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February 20

Review Species Reported This Month:

    Yellow-billed Loon Washington Co.
    Cackling Goose  Davis Co.Salt Lake Co.
    Iceland Gull  Davis Co.
Lesser Black-Backed Gull  Davis Co.
 Western Gull  Davis Co.    
    McCowan's Longspur Box Elder Co.


Betsy Beneke (26 Feb 2010) - [Bear Refuge] As of Friday, February 26, 2010 - TUNDRA SWANS are starting to show up. I counted about 1000 birds today from the refuge auto tour. Lots of CANADA GEESE too, and a few ducks - mostly MALLARD, COMMON MERGANSER, COMMON GOLDENEYE, BUFFLEHEAD. .

Betsy Beneke (26 Feb 2010) - [Bear Refuge] The Reeder Canal is opening up (2 miles west of the Center) and had some Buffleheads and Common Goldeneye in it today. There were also a few swans and geese about 1/2 mile west of where the pavement begins - right before the Bear River Club  ... There are still quite a few ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS around.

Betsy Beneke (26 Feb 2010) - SALT CREEK WMA - Compton's Knoll EAGLES!!! Because our road is so nasty, I decided to take a quick trip up to Compton's Knoll. I counted 98 Bald Eagles from the knoll. ... There were maybe 50 Tundra Swans, some [Common] Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Mallards and Common Mergansers there as well.

Betsy Beneke (20 Feb 2010) - I was thrilled today to see both a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD and SAY'S PHOEBE outside the wildlife education center at Bear River Refuge. 

Paul Higgins (12 Feb 2010) - Gray Partridge, Howell Valley, Last weekend (Feb 7, 2010).

Carl Ingwell (7 Feb  2010) - After a few different weeks of looking, with no luck, I was finally able to
locate the McCown's Longspurs. Jeff Bilsky, Dave Hanscom and I found them about 100 yards past the white trailer.

BetsyBeneke (5 Feb 2010) -  I found one McCown's and one Lapland Longspur in the flocks of Horned Larks this afternoon at the [Bear River] refuge. They were approximately 4 miles west of the wildlife education center.


Betsy Beneke (23 Feb 2010) - There were 23 Wilson's Snipe feeding in shallow water along the north side of Hwy. 30, just at the west edge of Logan this afternoon.  Right at mile marker 108. Sure was fun to see them!

Stephen Peterson (23 Feb 2010) - [Logan, UT] The weirdest thing just happened as I was sitting here at my computer upstairs at home. I heard a Barn Owl territorial scream call just outside my window, 3 times in a row.

Ryan O'Donnell (15 Feb 2010) - I just saw in the Great Backyard Bird Count data that a Snow Bunting was seen in Smithfield, Cache County this weekend.

Craig Fosdick (14 Feb 2010) -  Hiked up Jardine Juniper Trail in Logan Canyon with two friends visiting from out of town. We found a calling NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL about 1.5 miles up the trail (that's a guesstimate).... Some fantastic looks at a vocalizing Pygmy-Owl! Other birds seen or heard on the trail included: Red-breasted Nuthatch, Mountain Chickadee, Golden-crowned Kinglet, American Robin, Townsend's Solitaire, Golden Eagle, Black-billed Magpie, Common Raven.

Connie McManus (12 Feb 2010) - I birded Hyrum State Park .... drove around the dam where I saw Cedar Waxwings. I got some fair photos of them ...  I have had Northern Harriers, Sharp-shinned Hawks, Loggerhead Shrikes and an occasional Golden Eagle, show up and Tundra Swans flying over head.

Ryan O'Donnell (10 Feb 2010) -  Craig Fosdick, Stephen Peterson, and I visited the feeders of a friend of Stephen's in Logan today .... We did not find the Harris's Sparrow, but we did see two AFRICAN COLLARED DOVE ... hanging out with a flock of about 15 EURASIAN COLLARED DOVES. ... Took a short tour around the valley. Highlights included two continuing BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS at the Logan Fish Hatchery, one tree with four BALD EAGLES in Benson, and three AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS in Benson. Three HORNED LARK flocks held no surprises, and three CANADA GOOSE flocks held no Cacklers.

Mike Fish (7 Feb 2010) - I've been up to Third Dam in Logan Canyon for 5 weekends in a row trying to capture a picture of a very elusive Winter Wren . .... this bird takes the prize as the most challenging I've ever tried to photograph. I also captured a few more pictures of the Sharp-shinned Hawk that has haunted my bird feeders all winter.

Jim Lofthouse (6 Feb 2010) - Winter Wren .... by the Blacksmith Fork River. Go to the stoplight at Hyrum and Highway 165. Turn east. You will soon drop into the canyon. Cross the river and slow down. There is a turnout on the North side of the road. Park here. The bird was seen by the spring which originates here. This spring travels 100 or so yards before emptying into the river.


Paul Higgins (28 Feb 2010) - Bewick's Wren, Ladyfinger Point, Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah.

David Wheeler (25 Feb 2019) - Farmington Bay WMAGLAUCOUS GULL(s)  &  LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS still there.  Interestingly, California Gulls have now replaced Ring-billeds as the by-far most common species of gull.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of Common Mergansers there, plus the Clarke's Grebe reported earlier. Just outside the refuge, the PRAIRIE FALCON was eating, perching, then hunting again in the field below the power lines.
Kaysville Ponds:  One male HOODED MERGANSER still there. Large number of Great-tailed Grackles swarming about the place.

Bryant Olsen  (23 Feb 2010) -  [Near Hooper, UT] CACKLING GEESE, mixed in with 100's of Canada Geese in corn stubble (north of Antelope island causeway 5 miles or so). At Ogden Bay WFMA I saw ... BALD EAGLES, over 100 in dead willows along a 1/2 mile stretch of the Weber River (south run). At Kaysville Ponds I saw 24 HOODED MERGANSERS, plus 5 DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS. Lots of GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES too. At Farmington Bay I saw 3 SNOW GEESE at the end of Glovers Lane, and had a fly over GLACOUS GULL, out at the end of the road on the refuge. Saw only 40 or so TUNDRA SWANS, all at Farmington Bay, also at the end of the road.

Deedee O'Brien (21 Feb 2010) - Counted 40 [American] crows behind-the-gates at Farmington Bay yesterday.

Jeff Blisky (21 Feb 2010) - Dave Hanscom and  bothI drove South towards the GSL Shoreline Preserve winding my way through the fields. ... We came across massive numbers of AMERICAN CROWS. ... just West of the GSL Shoreline Preserve. Some Bald Eagles on fence posts. ... Also, in the same general area, I found a large mixed flock of Starlings, BREWER'S, Red-winged, and YELLOW-HEADED (counted 10) Blackbirds.

Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld (20 Feb 2010) - [Farmington Bay WMA] - Steve and I stopped by Farmington Bay earlier today. Not much there. The gulls seemed to have dispersed. One interesting find was a Tree Swallow flying near the first turn.

David Wheeler ( 17 Feb 2010) - [Farmington Bay WMA] -  As well as the usual gulls (by far mostly Ring-billeds, plus Californias and Herrings), I saw two immature GLAUCOUS GULLS. ... There was a lovely Prairie Falcon just north of the refuge on the paved road (Glover Lane) near the refuge entrance road.

Joel and Kathy Beyer ( 14 Feb 2010) - [Farmington Bay WMA] On the main impoundment we found an adult Western Gull, a second winter Iceland Gull (last year's first winter bird?), and an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull. On the southeast pond (end of road) was an adult Glaucous Gull. Many Herring and a few Thayers Gulls were also about.

Matt Mills (13 Feb 2010) -  [Farmington Bay WMA] - We saw about 30 Bald Eagles and the following gulls: LESSER BLACK BACKED - 2 apparent ad. at the first bridge. GLAUCOUS GULL - 1 first winter. where the main road meets the east dike in the corner where all the Herring Gulls are feeding on carp. THAYERS - 1 ad with the Glaucous Gull. Also at Farmington Bay was a Rough-legged Hawk and a small number of Common Mergansers.

Carl Ingwell (7 Feb  2010) - [Farmington Bay WMA] Jeff Bilsky, Steve and Cindy Sommerfield and I had 2 Lesser Black Backed Gulls, 2 Thayers Gulls, 2 Glacous Gulls, Herring Gulls, California Gulls and Ring Billed Gulls at Farmington Bay today between 1 and 4 PM.

Joel and Kathy Beyer ( 7 Feb  2010) - This afternoon we spotted a White-fronted Goose and a Cackling Goose in a large flock (~300) of Canada Geese on the Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.). The geese were between MM 5 and 6, north side.

David Wheeler (5 Feb 2010) - [Farmington Bay WMA] - 1st/2nd year GLAUCOUS GULL a few hundred feet past the second bridge, out in the "channels" in the impoundment east of the road.  2) Adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL quite a ways out in the same impoundment...(not far south of the 2nd bridge). 3) Three adult WESTERN GULLS, way out in the SE quadrant of the impoundment. 4) 1st winter THAYER'S GULL, in the southwest portion of the impoundment.

Edson Leite (1  Feb 2010) - [Farmington Bay WMA] Looking for the Mew Gull no luck with that. But I did spot a Lesser Black-backed Gull at the second bridge and a Western Gull about 100 yds past the second bridge on the far edge of the open water.


Pat Jividen (21 Feb 2010) - On Thursday I saw about 300 [American] Crows in the Tabiona valley.


Cheri Medlin (17 Feb 2010) [Kane Co. N of Glendale] A pair of Hooded Mergansers have been here for at least 4 days now. I noticed the Kane Co. bird list has not gotten a report for these. An American Pipit is here too.

Cheri Medlin (16 Feb 2010) Western Bluebirds are back. Just in time to get counted in the GBBC.


Jack Binch (26 Feb 2010) - [Gunnison Reservoir, Delta]. There are 15 or 20 thousand Snow Geese on the lake. Quite a few Ross's Geese and several Blue Geese.

Lu Giddings (21 Feb 2010) - 1000s of Snow Geese at Gunnison Reservoir, Delta. A Prairie Falcon and a Ferruginous Hawk atop poles along the road between Delta and Clear Lake, and also what may have been a Rough-legged Hawk. Tundra Swans, American Avocets, and Bald Eagles (2 adults, one juvenile) at Clear Lake.

Bob Walters (19-21 Feb 2010) - June Ryburn and I ...observed fairly good numbers of Ross' Geese mixed in with the Snow Geese and on Feb. 19, I "picked up" a lone, Mountain Bluebird just south of Gunnison Bend Reservoir.

David J. Allan (16 Feb 2010) - I observed two SANDHILL CRANES flying together in the Fool Creek Sinks area of Millard County, Utah at just about sundown Monday 2/15/10. ... the cranes were flying .. south of the small town of Lynndyl, and were flying at a low altitude.

Bob Walters (2 Feb 2010) - Lynn Zubeck (DWR's Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area Supervisor) reported yesterday (Feb. 11) that an estimated 5,000 Snow Geese are present in the Delta, Utah area.

Melissa Renfro and John B. Free (7 Feb 2010) - Hooded Mergansers at Pruess Reservoir, seen 2/5/10. Location: Pruess Reservoir Inlet (Pruess South)(Millard County, UT) ... 2 miles East of Garrison, UT, 10 miles east of Baker, Nevada.


Jeff Bilsky (26 Feb 2010) - [Parley's Creek Mitigation area] New birds seen: Mallard, Western Scrub Jay, Dark-eyed Junco.

Jeff Bilsky (23 Feb 2010) - [Parley's Creek Mitigation area] Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, Golden Eagle, American Kestrel, Northern Flicker, Black-billed Magpie, Townsend's Solitaire, American Robin, European Starling, Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrow.

Carol Gwynn (21 Feb 2010) - Just to report something besides crows, there was an early or over-wintering Yellow-rumped Warbler at Red Butte Gardens yesterday.

Carl Ingwell (21 Feb 2010) - There are 2 Cackling Geese and 1 Merlin behind the Rocky Mountain Power building in Lake Park.

Carl Ingwell (21 Feb 2010) - This morning, at Nibley Golf Course (2700 S 700 E in SLC), I found 1 Cackling Goose mixed in with 150 Canadas.

Bryant Olsen (16 February  2010) I saw one of the Peregrine Falcons today in Temple Square, perch on a ledge just below the golden trumpeter, ... Then I headed up City Creek, where I saw a Golden Eagle and heard 2 Northern Saw-whets and some Western Screech Owls.

Tim Avery ( 13 Feb 2010) - [Lee Kay Ponds] was open water today. Mostly California with a good number of Ring-billed and a handful of Herring Gulls. Several 1st winter Thayer's Gull were present along with a 1st winter GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL and an adult MEW GULL. ...The Jordan River was running high and at 2300 south there were a few Barrow's Goldeneye hanging out.

Glen Warchol (2 Feb 2010) - Peregrine at main and 700 south, SLC.

Bryant Olsen (1 Feb 1 2010) - Last night I went owling up City Creek (SLC). Heard  Northern Saw-whets. ... I heard them near picnic area 8, 11? or 12? (the one with the bathrooms, grove of junipers and spruces) and mile post 2. Also Western Screech Owls (also near the bathrooms), and a Great Horned Owl (near mile post 2).


Kimberly Roush ( 28 Feb 2010) - Still buried in snow so nice to see a Redtail [Hawk] return! Right over the ridge between Pinebrook and Summit Park.


Ned Bixler (26 Feb 2010) - [Rush Valley] Road 199 to Dugway. Red-tailed Hawk; American Kestrel; Prairie Falcon; Western Scrub-Jay; Common Raven; American Robin; European Starling; House Finch.

Eric Huish (14 Feb 2010) -  [Ophir Canyon] - Chukar, heard only.  Great Horned Owl, Mostly heard only. Northern Saw-whet Owl - heard at least one at cemetery and got very close to at least one about 1 mile up canyon from cemetery. Juniper Titmouse. Canyon Wren, heard only. ...


Ned Bixler (27 Feb 2010) - [SKIPPER BAY TRAIL] Seen: Snow Goose; Canada Goose; Gadwall; American Wigeon; Mallard; Northern Shoveler; Northern Pintail; Green-winged Teal; Great Blue Heron; Northern Harrier; Red-tailed Hawk; American Kestrel; Ring-billed Gull; California Gull; Northern Flicker (Red-shafted); Black-billed Magpie; Black-capped Chickadee; American Robin; European Starling; Red-winged Blackbird.

Eric Huish (20 Feb 2010) - Birded Skipper Bay Trail and Provo Airport Dike with KC Childs and Jeff Bilsky late this morning.  Best birds were a large flock of [American] Pipits on Skipper Bay Trail and a Northern Shrike south of the control tower on the airport dike.

Jeff Blisky (20 Feb 2010) - This afternoon I birded over by Swede and River Lanes in Utah County.The area had several BALD EAGLES along with the usual NORTHERN HARRIERS and RED-TAILED HAWKS hunting the fields. A HERMIT THRUSH was located at the end of Swede Lane by the lake which was still frozen in this area. River Lane was mostly devoid of birds except at the end of the road. ...There were some [Northern] PINTAILS in the water here as well.

Carl Ingwell (20 Feb 2010) - The Varied Thrush was still present at the Jordan River Parkway in Lehi.  It was just south (3M) of the pumphouse.  I saw it between 745 and 815 this morning. I also saw a Double Crested Cormorant flying over.

Joel and Kathy Beyer  (17 Feb  2010) -  Besides seeing the Varied Thrush yesterday morning, we also saw a Bewick's Wren and heard Sandhill Cranes (east of the trail) while walking to the pumphouse.

Matt Mills (13 Feb 2010) - Saw the Varied Thrush briefly today at the previously described spot along the Jordan River parkway. The bird was on the ground north of the old pumphouse.

Matt Mills (12 Feb 2010) - Spent the afternoon birding around Utah county with some folks from BYU.
Highlights include: LONG-EARED OWL continuing at Provo Airport Dike. NORTHERN SHRIKE: 1 ad. just north of the Owl in a tree on the dike. COMMON GRACKLE: 1 ad. male with Red-winged Blackbirds at about 3370  Center Street West. ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK: 1 at Benjamin Slough. Also at Benjamin Slough amongst the many Canada Geese and Mallards were a few AMERICAN WIGEONS and a good number of NORTHERN PINTAIL. In in the area south of River Lane area there were at least 16 BALD EAGLES of various ages (mostly adults). ... Of interest was a dark morph RED-TAILED HAWK ('rufous' morph) near Lindon Boat Harbour.

Jeff Bilsky (12 Feb 2010) -  [Skipper Bay Trail]  100's of Canada Geese present. Personal highlights were 14 REDHEADS, a CANVASBACK, and a few AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS.

Eric Huish (7 Feb 2010) - KC Childs and his roommate Sean glimpsed a Hummingbird fly out of a tree in their front yard Friday (Feb 5) around 5:00 pm. KC saw it again on Saturday around 5:00 pm, again just a glimpse. He is unsure of species. ...The sighting is in the area of 300 W 200 S, Provo. `

Eric Huish (7 Feb 2010) - I saw a couple Northern Mockingbirds on Friday (Feb 5) along the road about a mile south of the Lindon Boat Harbor, or about a half mile south of the settling ponds.

Eric Huish (7 Feb 2010) - In my yard this morning I saw a Merlin in the elm tree across the street. A  Sharp-shinned Hawk on a big blue spruce in the corner of our yard.

David Wheeler (28 Feb 2010) -  1)  Quail Creek Reservoir YELLOW-BILLED LOON (lovely views) and WHITE-WINGED SCOTER both Friday and Saturday.  All three species of mergansers were there as well, as well as a couple of Common Loons. 2)  Sand Hollow Reservoir:  At least one HORNED GREBE and lots of Greater Scaup were there. 3)  Hurricane (fields behind POTW--sewage lagoons): Saw the Snow Geese there. 4)  St. George.  The VERMILION FLYCATCHER male continues to delight at the edge of Cox Park. 5)  Snow Canyon State Park: The ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD and absurdly tame [Greater] Roadrunner  were still at the campground as of  Saturday afternoon.  6) I think I MAY POSSIBLY HAVE seen a Great Egret in one of the fountain-decorated Las-Vegasesqe desert ponds ... near a jogging trail in Ivins near Snow Canyon and just up hill of some baseball fields. 

Rick Fridell (26 Feb 2010) -  The Yellow-billed Loon and White-winged Scoter are still at Quail Creek State Park and the male Vermilion Flycatcher is still hanging around the fields adjacent to Cox Park in St. George. A large flock of Canada Geese, 25 Snow Geese, 4 Ross's Geese, and 2 Greater White-fronted Geese in the fields behind the SR-9 (Hurricane) Sewage Ponds. Rob Dobbs and I observed a large flock of geese in the Washington Fields this afternoon including ~ 75 Snow Geese (one blue phase) and 5 Ross's Geese. There was also an immature Mute Swan with the geese in the Washington Fields. Rob also observed an adult Mute Swan (and 3 Tundra Swans) at Sand Hollow State Park.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (19 Feb 2010) - a Bendire's Thrasher in the Beaver Dam Slope area of Washington County.  Specifically, the bird was about halfway to the Zella Tanks, off the Lytle Ranch road.  It was chased off by a Cactus Wren. The thrasher was not refound. Other highlights were:  Yellow-billed Loon and Pacific Loon at Quail Creek Reservoir; Anna's Hummingbird displaying at Snow Canyon SP; Vermillion Flycatcher and Swamp Sparrow in St. George.

Kristin Purdy (16 Feb 2010) - A male Mandarin Duck  at Beus Park in Ogden, Weber County. The person who described the duck to me is Marily Glen, a member of my book club.

Paul Higgins (15 Feb 2010) - Clark's Nutcracker--Powder Mountain, Weber County,  February 14, 2010.

Paul Higgins (14 Feb 2010) - Rosy-Finches, Powder Mountain, Weber County, Utah. February 14, 2010


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