Birdnet Hotline Highlights
November 2007

Review Species Reported This Month:
    Black Scoter  Cache CoDavis CoGarfield Co.  Piute Co.  Washington Co.
    Red-throated Loon  Morgan CoPiute Co.
    Red Phalarope   Salt Lake Co.
    Long-tailed Jaeger  Washington Co.
    Boreal Owl  Duchesne Co.
    Red-breasted Sapsucker  Washington Co.
    Eastern Phoebe  Washington Co.
    Black-throated Blue Warbler  Washington Co.
    Palm Warbler  Washington Co.
    Pine Warbler  Washington Co.
    Scarlet Tanager  Washington Co.


Weston Smith (22 Nov 2007) - Aaron Smith and I went birding up to Bear River Refuge this morning(11/22) and saw three Snow Buntings about 1/2 mile north of the southwest corner observation tower, they were sighted at about 11am.

Tim Avery (21 Nov 2007) - I spent some time driving around Mantua ...I decided to do a quick scan of Mantua Reservoir. There were 17 Greater Scaup near the dam.


Ryan P. O'Donnell (27 Nov 2007) - I found a flock of about 500 waxwings on the Utah State University campus today in Logan, at the NW corner of the BNR building. There seemed to be about 10-20 Bohemian Waxwings for every cedar waxwing. They were observed for about a half an hour by myself, Stephanie Cobbold, Sarah Mohlman, Hillary White, Drew Rayburn, Ryan (forgot his last name), Kim Sullivan, and others.

Craig Fosdick (27 Nov 2007) - This morning a flock of 150+ Bohemian Waxwings flew over my apartment on Preston Ave. (between 100 and 200 North, and east of 500 East), in Logan. I saw none in an evening walk around the neighborhood, however.

Kris Purdy (23 Nov 2007) - A flock of 17 Bohemian Waxwings were feeding in a crabapple tree in Wellsville, Cache County, this morning. The location was at the northwest corner of the 100E. 400S. intersection.

Kris Purdy (15 Nov 2007) - I birded the Wellsville area today in the southwest end of Cache Valley... Best bird watching occurred at the small farm at 7300S. 4000W. where I watched a juvenile Northern Shrike and its very successful grasshopper hunting forays.

Tim Avery (10 Nov 2007) - Today Colby and Tom Neuman and myself headed up to Cache Valley to look for the Bohemian Waxwings reported yesterday by Stephen Peterson. It took a little time, but we eventually found 15 Bohemians at 1300 East and 70 North on the Logan Bench (a couple miles from the temple). After lunch we headed to Hyrum Reservoir, which was covered with gulls (mostlyCalifornia). Four Loons were also present, 3 of which were Pacific Looms! The Winter Wren was still present at Box Elder Campground. And around 20 Greater Scaup were on Mantua Reservoir along with several hundred other waterfowl, 1 Horned Grebe and 2 Lesser Yellowlegs.

Keith Archibald (4 Nov 2007) - Today on Hyrum Reservoir we observed 2 female Black Scoters. They were on the inlet end from 11AM until we left at about 2PM. Also observed by Sue Drown, Buck Russell, Ron Ryle, Melanie Spriggs. Nothing else unusual. Common Loons, Divers and Dabblers, R. B. Mergs, beautiful day.


Bill Fenimore (28 Nov 2007) - I took three BYU students and their professor out birding on the Antelope Island Causeway this afternoon. ...The Long-tailed Ducks were on the south side at the last bridge before the marina. We also found a Mew Gull on the north side, before reaching the second bridge. It was with two Ring-billed and a Bonaparte's Gull.

Kris Purdy (27 Nov 2007) - The Bohemian Waxwings continue in the Fruit Heights neighborhood, Davis County, that Franklin Clawson described on November 18. ... About 25 Hooded Mergansers are at Kaysville Ponds. Most are female-type birds, although at least three of the female-type birds are first-year males with yellowish eyes and black bills. I saw about five adult males...

Carol Gwynn (24 Nov 2007) - Two Snow Buntings remained at the first bridge, north side, on the Antelope Island Causeway at about 3 p.m. today, along with American pipits. Numerous Long-tailed Ducks were still at the second bridge, and yes, not one, but TWO separate groups of folks came by in the hour I was by the 2nd bridge, to toss boulders into the water and scatter all of the birds. Good grief. Numerous hooded mergansers were still at the Kaysville Ponds today.

Paul Higgins (23 Nov 2007) - I was out on the AI Causeway, earlier today, and located four (4) more Snow Buntings on the first bridge with the NO SWIMMING signs.

Tim Avery - This morning (11/20) I hit the causeway expecting a good movement of birds with overnight NW winds. I was pleased with the number of gulls along the entire length of the north side of the causeway. The majority of the birds were Ring-billed and Bonaparte's Gulls, but a few Herring and California were mixed in. The best bird of the morning was a 2nd year Mew Gull at the first bridge. ...At the last bridge were an astounding 18!!!! yes, 18 Long-tailed Ducks, including 7 adult males with tail plumes. 2 White-winged Scoter, and the Black Scoter were also swimming around.

Kris Purdy (16 Nov 2007) - Paul Higgins called me at about 12:40 pm to report a Snow Bunting at Antelope Island Causeway, Davis County. Paul was photographing the scoters and Long-tailed Ducks at the big bridge near the marina and he became aware of a lone bird foraging in the rocks where rocks and weeds meet at the northeast side of the bridge. He was able to capture a couple images at a long distance.

Joel and Kathy (11 Nov 2007) - This afternoon we found a male Eurasian Wigeon at Farmington Bay WMA (Davis Co.). It was in the Unit 1 pond (the "rest area"), in the midst of several thousand other ducks, about three tenths of a mile south of the dike road gate.

Tim Avery (6 Nov 2007) - Headed up to the causeway this morning to try and photograph the scoters, as well as to look through the Bonaparte's Gulls again... Below is a list of the highlights: Location: Antelope Island Causeway Observation date: 11/6/07Number of species: 36 ROSS'S GOOSE 1 (between MM3-4 on north side with Canada Geese) Cinnamon Teal 1, Greater Scaup 2 (flyby at the last bridge) Lesser Scaup 10, Surf Scoter 1 (at the last bridge) White-winged Scoter 1 (at the last bridge), Long-tailed Duck 2 (at the last bridge), Bufflehead 4, Common Goldeneye 15, BALD EAGLE 1 (adult flyover at MM4), Prairie Falcon 1, Bonaparte's Gull 80, Herring Gull 2, Sabine's Gull 1 (with the BOGU flock)...

Tim Avery (4 Nov 2007) - This morning I headed up to the causeway to try and pick up the White-winged Scoter reported yesterday by the Sommerfelds, et all. Arriving at the last bridge, the flock of Bonaparte's Gulls was stunning! On the south/east side of the causeway were two scoters and a Long-tailed Duck together, however the Scoter's did not include the White-winged. The previously reported Surf Scoter was present as well as a juvenile type Black Scoter!... at least 11 Long-tailed Duck at the causeway today! The juvenile Sabine's Gull Was still present. It wasn't with the flock when I arrived, but, flew in while I was taking pictures...

Carol Gwynn (3 Nov 2007) - The Antelope Island Causeway was way too much fun today. ...I ran into Sommerfelds at the bridge closest to the island, and they were enjoying the Bonaparte's Gulls and scanning for oddities. Steve was on a juvenile Sabine's Gull. Very nice. ... Steve located a Surf Scoter, and a few minutes later, Paul (eagle eyes) spotted a male Long-Tailed Duck in flight that put down a ways out on the south side of the bridge. Not long after, Steve spotted a White-winged Scoter which landed close to the Surf Scoter, then took off heading northeast...


Brian Maxfield  (7 Nov 2007) - ... this past week in the Uintah Basin. ... a Boreal Owl that was delivered to me that was picked up along a highway. The area it was found was near the junction of U208 and US 35. This is just east of Tabiona. The area is along the Duchesne River. The main habitats are pinyon-juniper, pastures, and narrow-leaf cottonwood riparian bottoms. The owl was an adult bird in apparently good condition. Unfortunately, the owl passed away from head injuries. This is the second Boreal Owl I have received that was hit by a car in atypical habitat. The other owl was a delivered to me a couple of years ago and that owl survived.


Rick Fridell - This afternoon (11/07) I had the opportunity to stop by a couple seldom birded southern Utah lakes...Highlights included: ...Panguitch Lake (Garfield Co.) Surf Scoter 4 - juveniles White-winged Scoter 4 - adult female; 3 juveniles Black Scoter 3 - adult male; 2 females Common Loon 35...


Tim Avery (27 Nov 2007) - I ventured on to Yuba Lake State Park, also in Juab county, which had a number of birds around the shore and on the lake. The first bird I noticed was a single swan out on the water. I set my scope up, and the bird appeared to bean un-collared adult Trumpeter Swan.


David J. Allan (12 Nov 2007) - I had a White-throated Sparrow (tan morph) visiting a ground feeding station in my back yard [Oak City] Sunday...It hung around most of the day. My wife thinks she saw two of them late in the afternoon, but only gota fleeting look at one so she didn't count it.


Weston Smith (22 Nov 2007) - the White-winged Dove is still coming into our fathers (Arnold Smith) feeder in Morgan Utah.

Joel and Kathy (12 Nov 2007) - The Red-throated Loon previously reported at East Canyon Reservoir was still present as of noon today. Several Common Loons were also there, but no Pacific Loons were seen.

Edson Leite (10 Nov 2007) - Beth and I tried to chase a few of the birds seen in northern Utah lately...we headed to East Canyon Reservoir... Pacific Loon (1)... Northern Shrike (1) at Park Entrance...

Tim Avery (8 Nov 2007) - This afternoon I made a quick trip... to East Canyon Reservoir to check out the loons. ... I spotted a "small" loon near the dam, so I drove around, finding a juvenile Pacific Loon swimming near a couple Western Grebes. I spent about 20 minutes watching this bird before heading back around the lake, and after turning back onto 65 south/west I pulled out where the lake splits to the east and south. From here I could see about 14 loons on the water, including a group of 2 Pacific Loons with a Common Loon. I could not age them at the distance and in the failing light. About this time a loon popped up in the east arm, directly north from where I was, even at 200 yards, the unique pattern of a Red-throated Loon in basic plumage was evident. ...Being able to see RTLO, PALO, and COLO all within 200 yards of one another was a "neat".

Kris Purdy (4 Nov 2007) - Arnold Smith saw a White-winged Dove in his yard in Morgan, Morgan County, late this afternoon. The bird was feeding on birdseed in the chicken's yard; when Arnold went outside to put the chickens in their yard for the night, the dove flushed. The city of Morgan hosts good numbers of Eurasian Collared-doves on the west side of town west of Main Street/SR-66. Perhaps the White-winged Dove will join that flock, so be on the lookout if you pass through town.


Rick Fridell - This afternoon (11/07) I had the opportunity to stop by a couple seldom birded southern Utah lakes...Highlights included: ...Otter Creek State Park (Piute Co.) Surf Scoter 11 - adult male; 10 juveniles -  Black Scoter 2 - female; juvenile - Red-throated Loon - juvenile Common Loon 20 Northern Goshawk - adult


Adam Kozlowski - Clint Brunson, our Walk-in-Access Coordinator here with the UDWR in Ogden, came upon this great flock of Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finches last Friday (November 30th). They were gathered in the gravel parking lot of Birch Creek Reservoir (west of Woodruff on S.R. 39) in Rich County. Clint estimates there was about 100 birds. The photos clearly show both the Interior/Gray-Crowned and Coastal/Hepburn's/Gray-Cheeked subspecies. Typical of these high latitude/elevation species they are relatively easy to approach closely.


Tim Avery (28 Nov 2007) - This afternoon (4:00pm) while coming out of the Albertsons on 2100 South and2300 east in Salt Lake a flock of ~20 Bohemian Waxwing were swirling over the neighborhood just to the north of the parking lot. The birds were quite vocal.I believe this is the first time I have seen this species in the county.

Geoff Hardies (25 Nov 2007) - A trip up City Creek was fairly quiet, but we were able to find the Winter Wren just below picnic area 4.

Tim Avery (23 Nov 2007) - Today (11/23) I birded several Salt Lake County lakefront locations. I started at Decker Lake where a 1st winter Thayer's Gull was present. I next stopped at Lee Kay Ponds, which was teeming with gulls, but nothing of note. I drove along the south end of the landfill, and took 7200 West to I-15. Along 7200 West about 200 yards south of the railroad tracks a flock of about 50 Horned Lark flew across the road. I pulled over to look through them and as I rolled down my window I heard the rattling I had hoped to hear of a Longspur. It took about 5 minutes looking through the flock to find a winter plumaged Lapland Longspur. I then headed to Saltair and sat for a short lakewatch. Lots of gulls were moving east to west, and a few ducks were darting back and forth through the waves. An adult male Long-tailed Duck passed the marina heading east around11:30am. Next I had to conduct a survey on property in northwest Salt Lake County. I was able to locate yet another Lapland Longspur with a flock of Horned Larks. I also managed to pick out a "Bewick's" Tundra Swan from a flock of Tundra Swan.

Tim Avery (15 Nov 2007) - I made a loop around the northwest quarter of Salt Lake County this afternoon ...highlights included a juvenile Thayer's Gull on the main pond at Lee Kay. The bird was near both juvenile California and Herring Gulls for a nice comparison.

Tim Avery (9 Nov 2007) - Thanks to Kris Purdy for posting my report of the RED PHALAROPE at the Great Salt Lake State Park Marina (a.k.a. Salt Air Marina). When I initially saw the bird, I wasn't sure what it was. ...Luckily the bird soon floated out of the ripple onto the glassy surface of the lake, giving the clear appearance of a Red Phalarope. It then took a short flight only helping reaffirm the initial thought...


John Stevens (27 Nov 2007) - Spring City, Utah - During this Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 22-25th) we were watching our backyard feeders and noticed a new bird feeding on the ground with our White-crowned Sparrows and others... a Harris's Sparrow. He was here all weekend, and is still around.


Jack Binch (17 Nov 2007) - I got a Bohemian Waxwing in my yard this week, so I went up on the Mirror Lake Highway to see how many were there. I saw a flock of about fifty at Co-op Creek and that is all. I drove up to Soapstone Basin and back several times but did not see anymore. There were a few Townsend's Solitaires along the way. I drove down to the Lower Provo River campground area and saw my first Ruffed Grouse of the year. I decided to see if there were any waxwings in Kamas, and started down. I saw a lump in a snag at about milepost 9.9 and knew if it was a bird it had to be a Northern Pygmy-Owl. Sure enough the little guy was in the top of the tree. (11:32 AM and cloudy) I went back to the car to get my other lens for a better photo and he left. I put some lime green tape around a road sign of a cow to mark the spot.


Kevin Colver (25 Nov 2007) - There is also a flock of 20-40 Bohemian Waxwings hanging out near the upper LDS chapel in Elk Ridge. They spent half of Thanksgiving eating my juniper berries. They fly around with a few Cedar Waxwings. They've been eating Bradford Pear berries at the church and other berries, crabapples, ect. in surrounding yards.

KC Childs (10 Nov 2007) - I got a new yard bird today and a bird that I do not see often to be honest. I have a male Evening Grosbeak on my feeders.


Kathleen Robins (5 Nov 2007) - Last week we decided to bird for a couple of days in the Uinta Basin. ...Our first stop was Strawberry Reservoir where we soon discovered the loons had arrived. They were scattered around the reservoir at several stops. Among the Common Loons that we had for comparison (size, neck pattern, head shape) was a tightly knit group of 3 Pacific Loons.


Tim Avery (27 Nov 2007) - Monday morning started out just like Sunday, a bit chilly. When I got to the ranch I headed directly to the area where the Phoebe was seen on Sunday, hoping to track it down. I looped the south “reservoir”, walked downstream a couple hundred yards, and then made my way back towards the beaver dam, when I flushed the Palm Warbler from the baby cottonwoods along the stream. I called Rick Fridell who made his way down and we were able to relocate the bird after about 15 minutes of searching. Shortly after finding the bird, I followed it as it flew about 100 feet downstream into a large cottonwood. When I got my binoculars up another warbler caught my attention. At the distance all I could tell is that it wasn’t a Yellow-rumped and we needed to get better looks. We made our way down and kept eyes on the bird as it foraged about. Finally it popped out in the open, and my first impression was that it was a 1st winter female Bay-breasted Warbler. We continued to watch the bird, noting several things that didn’t quite fit, at which point Rick brought up Pine Warbler. The long tail as well as the auricular patch, along with some faint streaks in the flanks seemed to point that direction. Add in the apparent yellow-gray leg color and it seems like a good match. We got back to the vehicles after doing a little more birding, and popped out Sibley to take a look. Rick’s instinct was correct as the bird did appear to be a Pine Warbler.

Tim Avery (27 Nov 2007) - Upon arrival in Washington County I stopped at Quail Creek Reservoir where plenty of Eared Grebes were on the water. I worked my way to the dam, and managed to find one Horned Grebe and what appeared to be a 1st winter Pacific Loon near the south dam.

Larry Tripp (25 Nov 2007) - Birding this afternoon at Lytle Ranch I saw the Palm Warbler that was found earlier in the day. I saw it by the pond on the west side of the stream and west of the main gate. Also I saw a Eastern Phoebe that I assume is the same bird that was reported on Wed. This bird did not have a tail. It either lost it in the last few days or was a different bird. It was quite entertaining watching it doing the Phoebe tail dip without a tail. It was in the same area west of the parking lot. Other birds of note there today were a Winter Wren and a Yellow-shafted Flicker. ...On Sat. in Central I saw a Lapland Longspur in the field to the west of the Pine Valley turnoff.

Kris Purdy (25 Nov 2007) - Tim Avery just called (1 pm, Sunday) to report a Palm Warbler at Lytle Ranch, Washington County. The bird was just west of the gate where you must park (closed today because it's Sunday) and along the beaver dam. Cindy and Steve Sommerfeld also saw the bird.

Rick Fridell - We went for a walk this morning (11/22) at Lytle Ranch and were surprised to see a Lapland Longspur in the bare field adjacent to the orchard. Unfortunately we saw no sign of an Eastern Phoebe.

Rick Fridell - Today (11/21) I finally managed to do some local birding. ...highlights included: Black Scoter - Female - at Gunlock Reservoir, Lewis's Woodpecker - Pine Valley Town, Northern Shrike - brown juvenile - along the drive into Baker Reservoir, and the biggest surprise was a Lark Bunting on the north edge of the Hurricane Fields.

Tim Avery (21 Nov 2007) -  I just received a phone call from Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld reporting an Eastern Phoebe at the main gate at Lytle Ranch today. This is the gate that when closed reads, "Closed to the Public".

Larry Tripp (16 Nov 2007) -  It was very birdy at Lytle again today although most of the birds were Yellow rumps, Junco's and White crowns. There was a Red-breasted Sapsucker in the orchard along with a few Red-naped and a Williamson's. We seem to be getting 1 or 2 Red-breasted there every fall in the last few years.

Rick Fridell - This afternoon (11/10) there was a nice flock of geese at the SR-9(Hurricane) Sewer Ponds (Washington Co.). There was a flock of 12 or so Canada Geese on the northeast pond, and the southeast pond held a nice diversity of geese...with a diverse group of native geese including five Ross's Geese, four Snow Geese, and a Greater White-fronted Goose. They were all foraging between the pond and fence along the Turfsod Road.

Larry Tripp (9 Nov 2007) - Today at Lytle Ranch there was a female type Scarlet Tanager in the trees above the trailer and in the Pomegranates near the parking area. I first saw it in the tall trees above the drinking fountain then it flew into the Pomegranates by the restrooms. I last saw it fly into the Mesquite trees to the south of the parking area. I never was able to locate it after that which was about 11:00 am. There was also a female type Summer Tanager in the same area for a good comparison. I watched both birds at the same time in the Pomegranates above the restrooms.

LaNita Larsen and Amy Owen (9 Nov 3007) - On Monday, November 5th, we ventured out to Lytle Ranch... In the cottonwood grove lining the road back to the fruit orchard, we located a stunning adult male Black-throated Blue Warbler. It was methodically foraging in the under-story of a cottonwood tree, which afforded us splendid, eye-level views. We have seen this warbler many times in the east, but never in Utah! Mesmerized, we observed this rare, fall vagrant for nearly a half hour before it flew out of sight. Later in the afternoon, we were able relocate the warbler in some thickets nearby.

Rick Fridell - This afternoon (11/05) Laurie Rasmussen and I observed the Long-tailed Jaeger back at Quail Creek S.P. (Washington Co.). After a three day stay at nearby Sand Hollow S.P. I guess it decided to return. Also at Quail Creek today were several Horned Grebes and the first Common Goldeneyes of the fall. Birds at Sand Hollow S.P. included a continuing adult Bald Eagle and at least four lingering Least Sandpipers. This is great time of year to see returning ducks and Stratton Pond (aka Grandpa's Fishing Pond) in Hurricane has many nice ducks including Greater and Lesser Scaup, Canvasbacks, Redheads and several Hooded Mergansers. Also, yesterday (11/04) in Zion Canyon (Washington Co.) Kristen, Quinn and I observed several of the California Condors that are hanging around in the main canyon. It's amazing to watch these birds soaring along the canyon walls (apparently they are usually on the north side of Zion Canyon between Heap's Canyon (Emerald Pools area) down to Scout's Landing (Angel's Landing area).

Rick Fridell - This afternoon (11/02), the Long-tailed Jaeger moved from Quail Creek S.P. to Sand Hollow S.P. (Washington Co., UT). After a long stay at Quail Creek S.P. (it was there early this morning), I was surprised to see the bird this afternoon flying around Sand Hollow. Also of note at Sand Hollow was an adult Bald Eagle, several loons, including a probable Pacific Loon, 10-12 Horned Grebes, 6 Red-breasted Mergansers, and a single American Avocet.


Kris Purdy (6 Nov 2007) - Just had a flock of seven Bohemian Waxwings land in the aspens in my backyard in Ogden, Weber County. They distracted me from my yard work with their trill distinctive from Cedars; what a way to take a break from yard work! Anyway, I crept over to my truck and grabbed my binocs to enjoy their rusty undertail coverts and red, white and yellow wing markings; then they took off and headed north. They need to come back. Who wants to go back to yard work?!?