Birdnet Hotline Highlights
April 2008

Review Species Reported This Month:
Cackling Goose  Davis Co.
     Red-necked Grebe  Salt Lake Co.
     Zone-tailed Hawk  Washington Co.
     Palm Warbler  Box Elder Co.
     Painted Redstart  Washington Co. 


Jack Binch (25 Apr 2008) - Great find Betsy. One of the Palm Warblers was in the tree just west of the culverts for the canal at 8:30 AM. It was at the tree east of the culverts at 11:30. Life bird :-)

Betsy Beneke (24 April 2008) - Today, refuge volunteers Les Talbot, Louise & Steve Brown & I braved the snow squalls, rain and thunder – to make a second training trip to the refuge. We conducted a semi-thorough survey of the refuge's avifaunal resources, and tallied 65 species. Here are some of the highlights... At Reeder canal/Reeder Bend (2 miles west of the wildlife education center) there were 2 Palm Warblers in the small trees on the northwest corner of the curve. A new bird for the refuge checklist!...

John F. Cavitt (22 Apr 2008) - Today our Ornithology class birded Willard Bay State Park and found a White-throated Sparrow in with a flock of White-crowns. The bird was at the north end of the Cottonwood Campground near the restrooms.

Kris Purdy (3 Apr 2008) - Keith Evans and several other members of Wasatch Audubon saw a first-year Glaucous-winged Gull at Willard Bay State Park in Box Elder County yesterday. The bird was with a group of California and Ring-billed Gulls at the south end of the park, and I assume Keith meant the Pelican Beach Group Use area since that's the accessible southern-most area of the park with a shoreline. The gull took off by itself and flew west over the water.

Kris Purdy (2 Apr 2008) - Walt Betts and I saw a Long-eared Owl at Willard Bay State Park in Box Elder County today...serendipity! The owl was roosting low in a phragmites-choked tree along a channel about 25 yards west of Willow Creek Campsite #15. ...Other highlights included four Horned Grebes; two in the sewage treatment pond north of the park, one in Willard Reservoir's exit channel and one in the pond at the north end of Willow Creek Campground. Three of the four birds were in half n' half winter/summer plumage; the fourth was purely a winter bird. ...Several folks saw a pair of Eurasian-collared Doves near the parking lot; the sighting may constitute the first of this species in the park.


Ryan P. O'Donnell (27 Apr 2008) - Saturday Mo Correll, Craig Fosdick, Bob Atwood, and I saw a Short-billed Dowitcher at Sue's Ponds (Mitigation Ponds, just west of the Logan Landfill). It's possible this is the same bird that was in the area back in January, but I don't know of anyone seeing it since. We weren't able to relocate the Mew Gull there.

Craig Fosdick (23 Apr 2008) - This evening at the Logan Mitigation Ponds, there were 5 Least Sandpipers, 3 Western Sandpipers, 1 Semipalmated Sandpiper, 10+ White-faced Ibis, and 35 Bonaparte's Gulls.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (5 Apr 2008) - Today the Bridgerland Audubon Society hosted a field trip led by Keith Archibald to the Logan Sewage Lagoons and a few other nearby hot spots. ...Ron Ryel alerted us to a Great-tailed Grackle nearby, a very rare bird this far north. He managed to stay one step ahead of us, and not long after we had left the Grackle he was already calling again to alert us to a male Eurasian Wigeon in Benson: ...After the field trip broke up around noon, Craig Fosdick, Keith Archibald, and I continued on to the Benson Marina, where we ... also found a breeding-plumage Horned Grebe...

Buck Russell (1 Apr 2008) - Today Mike Resch and I birded around Cache Valley. At Cutler Marsh in the open water east and south of the main bridge we found a Glaucous Gull. It was a beautiful, white gull which really stood out from the other gulls.  In the fields west of the Benson Marina there was a flock of Long-billed Curlews. They were singing while in flight. In some trees at the bottom of old main hill, next to the pedestrian crosswalk, we found the Bohemian Waxwings that had been previously reported.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (20 Apr 2008) - I stopped by Sue's Ponds (just west of the Logan Landfill) this afternoon to see if the nasty weather might knock down some migrants, and I wasn't disappointed. The highlights were the peeps: six Western Sandpipers, one Least Sandpiper, one Semipalmated Sandpiper, and one Sanderling.

Stephen Peterson (15 Apr 2008) - Yesterday morning I saw a flock of 20 plus Bohemian Waxwings at the top of Old Main Hill at USU in Logan. Seems to be quite late for them to be hanging around.

Craig Fosdick (12 Apr 2008) - Keith Archibald, Ryan O' Donnell and I took a spin around Cache Valley this morning to see if we could find some new spring arrivals. Highlights include Horned Grebe, Tundra Swan, Eurasian Wigeon... Bohemian Waxwing...

Sarah Mohlman (10 Apr 2008) - This morning Kim Sullivan's Ornithology class went birding on the gravel road by the airport--Hyde Park Road and at the Benson Oxbows. ..At the Benson Oxbows we saw the Eurasian Wigeon has been around for the past week!


Joel and Kathy Beyer (28 Apr 2008) - The plan was to do a big day in Davis County... Highlights, in no particular order: Causeway -- Red Knot (6), Dunlin, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Wilson's and Red-necked Phalarope, Baird's Sandpiper ... Farmington Bay WMA -- Solitary Sandpiper (3), Blue-winged Teal, Horned Grebe, Semipalmated Plover...

Stephen Carlile (28 Apr 2008) - Spent the day doing some much needed unwinding and birded Antelope Island/Causeway/Garr Ranch and Farmington Bay.... Highlights:  ... Two Dunlin still on the Causeway's rocky "spit", as reported by Merrill Webb. The birds were crowded in with several hundred if not a thousand Western Sandpipers (no Sanderlings though). The Dunlin is a new Utah bird for me!... The female Long-tailed Duck is still at the Causeway's "big" bridge. Was very active and seemed healthy... One Solitary Sandpiper at Farmington Bay, as reported earlier on the ponds as you enter...

Steve Coleman (28 Apr 2008) - I hosted at the Nature Center at Farmington Bay Saturday morning the whole area was very active ...Great Egret on the east pond as you enter the Nature Center, Blue-winged Teal on the big pond east of the Nature Center ...I was able to see the Solitary Sandpiper and Spotted Sandpiper where Deedee spotted them.

Deedee O'Brien (23 Apr 2008) - I birded the Causeway in the cold wind and spitting rain this morning. Was rewarded with good close sightings of 3 plovers - Semi-palmated, Snowy, and Black-bellied (4 of 5 were in breeding plumage). Willets, CA Gulls, and Eared Grebes were numerous. A surprise find was a female Long-tailed Duck near the island. She didn't look too perky. I suspect she won't make it to her breeding grounds.

Milt Moody (23 Apr 2008) - Antelope Island Causeway Merrill Webb just called to tell me he had found 3 Dunlin in a flock of about 150 Sanderlings at the outcropping between mile post 1 and 2 along the Antelope Island Causeway.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (20 Apr 2008) - This morning we saw a Whimbrel in the field just east of the Antelope Island Causeway entrance station. ... A breeding plumaged Horned Grebe was on the Glover Ponds (at the end of Glover Lane in Farmington)...

David Jensen (12 Apr 2008) - At Farmington Bay best sighting was of the Cackling Goose (minima) first seen late last month. The goose was in the pond at the very west end of Glover Lane, swimming with the ducks and a few Canada Geese. I would have thought it would have been halfway to Alaska by now.


Tim Avery (25 Apr 2008) - Just stopped at chicken creek reservoir in Juab County and found a number of good birds: 1 Short-billed Dowitcher...3 Greater Scaup...

Tim Avery (7 Apr 2008) - ...Friday 04/04 - Chicken Creek Reservoir - 1 - Horned Grebe...


Kimberly Roush (5 May 2008) - The Red-necked Grebe was on Little Dell April 28, 29 and May 3. I spend a few hours with it each time. It primarily stays on the opposite end from the dam between the lower parking lot directly below the entrance and the stream that flows into the reservoir. It will go back into the little cove and be hard to see if you do not walk through the mud, or walk the higher ground, in order to see it. It is quite tame compared to clarks' or westerns.

Stephen Carlile (26 Apr 2008) - The Red-necked Grebe is was still at Little Dell Reservoir this morning, Saturday, at around 8:00 a.m. It was at the northeast end of the reservoir at the stream inlet, mixed with some Ring-necked Ducks.

Deedee O'Brien (22 Apr 2008) - About 1 hour ago I too saw the Red-necked Grebe at Little Dell just where Jeff Bilsky reported it plus most of the other birds reported by Jeff Langford today.

Jeff Bilsky (21 Apr 2008) - A breeding Plumage Red-necked Grebe was present at the Little Dell Reservoir this evening. Little Dell is the upper reservoir and the grebe was on the East side (inlet side) and staying mostly towards the North Shore, near where a small embankment juts out into the water.

Ben Palmer (19 Apr 2008) - This morning I took a short hike at Mueller Park in Bountiful. The highlight was a Varied Thrush.

Tim Avery (12 Apr 2008) - This afternoon Colby Neuman and I decided to make a quick loop through the northwest part of Salt Lake County and see what was on the move. ...At Lee Kay Ponds we were shocked to find a female Long-tailed Duck still in mostly winter plumage near the west shore of the furthest west pond hanging out with 2 Common Goldeneye. I managed to snap a shot as the bird flew away from us and left the pond shortly after we found it! This is the first time I can think of a Long-tailed Duck being at Lee Kay, and at this date that makes it a late one at that. - Also at Lee Kay Ponds was what Colby and I believe was a Thayer's Gull moulting from 1st winter to 1st summer plumage. It was a strange gull that stuck out even amongst the see of California Gulls. ...At Lee's Creek along the frontage road between 7200 West and Saltair were 2 Great Egret feeding a hundred or so yards out from the road.


Buck Russell (14 Apr 2008) - This past weekend I was able to visit the Monticello area to experience the Gunnison Sage-grouse. A small group of us traveled to see these wonderful birds. The two leks we visited are on private land. We coordinated our trip with Guy Wallace, DWR biologist, and his wife Tammy, BLM biologist. They gave us a wonderful overview on the birds life and condition and took us out to the leks on Saturday morning.


Milt Moody (30 Apr 2008) - A male Calliope Hummingbird showed up at my feeder today at a little after 12 noon. I was a little late getting my hummingbird feeders out this year -- I put one out yesterday -- but it looks like it was just in time.

Deloy Pack (30 Apr 2008) - Yesterday afternoon and this morning I have had a White-throated Sparrow at my feeder (a lifer for me)... If anyone is interested, I am located at 882 S 1100 W Provo.

Tom Williams (26 Apr 2008) - I went to River Lane (Utah County) this morning. - mostly Yellow-rumped Warblers and Ruby-crowned Kinglets – but I did see a Cassin’s Vireo and a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.

Leila Ogden (21 Apr 2008) - I just got back from Bonnie Williams' home in Mapleton. Some good birds are in her back yard: Lazuli Buntings (About 8), Indigo Bunting (1). I waited a couple of hours and finally the Indigo Bunting came in about 12 noon. She said it came back around 6 p.m. yesterday. Also seen were: Chipping Sparrow, lots of Cassin's Finch, and a quick appearance of a female Evening Grosbeak , besides lots of American and Lesser Goldfinch, and Chickadees.

Alona Huffaker (20 Apr 2008) - An Indigo Bunting was seen by Bonnie Williams in her yard in Mapleton for a couple of brief times this morning, then it visited both Bonnie's and Alona's feeders at about 6 pm this evening--briefly. Are they on their way north, too?

Ned Bixler (16 Apr 2008) - Provo Airport Dike - Wed. 16th afternoon - ... one Great Egret...

Ned Bixler (3 Apr 2008) - afternoon at Skipper Bay Trail, seen were the following birds: mallards, magpie, starlings, red-winged blackbirds, coots, Canada geese, osprey, gadwalls, shovelers, cinnamon teals, flicker, wigeons, tree swallows, juncos, black capped chickadees, ruby-crowned kinglets, robins, pelicans fly over, and a Greater white-fronted Goose (at the North end of the trail - East side). A scope is needed to see it among the Canada geese. You can see the pinkish bill, and the speckled belly (black barring).


Tim Avery (26 Apr 2008) - Spent the day birding around a windy Washington county. ...Lytle Ranch... a flyover Common Black-Hawk ...The highlights of the day came at Kolob Crossing where 2 California Condor and a Zone-tailed Hawk were seen riding the wind with many TV's.

Tim Avery (7 Apr 2008) - Saturday 04/05... Lytle Ranch - Lots of singing Lucy's Warblers, and tons of Lesser Goldfinch singing everywhere.  2 - Common Black-hawk... 2 - Cassin's Vireo .... Hurricane SR-9 Sewage Ponds ...1 - Horned Grebe...  Stratton (Grandpa's Fishing) Pond  5 - Greater Scaup (remaining as well as a single Canvasback)... Sunday 04/06 - ...Lytle Ranch - Colby, Jeff and Carl walked up through the ranch, while I birded the area west and south of the parking area. ...2 - Common Black-Hawk... 1 - Band-tailed Pigeon (in the housing area)... We made a quick stop at the Zions Gate RV Park in Hurricane and managed to pick up a single Inca Dove. We then headed to Zion National Park and took the shuttle up to the Shuttle to the Temple of Sinawava...1 - Painted Redstart (near Temple of Sinawava)...


Brenda Kidman (22 Apr 2008) - Tonight I was sitting outside and had the pleasure of seeing a Male Calliope Hummingbird. My husband came out with his camera and we were treated to a serenade and it turns out we had two! It's only been a year but I always forget how stinkin' cute they are. It was so great.