Birdnet Hotline Highlights
June 2006

Review Species Reported This Month:
Glossy Ibis  Box Elder Co.  Cache Co.
    Least Tern  Tooele Co.


Jack Binch (24 Jun 2006) - Dana Green and I have been searching for a Glossy Ibis for two trips. We spent about 6-8 hours on Sunday the 11th in the Benson area with no success.  I went up to Bear River on Saturday the 17th and got a glimpse of one that my instincts said had blue on it's face, but my mind could not confirm it. I reminded Dana that I thought I had seen one at Bear River, so we headed there...We found the one at Bear River... It was along the canal about a mile before the actual entrance to the refuge. That means it has been in the same small area for at least a week.

Bridget Olson - (15 Jun 2006) - Bear River Refuge Waterbird Survey ...Blue-winged Teal 5... Common Goldeneye 3... Great Egret 5...


Joel Beyer (19 Jun 2006) - Kathy and I found a breeding plumaged Glossy Ibis yesterday evening in Benson (Cache Co.). It was in the same location described by Ron Ryel on June 6 -- on 3000 No. about 1/2 mile west of 3200 West, in a field south of the road -- and was with 125-150 White-faced Ibis. Also in this group of birds was what we believe was a first-summer Glossy Ibis. It resembled the adult Glossy Ibis but was not as brightly colored, and it still had the two-toned bill of a juvenile (as depicted in Sibley).

David Wheeler (10 Jun 2006) -  Larene & I found a Glossy Ibis in a pasture about  (very approximately) one third mile west of the Gossner's Foods cheese factory (which is at 1000 W 1000 N) along 1000 North. The pasture itself is just NE of the NE corner of the sewage treatment ponds and is grazed fairly low. We saw the bird at about 10:15 this morning. It had all the main markings (leg color, dusky blue face skin color, baby blue face outline--thin and ending at eyes, brown irises...). It flew off as we approached in a futile effort to photograph it, and we didn't relocate it (though it probably just went into the tall marsh plants around a small stream/ditch on the edge of the field).

Ron Ryel (6 Jun 2006) - I saw a Glossy Ibis this morning at about 8:00 am in the crop field south of Darrell's Appliance in Benson (2400 W x 3400 N) in a flock of about 1000 ibis. I did not see a glossy ibis at the original spot (3200 N) this morning, but there was a Great-tailed Grackle feeding with the cows and white-faced ibis.

Ron Ryel (5 Jun 2006) - There was a breeding plumage Glossy Ibis this evening (June 5) in Benson, Utah. The bird was with about 150 white-faced ibis. It was seen on 3000 N about 1/2 mile west of 3200 W in Benson in a field south of the road. Ibis flocks in the valley follow irrigated field in the valley so it (or others) may be found most anywhere.


Eric Huish (29 Jun 2006) - Milt, Tuula, Leena and I went birding in Carbon County today...The most interesting bird of the day was a Grace's Warbler at Price Canyon Recreation Area. ...The turn off to Price Canyon Rec Area is a few miles South of the Utah County line on the East side of highway 6 (there is a sign). The bird was in the 'day use' area (turn right at the fork) at the top of the road.


Pomera Fronce (26 Jun 2006) - When's the last time you saw six species of woodpeckers in three hours. It happened to the GSLA group this morning on our field trip to Brighton and Redman. There were some other interesting birds as well. Here's our list:... Northern Goshawk... Williamson's Sapsucker... American Three-toed Woodpecker... Pine Grosbeak...

Pomera Fronce (16 Jun 2006) - My memory is not good on the initial sighting of the Hooded Oriole in the avenues. I believe Mark Stackhouse found him in 2003. Unbelievably, the bird is still there. I watched him for about thirty minutes today around 1:00.

Pomera Fronce (5 Jun 2006) - At noon on Sunday, Jack Clark and I found a pair of Three-toed Woodpeckers at Redman in Big Cottonwood Canyon.


Joel Beyer (11 Jun 2006) - Kathy and I found a Least Tern this afternoon at J.W.Fitzgerald WMA (a.k.a. Faust Reservoir) on Hwy 36 in Tooele Co. It's small size was really accentuated by the Caspian Tern that was flying nearby. Also seen in Tooele Co...We saw a Eurasian Collared Dove in Grantsville, on West Street, 1/2 block south of the cemetery. Several Greater Scaup were on Clover Reservoir (near the junction of Hwys 138 & 199 at Rush Valley).


Diane Penttila (6 June 2006) - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge General Waterbird Survey... The following birds were seen within the survey route: ...Blue-winged Teal 10...Wood duck 1... Great Egret 1... American bittern 3... Black-bellied plover 1...


Charles Sheard (29 Jun 2006) - Judy Jordan's son, John, reports finding a pair of Common Black-Hawks near Lytle ranch. More exactly, about 500 yards south of Lytle in the cottonwood trees.