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August 2009

Review Species Reported This Month:
Great Black-backed Gull  Summit Co.
    Upland Sandpiper  Davis Co.
    Hermit Warbler  Washington Co.
    Prothonotary Warbler  Washington Co.


Craig Fosdick (26 Aug 2009) - I had a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER at 720 pm this evening at Rendezvous Park in Logan.

Ryan O'Donnell (30 Aug 2009) - Craig Fosdick, Ron Ryel, and I birded around the county this morning (Saturday). We started at the Sherwood Hills Resort, where we saw and/or heard four warbler species, including at least two NASHVILLE WARBLERS (the other three were Yellow, Yellow-rumped, and Wilson's). We also saw at least five CASSIN'S VIREOS... Next we went to Rendezvous Park, which was pretty quiet... We did find at least one and probably two NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHES there, though! ...Craig had to leave after this stop but Ron and I continued around several other spots in the valley. Two Western Sandpipers and one juvenile STILT SANDPIPER were at Sue's Ponds, just west of the Logan Landfill.

Craig Fosdick ( 8 Aug 2009) - Buck Russell and I birded Cache Co. this morning, first in the rain, then without the rain... At Newton Reservoir,where we birded the riparian zone below the dam, we had three BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERs, a singing male BLUE GROSBEAK, three EASTERN KINGBIRDs, plus single WESTERN TANAGER and YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER. The BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERs were about 2/10 of a mile down the road that runs south on the east side of the riparian zone...


Jeff Bilsky (8 Aug 2009) - Earlier in the morning near MM4 on the Flaming Gorge highway, I had a couple of PYGMY NUTHATCHES mixed in with a big group of other travelling montane species moving through the Ponderosas'. Later on, I drove on the Sheep Creek Loop and stopped at Palisades Memorial Park and located a single TOWNSEND'S WARBLER that was cooperative enough to give me great looks - seems a bit early maybe?


Kristin Purdy (29 Aug 2009) - Jack Binch, Paul Higgins and I saw a WHIMBREL at Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County this morning at about 7:30. The bird was on the north side at the east edge of the surface water around mile 5.2.

Tim Avery (29 Aug 2009) - [Garr Ranch, Antelope Island]  There was a Red-eyed Vireo in the south portion of the picnic area this morning.

Tim Avery (28 Aug 2009) - Steve Sommerfeld just called me and reported finding an UPLAND SANDPIPER north of MM5 about 40 yards out on the mudflats along the Antelope Island Causeway. He said it was about due north of where the large stump is in the mud on the south side of the causeway.

Carol Gwynn (16 Aug 2009) - There was a Whimbrel on the Antelope Island Causeway Saturday at about mm 3 on the north side. I was hoping the storm would bring in waves of shorebirds, but not so.  There were 4 Burrowing Owls at MM 6...  At Glover Ponds, a Black Tern flew over. Glover Ponds had been taken over by White-faced Ibis; there were lots in the ponds and more in the field to the north.

Jeff Bilsky (9 Aug 2009) - I located a NASHVILLE WARBLER this evening at Antelope Island's Garr Ranch hanging out over by the spring pond....


Paul Higgins (10 Aug 2009) - Weird--I found Sage Grouse high in the aspens and Dusky Grouse low along meandering streams in sage covered draws. Monte Cristo, Rich County, Utah. August 10, 2009.


Kristin Purdy (23 Aug 2009) - Pomera Fronce and I saw an adult NEOTROPIC CORMORANT in a pond along the Jordan River near the intersection of 5400S. and 1070W. in Murray, Salt Lake County, early this afternoon. The pond is a newly constructed or renovated fishing pond located on the west side of the river and northwest of the intersection mentioned above...

Deedee O'Brien (13 Aug 2009) - Apparently Band-tailed Pigeons nest in the Wasatch. I saw the first juvenile of the year in mid-June. Now several a day come by, but don't get large numbers of adults or young this summer (most was 11, usually 4 or 5 OR 1 alone). They're usually gone by the end of September, but a few years some have stayed until snow and a couple years ago one wintered over...

Stephen Carlile (1 Aug 2009) - [first seen last month]  It took several tries but I finally got it. I saw the adult Neotropical Cormorant ... at Lee Kay Ponds in Salt Lake County. The bird was seen at the main pond, with the viewing platform, on the far island to the south east. I picked out the bird based on size using binoculars, but I used my scope to verify the identification. I appreciate to those who continue to post after a rare sighting is first posted. I can't always drop everything to chase the birds.


Kimberly Roush (29 Aug 2009) - My first sighting of a SWAINSON'S HAWK in Park City this year.  It was flying over the small sagebrush field sandwiched between the library, the Olympic Park and Whole Foods, viewed from  the light at the junction of 224 and the turn off for the Olympic Park.

Kristin Purdy (9 Aug 2009) - I hiked the Bald Mountain Trail in the Uinta Mountains, Summit County, this morning, hoping to see BLACK ROSY-FINCHES. I eventually saw one or the same bird two times... Bird activity along the Mirror Lake Highway was light this weekend, perhaps due to the cold temperatures. Vehicles were covered with frost this morning. Still, I saw a few of those high mountain specialties, like a female PINE GROSBEAK at Crystal Lake and a handful of CLARK'S NUTCRACKERS there and at Mirror Lake.

Colby Neuman (3 Aug 2009) - A birder from Quebec reported seeing a Great Black-backed Gull at Echo Reservoir on July 6th. The observer did not realize the significance of the sighting, and had this to say about the sighting... "We saw it amongst a flock of California gulls, and stopped by the roadside to have a closer look. All we saw was a bulky, black-mantled gull, too large in my opinion for a lesser BB Gull, but that's it."
It appears anyone visiting Echo and surrounding reservoirs should be on the lookout for a dark mantled gull.


Bryan Shirley (12 Aug 2009) - This afternoon I saw a Solitary Sandpiper in the pond/marshy area on 5400 South 4800 West in Benjamin.  It was in plain sight on the edge of the pond, then flew into the grassy marshy area just to the west of the pond.

Jeff Bilsky (10 Aug 2009) - Birded Swede and River Lanes after work tonight. Swede Lane was packed with YELLOW WARBLERS. I had one tree that had at least 10 of them. Also located at least 7 NASHVILLE WARBLERS, and 5 BLUE GROSBEAK. River Lane had much of the same. Both locations seemed to be pretty heavy with migrants.


Larry Tripp (30 Aug 2009) - Today in Washington Co. I saw a Prothonotary Warbler along the creek near the power plant that is along the dirt road between upper and lower Sand Cove Res. Not a lot of birds in that area today but I did see 8 species of Warblers.

Keeli Marvel (11 Aug 2009) - On the way back down Kolob Scenic Byway toward the town of Virgin we stopped at the overlook just south of the little town of Kolob, where Kolob creek cascades past some dramatic looking cliffs, and we were treated to a fanstastic look at California Condor #97 as it flew over our heads sharing
the thermals with a bunch of Turkey Vultures, a Red-tailed Hawk, an Osprey and various swallow species.

Larry Tripp (17 Aug 2009) - This morning in Pine Valley ( Washington Co. ) there was a Hermit Warbler mixed in with a large flock along the equestrian trail about a 1/4 mile from where it meets the Whipple trail. It was a HY male/Female type looking bird. Different from the HY Female type looking birds annually seen this time of year in S W Utah. The next 2 weeks is probably the best time of year to look for them in any of the high elevation areas in the S W part of the state...


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