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September 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Neotropic Cormorant   Davis Co., Salt Lake Co.
    Red-breasted Sapsucker  Washington Co. 
    Yellow-bellied Flycatcher  Salt Lake Co. 
    Black-throated Blue Warbler  Wayne Co. 
    Blackpoll Warbler  Utah Co. 
    Prothonotary Warbler  Washington Co. 
    Canada Warbler  Washington Co. 
    Pyrrhuloxia  Washington Co. 


David Wheeler (28 Sep 2010) - There were scores of Great egrets out in the Great Salt lake shallows to the west of Willard Bay last Sunday, spread out over many bird-covered acres. I've noticed this in previous years as well, and wondered from where all these Great egrets are coming. Bear River MBR?? There were also some distant (!) Common terns sharing a mud/sandbar with Franklin's, Bonaparte's, and Ring-billed gulls, plus some Forsters terns and gajillion Avocets...

Kristin Purdy (12 Sep 2010) -  I visited the Willard Spur west of Willard Reservoir and Bear River MBR in Box Elder County today.
     West of the reservoir.. Mixed with the gulls at water's edge were both Forster's and COMMON TERNS...Also present were my first BONAPARTE'S GULLS of the year.
     ...Bear River was as dry as I've heard, but there were still a few highlights, including a Peregrine sitting on the ground on the way there and another on the way back, a GREAT EGRET in the bend of the river east of the Canadian Goose Club... there was some surface water, which included some common species of shorebirds and about a dozen PECTORAL SANDPIPERS...
     On the way home, I stopped at an agricultural field on the south side of the road less than a mile west of the visitor's center. ...In addition to the opportunistic hoards of White-faced Ibis, Canada Geese, Ring-billed Gulls, and Killdeer that you'd expect, the field also hosted 125 Sandhill Cranes. That's my new all-time high...


Craig Fosdick (29 Sep 2010) -  I had at least two, and possibly six (all) Common Terns at Benson Marina this evening. All birds were traveling together and moving south at along Cutler Marsh at 620 pm. The two birds that were definitely Commons had complete black "helmets" as opposed to the ear patches shown by Forster's Tern at this time of year, plus dark, very contrast trailing edges to the secondaries...

Craig Fosdick (26 Sep 2010) - Birded Tony Grove for a little while yesterday evening. It was relatively quiet, with no surprises. I watched two streams of migrating Turkey Vultures make their way south; one stream contained a light-morph Swainson's Hawk.

Ryan O'Donnell (18 Sep 2010) -  This morning I led a field trip for the Bridgerland Audubon Society.... we had a few good sightings today. In Benson, we had three GREAT EGRETS in a single tree. Great Egrets are tough to find in Cache County. I think they get found most years, but these were my
first of the year. At the Polishing Ponds, we had amusing looks at a PEREGRINE FALCON that couldn't quite balance on a wire, but didn't seem too interested in relocating to a pole, either...


Paul Higgins (26 Sep 2010) -  Saw-Whet Owl in the Russian Olives South of the spring at Fielding Garr Ranch. 

Richard Coomber (26 Sep 2010) - Late morning and early afternoon today the visiting Ornitholdays tour saw an adult Sabine's and three juveniles at the bridge just before the island on the northern side. Also two pect sands in the vegetation by the first water after the pay station, also on the north side and one Hudsonian Godwit further on as well as Willets and Black-bellied Plovers.

Cindy Sommerfeld (25 Sep 2010) - About 4:00 this afternoon, Steve and I found four Sabine's Gulls on Antelope Island Causeway. Three juveniles and one adult, still in breeding. They were located on the north side of the bridge closest to the island.

Jessica Stokes (26 Sep 2019) - Sabine's Gull. Still near bridge nearest to island. 1 adult. 3 juv. 9:40 am Sunday.

Jeffrey Saffle (23 Sep 2010) - Message: My wife and I birded Antelope Island and the causeway today with Susan's sister and her husband from Massachusetts. Best bird was a Sabine's Gull located between the marina and the west bridge...

Jeff Bilsky (18 Sep 2010) - Steve and cindy sommerfeld called to report a Neotropic Cormorant at gloverponds by farmington bay.

Cindy and Steve Sommerfeld (12 Sep 2010) - Today we did our Antelope Island Bird Survey... Our count today was 98...  [Here are some highlights]: Sharp-tailed Grouse, Great Egret, Peregrine Falcon, Long-eared Owl, Hermit Thrush, Townsend's Warbler...

Stephen Carlile (11 Sep 2010) -  I visited Antelope Island today - the Causeway and Garr Ranch... Highlights were: On the Causeway...Peregrine Falcons eating the peeps, Pectoral Sandpipers and the Ruddy Turnstone is still there... Garr Ranch - White-winged Dove (Jack has the pictures), Barn Owl, lots of flycatchers, Townsends Solitaire and seven warblers if I count the Yellow-rumped Warbler and Nashville Warbler that Jack saw but I didn't...

Jeff Bilsky (6 Sep 2010) - The ruddy turnstone continues by the no swimming bridge on the ai causeway. At present it is on the north side just west of the bridge about 50 ft from the road. Awesome.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (5 Sep 2010) -  We found a female American Redstart at Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island today. It was foraging quite actively through the trees near the spring. The Causeway had high numbers of Pectoral Sandpipers (~30) and Semipalmated Plovers (~20). Also found one Semipalmated Sandpiper.

Robert Williams (4 Sep 2010) - today my brother and went out to the island we did not find anything irregular on the causeway but did find several warblers at the ranch two were note worthy, Black and white Warbler (first seen along the far right of the ranch in the trees along the fence line below the large picnic area then it flew over to the lower left corner where the spring drains into the reeds, it was seen here by two others i missed out on their names but they found it before my brother and i wandered over there.) Northern Waterthrush (found in the trees through the gate and below the swamp/reeds on the little trail that leads to the viewing platform)


Oliver Hansen (2 Sep 2010) - I backpacked from Fuller Bottom to the San Rafael Bridge last Friday through Sunday this past weekend. Beautiful weather! Birds were few and far between. Humans were even more scarce (we ran into 2 people in 3 days). Did see quite a few gnat-catchers, warblers, swallows, swifts, and wrens. Also a few crows (ravens maybe...they were kind of high up) mobbing a golden eagle which didn't seem to be too bothered. There was a swallow colony on one of the cliff faces that was pretty neat to see. It was a great weekend. Hope to get back down to Emery County in the future.


David Allan (27 Sep 2010) - An adult female Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker spent Sunday (9/26) afternoon hanging around my yard in Oak City, Millard Co.


Norman Jenson (26 Sep 20120) - I joined the Utah Audubon excursion hosted by Melanie Hoffmann and Mark Mossing in Draper at the Corner Canyon Trails on September 24th, we had a great time.  The highlight for me was seeing what I believe is a Cassin's Vireo. I saw one at the Garr Ranch on the 22nd and was surprised that we would see one in the canyon.

Stephen T. Carlisle ( 25 Sep 2010) - Encouraged by Tim’s e-mail of this week I spent this morning, Saturday, at the Salt Lake International Center (IC) and stopped at Lee Kay Ponds (LKP) on the way home.  Both are in Salt Lake County.  I ran into Tim and Jeff while at the IC.  Nothing unusual, but birds of note were – Barn Owl (IC-thanks to Tim and Jeff) and Belted Kingfisher and Black-crowned Night Heron at LKP.  A total of 44 species were seen. 

Tim Avery (25 Sep 2010) - It was a great morning at the Salt Lake International Center. I met Jeff Bilsky there just before 8 and within 10 minutes we were into a large flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers on Lindbergh...The group on Earhart was a Little more robust in terms of species, also having a few Townsend's Warblers, and a lone Nashville moving with it... Best bird of the day was a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW on the lawn in front of the Fox 13 building at the T-intersection of Earhart and Lindbergh... Along with this group of birds (which was between 30-40 Chipping Sparrows) were 2 Lazuli Bunting and one nicely marked female INDIGO BUNTING that still possessed a white throat with plenty of streaking on the sides of the chest...A first for me at the IC (and maybe the county?) was a CASSIN'S VIREO about 150 feet north up Mitchell from Earhart. Another first was a BARN OWL that we flushed on accident...

Rich Young (20 Sep 2010) - [Sandy Pond] I located 2 Neotropic Cormorants in breeding plumage on the island where the 2 adults were discovered in April. They have been notably absent from the Sandy Pond until now... The little colony of NECOs (up to 7 individuals) I've studied at Millrace Pond since May 2 still make more or less regular afternoon visits; and seem pleased that this pond also is being stocked with trout...

Jack Binch (18 Sep 2010) - Bob Huntington, Bob MacDougal and I met at Tri-county Peak this morning... Raptor list: Swainson's Hawk, American Kestrel, Golden Eagle, Merlin, Sharp-shinned, Red-tailed, Broad-winged Hawk, Coopers, Ferruginous, and Prairie Falcon... There were a lot of other birds seen. Yellow-rumps, Mountain Chickadees, White-breasted Nuthatch, Juncos, Clark's Nutcrackers, Dave [Hanscom] saw a couple of Dusky Grouse on the hike up, swallows, and another year bird for me, lots of White-throated Swifts...

Tim Avery (18 Sep 2010) - Carl Ingwell, Jeff Bilsky and I found a possible Yellow-bellied Flycatcher on the south end of Charles Lindbergh Drive at the Salt Lake International Center.

Jeff Bilsky (6 Sep 2010) - This morning at Parley's Gulch, I saw the WESTERN SCREECH OWL back in his usual spot, several WARBLING VIREOS, and a couple of WILSON'S WARBLERS.

Bryant Olsen (4 Sep 2010) -  This morning I had my first ever Calliope Hummingbird in my yard in Salt Lake City,a female or juvenile. Its been a good year for hummers, and I've had a lot lately,mostly Black-chinned and Rufous, fighting over the feeders and flowers.


Kimberly Roush (26 Sep 2010) - Saturday, Sept 25 a second adult LEWIS'S WOODPECKER showed up. The juvenile and the first adult had been here since September 19th.


Diane_Penttila (1 Sep 2010) -  [Ouray National Wildlife Refuge - General Waterbird Survey] 
The following birds were seen within the survey route:  (highlights) ... Blue-winged teal 8, Wood duck 18, Great egret 1,  American bittern 1, Sandhill crane 44, Peregrine falcon 1, Great horned owl 1...


Jeff Bilsky (16 Sep 2010) - I decided to hike Skipper Bay (Utah County) after work tonight. There were pockets where it was quite prolific. Nothing rare or unusual that I found, but some nice migrants with CASSIN'S VIREOS and 6 species of Warblers....

Jack Binch (12 Sep 2010) -  ...River Lane had a warbler-fest today. I saw Black & White, Nashville, Townsend's, Virginia's, lots of Orange-crowned, Yellow-rumps, MacGillivrays, Yellow, and Wilson's Warblers. Also present were a couple of Warbling Vireos, Common Nighthawks, Lincoln Sparrow, Black-capped Chickadees, Sharp-shinned Hawk, and of course some Song Sparrows...

Ned Bixler (6 Sep 2010) - ... Today, lake side of Provo Airport, I saw an American Tree Sparrow...

Jeff Bilsky (4 Sep 2010) - [Provo Airport Dike - Blackpoll Warbler] We were never able to relocate but I had fantastic initial looks. If you want to try to find it, go to the southwest corner by the lake and work your way north, looking in the thickets on the river side. That's where I initially found it before it played disappearing warbler...

Jeff Bilsky (3 Sep 2010) - At the Provo Airport dike, just before sunset, I observed a bird on the road that was flying short distances, running, and repeating as I pursued it (reminiscent of a sage sparrow in behavior)...  I believe that indeed what I saw were LARK BUNTINGS. The one I studied was a female and the others seemed similar in appearance but could've been winter males as well as my looks were brief on these other 3.

Jeff Bilsky (2 Sep 2010) -  Not too birdy at Swede and River after work this evening but I did have 5 Warbler species: Nashville (1), Yellow-breasted Chat (2), Yellow (3), Yellow-rumped (7), Orange-Crowned (1) Other highlights included several Common Nighthawks, a Savannah Sparrow, and a couple Loggerhead Shrikes.


Kristin Purdy (26 Sep 2010) - A light adult BROAD-WINGED HAWK was one of the species observed by multiple happy people this morning at about 11:00 from Tri-County Peak at the top of Guardsman’s Pass.

Ned Bixler (26 Sep 2010) - ROSE-BREASTED  GROSBEAK - along the road to Soldier Hollow towards Rocky Mtn. Outfitters

Jeff Bilsky (18 Sep 2010) - After parting ways with Mr. Avery and Cedar Pete, I decided it had been too many days of birding in the valley and I needed to see the mountains. Figured I'd check to see what kind of migrants I could find up there. The Jordanelle Wetlands seemed like a logical choice:  I actually found some pretty good migrants. A NASHVILLE WARBLER and a couple of CASSIN'S VIREOS. Also was able to get a glimpse of a MERLIN near the riverside before it disappeared up and over a hill.


Bernie Morris, Emmaus, PA (24 Sep 2010) - On Friday morning, 9/24, my wife and I were birding the orchards at Fruta in Capitol Reef National Park. At about 10AM we had an adult male Black-throated Blue Warbler just outside the Johnson orchard in the the picnic area, very close to the rest rooms.
     Since we are from Pennsylvannia, seeing this bird did not seem all that unusual, but when I looked in Sibley, the range map shows that it is anything but usual in Utah. I could not get any photos, but we see this bird all of the time at home, sometimes from our back porch. The bird did not make any calls at all, but was seen closely, about 10-15 feet, for at least a minute, before flying off into the orchard. We both saw the black throat and face, the blue-gray head and back, and the small white spot on the wing....


Rick Fridell (28-29 Sep 2010) - This evening (9/29) I stopped at Lytle Ranch, Washington Co., on my back from Mesquite and saw a male Pyrrhuloxia. The bird popped up in a pomegranite bush in the orchard, allowing a brief but excellent view... There were also 10-12 sapsuckers in the orchard enjoying persimmons, including a Red-breasted Sapsucker and a RB x Red-naped hybrid.  And finally, on 9/28 I saw a Prothonotary Warbler in St. George.

Brian Currie (22 Sep 2010) - On a very blustery day yesterday (9/22) I had a few minutes to go to Red Hills Golf Course in St. George. There was a male Vermillion Flycatcher in the line of trees east of hole #2. It stayed in the area for the brief time I was there and is definitely one of my favorite reasons to come to St. George...

Larry Tripp (13 Sep 2010) -  It was rather quiet today at Lytle [Ranch] compared to last Monday but there were a couple good birds there. One of the first birds I saw in the parking area was a Red-eyed Vireo...There was a young male and a female Vermilion Flycatcher at the north end of the pomegranate patch. Probably the same ones that have been around this summer. Along the creek there was a female type American Redstart but not much else.

Larry Tripp (6 Sep 2010) - Birding today at Lytle Ranch was very good with nice numbers of western migrants around. The highlight was a Canada Warbler in the orchard where I watched it working the apple and plum trees near the blackberry bushes. I watched it on and off for 5 minutes or so with great close views. I last saw it flying north towards the pomegranates where I was unable to relocate it...  There was also a female Vermilion flycatcher in the orchard that has been around for a while.
     On the way home I stopped at the inlet of Gunlock Res. looking at the few shorebirds there. Nothing unusual but there was a Red-shouldered Hawk in the trees. Also of note I saw a Clay-colored Sparrow at upper Sand Cove Res. on Friday.


Kristin Purdy (22 Sep 2010) - Kim's reports of the Lewis's Woodpeckers in her yard in Summit County inspired me to visit Liberty in Ogden Valley, Weber County, to check on the resident population. I saw more Lewis's Woodpeckers today (about 15) than I've seen on any single day of my life...


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