Birdnet Hotline Highlights

May 20

Review Species Reported This Month:

     Neotropic Cormorant   Davis Co.  Salt Lake Co.
     Glossy Ibis  Box Elder Co.   Cache Co.
     Crested Caracara  Emery Co.
     Mountain Plover   Davis Co.
     Least Tern  Washington Co.
     Pomarine Jaeger  Washington Co.
     Prothonotary Warbler  Salt Lake Co.
    Northern Parula   Utah Co.
     Hooded Warbler   Washington Co.
     Painted Redstart  Washington Co.


Kris Purdy (22 May 2010) - I saw two different ibis at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Box Elder County today that were good candidates for GLOSSY IBIS.


Craig Fosdick (22 May 2010) - Birded Rendezvous Park this am. An "almost" best bird was a possible Clay-colored Sparrow.

Craig Fosdick (16 May 29010) [Dry Canyon, UT] -  Hiked Dry Canyon this morning, and it was full of birds and birdsong. Highlights were a NORTHERN GOSHAWK battling a COOPER'S HAWK on the south ridgeline, calling CHUKAR, and a talking NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL in essentially the same location that I had a Pygmy-owl at in January, at about 6200'.  And there were lots of FOY Neotropical migrants for me, including WESTERN TANAGER, WARBLING VIREO, PLUMBEOUS VIREO, BLACK-THROATED GRAY, VIRGINIA'S and MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLERS, and both HAMMOND'S and DUSKY FLYCATCHERS.  I also saw a PINK-SIDED JUNCO...

Mike Fish
(11 May 2010) -  ... I still have a Calliope Hummingbird showing up regularly at one of my nectar feeders.

Ryan O'Donnell (9 May 2010) - Today, Stephanie Cobbold and I birded the Logan City Polishing Ponds in Benson and Rendezvous Park in Logan. The Polishing Ponds had amazing-looking shorebird habitat, and was dense with hundreds of WHITE-FACED IBIS but a little short on peeps (we saw only one WESTERN and eight LEAST SANDPIPERS). Highlights here included one late SNOW GOOSE, a WHIMBREL, two more BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS, and a flyover PEREGRINE FALCON. One ibis looked to me like a GLOSSY IBIS...

Dan Zamecnik (8 May 2010) -  [ Amalga Barrens] ...  (had to walk in):  numerous Long-Billed Dowitchers, a few Lesser Yellowlegs, Avocet, Stilt, Short-Eared Owl, Pelican, Willet, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, Semi Palmated Plover, Wilson's Phalarope, California Gull, Caspian Tern, SANDERLING, Cliff, Barn, Violet-green and Tree Swallow, White-faced Ibis, Sandhill Crane, Northern Harrier, Marsh Wren, Savanna Sparrow.

Ryan O'Donnell (2 May 2010) - I hit a few hot spots around Cache County today. Sue's Ponds had three BLUE-WINGED TEAL, one LEAST SANDPIPER, eleven LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS, and four BREWER'S SPARROWS, among others... I forgot to expand on the SOLITARY SANDPIPER in the subject line of my last email. A lone bird was on a pond just south of the Logan Landfill.

Mike Fish (2 May 2010) -  I think I had a Harris's Sparrow in my front yard this morning. I've never seen one before, but as near as I can tell from my guides, I believe this may be one. However, the bird doesn't look like photos on Utah Birds website but  it sorta matched a picture in my Sibley's guide (adult breeding).

Buck Russell (1May 2010) - This morning I birded the Logan Mitigation Ponds (aka Sue's Pond) and found two male and one female Blue-winged Teals in the southern most pond.


Steve Christensen (12 May 2010) - I live in Price and have also had several Lazuli Buntings over the past few days. Have never before had them at my feeders.  There was also a Blue Grosbeak this evening. That is also a first.


Kris Purdy (19 May 2010) - I heard a report of a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at a feeder in Kaysville, Davis County. The bird came in once tonight and the homeowners are anxiously awaiting an encore showing.
      A male BOBOLINK was singing his heart out in a Russian olive east of the wetland at Garr Ranch, Antelope Island State Park, Davis County, today. Also Grasshopper Sparrows were singing along the road to the Ranch  ....(.2 miles south of mile marker 4).

Dave Wheeler (17 May 2010) - Garr Ranch -  ... the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was still present at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island as of mid-day yesterday.  It was often lurking about the back side of the spring pond in the cattails.  Seven warblers in all, with MacGILLIVRAY'S & WILSON'S coming through in strength.The INDIGO BUNTING I saw was a male just molting into its breeding plumage... HERMIT THRUSHES were EVERYWHERE, with at least one SWAINSON'S THRUSH mixed in with the lot. ...There was at least one EASTERN KINGBIRD present, both in the little orchard by the parking area and the distant trees in the large field to the south of the ranch.

Tim Avery (16 May 20910) - 150+ Red Knots at AIC. Right before the first bridge. Along with 1500 Black-bellied Plover.

Dave Hanscom
(11 May 2010) - Went back to the causeway this morning with Steve Carr and Pat Jividen ... lots of birds mixed in with the Black-bellies around mile marker 4, including at least 25 Red Knots, a few Semi-Palmated Plovers, a couple of Black Terns, one Forster's Tern, a Peregrine Falcon, a Marbled Godwit, a bunch of Dowitchers, a couple of Avocets, a flock of 20 or so Western Kingbirds flying along the causeway, and one Purdy Krisbird in her little red SUV...

Jeff Bilsky (9 May 2010) - ...Garr Ranch: Northern Waterthrushes (2), couldn't find the B&W but did see a probable INDIGO BUNTING in a thicket along the South fence of the ranch...

Robert Williams (9 May 2010) - [Antelope Island Causeway] ... I did find several good things about 5 sanderlings 1 dunlin maybe 10 red knots semipalmated sandpipers, least sandpipers, and of most note was the mountain plovers... also was able to get some poor looks at the grass hopper sparrows i heard maybe 3-4 individuals and saw one.

Jack Binch (8 May 2010) - ...Bob Huntington and I went out to Antelope Island ... On the way out to Garr Ranch we saw a singing Grasshopper Sparrow, maybe a mile or so before the ranch...First good sighting was a pair of Bullock's Orioles, then a lone male Western Tanager. While watching that I spotted a BLACK AND WHITE WARBLER and while we were watching that Bob spotted a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH... We drove east to mile post 4 and stopped to look through the Black-bellied Plovers. There were about a thousand of them and right away we started picking out RED KNOTS, about twenty of them. .... I potted a strange bird that turned out being a RUDDY TURNSTONE. Back and forth through the plovers and we turned up three DUNLINS...

Weston Smith (6 May 2010) - The Neotropic Cormorants that Kris mentioned in previous note were seen at Clinton Pond in Clinton, UT. There was one adult and one juvenile plumage birds seen with five Double-crested Cormorants...

Terry Sadler (2 May 2010) - There were 4 Dunlin on the rock jetty on the north side of the Antelope Island Causeway this morning...

Joel Beyer (2 May 2010) - Today we found one Short-billed Dowitcher with a group of 50 or so Long-billed Dowitchers at Farmington Bay WMA. They were located in the large pond on the left of the entrance road. Also there was the continuing Blue-winged Teal...


Kris Purdy (22 May 2010) - I saw a report of a CRESTED CARACARA in Huntington, Emery County, last weekend, which  is worthy of consideration. The observer is Clint Peterson of Salt Lake City.


Carl Ingwell (22 May 2010) - I did a shortened weekend of surveys at Bryce Canyon this weekend.  I came home early because of high winds and rains.  While there we saw some great birds  ... The best birds we saw were 5 EVENING GROSBEAK, 1 WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKER, PYGMY NUTHATCH and GRACE'S WARBLER.


Carl Ingwell (19 May 2010) - [Horsethief Campground] - We had two Cassin's Kingbirds join us for dinner tonight.  Niiiiiice

Carl Ingwell (18 May 2010) - [Matheson Preserve, Moab] - Took the morning off work due to high winds on the Island in the Sky and birded Matheson Preserve in Moab.  I heard numerous Yellow-breasted Chats, a Wilson's Warbler, MacGillivray's Warbler, Yellow Warbler & a Common Yellowthroat, Spotted Towhees and one Green-TailedTowhee, around 50 Cedar Waxwings, a bunch of Lazuli Buntings, Black-Headed Grosbeaks, a Cooper's Hawk, etc. ... Last night outside my camp I had 3 awesome friends: a Gray Vireo, a Gray Flycatcher, and a Black-throated Gray Warbler.  It was a gray party and they were all singing sweetly to me.
     Just had my first Common Poorwill of the season (I know, I'm slow), and it was right outside my tent.  Awesome.


Lu Giddings (26 May 2010) -  spent the day birding from the Little Sahara Sand Dunes cut-off on the Nephi-to-Leamington road, north of the sand dunes and out into the Sevier desert, along the west side of the Sheeprock mountains, and then through Lookout Pass to Vernon and home. Saw my first Burrowing Owl of the year, and my first Warbling Vireos at a spring ten miles west of Cherry Creek.

Lu Giddings (8 May 2010) - Utah County Birders had a very good day traveling to Fish Springs, Callao, and Delta... The best bird of the day was a Green Heron spotted hunting in the reeds along the south edge of Avocet Pond. We were also surprised to find a Calliope Hummingbird in the trees near the Visitor's Center...

David Wheeler (1-2 May 2010) - Since Mojo wasn't along, I will just give a brief summary: [See Washington Co. for the rest of the list].
    HORNED GREBE -- in breeding plumage at Chicken Creek Res by Nephi; RED-NECKED   PHALAROPE -- Chicken Creek Res by Nephi


Ned Bixler (2 May 2010) - Sat. May 1st - Thanks to Reed and Kay Stone, we were able to visit the Henefer Lek, and see approx. 24+ Sage Grouses.


Cheri "blujeans" (1 May 2010) - Came home today and had a M Bullocks on my suet mixture. Interesting. It is slightly sweet so maybe that's the attraction. Or maybe this is typical of the
Bullocks Oriole? I'm from Ohio and never had one before...


Bill Fennimore (18 May 2010) - [Deseret Ranch - Great Salt Lake Bird Festival Field Trip]. Our total for the day was 111 species, a new record for the Bird Festival bus trips on Deseret Ranch.  Our previous best was 106 species last year.  The highlight birds were NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, BLUE-WINGED TEAL, and NORTHERN GOSHAWK


Tim Avery (29 May 2010) - This evening while hiking along the creek west of La Caille at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Sam and I came upon a 2nd year male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK.  ... The bird was skulking along the creek  west of Wasatch Blvd., staying low in the oaks below the trail.

Utah Birds (29 May 2010) [Fort Union]  ... a Western Tanager, and a Western Bluebird at feeder today.

Edson Leite (23 May 2010) - Beth and I just saw a female Prothonotary Warbler at Parleys Nature park (Tanners Park, Salt Lake City). It was on the main trail about 100 yards from the park regulations sign, on the right side there is a downed tree which I placed a stack of rocks on where we saw the bird.

Bryant Olson (21 May 2010) - [Millcreek Canyon] This evening,Friday 5-21-10,I heard and then saw a Northern Saw-whet Owl in the parking lot of the Terraces trail head.  ...  Also heard my FOY Flammulated Owl in the same area, but it wouldn't respond to a recording of their call to give me look.

Matt Schamberger
 (12 May 2010) - Birded Liberty Park (primarily around the pond) and Tracy Aviary this AM. Bagged two lifebirds, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH and a male/female pair of WILSON'S WARBLERs...

Tim Avery (8 May 2010) - Jeff Bilsky and I looped the north half of Salt Lake County this morning ... 5000 West Utah Power Sub Station: 1 - NASHVILLE WARBLER ( in the southwest corner near Perkin's) - ;
     Mill Race Park Highlights: 1 - Neotropic Cormorant, 2 - Caspian Tern, 1 - Forster's Tern; Mountain Dell Reservoir Highlights: 1 - male WOOD DUCK (unexpected and nice treat up there), 2 - Osprey building a nest on the north side of the lake...

Steve Coleman (5 May 2010) - For the second year I have had a Green-tailed Towhee coming to my yard for the last week...

Deb Drain (4 May 2010) - I know that Sora's are not uncommon, but it I think it might be uncommon for a Sora to be present at the Brighton Meadows Park (storm water retention basin park between 45th and 48th South at appx 15th East).  I walk in this park almost every day, and the past week I am fairly certain I have heard a Sora calling.  ...I also saw a Vesper Sparrow this eve at the park, another unusual sighting.

Rich Young (2 May 2010)  - For those of you who have been following the saga of the Neotropic Cormorants at the Sandy Pond, I have some bad news, then some good news.  First the bad news. I have been monitoring the Sandy Pond for the past 3 days; and the birds are history there. Now the good news. I just located them again further north on the Jordan River Parkway ...  Here is the location:... Millrace Pond, at 5400 South, 1200 West, Taylorsville, Ut...

Jeff Bilsky (1 May 2010) - FIELDS EAST OF CAUSEWAY - Marbled Godwits and White-faced Ibis
CAUSEWAY - Sanderlings, Western, and Semi-Palmated Sandpipers and a Wilson's Phalarope at the rock jetty and a Peregrine taking a stab at them briefly. - Long-billed Curlews, Snowy Plover, lots of Swallows, Kingbirds, Eared Grebes
    ISLAND - Several Loggerhead Shrikes, singing Grasshopper Sparrow
    RANCH - Green-tailed Towhees, Lazuli Buntings, Say's Phoebe, Wilson's Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Geoff Hardies (1 May 2010) - I took an hour or so to bird Parley's this afternoon. The north side of
the stream was dead, the south side east of the wooden bridge was quite productive. The highlight was 3 black-throated gray warblers and 2 lazuli buntings. I also saw about 20 virginia warblers and 34+ orange-crowned. Also saw my first TV for SL cnty this year.


Carl Ingwell (19May 2010) - [Island in the Sky, UT] - Over the last three days I have been doing surveys at Island in the Sky.  It's all pinon/juniper work & I'm getting all the normal stuff you find in such a habitat:  Gray Vireo, Gray Flycatcher, Pinon Jays, Black-throated Gray Warbler, Bewick's Wren, Lark Sparrow singing outside my tent at about 4 AM today.  I also had a Red-Breasted Nuthatch calling.

Carl Ingwell (12 May 2010) - Worked Natural Bridges again today... I also saw a Black-Headed Grosbeak, a White-Breasted Nuthatch & a pair of what appeared to be nesting Perigrine Falcons. I know I didn't see anything that neat, but I enjoyed it.

Carl Ingwell (11 May 2010) - It was cold and windy in Natural Bridges today, but I got a decent survey before the bad weather. Had a Cordilleran Flycatcher, a White-Breasted Nuthatch, a Wilson's Warbler, a Black-headed Grosbeak, etc. Also, the place was packed with hummingbirds and wildflowers. Nothing too neat, but I had fun. 


D Knight (28 May 2010) Rose breasted grosbeak at feeder, several days in a row in Woodland, Utah

Kimberly Roush (28 May 2010) - [Pinebrook, UT] 1st ever that I have seen at this location starting 1998: INDIGO BUNTING in Pinebrook this am. Two little MacGillivray's Warblers dodging through my yard also.


Joel and Kathy Beyer (24 May 2010) - A Northern Waterthrush was seen along the stream at Clover Springs today. An additional 35 species were seen here (4 flycatchers, 6 warblers, solitaire, tanagers, tanagers, tanagers, etc.)
     Earlier this morning, on our Grantsville BBS, we had 3 Northern Mockingbirds (the most in 10 years of doing the survey).

R Francom (18 May 2010) - Watched (3) Caspian Terns on Grantsville Reservoir 5/17/10 just before dusk, aggressively chasing gulls out of the area.   


Linda West (12 May 2010) - Had a white-winged dove at my feeder again this morning--this is 3rd
time in the last 4 years. If it just came up from the south, it must be wondering why, what with a skiff of overnight snow on everything... Otherwise, lazuli buntings have just shown up in the last couple of
days, a bit later than usual, but apparently they know it's spring even if the weather isn't sure yet.


Leena Rogers (30 may 2010) [Provo] - Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in my daughter's yard, foothills of Provo.

Dave Wheeler (23 May 2010) ..... went to River Lane and wandered the portion along the river.  Saw many warblers, plus a lovely Yellow-breasted Chat, again a bazillion Western tanagers . ... and two Purple Martins (male & female) near the lake .....

Eric Huish (22 May 2010) - Jeff Bilsky just called.  He is right now looking at an American Redstart at Utah Lake State Park.  Walk the footbridge over the river then walk the path downstream.  The bird is near the open clearing.

Cheryl Peterson
(21 May 2010)
- Bonnie Williams and I went up Diamond Fork this afternoon.  In the campground we saw a Black Phoebe (a few yards upstream from the bridge flycatching from the rocks and bushes), Fox Sparrow, Red-breasted Sapsucker (possibly 2 since they were seen at opposite ends of the campground) and Yellow-breasted Chat.

Eric Huish (21 May 20100 - [Lower Provo River Parkway] - Jeff Bilsky and I birded the Lower Provo River Parkway this afternoon. We walked around the oxbow then downstream from the oxbow parking lot. Among others saw Barn Owls, Wilson's Warblers, MacGillivray's Warbler, Willow FlycatchersCordilleran Flycatcher, Western Wood Pe-wee

sisterscott123 (21 May 2010) - Spotted a Plain-Grey Titmouse today. Eagle Mountain Foothills.

Lu Giddings (20 May 2010) - [Diamond Fork] - The best bird sightings were an Eastern Kingbird sitting on a cedar post about 0.5 miles above the Diamond fork campground, and a Sora walking across the algae mat covering one of Diamond Fork's lower ponds ... Red-naped Sapsuckers, House Wrens, and Green-tailed Towhees were common .... Fox Sparrows were found in the Diamond Fork campground. Plumbeous Vireos are around ....

Eric Huish (20 May 2010) - [Highland Glen Park[ - Birded Highland Glen Park this morning with Milt Moody, Sirpa Grierson and Leena Rogers.  Bird activity was down from a few weeks ago.  Black-headed Grosbeaks singing everywhere. No loons in the pond. Among other sightings: MacGillivary's Warbler, Belted Kingfisher, Horned Lark (heard), Black-chinned Hummingbird.

Eric Huish (18 May 2010) - [South Fork Canyon] - There was a Yellow-breasted Chat singing next to the park-and-ride lot at the mouth of the canyon.  At the Beaver ponds, about half way up South Fork Canyon, we saw a Wilson's Warbler, heard Gray Catbird and Fox Sparrow singing and from across the ponds we could heard a Ruffed Grouse drumming.  Lots of Yellow Warblers everywhere in the canyon

Jeff Bilsky
(6 May 2010) -  [Northern Parula]...I stumbled on a presumed Warbler that confused me. Here's what I can tell you. Yellow throat. Clean white from there on down, through to the undertail. Pure white. Not dingy. No streaking. When I saw the head, the eyes appeared to have white arcs above and below. I wasn't able to get a feel for the colors of the head, wings, body. I have theories but none that fit perfectly...

Eric Huish (8 May 2010) - Jeff Cooper and I birded the American Fork Boat Harbor area this morning. Best bird was a Northern Waterthrush Jeff spotted along the American Fork River about a half mile upstream from the boat harbor...
     We saw lots of Yellow Warblers, a Black-throated Gray Warbler, a few Hermit Thrushes and and a few Green Tailed Towhees. A Warbling Vireo was a first-of-year for us.

Jeff Bilsky (6 May 2010) - In the hot spot that is my office in Provo, I just had a NASHVILLE WARBLER and a couple BULLOCK'S ORIOLES (M+F), as well as continued numbers of the other common Warblers - no Vireos today...

Reed Stone (6 May 2010) - This morning I got a BLACK THROATED GRAY WARBLER in my yard. This is a new yarder making my list up to 128...

Ned Bixler (5 May 2010) Today, along with the wind, several birds showed up. Skipper Bay trail: warblers: yellow-rumped, yellow, orange-crowned, Virginia's, and common yellowthroat. Several other birds: chipping sparrows, hermit thrush, and Bullock's orioles.
     At Utah Lake State Park the most interesting was a black and white warbler along with the rest of the warblers listed at skipper bay trail. Also 2 lark sparrows.

Jeff Bilsky (3 May 2010) - [From a list of 45 species of birds seen at Provo Airport Dike]  Red-breasted Merganser 1, Virginia Rail 1, Sandhill Crane 1, Solitary Sandpiper 2, Greater Yellowlegs 1, Lesser Yellowlegs 2, Western Sandpiper 1, Franklin's Gull 1, Caspian Tern 1, Forster's Tern 1

Eric Huish (1 May 2010) -  Jeff Cooper and I birded Highland Glen Park for about an hour this morning in the rain.  One of the Harris Sparrows Jeff has been seeing in the park this winter is
still there, in breeding plumage and signing. It was with a few White-crowned Sparrows near the small parking area south of the playground.
     There was a Common Loon on the fishing pond. Loons can be hard to find in Utah County.
     We also saw 5 species of warbler, a Hermit Thrush and I'm pretty sure we had a Peregrine Falcon fly over.


Dave Hascom (20 May 2010) - Went looking for Bilsky's Glossy Ibis again today, but couldn't find the flock.  A Bobolink and an Eastern Kingbird made the trip worth while, however. The Bobolink was along the next road south of Potter Lane, and the Kingbird was hanging out with a couple of Westerns a bit south and west of the Bobolink.


Larry Tripp (29 May 2010) - Today just north of Veyo in Washington County I saw an OVENBIRD. It came into pishing where I watched it for minute or so on a Juniper branch then walking around. a small spot near a pond where I take Tayla for a walk often....

Tim Avery (29 May 2010) - This morning Jeff Bilsky and I observed an adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the cottonwoods above the drinking fountain at the entrance of Lytle Ranch. Most of the usual suspects were also around including several Brown-crested Flycatcher, Summer Tanager, Hooded Oriole, Common Black-Hawk, and Bell's Vireo.
     There were 3 Vermilion Flycatcher at Boots Cox Park in St. George and a Green Heron at Springs Estate Pond.

Joel Beyer (8 May 2010) - We found a male Hooded Warbler at Lytle Ranch (Washington Co.) this morning. It was in the large bush just north of the trailer and workshop, where the trail forks. It was in this bush for at least 2 hours (until we left at 12:30). Cindy and Steve Sommerfield also saw the bird (Utah lifer for all!).

Joel Beyer (7 May 2010) - A Least Tern was at Sand Hollow Reservoir this afternoon, along with 30 Forster's Terns and 5 Caspian Terns. We were unable to find the Pomarine Jaeger.

David Wheeler (1-2 May 2010) - [Lytle Ranch] COMMON BLACK-HAWKS -- back just south of Lytle Ranch; POMARINE JAEGER -- there as of Friday morning, with incredibly long tail making it easy to spot in the lake. [thank you again Rick!]; COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD -- one male still visiting feeder at Lytle Ranch .... Stunning.; CASSIN'S KINGBIRD -- on the road to Welcome Springs, hanging with a Western kingbird, oddly enough; VIRGINIA's WARBLERS -- absolutely everywhere down south, ranging from Beaver Dam Slope to Zion NP; PAINTED REDSTARTS -- a pair at Temple of Sinewava (sp?) parking lot. TURKEYS nearby too.; SUMMER TANAGERS -- they are back at Lytle Ranch & they are stunning; RED CROSSBILLS -- several flocks at Pine Valley at & above the locked gate to campground. Grace's warblers are back too--at eye level even


Kris Purdy (18 May 2010) - [Huntsville] - BOBOLINKS have arrived in Ogden Valley northeast of Huntsville in Weber County, and can be observed from one of the usual places, Middlefork Lane. To get there, travel east on SR-39 from I-15 exit 344, 12th Street. Pass through Ogden Canyon, along the south shore of Pineview Reservoir, and east of Huntsville.

Dave Wheeler (16 May 2010) - I drove off to the North Arm Wildlife Area of Pineview to seek the Calliope hummingbird, and by the time I arrived the gods had tired of their torments. I saw a couple tiny males in their "fizyoooooo"-producing display flights, and was healed.

Kristin Purdy (9 May 2010) - .... The North Arm Natural Area of Pineview Reservoir, Weber County, this morning. One male CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD was on territory on top willow and hawthorne branches. I believe this is the Jack Binch Calliiope, one Jack found a few years ago, which continues to return to the same spot...
   I checked a few other places around the valley, including a dawn walk down Old Snowbasin Road from the flagged entrance to the ski resort; there were a drumming Ruffed Grouse, Red-naped Sapsuckers, Stellerís Jays, Mountain Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches, a MacGillivrayís Warbler, Cassinís Finches, and a distant pair of moose on a ridge.
   Earlier this week, I checked on the Lewisís Woodpeckers in Liberty in the northwest end of the valley on the way to North Fork Park.

Brenda Kidman (5 May 2010) - [South Weber] We got the WESTERN KINGBIRDS back on Sunday. We have several pairs that nest in and around the yard.  We have also had COMMON GRACKLES. It seems to be a little early for them but they are not one I keep track of as well as some of our favorites.  We have lots of BULLOCKS and there are still WHITE CROWNED and LAZULI'S but the Indigo has gone. Evidently the better weather gave it more options.

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