Birdnet Hotline Highlights

July 2009

Review Species Reported This Month:
  Eastern Phoebe  Millard Co.
     Neotropic Cormorant  Washington Co., Salt Lake Co.


Craig Fosdick (19 Jul 2009) - Today I hiked the Steam Mill Canyon trail (as well as an unofficial trail on the next ridge south) and found 7 PURPLE MARTINS, perhaps in the same
location they were reported (by somebody else whose name escapes me) last year? Two males, five females, with one male and one female visiting a cavity. At one point two females were perched on a branch in front of the cavity.


Cheri (25 Mar 2009) - This AM I have a Red-breasted Grosbeak here. I do not know what the normal pattern is at this time of year in SW Utah (transplant from Ohio where a spring migration is it) but I was surprised to see one since I haven't had one here since April.

Colby Neuman ( 29 Jul 2009) - I just received a report via ebird of a LITTLE BLUE HERON observed on July 20th in Kane County. The observer placed the location of his sighting along
Highway 89 at some ponds just north of where SR 9 joins Highway 89 (this is south of Orderville).


Flora M. Duncan (3 Jul 2009) - Esther and I have had a big day in Millard County. We had a nice list--47 Birds--including a pair of Eastern Phoebes on the fence at the corner of 2500 North 7500 West, Abraham. I don't know what is considered righteous documentation. Sorry we did't take a camera  with us--not a neat picture as we had a few years ago with the
Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Fool's Creek.

David Allan (2 Jul 2009) - I just noticed my first Rufous Hummingbird of the season in my Oak City backyard. Guess southern migration is underway.


Weston Smith (13 Jul 2009) - My father (Arnold Smith) called last night to say that a White-winged Dove was at his feeder in Morgan. We are wondering if it is the same one that came a year or so ago, it seemed to know right were the feeder was located.


Alan Rogers (3 Jul 2009) - Yesterday evening (July 2, 2009) about 8pm I heard the distinctive sound of a NORTHERN BOBWHITE QUAIL singing from my backyard (1826 E Logan Ave,
Salt Lake City). I got no clear look, but at one point I got a quick look as he flew straight over my head about 20 feet up. The bird was clearly a quail, and clearly had the russet coloration of a bobwhite. Took me back: I grew up in the east and used to hunt them.

Pomera Fronce (19 Jul 2009) - Late last evening I found an adult Neotropic Cormorant at Lee Kay Ponds. He was huddled with about 20 Double-crested Cormorants.
    Roberta and I watched the bird for a couple of hours this morning (Sunday). Jack Binch joined us and got some photos. The bird was quite active. We initially found him on the big main pond. When we left at 9:45, the bird was on the eastern most pond with 10 of his cousins and feeding alongside the pelicans. 


Kris Purdy ( 9 Jul 2009) - I saw a report this morning with photos of a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak from Park City, Summit County. The resident noted her elevation is 7,350
feet and said the bird has visited her feeders several times over the last  month. Has this been the year of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak in Utah, or what?!?


Eric Huish (5 Jul 2009) - I drove the Alpine Loop this morning with my parents, up American Fork Canyon and down Provo Canyon. Pretty quiet. Best birds were a Pine Grosbeak along Timpooneke Road maybe a mile past Timpooneke Campground and a Peregrine Falcon at Aspen Grove.

Eric Huish (29 Jul 2009) - There was a flock of 1500 White-faced Ibis in the pasture southwest of where the road crosses the Spanish Fork River near the beginning of River Lane this morning (8 am). While scanning the flock I momentarily saw a Glossy Ibis then lost it shortly after. After 40 minutes I was able to find it again, this time it paused to preen. I should have studied it carefully but instead wasted my time trying to take a photo through my scope. The photos didn't turn out well. As soon as it started feeding again I lost it. With its head in the grass it looked just like all the other ibis...


Rick Fridell (16 Jul 2009) - The two Neotropic Cormorants (first reported in late May) were still present on Ivins Reservoir (Washington Co.) on 07/04/09. The usually perch on the standing dead trees towards the back of the reservoir, and occasionally in the tree across from the metal dock-like structure. I was also surprised to see to a ragged looking Hooded Merganser on Ivins Reservoir; one of only a couple I've observed in Washington Co. during the summer.

Tim Avery (20 Jul 2009) - At Tonaquint Park this morning there was an INDIGO BUNTING singing from one of the Cottonwoods along the river near the pond. Made for a fun chorus with the singing Blue Grosbeaks and Lesser Goldfinches.


Kris Purdy (9 Mar 2009) - What's a Common Loon doing at Pineview Reservoir in Weber County in July?, you're thinking. Wasatch Audubon saw a Common Loon at Pineview today from
the north end of the Winter's Grove Nature Trail that runs through Jefferson Hunt Campground. The bird was a subadult and by assumption, a non-breeder rather than an impossibly early juvenile migrant...

Kris Purdy (9 Mar 2009) - A male INDIGO BUNTING was singing on the slope east of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) in Ogden, Weber County, this afternoon around 12:30 p.m. I was passing on the trail below the bird's location when I aimed my  binocs at a ruckus that sounded like young Lazuli Buntings chipping alarm  notes. The first bird I settled on was this male Indigo, then I watched him  sing from multiple perches along the slope above me. He flew away a couple  times, but returned to the same dead top of a scrub oak and used others for  singing perches in the area as well.


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