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August 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Neotropic Cormorant  Box Elder Co
    Neotropic Cormorant  Salt Lake Co
    Ruff  Davis Co. 
    Eastern Phoebe  Box Elder Co. 
    Blackpoll Warbler  Davis Co. 


Kristin Purdy (15 Aug 2010) - Members of the Association of Field Ornithologists participating in the Great Salt Lake field trip associated with this week's conference at Weber State saw three NEOTROPIC CORMORANTS at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Box Elder County today. The three were one adult and two juveniles...

KC  Childs (8 Aug 2010) - ...on Sunday August 8th I saw an Eastern Phoebe in the town of Wendover, Utah. The bird was located near some dilapidated buildings west of the high school in town. It kept coming back to the same tree over and over fighting over it with a Western Kingbird...


Craig Fosdick (29 Aug 2010) - ... This morning, Ron Ryel and I visited Rendezvous Park, Sherwood Hills, Sue's Ponds, 3200W, the footpath along the Bear River at the Benson R. bridge, and 2400 W and the Polishing Ponds. Best birds were two NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHES at Rendezvous Park, two CASSIN'S VIREOS at Sherwood Hills, five BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS at Sue's Ponds, and a PRAIRIE FALCON chasing swallows at the Polishing Ponds...

Hillary White (16 Aug 2010) - I've seen Peregrine Falcons in the Logan area recently and have had some discussions with Craig Fosdick about his sighting on August 1 at Spring Hollow and some other sightings around the area. I saw one flying near the Boulevard and watched it land on top of the Southwest side of the Logan Temple this evening about 8:45pm. It landed near another Peregrine Falcon... I'm not sure if it was an adult and a juvenile or two adults...

Craig Fosdick (8 Aug 2010) -  Made a quick stop at the Logan Mitigation Ponds this evening and along with the other usual suspects, found three BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS and three SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS. One of the Semipalmated Plovers called almost constantly (migratory restlessness?) the entire 20 minutes I was there..

Craig Fosdick (1 Aug 2010) - Birded Spring Hollow CG in Logan Canyon this morning looking for migrant hummingbirds. Not much luck there, but I was pleasantly surprised to see an adult PEREGRINE FALCON soaring above the cliffs on the north side of the road opposite Spring Hollow CG.  ... Also heard a BARN OWL scream once just before midnight last night, just as I was falling asleep.


Joel and Kathy Beyer (30 Aug 2010) - On Sunday, after seeing 72 species at Antelope Island, we made a big day of it and ended with 110 species for Davis County. Highlights were the Blackpoll Warbler at Garr Ranch, the Whimbrel on the causeway, and 3 Solitary Sandpipers in Farmington. One was at the large pond left of the entrance road in Farmington Bay WMA, the other two were seen on Glover Lane, east of FBWMA, in a farmer's field alongside an irrigation channel.

Jack Binch (29 Aug 2010) -  There is (at least today) a Blackpoll Warbler at the Garr Ranch. It was first spotted near the spring house, then in the cottonwoods a little south of the bird feeder and then back by the spring pond...  Life bird for me and Bob MacDougal, and a Utah bird for the Sommerfelds, Dave Hanscom, Mark Mossing, the Beyers, and a couple of others I did not get the names of.

Jeff Bilsky (28 Aug 2010) - [Whimbrel]  Between mm 2 and 3 on the south side of the causeway. Observed for the past 20 minutes or so, flew once but not far, heard flight call. Digi binoc photos to come.

Carl Ingwell (18 Aug 2010) -  [Anteoope Island] ...At the ranch, I saw 1 DUSKY FLYCATCHER, 4 Wilson's Warblers, 1 Chipping Sparrow, 1 Lincoln's Sparrow, 1 Black-Chinned Hummingbird, and 1 NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at the spring behind the ranch...

Joel and Kathy Beyer (8 Aug 2010) - This afternoon we found 2 breeding plumage Ruddy Turnstones on the Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.). They were on the north side at mile marker 4.9, with a large flock of Black-bellied Plovers.

Kathy and Steve Sommerfeld (1 Aug 2010) - Jeff Bilsky joined Steve and I for our August Antelope Island Survey.  We were on the Causeway by 6:30 am.  There was a lot of activity.  Tens of thousands of  Red-necked Phalarope, Wilson's Phalarope, and American Avocets. We enjoyed watching a juvenile Peregrine Falcon hunting without much success. Out at the ranch there were many Warbling Vireos and three Cordilleran Flycatchers.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (1 Aug 2010) - This Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. we found a female RUFF on the Antelope Island Causeway.  It was at mile marker 5.4, on the north side, where the grassy pond begins.  It was in company with several Wilson's Phalaropes and a few Black-necked Stilts (who chased it away whenever it came near). 


Rich Young (12 Aug 2010) -  The largest number of Neotropic Cormorants observed simultaneously in Utah (7 individuals) was recorded on May 2, 2010 at Mill Race Pond, Taylorsville. As I have continued to study NECOs at that location, the number of NECOs displaying adult breeding plumage has consistently been only 1.
   All that changed within the past week. A second adult (looks like a twin!) appeared, then a third adult showed up just a few days ago...


Bryan Shirley (26 Aug 2010) -  I have been in Monticello for the last week or so and have seen lots of migrant warblers. Orange-crowned, Black-throated Gray, Yellow-rumped, and Virginia's make up the bulk of them.  We have been seeing 5-10 Townsend's Warblers everyday and several Nashville most days as well. I had 7 Nashville this morning alone. The location is basically along the road from Lloyd's lake to Abajo Peak.

Dave Hanscom (25 Aug 2010) - Thanks to the several of you who suggested Devil's Canyon Campground for Pygmy Nuthatch. The place is infested with them. I parked my car at the entrance and walked only about 50 yards north before hearing and seeing the first bunch.  Also, the Acorn Woodpecker that hangs out near the dip in the highway about a half mile north of the campground was in his usual spot just east of the road.

Justin Shirley (7 Aug 2010)  -  The Acorn Woodpeckers are still in Devil's Canyon just off of Highway 191. They are visible from the Highway most days. They are usually on the east side of the highway in a couple of dead ponderosas on the south side of the canyon.


"ampps" (10 Aug 2010) - I live in Richfield, Utah, and I would like to report sightings of 5 individual Northern Mockingbirds.


Ryan O'Donnell (24 Aug 2010) -  This weekend, Craig Fosdick, Carl Stiefel, and I camped and hiked in the Uinta Mountains. Our main target bird was White-tailed Ptarmigan, which we did not find. We camped at the East Fork of Black's Fork Campground, and hiked about 5.5 miles up to Bald Mountain, then spent a day up there wandering around above 11,000 feet elevation in search of ptarmigan. Highlights included two PINE GROSBEAKS heard along the trail, up to five AMERICAN THREE-TOED WOODPECKERS at one time in the campground, a NORTHERN GOSHAWK along the trail, dozens - maybe hundreds - of AMERICAN PIPITS near the summit, and three TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS at various locations. RED CROSSBILLS were heard each day and seem to be a different call "type" than what breeds up in Cache County, but I don't know the types well enough to say which they were. One DOWNY WOODPECKER was a bit of a surprise at 10,162 feet elevation. GRAY JAYS were common here - a treat for us Cache County residents where the bird is the subject of legend only. All DARK-EYED JUNCOS seemed to be pure GRAY-HEADED subspecies, another difference from Cache County where our breeders are all the Pink-sided subspecies.

Oliver Hansen (17 Aug 2010) - ...The highlight for me was seeing about 10 White-tailed Ptarmigan about 100 feet from the summit of Bald Mountain (the one east of East Black's Fork campground/trailhead, not the one on by Mirror Lake) at about 11,650 feet or so. The talus rocks and greenish brown ground cover up there made it almost impossible to see them. I only noticed them because one flushed when I nearly stepped on him. I immediately stopped to admire his red eye patch and super bright white underbelly....


Diane_Penttila (17 Aug 2010) - [Ouray National Wildlife Refuge, General Waterbird Survey] The following birds were seen within the survey route:  [highlights]: ...Blue-winged teal 7, Wood duck 16, American bittern 1, Black tern 1...


Eric Huish (28 Aug 2010) -  I went birding with Jeff Cooper this morning to Lindon Boat Harbor and American Fork Harbor (Utah County). Best birds at Lindon Boat harbor area were 3 Solitary Sandpipers where the water runs out of the Settling Pond into the lake, South of the Boat Harbor....
     At American Fork Boat Harbor we birded the road North of the Harbor. At the first T intersection up from the harbor we found a little flock of birds that included Townsend's, Orange-crowned, Virginia's, Wilson's and Yellow Warbler and at least 3 Blue Grosbeak.

Alona Huffaker (5 Aug 2010) -  I've had a couple of Lazuli buntings visiting my feeders again! Cool! Nice for my August list.


Ned Bixler (29 Aug 2010) -  [Wallsburg] (highlights from list) Wild Turkey 5 , Lewis's Woodpecker 1, Mountain Bluebird 15,  Chipping Sparrow 23...

Eric Huish (29 Aug 2010) - KC Childs and I birded Cascade Springs and Deer Creek Reservoir this morning
(Wasatch Co.). We found 3 Solitary Sandpipers at the north State Park (near where the Provo River enters the reservoir). They were in the muddy area by the fee station. There were 4 Red-necked Phalaropes at the north end of the reservoir. Nothing compared to the 40,000 I saw on the AI Causeway last week but they were Wasatch County Lifers. A Gray Flycatcher near Cascade Springs was also a county lifer.

Eric Huish (5 Aug 2010) -  KC Childs and I birded around Wasatch County this morning. Most interesting birds were unexpected waterfowl. We saw Common Goldeneye, Ring-necked Ducks, Mute Swans and few few shorebirds (Willet, Avocet, Wilson's Phalaropes, Spotted Sandpipers) at the Sewage Treatment plant West of Heber. At Wasatch Mountain  State Park we saw a Wood Duck in the pond behind the Visitor's Center. At the bridge where the river enters Deer Creek Reservoir we saw a Common Merganser...


Keeli Marvel (3 Aug 2010) - [Lytle Ranch] ... in the brief time we were there, the best birds we saw were an Inca dove near the gate just outside the parking area, and an Ash-throated flycatcher in a tree near the care-taker's house. Both were new birds for me...


Kristen Purdy (1 Aug 2010) - I saw a female or juvenile EVENING GROSBEAK calling from the top of a dead aspen along the Wheeler Creek Trail below Snowbasin Ski Resort in Weber County this morning at about 9:00.


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