult so not the bird reported... Before heading home we drove up Bryant's Fork (south of visitors center). We found a Northern Pygmy-Owl and a Three-toed Woodpecker...


Joel and Kathy Beyr (24 Oct 2010) - We visited Lytle Ranch (Washington Co.) this weekend.  After no luck yesterday, we finally found the PYRRHULOXIA this afternoon.  It hadn't made a sound the first 3 hours we were there, but once the clouds cleared and the sun came out, the Pyrrhuloxia became quite vocal and allowed us a couple of quick looks.  The best birds on Saturday were a lingering female Summer Tanager and several Black-tailed Gnatcatchers.  Today we also saw a Short-eared Owl, and a nice mixed flock, including RED-EYED VIREO, Cassin's Vireo, Townsend's Warbler, Bushtit, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Virginia's Warbler and Larry Tripp. ..

Larry Tripp (11 Oct 2010) - Pretty slow birding today at Lytle Ranch but a male Black-throated Blue Warbler sure made the trip out there nice. It has to be my favorite Warbler. What a sharp looking dude...

Larry Tripp (9 Oct 2010) - This morning at my feeders in Veyo a HY male Ruby-throated Hummingbird showed up. I first heard it calling and thought it was a late Black-chinned. When I got my binns and looked at it I was pleasantly surprised to see red gorget feathers. I saw it come back to the feeder a couple times but last time I saw it was around 10:00 AM. If I see it again I will report it...

Rick Fridell (1 Oct 2010) -  Judy Jordan discovered a male Broad-billed Hummingbird visiting her feeders earlier this week in New Harmony (Washington Co.).  She also has several Anna's Hummingbirds coming in as well... The hummingbird is quite vocal and often perches below in the three-lobed squawbush below the feeders...


Weston Smith (27 oct 2010) - The Wasatch Audubon saw a White-throated Sparrow on their Wednesday field trip to Pineview Reservoir's North Arm Viewing Area. Bird was seen about 11am on east side of trail bridge over the dry river feeding on Night Shade berries ... and last viewed moving north with a Song Sparrow along the east side of river bed. This area is in Weber County near the intersection of ut158 and 2200N in Eden, UT. ... On a power pole at the road into Middle Fork was a Lewis Woodpecker.


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