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June 20

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Red-throated Loon  Wasatch Co.
     Neotropic Cormorant  Salt Lake Co.
     Glossy Ibis  Box Elder Co.  Cache Co
     Least Flycatcher  Box Elder Co.
     Northern Cardinal  Washington Co.


Jean Myers  (26 June 2010) - An Eastern Kingbird was seen on 6/21/10 on HW 30 just down the hill from Morris Ranch (just East of Park Valley, Utah).

Dean DiTommaso (9 Jun 2010) -  [Least Flycatcher] The bird was located on private property (Mount Haven RV Park) immediately adjacent to the southwestern side of Mantua Reservoir, which is about 4 mi. east of Brigham City...

Kristin Purdy (8 Jun 2010) -  What on earth was a WHIMBREL doing at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Box Elder County today? I've got three guesses-the bird is either a non-breeder, a failed breeder or injured and unable to migrate...  Outside of the Whimbrel, most intriguing bird of the day award went to the medium-sized falcon I saw in the road on a carcass. No, not a Peregrine as I expected. a Prairie Falcon.

David Wheeler (5 Jun 2010) - ...Highlights: ...  GLOSSY IBIS at the beginning (and end, since it is closed off) of the road to Bear River Refuge, in a flooded field with many WF ibis. Dark blue-gray face, brown iris with no red, pale blue outline to face extending to but not past eye, and drab legs with red knees.

Mike Fish (1 June 2010) - The Common Nighthawks have arrived back in Promontory. I saw two Common Nighthawks (first of the season) as I pulled into work this morning.


Rob Fergus (30June 2010) - This morning at 9am I had a Glossy Ibis south of Benson in Cache Co. Bird was in flooded field on west side of 3200 West .8 miles north of 500 North.

Mike Fish (27 June 2010) - [Logan] About an hour ago I had a male Rufous Hummingbird stop at the nectar feeder just outside my window.

Mike Fish (25 June 2010) - I went up Logan Canyon to Tony Grove Lake Tuesday afternoon. The leaves are just coming on the Aspen trees and there is still snow in the shady areas. The best area I found for birds was well below the lake on the Bunch Grass lookout road. I found several Red-napped Sapsuckers along the dirt road going up to the Bunch Grass lookout.


Bob Bradley (9 Jun 2010) - [Lark Bunting] Two of us who were running the Westwater BBS Survey on June 6 saw 2 of these birds in flight. They were both males, black with white wing patches. This was in Grand County in sage habitat at latitude 39.2987300, longitude -109.07665.


Cheri (27 June 2010) - Wow! I read this AM about the Rufous Hummingbird being around the state and I just heard and then saw one here.


Weston Smith (27 June 2010) - Just had a male Rufous Hummingbird at my feeder in Croydon (Morgan County). My father had a male at his feeders in Morgan two or three days ago.


Paul Higgins (5 Jun 2010) - I've had some requests for the location of the Bitterns in Rich County, I apologize for not including them in my post. I found all of the bitterns and Black Terns yesterday, in the Bear River Wetlands...

David Wheeler (5 Jun 2010) - ...Highlights: ...  AMERICAN 3-TOED WOODPECKER male at Monte Cristo Campground, flying from northwest-most loop across highway & drumming.
     BLACK TERNS are back in the flooded fields/marshes south of Woodruff at last. They can be seen from the highway at the "big kink" with a bit of patience.

Paul Higgins (1 June 210) - Savannah Sparrow, Woodruff, Rich County, Utah. Seen May 31, 2010.


c A Rufous Hummingbird was enjoying the feeder at the cabin behind the Brighton Store on Monday afternoon.

Jerry Liguori
(14 Jun 2010) - Just thought I'd mention, there are several Bobolinks at Wingpointe Golf Course [by SL International Airport]

Rich Young (9 Jun 2010) -  I spent a pleasurable day in a shady location on Mill Race Pond in Taylorsville, documenting 6 [Neotropic Cormorants], along with a smaller number of Double Crested cormorants. Today produced a spectrum of apparent ages of Neotropic Cormorants, based on plumage and sizes, that range from an adult in breeding plumage on down...

Jeff Bilsky (8 Jun 2010) - [Willow Lake is a somewhat steep hike that is accessed on the North side of the Big Cottonwood Canyon road past Silver Fork Lodg]  The sounds of a RUFFED GROUSE drumming are brilliant; felt like my ear drums wanted to burst. I've heard it before, but it never gets old. Lots of SPOTTED SANDPIPERS around the Lake. The HERMIT THRUSHES were singing in force...

Alan Rogers (2 June 2010) - [Parley's Nature Park] - I saw a GRAY CATBIRD this morning (6/2/10) in Parley's Nature Park, in Salt Lake City. It was in the first Gambel's Oak SW of the S end of the concrete bridge. (About 40 yards from the S end of the bridge.) It was singing, so it should be easy to find.

Jeff Bilsky (2 June 2010) -  Working from home today (Bryan Ave in Sugarhouse) and was surprised to see a Red Crossbill on the ground under my feeders. The bird was heavily streaked indicating a juvenile.... there is a beautiful Western Tanager male munching on some grape jelly. Continued presence of a lone Cassin's Finch and fledgling Starlings (whiners) and House Sparrows (not so whiny). 


Carl Ingwell (15 June 2010) - Found a nesting Hairy Woodpecker w/ young in a Gambel's Oak near Sipapu Bridge in Natural Bridges today.  Fun stuff.


Dave Hascom (30 June 2010) - A Ruffed Grouse flushed in front of me on the Iron Canyon trail in Park City yesterday at about 9:00 am.

Dave Wheeler
( 28 June 2010) - I went out with Mark Stackhouse to the Mirror Lake area of the High Uintas on Saturday.  We did not see any rarities.  Mark was mostly interested in photographing wildflowers, while I was out trying to find the Gray Jay for my year list.  We both found what we sought at the Mirror Lake Campground, which is open but not yet inhabited by any but a few fishermen.

Paul  Higgins (19 June 2010) - Clark's Nutcrackers, Juveniles and Adults, Trial Lake, Summit County, Utah.

Kristin Purdy (14 Jun 2010) - Had to scratch an itch today; the task was to find BOBOLINKS in Kamas Valley, Summit County...The birds were in three places in the north and west sides of the valley...

David Wheeler (5 Jun 2010) - ...Highlights: ... EVENING GROSBEAK was atop one of the high roads in Summit Park yesterday evening. I'd been looking for them all winter and spring with no luck.

Kimberly Roush (1 Jun2010) - .[Pinebrook] ..  for the first time have a female Western Tanager at my feeder. They occasionally come through the yard but never stay and feed.


David Wheeler (13 Jun 2010) - Drove out to Ouray NWR today and spent a day looking for Least bitterns. I did not find any. However, I did scare up three AMERICAN BITTERNS in Leota Bottoms
portion of the refuge (the best place I know to find this species--I always seem to find them there, especially in the fall when I have seen large numbers)...
     But the most interesting and unexpected species was BLACK SWIFT, of which I saw four over one of the ponds...
     No other surprises at Ouray, but there was at least one BLACK TERN gracing the green marshes...
     There was a COMMON GRACKLE at a nondescript location along Hwy 40 east of Duchesne...


Alona Huffaker (23 June 2010) - Bonnie and I were surprised to see a beautiful male BOBOLINK west of Springville tonight at about 8:30. Take the Walmart exit and go west on 4000 S to 2000 W. and go north, he was not quite to the end of the road--before you get to the last house. Alona

Alona Huffaker (19June 2010) - [Goshen] - Bonnie and I birded around the South End of Utah Lake and Goshen area on Friday.  We did not see any Bob-o-links or Blue Grosbeaks .  Has anyone else seen them there?  We saw an adult CURLEW with 2 chicks at the end of the road going north out of Goshen and the Great-Blue Heron rookerie was pretty neat.  Be sure to roll down your windows or get out and listen to them!  Alona

David L Walton (14 June 2010) - Found my first ever Yellow-breasted Chat at 7:30 this AM about a
quarter mile up the maintenance road which leaves the main pavillion at Mt Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon. I walked up the road to the first group of scrub oak trees on the west side after the road turns northwest.

Jeff Bilsky
(13 Jun 2010) - Today I led a small but determined Utah County in search of birds... Highlights were EASTERN KINGBIRDS at almost every stop, a male BLUE GROSBEAK at River Lane, and two PURPLE MARTINS at River Lane out near the end over the water. Any questions let me know.

Kay Stone (4 Jun 2010)  -  This morning I saw a Yellow-Breasted Chat, Blue Grosbeak in Goshen Canyon along the stream. I also saw a Burrowing Owl west of Utah Lake just about three  quarters of a mile south of the 14 mile marker on a post on the east side of the road. I don't recall the number of the road [UT 68], but is Redwood road that extends south to Elberta.


Dave Hascom (30 June 2010) - A Ruffed Grouse flushed in front of me on the Iron Canyon trail in Park City yesterday at about 9:00 am.

Jean Myerst (27 June 2010) - A 1st year RED-THROATED LOON was seen on Strawberry Reservoir off of HW40 on June 22, 2010 from Chicken Creek West area. (Sight Record)

Kris Purdy (20 June 2010) - Wasatch Audubon surveyed our trails in the Monte Cristo Range yesterday, and for thesecond time in successive years, we also found a pair of Mountain Chickadees using one box on a fir tree at about 9,000 feet in elevation.

Mark Mossing (16 June 2010) - At the east end of Pineview Reservoir where Spring Creek enters the reservoir, there is a small flooded area where about 50 Western Grebes have gathered.  I saw three pairs dance in about a 20 minute period of time.  Directions:  If you go to Huntsville, then continue north at the place where Rt 39 turns east to go up the canyon this becomes Rt 162 and shortly turns east toward the reservoir.  There is a parking area on the left about a half mile down the road with a sign saying Spring Creek.  Pull into the parking and look southwest about 100 yards or so.  It is quite a show.

Jeff Bilsky (12 Jun 2010) - I participated in the Bio Blitz this morning at Jordanelle State Park, Rock
Cliff side, west of Francis, UT. Just west of the South Pavilion, in a group of mostly aspens, I found a vireo that immediately struck me as different than the many Warbling Vireos that were around. It had a green back and a distinctive blue-gray head (wasn't able to tell the eye color on this gray, rainy day). I was able to get pretty solid looks and concluded it was a RED-EYED VIREO...


Joel and Kathy Beyer ( 28 Jun 2010) - We took the hike to Angels Landing in Zion National Park Sunday morning, and after an half hour of searching, found the Spotted Owls in the same area previously reported (Refrigerator Canyon).  ... Also, about noon on Sunday we saw a Rufous-crowned Sparrow at the Springdale Ampitheatre.  Later Sunday afternoon we found both Acorn and Lewis' Woodpeckers along the Kolob Terrace Road (about a mile south of Kolob Reservoir), and California Condor (#99) at the Kolob Creek crossing.

Bill Bates  (20 Jun 2010) - On Sunday about noon we saw and photographed a Male Northern Cardinal in Ivins, Utah. The address of the sighting is the corner of Willow Springs Cir. and Kayenta Way. He was in some large pines...  (Sight Record)

Tim Avery (11 Jun 2010)  - Yesterday, (06/11) after our encounter with the New Englanders on the bus in Zion, I convinced Sam to head back up Zion Canyon to head towards Angel's Landing in hopes of finding the Spotted Owls the couple had photographed... We made it up the switchbacks into the canyon before Walter's Wiggles, and started looking. It only took about 5 minutes before we found two birds--an adult and chick perched in separate trees just off the trail...

Bill Hunter (6 Jun 2010) - ... This [Costa's Hummingbird] is a friend of ours who has taken up residence in our backyard and is very friendly.

Carl Ingwell (2 June 2010) - Just because I've never seen Phainopepla outside of Lytle Ranch area, I found it interesting that one is calling somewhere in the Springdale City park.


Beth McKinnon (26 June 2010) - A Rufous Hummingbird was seen East of Huntsville.

Paul Higgins
(23 June 2010) - More Cassin's Finchs, North Fork Ogden River, Weber County, Utah.

Kristin Purdy (5 Jun 2010( -  Wasatch Audubon always contributes to National Trails Day, that's today, by leading a birdwalk at whatever trail Weber Pathways is commemorating on this day. It happened to be the section of the Weber River Parkway west and south of Fort Buenaventura in Ogden, Weber County...
     We saw lots of activity from the Kingfisher Wetlands Loop south to the 30thStreet underpass, and then around the wetlands loop past Ooh-Ah Point.  Birds seen or heard:  [just the highlights] Wood Duck, Sora, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Chat...

Kris Purdy (1 June 2010) -This evening, I saw two male Gray Partridge along SR-39, mile 27.1, past the string of USFS campgrounds along the South Fork of the Ogden River east of Ogden Valley, Weber County. You can reach this area from I-15 exit 344 (which is at approximately mile 4.5 of SR-39) and driving east.

Paul Higgins (1 June 2010) - Vesper Sparrows, Piss Ant Flats, Weber County, Utah.


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