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November 2009

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Black-legged Kittiwakel  Davis Co.
    Little Gull  Davis Co.
    Iceland Gull  Salt Lake Co. (? Albino Ring-billed Gull?)
    Lesser Black-backed Gulll  Davis Co.
    Thick-billed Kingbird  Emery Co.
    Chestnut-sided Warbler  Washington Co.


Betsy Beneke (14 Nov 2009) - ... A small flock of birds was swirling about on the south side of the education center this morning, and my attempts to identify them were aggravated by the snow, wind and poor light conditions. However, a few birds decided to settle down next to the building, and I was able to identify them as American Tree Sparrows. They didn't stay long, but a couple of the birds hopped up onto the feeder to check things out before departing. These are the first tree sparrows I've seen this fall.


Mike Fish  (24 Nov 2009) - Since last Friday, I've seen an Osprey each night fly along the Logan River back behind my house. The Bird has been in the area every night from 4:30pm to dark... Isn't it a little late in the year to have Osprey this far north?

Mike Fish (17 Nov 2009) - I am home from work today and I have another White-throated sparrow in the yard. The last White-throated visited my yard from Oct. 31st to Nov. 3rd...

Ryan O'Donnell (1 Nov 2009) - Craig Fosdick and I birded Denzil Stewart Nature Park and Sue's Ponds in Logan this afternoon. The best bird of the day was a lone DUNLIN with six LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS at Sue's Ponds.


Tim Avery (8 Nov 2009) - [Lesser Black-backed Gull] I would say this is indeed a different gull. Twice it flew by yesterday while we were watching the swarm of Bonaparte's at the last bridge--looking not nearly as developed as the previous LBBG that has been around.

Kris Purdy (8 Nov 2009) - In addition to the other celebrity gulls (including the SABINE'S) already reported on Antelope Island's Causeway today, another LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was in the same place where Jack Binch found one on October 24. The location is just west of the weather station on the north side of the causeway, and within a half mile or so (east of) of the big bridge near the marina...

Jack Binch (7 Nov 2009) - I just talked with Bob Huntington and he saw the Black-legged Kittiwake about 4:00 this afternoon. I saw it yesterday between 3:15 and 3:30, so maybe the afternoon is the time to be there.

Tim Avery (7 Nov 2009) - [Little Gull]  At the last bridge. Its an adult! (second message): A juvenile Sabine's Gull spotted by Larene Wyss has joined the Bonaparte's Gulls and the Little Gull at the last bridge along the Antelope Island Causeway.

Joel Beyer (4 Nov 2009) - This afternoon we found a first winter White-winged Scoter on the Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.). It was on the south side of the marina bridge (the one closest to the island), and was with a Surf Scoter and several Lesser Scaup.


Rick Fridell (4 Nov 2009) - Today (11/4/09) I received an email from some Bishop, CA birders who recently spent a week or so camping in the San Rafael Swell. On October 20, 2009, they photographed a Thick-billed Kingbird in Upper Calf Canyon, accessed from the Buckhorn Wash Road above the San Rafael Bridge, approximately 20 miles north of I-70, and west of Green River, Emery County, Utah. They sent some photos and I hope to work with them to get this significant sighting published in North American Birds and submitted to the Utah Bird Records Committee.


Weston Smith (24 Nov 2009) - My father(Arnold Smith) and I birded around Morgan County today between noon and dark. The most uncommon birds seen for this time of year were a female Western Tanager and a Sapsucker. The Sapsucker was most likely Red-naped, could have been a Yellow-bellied but we did not get a very good look at it, since it had red on top of its head and chin with a lot of yellow on the belly...


Jason Pietrzak (18 Nov 2009) - We came back to Moab late last night and woke up to find our landlord has been filling our feeders. I saw a huge flock of Juncos along with some of the other regulars at sunrise and I saw what I first struck me as a strange leucistic/partial-albino House Sparrow. While I rubbed my eyes furiously and dunked my still-frozen binoculars in hot water (to remove ice and fog), it landed 15 feet away from me and scratched in the litter near the bird-bath. It quickly became clear to me that this was a Harris's Sparrow...


Cheri (25 Nov 2009) - According to My Sibley's neither are uncommon but both were nice to see
today. Green-winged Teals hanging with mallards and the Golden-crowned Kinglet checking out my water source, a bird magnet!


Martha Veranth (30 Nov 2009) - There was a Ross's Goose in with all the Canada geese feeding by the canal at 4646 Lake Park Blvd around 2:00 this afternoon.

Jeff Bilsky (29 Nov 2009) - On the causeway at Antelope Island today, there was an AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER hanging out with some Killdeer around MM4...

Keeli Marvel (25 Nov 2009) - This morning I saw a male Barrow's Goldeneye keeping company with 12 Common Goldeneye, a Hooded Merganser, and a few Lesser Scaup in the canal that runs in between the east and west sides of Glendale Golf Course...

Bryant Olsen (8 Nov 2009) - I just saw what I believe to be a 2nd winter Iceland Gull in Liberty Park,SLC. It was mixed in with all the hordes of begging California and Ring-billed Gulls on the south end of the big pond. It was very tame and I got very close and got some good photos...  It was extremely pale, almost pure white, with pink legs and bill, and stood out like a sore thumb.  (Possible albino Ring-billed Gull - Photos by Jerry Liguari)

Pomera Fronce(5 Nov 2009) - On Wednesday, the GSLA group located a Lewis's Woodpecker on their monthly Mountain Dell survey. It was seen only briefly before it disappeared.  I relocated the bird on Thursday morning. It was working the scrub oak on the west side of State Highway 65 from the northern edge of Mountain Dell Reservoir and ranging to the north maybe a half mile.

Matt Schamberger (2 Nov 2009) - My wife and I made our first visit to Lamb's Canyon today (we have not lived in Utah long) and it did not disappoint. We were able to observe a Northern pygmy Owl for approximately 15 minutes; a lifer for us! I believe this specie's face appears much more serious or fierce than the "confused" look of an alert Saw-whet owl.


Lu Giddings (21 Nov 2009) - [Bohemian Waxwing along the Mirror Lake Highway]  Only one seen, in the company of about 150 cedar waxwings at MM 12.1.

Dave Hanscom (3 Nov 2009) - As I was running across the Park Meadows Golf Course in Park City
yesterday, I saw a Cackling Goose amongst the hundred or two Canada Geese that have been hanging out there lately...


Abbajoe (13 Nov 2009) - I see a Ruffed Grouse just off 820 N at 1200 W in Provo.11:45 Friday11/13/09

Eric Huish (11 Nov 2009) - Birded the Provo Airport Dike this morning (Utah County). There were 5 Hooded Mergansers in the moat north of the southeast corner and two 2 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers between the south east corner and the south extension.

David L Walton (4 Nov 2009) - I found one Snow Goose among a hundred or so Canada geese at the irrigation pond just (half a mile) north of Lehi Costco...


Dave Hanscom (16 Nov 2009) - Thanks to last week's heads up from Betsy up at Bear River, I looked more carefully at the sparrows when my wife and I walked the trail through the Jordanelle Wetlands this morning. Sure enough, there were a few American Tree Sparrows among the Song Sparrows.


Rick Fridell (21 Nov 2009) - Today (11/21) there was an adult female Surf Scoter at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co, UT. The scoter was hanging out around the emergent sandstone outcrops off the main parking lot area.  Stratton Pond (Grandpa's Fishing Pond: at the end of 3700 West in Hurricane) also has a great variety of waterfowl; highlighted today by around 15 or so Greater Scaup and over 70 Hooded Mergansers.

Larry Tripp (3 Nov 2009) - A late report from Washington County. I saw a Chestnut-sided Warbler on Private Property in St. George on Monday afternoon.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (2 Nov 2009) - Today we found 2 Golden-crowned Sparrows, one adult at Lower Sand Cove Reservoir (east of Gunlock), and a first winter at Confluence Park (St. George). Also at Confluence Park was a fly-over Great Egret. The Swamp Sparrow previously reported at Leeds was seen again this afternoon (the escapee Budgie was there too).  Yesterday we saw a late departing female Summer Tanager at the northeast corner of Quail Lake Estates (west of Hurricane off highway SR9).


Kris Purdy (19 Nov 2009) - A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW was using the feeder on the east side of Beus Park in Ogden, Weber County, today at nearly 5 p.m. The bird was a tan-striped morph. It retreated into the brush behind the feeder when I approached to fill the feeder. I didn't see the sparrow again, despite backing off and waiting 10 minutes or so...


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