Birdnet Hotline Highlights
March 2007

Review Species Reported This Month:
  Cackling Goose  Millard Co.
    Black Scoter  Washington Co.
    Scaled Quail  San Juan Co.
    Western Gull  Davis Co.
    Yellow-belied Sapsucker  Washington Co.
    Clay-colored Sparrow  Washington Co.
    Lawrence's Goldfinch  Washington Co.


Stephen Peterson (29 Mar 2007) - This morning at the Logan City Sewage Lagoons with Dr. Sullivans Ornithology class field trip we found a Greater White-fronted Goose flying overhead with a flock of 12 plus Canada Geese. I noticed at first a slimmer looking bird in the middle of the flock and was able to get great looks at the bird which showed the white frontal area at the base of a dull orange bill, very orange legs tucked up against a white undertail, lower belly area, and a thin white line on the side of the flank, separating the wing from the belly.I guess it could have been a domestic Graylag, but I cannot imagine that the heavier looking, beer belly farm goose could keep up with the geese I saw this morning.


Merrill Webb (19 Mar 2007) - I spent last Friday in Daggett County and found a few interesting birds. Probably the most interesting was the five Gray-crowned Rosy Finches at the Lucerne Valley Marina on the shore of Flaming Gorge Reservoir.
They were coming in to a feeder located next to a residence that was located just to the north of the boat launch at the end of the road.  Also had a Hooded Merganser in an area just south of the Utah border in an ice free area of Flaming Gorge.  Saw five Eurasian Collared Doves in Manila and one in Dutch John.


Tim Avery (3 Mar 2007) - Today a gaggle of birders were stomping around the main parking area at Farmington Bay hoping for looks at any of a number of rare gulls reported in the last week.  The 3rd winter Western Gull made an appearance just after noon, at one point it was just 80 feet away in great lighting for all that were present to see. Two more times it made passes in flight less than 25 feet away. Not to be outdone about a half an hour later an adult Glaucous Gull passed overhead and Tony Jones picked up on it alerting everyone to the "ghost" gliding overhead. Completely white from underneath against the blue sky it was surely a sight to see! Keeping us busy while we waited for these great gulls, were 3, yes count em' 3 Thayer's Gulls, including 2 adult birds and 1 very cooperative 1st winter bird.

Tim Avery (3 Mar 2007) - Mr. Slager and myself headed up to Willard Bay to take a look around. We lucked out seeing both the Harris's Sparrow and a White-throated Sparrow at the feeder mentioned in previous posts.


Lu Giddings (9 Mar 2007) - I had the opportunity to spend about three hours early this afternoon in Tropic and Cannonville. Best bird of the trip was a Merlin that was both very photogenic and cooperative. Birds of note would include the 6-12 Eurasian Collared-Doves observed in Tropic.


Eric Huish (3 Mar 2007) - Lu Giddings led the Utah County Birders on a Field Trip today to see the Snow Geese in Delta. We then headed to Clear Lake WMA (south of Delta). Much of the area was frozen but there was a little open water that was filled with waterfowl - mostly Pintail, Redhead and Wigeon. After scoping through this flock for a while we spotted a Drake Eurasian Wigeon. He was hard to follow through the flock of American Wigeon and Redheads but eventually everyone in the group got a look at him.

Sue Hinde (2 Mar 2007) - I actually snuck away and took a quick trip down to Gunnison. Yesterday, March 1, I found one Cackling Goose in with about 15 regular (?) Canada geese. They were feeding in a yard bordering on the reservoir. I watched from my car for about 20 minutes from a distance of about 30 feet. It is really a very small goose; tiny bill and very rounded head. This one avoided the other geese and finally took off and flew out onto the reservoir with all the beautiful Snow geese. I also saw a pair of Hooded Mergansers which did not fly and allowed me to observe them up close and personal.


Rick Fridell (18 Mar 2007) - Kevin Wheeler, Larry Tripp, and I made a weekend run through San Juan County. One of the biggest highlights was the previously reported Scaled Quail (3), still present at Montezuma Creek on Saturday, March 17 (originally found in early January by J. Shirley). We also saw a female Wood Duck on the Blanding Sewer Ponds.


Clay and Cliftia (25 Mar 2007) - We ran over to the Pelican-Ouray Refuge area for the morning. Annual firsts included ...Horned Grebe...


Ned Bixler (18 Mar 2007) - Todays birding in Wasatch County. The Greater Scaup was seen at the Wasatch Mountain State Park pond, in Midway.


Tim Avery (31 Mar 2007) - This morning it was up bright and early and headed to Lytle Ranch.  I headed north through the ranch and up the wash.  I was hoping to find a Black-Hawk to add to my Utah list so I headed north of the ranch to a patch of trees that looked really promising. (I had checked a spot near the monument that I was told to but no birds were there). I walked up the river hoping to flush a bird that might be perched over the water hunting. As luck would have it that is just what happened!  ...This morning around 11:00 am as I made my way back to Lytle Ranch from the Beaver Dam wash just to the north, I heard a Clay-colored Sparrow singing on the west slope of the wash. The bird could be heard several times buzzing as I walked down stream. The area where the bird was hear is about a 1/2 mile north of where the road washes out at the north end of Lytle Ranch Preserve.

Tim Avery (31 Mar 2007) - The Lawrence's Goldfinch in Dammeron Valley was seen again today in the a.m. by Jack Binch and Larry Tripp. I received a call from Bob Lawson at 10:30 telling me the bird had showed back up at his backyard feeders. The bird was associating with a flock of Lesser Goldfinches and both times it was seen (today and yesterday) it arrived with a flock. It would appear that there are several flocks moving around the Dammeron Valley area which would account for the birds random appearances.

Carol Davis (26 Mar 2007) - Bob Lawson in Dammeron Valley in Southern Utah sent me a picture of what he thought was an American Goldfinch but it is in reality a Lawrence's Goldfinch. The photo was taken 3-20-07 in his back yard. He may be emailed at or phoned at 1-435-5743335.

Rick Fridell - This afternoon (3/14), I took advantage of the added hour of daylight and visited Sand Hollow State Park. The first winter male and female Black Scoter were actively diving in the area east of the West Dam. I also counted between 25 and 30 Horned Grebes on Sand Hollow. Typically there are one, or maybe two, Horned Grebes wintering in Washington County, but this year has been exceptional with regular counts of over 20 at Sand Hollow.

Laurie Rasmussen - Tonight (Mon.3-12) Kevin Wheeler & I went to the St. George Golf Course ponds to find a Greater White-Fronted Goose... Two were found eating with the Canada Geese on the western pond along Larkspur Rd. right as the evening turned dark.

Tim Avery (11 Mar 2007) - A trip up to Gunlock yielded... 9 Species of Waterfowl including at least 3 Greater Scaup were present as well.

Tim Avery (11 Mar 2007) - This morning Dave Slager and I relocated the 2 Black Scoter reported by Rick Fridell 2 weeks ago at Sand Hollow State Park in Washington County. The birds were seen along the west dam about 400 yards from the parking lot. One bird had a distinctive yellow knob while the other was a juvenile or female bird... Other birds of note in Washington County this weekend... Harris's Sparrow 2 miles north of Lytle Ranch 03/09 in the Beaver Dam Wash. Likely same bird form the ranch in search of food?

Larry Tripp (2 Mar 2007) - Today at Lytle Ranch there were signs that spring is just around the corner...The best bird was a Yellow-belied Sapsucker in the cottonwoods near the entrance gate. The bird appeared to be a female but was still mostly in Juvenile plumage. The wintering Harris's Sparrow was still in the same area between the bathrooms and the water drip. A out of place Black-capped Chickadee was along the stream below the turnoff into the Ranch. It's the first Black-capped I've seen out there.