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April 2009

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Neotropic Cormorant  Juab Co. Salt Lake Co.
     Glossy Ibis  Washington Co.
     Painted Bunting  Salt Lake Co.


Alice Lindahl (4 Apr 2009) - Our birding class saw our first Forster's Tern north of the Oxbow Overlook and we encountered a surprising number of Bald Eagles today, 13 on the morning trip 11 in the afternoon. Many are immature birds.


Carol Gwynn  (18 Apr 2009) - Willets and Franklin's Gulls were the new birds of the year for me along the Antelope Island Causeway today.


Eric Huish (9 Apr 2009) - Matt Mills just called me (10:40 Apr 9). He just saw a group of three cormorants flying from Chicken Creek Reservoir last seen circling across freeway towards the town of Mills.  One of the cormorants was "half the size of the others with a longer tail". 
     Matt Mills just called again (11:30). The Neotropic Cormorant came back to Chicken Creek Reservoir. It came back by itself, circled a few times and landed at the far south end, close to the road. It was at the South end of the Reservoir (but not out where he could see it) when Matt left.

Lu Giddings (10 Apr 2009) - Four Horned Grebe were seen at Mona Reservoir (Juab county) early this afternoon between the boat ramp and the dam on the west side of the lake. While all four were in the same general area, each was doing its own thing. Three were in breeding plumage and the fourth was in mid-molt between winter and breeding plumage. Three were feeding just a few feet from shore while the fourth was about 100 feet out. (photos)


David Allan ( 25 Apr 2009) - I saw a single WHITE-WINGED DOVE Friday 4/24 at ~6:05 p.m. on Sink Road in Millard Co. The dove was perched on the guardrail at the southeast corner the bridge crossing the Sevier River about 1 mile south of Lynndyl.

Lu Giddings (25 Apr 2009) - A Stilt Sandpiper in non-breeding plumage was seen in an irrigated field about five miles north of Delta at about 2 p.m. this afternoon. It was feeding with long-billed dowitchers, greater and lesser yellowlegs, and western and least sandpipers, which provided a nice opportunity for comparison and contrast.


Keeli Marvel (2 Apr 2009) - Today I saw a Red-breasted Merganser on the pond at Sugarhouse Park, hanging out with Canada Geese, domestic/Mallard ducks, pigeons, and various gulls. I also flushed a drake Wood Duck from the pond at Nibley Golf Course.

Shelly Spencer (8 Apr 2009) - Out during lunch this afternoon and spotted the Peregrine Falcon's and from the looks of it we should see eggs pretty soon.

Tim Avery (15 Apr 2009) - [In Cottonwooe Heights]... As I was getting ready to leave I caught a glimpse of two large dark birds chasing each other around in the air on the west side of the pond. After grabbing my binos. I watched as they swooped and flew around in circles for a couple minutes. To my surprise the birds were Common Grackles!

Ann Neville (16 Apr 2009) - Today out at the ISSR I saw a White-faced ibis (1), Marbled Godwits (10), Wilson Phalarope (1), Peeps (7) Savannah Sparrow singing away (2) ...

Tim Avery (19 Apr 2009) The Harris's Sparrow previously reported along the Jordan River between 3100-3200 South was still present this morning. To make things even more interesting the bird was actually singing when I arrived!

Ann Neville (22 Apr 2009) - I saw a Lewis's woodpecker on Kennecott property on a power pole. If it is still there you may be able to see if from 9400 West and ~3500 South. It caught my eye when it did a swoop turn then perch.

Richard Young (22 Jul 2009) -  In April, 2009, I regularly visited a location in Salt Lake County known as Winchester Park to photograph birds. On a couple of occasions, I photographed cormorants there, not knowing until now that they are Neotropic Cormorants; and I assume, a notable find. (Photos)

Kimberly Roush (25 Apr 2009) - Male & female RED CROSSBILLS at feeder in Pinebrook this am. The majority of the pine siskin flock finally moved on so the crossbills stayed to eat a bit.

Joyce Morgan  (305 Apr 2009) - I have what I am pretty sure is a Painted Bunting visiting my feeders right now. My field guide says their habitat is in the south and they migrate east. Is it pretty unusual to see them in Utah?  (at feeders Rose Park, Salt Lake City)


Candy Zaffisc (26 Apr 2009) - I last time I saw a White-winged Dove in my yard on Dugway on 20 May 2007. And I just saw one a few minutes ago. Very cool!! I got a good 3-4 minute view in binocs of the beautiful blue eye-ring and white on the leading edge of its wings.


Keeli Marvel (19 Apr 2009) - Birded around the Provo Airport Dike around noon today. Saw all the usual species, plus a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW in the trees on the east side of the road midway between corners where the road juts around the south end of the airport ...

Josh Kreitzer (23 Apr 2009) - I saw a Grasshopper Sparrow on the Provo Airport dike road on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 in the mid-morning. It hopped onto the road, crossed the road (going north) and then hopped through the fence and East.


Rick Fridell (14 Apr 2009) - There is a cooperative male Anna's Hummingbird hanging around at Red Cliffs Campground, Washington Co, UT. Actually there is a female as well, nesting in the cottonwoods along the creek, but she is very difficult to find.  (Photos)

Rick Fridell (20 Apr 2009) - This afternoon (4/20 ~ 5:15p) there was an adult Glossy Ibis with a flock of around 200 White-faced Ibis in the Washington Fields (Washington Co., UT). The Ibis were in the northwestern most field in the Washington Fields; on the north side of the y-drain where it drops into the Virgin River floodplain.  (Photos)


Bill Fenimore (19 Apr 2009) - Happy to report that the Red Crossbills have found Farmington and my backyard. Yesterday, there were four female and one male red crossbill on
the blackoil sunflower feeder. We also had a fairly large group of cassins finch yesterday and today.


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