Birdnet Hotline Highlights
September 2006

Review Species Reported This Month:
Broad-winged Hawk  Salt Lake Co.  Utah Co.
    Pacific Golden-Plover  Davis Co.
    Parasitic Jaeger  Davis Co.
    Vaux's Swift  Washington Co.
    Least Flycatcher  Davis Co.  Washington Co.
    Eastern Phoebe  Wayne Co.
    Yellow-throated Vireo  Washington Co.
    Northern Parula  Utah Co.
    Chestnut-sided Warbler  Salt Lake Co.
    Magnolia Warbler  Salt Lake Co.
    Blackpoll Warbler  Salt Lake Co.
    Mourning Warbler  Utah Co.
    Clay-colored Sparrow  Washington Co.
    Baltimore Oriole  Millard Co.


Dave Slager (16 Sep 2006) - Today around 2pm I found a juvenile Sabine's Gull at the Bear River NWR near Brigham City, Box Elder County. The bird was found on the auto tour loop. The bird was in Unit 3 on the right side of the auto tour road. The location is approximately 1/4 mile past the 2nd bridge past the large ramped overlook platform.

Glenda Cotter (15 Sep 2006) - Best birds of the day at Garr Ranch were five species of warblers, including Wilson’s, Townsend’s, and a Black-and-White Warbler exhibiting its typically nuthatch-like behavior in the trees around the spring immediately east of the ranch house. Also a Cassin’s Vireo in that area.

Bridget Olson - Bear River Waterbird Count Waterbird Count 9/12/06 - Great Egret 11, Pectoral Sandpiper 2...

Kris Purdy (13 Sep 2006) - Wasatch Audubon flushed a Green Heron near the ponds north of Willard Bay State Park in Box Elder County this morning. The bird was in the area of the ponds north of the park that I always call farm ponds; however, joke's on me because this morning I learned those are sewage treatment ponds. I guess the wind has always been blowing the right direction (away from me) when I've visited in the past. ...Another "good" species was Common Tern; we saw two mixed with Forster's Terns and a mess o'gulls resting at water's edge at the Pelican Beach Group Use area.

Kris Purdy (10 Ssep 2006) - I birded four sides of Willard Reservoir in Box Elder County today... Best birds were west of Willard Bay and included several Common Terns, two Semi-palmated Sandpipers and a Great Egret.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (3 Sep 2006) - An early morning visit to Bear River NWR (Box Elder Co.) found Common and Black Terns, Virginia Rails, Great Egret, Solitary Sandpiper, Short-eared Owl and a single Tundra Swan.


Kristin Purdy (22 Sep 2006) - Sifting through about a thousand Eared Grebes along Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County put me in good stead to have two Horned Grebes jump out at me by the time I got to the island. The were at the end of the causeway across from the marina on the south side, swimming with a small group of Eared Grebes. All the grebes had a tiny bit more molting to do to be completely in winter plumage. - I also saw three Pectoral Sanpipers foraging with a flock of Least, Western, Baird's Sandpipers and Killdeer at mm 6, north side.

Kristin Purdy (19 Sep 2006) - I birded Howard Slough WMA in Davis County today and saw a peck of Pectoral Sandpipers. Well, maybe not a peck--maybe a pack. They played pickleweed peek-a-boo with me for about 45 minutes while I peeped at them and picked out 16 Pectorals. Then a Northern Harrier flushed everything and about double the number of Pectorals I thought were there flushed out of the pickleweed.

Kathy and Joel Beyer - We found a flock of 8 Pectoral Sandpipers this afternoon (9/17) on the Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.). They were foraging together about 100 yards north of the causeway near mile marker 6. Also in this area, but much closer to the causeway, was a single juvenile Short-billed Dowitcher, in company with many Killdeer. We made a positive ID based on the flight call.

Stephen Carlile - The Salt Lake Birders Saturday, 16 Sep 2006, field trip included the Antelope Island Causeway and Gar Ranch. Lots of species seen (83), but some of important highlights.- 1. The Black-and-white Warbler is still there east of the spring house. - 2. A male American Redstart seen, also east of the spring house. - 3. All six "Utah possible" Empidonax flycatchers were seen, with great views for identity comparison. - 4. Two Long-eared owls see in the Russian Olives south of the ranch picnic area. - 5. The Pacific Golden Plover was still there, a little west of Mile Marker 5 on the north side. - 6. Sanderlings were seen on the north side of the causeway, west of Mile Marker 5 (sorry I didn't keep better notes as to a more precise location).

Edson Leite (16 Sep 2006) - Today while trying to relocate the PGP, around 4pm a Parasitic Jaeger flew by on the north side of the causeway around mm 5 going west, making every gull all the way to mm 3 take to the air. I spent 2 hours trying to relocate it unsuccessfully. No pictures it was a brief fly by.

Kris Purdy (15 Sep 2006) - A juvenile Sabine's Gull was on the north side of the causeway this morning around 9:30 just east of the No Swimming bridge. The bird was about 150 yards out and was standing alone. A terrific clap of thunder scared the daylights out of both me and the gull. The bird took flight heading west revealing its dramatic wing pattern. I looked for that gull for the next 4 hours and never saw it again. Hmmph. - I heard a report of the Pacific Golden-Plover at mm 5 around 9 am this morning; I saw the bird one reflective marker west of mm 5 at about 1:15. Both sightings were on the north side along the border between weeds and mudflat.

Rick Fridell - ...Other highlights included: Garr Ranch, Antelope Island SP, Davis Co., 9/6 with Jack Rensel and Keith Evans: White-winged Dove, Least Flycatcher, Winter Wren, American Redstart (female/first fall).

Joel and Kathy Beyer (3 Sep 2006) - This afternoon we observed a juvenile Dunlin on the south side of the Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.), at approx. mile marker 2.7. It was with several Baird's Sandpipers, which it looks very similar to, with the addition of black marking on the belly... The possible Pacific Golden-Plover was still at mile marker 5, north side, hanging out in the line of grassy clumps at the edge of the mudflats. Garr Ranch was fairly quiet, the most notable birds being Cassin's Vireo and Calliope Hummingbird.

Kristin Purdy (2 Sep 2006) - I just got a call (1 pm, Saturday) from Susan Saffle, who is at mile marker 5 on Antelope Island Causeway. Susan and a group of birders have been studying a bird they believe is a Pacific Golden-Plover on the north side of the causeway. All interested parties are invited to join them. Also watching the plover are Buck and Cindy Russell, Letitia Lussier, Carol Gwynn, and Kathy Roach.


Rick Fridell - ...Other highlights included: Fish Springs NWR, Juab Co., 9/7  Semipalmated Sandpiper (Ibis Unit), Common Tern (Avocet Unit), Eastern Kingbird (picnic area), American Redstart (first year male, in greasewoods along Gadwall unit), Common Grackle (2 at headquarters). - Miller Spring, Juab Co., 9/7  Red-shouldered Hawk (adult), Indigo Bunting (female)


Rick Fridell - ...Other highlights included:  - Private Ranch, Millard Co., 9/8  Greater White-fronted Goose (imm.), Anna's Hummingbird (female), Lewis's Woodpecker, Baltimore Oriole (first-year male).


Jack Binch (24 Sep 2006) - Bob Huntington and I went searching for the Broad-winged again...We went to the Jupiter Peak area and climbed the hill on the northeast side of the parking lot. It is a very steep hill although not to long. We got to the peak about 9:30 AM and saw our first hawk at 10:15. Yes it was a Broad-winged Hawk....Next we saw a kestrel, then a Coopers Hawk, Sharp-shinned, then we had a ten foot walk by from a Ruffed Grouse. Next was another Broad-winged. This one was over the county line into Salt Lake County for Bob's list. Then another Coopers, Kestrel, Sharpie, four Sharpies, a dark falcon that we both think was a Peregrine, our third and last Broad-winged at 12:00...

Bob Huntington (15 Sep 2006) - This morning about 10:30 I spotted a Chestnut-sided Warbler on jorden river parkway north of 5400 south. There is a steel foot bridge no. of 5400 so. Go across to the west side between the river and a small pond. It was feeding with a large flock of yellow-rumps.

Dave Slager - I found a first-fall Magnolia Warbler this morning (Saturday, 9/9/06) in Salt Lake County. I saw the bird at about 9:30am at Parley's Natural Area. To get here, take I-80 East (only) to the 2300 E exit, and after leaving the freeway take a left immediately on 2760 South. Just after Tanner's Park on the left there is a cul-de-sac on the left where the trail to the natural area begins. Stay on the wide trail going down the hill. Turn left before the foot bridge over the creek, and you'll be on another wide gravel trail. The bird was working along the creek, between the foot bridge and the electrical substation, with a mixed flock of chickadees, a Warbling Vireo, and a Plumbeous Vireo. Good luck!

Pomera Fronce (9 Sep 20006) - Anne and I located a Northern Waterthrush along the Jordan River Parkway this morning. From the parking lot just north of 5400 South, cross the river to the west and walk north along the dirt path that parallels the river. You will see a long skinny pond on the west side of the path. The bird was favoring the north end of the pond.

Dave Slager (2 Sep 2006) - I found a Blackpoll Warbler this morning in Salt Lake County. The location is along the west bank of the Jordan River north of the 5400 S bridge. From the foot bridge on the north side of 5400 S, walk the gravel trail along the west bank of the river. I saw the bird along the river near the large brush pile at 7:15am. I wasn't able to relocate it during the next 2 hours.


Candy (at Dugway) (22 Sep 2006) - I had to share another lifer today... my first Winter Wren arrived in the front yard. It was poking around the tires of my Jeep, while I watched it for 10 minutes. This bird is also NOT listed on the Dugway Bird checklist.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (4 Sep 2006) - Late this afternoon we found a female Indigo Bunting at Clover Springs Campground (Tooele Co.), in the bushes at the springs.


Diane Penttila - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge General Waterbird Survey 9/26/06 - The following birds were seen within the survey route: ...Blue-winged teal 22... Wood duck 1... Great Egret 2... Black-bellied plover 1...

Diane Penttila - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge General Waterbird Survey 9/11/06 - The following birds were seen within the survey route: Blue-winged teal 3, Wood duck 11, Great Egret 2, American bittern 1, Black-bellied plover 1, Least sandpiper 2, Pectoral sandpiper 1, Peregrine falcon 1...


Eric Huish (26 Sep 2006) - Milt Moody and I went up to the ‘Squaw Peak Hawk watching Knoll’ today (I’m not sure what this place is called) and saw a lightly marked juvenile Broad-winged Hawk. It came by at about 11:30. It flew in a little below eye level then turned and circled directly over us. Great View!

Lu Giddings (22 Sep 2006) - ...I first stopped at River Lane... There were also 15 Eurasian Collared-Doves perched on the ramshackle barn. - Lincoln Beach was empty of humans but had a fair variety of species... The best birds seen were a semipalmated plover and a Common Tern.

Tuula Rose (9 Sep 2006) - This morning, Sep 9th, the UCB field trip to River Lane (Utah Co.) produced good looks of the female Northern Parula that the Byers first located on August 20th, over three weeks ago. 

Joel and Kathy Beyer (4 Sep 2006) - This morning on River Lane (Utah Co.) I saw what I believe to be a first winter female Mourning Warbler. I was able to clearly see the narrow near-complete eye-ring, olive-gray head, olive back, dull yellowish throat, bright yellow unmarked underparts, and lack of wing bars. The warbler was large and spent the entire view time skulking in the bushes, non-responsive to pishing, and after a few minutes it melted away and an hour of searching did not relocate it. I dismissed an immature MacGillivray's due to the lack of both eye-ring arcs and hooded appearance. The warbler was seen about halfway down the dirt lane (~200 yards further than the Parula location), river side.

Glenn Barlow (4 Sep 2006) - On Saturday morning Merrill Webb and I went south to bird Piute County. On the way south, along I-15, we saw numerous Swainson’s Hawks along the way. The big surprise was a Broad-winged Hawk flying east to west right over the front of the truck, between Payson and Santaquin. Merrill had just passed another vehicle, so it was not possible to stop right away, but we compared it to the pictures in Kaufman’s field guide (more on this later), and both agreed that is what it was.


mkdavis (25 Sep 2006) - Just got back from a long trip.... and guess what the best find was... Right in my back yard... a whole flock of sparrow-looking birds flew in. I was standing on the back porch, talking on the phone, when I looked more closely and found they were something special for my yard. - Three Clay Colored Sparrows... at least! - Four or five Chipping Sparrows... or more. - There were a few juveniles, just to make the id harder.

Larry Tripp (22 Sep 2006) - Yesterday I had a Sooty type Fox Sparrow come into the the water bath that I have in my yard. There doesn't seem to be many Fox Sparrows of any type seen in Washington Co. for some reason but the ones reported have been later in the fall. ...2 weeks ago I had a N. Waterthrush come in for a brief stay that really seemed out of place in Pinion Juniper Habitat without any nearby water except my water bath. And all the residents birds love it. ...There are also more Anna's Hummingbirds around in the last month than I've had the last couple of falls. I've seen at least 7 or 8 different birds around lately. Most of the other species have headed south. I've had a few Black chins, 1 Calliope this week and 1 immature male Rufous came in yesterday and was still out there today terrorizing the Anna's which are bigger than he is.

Rick Fridell (17 Sep 2006) - There seems to be a good flight of Vaux's Swifts through Washington County this morning (9/17). On the way to town, I saw at least two flying over the SR-9 (Hurricane) Sewer Ponds, another two in St. George, and one flying over the Flora-tech Fields on my way home. Also in St. George, I saw another American Redstart (female; this is definitely my bird of the season!), and a probable Least Flycatcher.

Lee Jones - I also saw 3 - 4 Vaux's Swifts today, about 11:30 am (Sept 17), near the pond at Red Hills Golf Course.

Rick Fridell - ...Other highlights included: Ash Creek Reservoir, Washington Co., 9/8  American Redstart (adult female).

Lu Giddings (3 Sep 2006) - While birding early yesterday afternoon in Confluence Park I encountered what I think may have been a Yellow-throated Vireo. It definitely was not a verdin, whatever it was. The bird was determinedly stuck in the thick tamarisk at the right base of the remaining intact foot bridge across the river (i.e., on the right side of the river as one proceeds down stream) and no amount of pishing could get it to show much more than it's head and upper back, and then only for a second or two at best. The bird was a small yellow bird with a dirty yellow-gray upper back and head and bright yellow spectacles around each eye and across the bridge of its black bill...


David Wheeler - Yesterday evening (Sunday, Sep 3) I saw an Eastern Phoebe in the little park past the visitor center at Capitol Reef NP. It was flying around between tree branches, the grass, and thickets in the general area of the bridge over the Fremont River. To get to the park, turn off SR-24 at the visitor center and go about a third or half mile or so until you see a nice park with lots of trees left of the road. If you cross the creek, you've gone too far.