Birdnet Hotline Highlights
May 2006

Review Species Reported This Month:
 Red-throated Loon  Box Elder Co.
    Red-necked Grebe  Box Elder Co.
    Ruddy Turnstone  Davis Co.
White-rumped Sandpiper  Rich Co.
    Least Tern  Utah Co.
Chestnut-sided Warbler  Morgan Co.
    Ovenbird  Box Elder Co.
    Painted Redstart  Washington Co.
    Clay-colored Sparrow  San Juan Co.


Betsy Beneke (27 May 2006) - There was a pair of Eurasian-collared Doves in Mantua, Box Elder County, today. They were on the wires along Main Street between Center Street and 100 North. I found them following a tip from birders visiting the wildlife education center at Bear River Refuge.

Colby Neuman (23 May 2006) - On Friday we stopped at migrant traps on the western side of the Great Salt Lake. ...The first birds I put my binoculars on were two male Bobolinks perched on fence posts. ...Next, we stopped at the second set of trees. Here an alternate plumage Harris' Sparrow greeted us by singing as we stepped out of the car. Although I've heard their call, the song was a first for me. We also found our first Northern Waterthrush of the trip at this location as well. From here we went onto Lucin (Box Elder Co.) where a significant understory is developing now that the cattle have been fenced out. The trees were also filled with migrants, and we found an Ovenbird, another Northern Waterthrush in a tree that had fallen in the pond and two more Gray Catbirds....

Kristin Purdy (22 May 2006) - Brian Currie and Arthur Morris saw five Purple Matins on Forest Street, the road to Bear River Refuge. The three males and two females were on power lines on the north side of the road just west of the former temporary information center. This is a popular spot where swallows congregate and is the same area where the Fulvous Whistling-ducks were reported in January.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (21 May 2006) - At 7:30 this morning we observed the Red-necked Grebe at Willard Bay. It was in the northeast corner of the Bay, and was easily seen from the campground. As Kris suggested, viewing from the dike would also have been successful. At Bear River NWR, we found at least 2 Stilt Sandpipers with a large flock of Long-billed Dowitchers just south of the observation platform in the southeast corner of the auto loop.  Presumably these are the same stilts that were seen last week in a flock of dowitchers in this same location.

Bob Huntington (20 May 2006) - This morning while birding with a group of birders from the G. S. L. Bird Festeval at Willard Bay we saw a Red-neck Grebe. It was swimming in the north east corner of the lake west of the camp ground. It is an adult male in full breeding colors. Beautiful bird.

Keith Evans - Today, May 17, the WAS Wednesday Birders saw what we identified as a Red-throated Loon in winter plumage. Weird huh? The bird was in the canal on the north side of Willard Bay dam. There is a road running down to a trailer house that is part of a duck club. We were at the area where boats are launched. 

Bridget Olson (15 May 2006) - ...While out doing a Canada Goose brood survey on 5/11 notable birds included American goldfinch, great-tailed grackle and 8 Stilt Sandpipers. Stilt sandpipers were in with large flock of dowitchers immediately west of the observation platform off the auto-tour-route...

Robin M Wolcott (10 May 2006) - Yesterday, at about 11:30 am, my husband and I observed a lone Common Grackle in the restroom/picnic/shop area at the start/finish of the Auto Tour Loop Rd at Bear River Bird Refuge. We also enjoyed a Whimbrel on the most westerly portion of the loop road. Also along the road in, about a mile from the loop we found 2 Snowy Plovers in the mud flats near the long red "barn/hunt clubhouse" where the road makes a sharp turn.

Steve Coleman (8 May 2006) - I spent a wonderful day at Bear Lake Bird Refuge on Saturday and saw some great and some odd birds. First and most exciting was a pair of Trumpeter Swans one of them had a green neck band #5E3, I also saw 2 Tundra Swans. Other birds seen ...Blue-winged Teal about 50 birds, the most I have ever seen in one place...1 Red-necked Phalarope...

Tim Avery (1 May 2006) - I spent the morning at Bear River NWR, and was quite surprised at the flurry of activity. Birds to note were: 3 Great Egret - on north side of auto tour loop near NW corner...1 American Bittern - my dad heard it calling while I was off taking pictures...


Buck Russell (27 May 2006) - During the Bridgerland Audubon Bird-a-thon today we found a Lark Bunting in the field just west of the Benson Marina in Benson, UT. The bird was on the north side of the road sitting on a roll of wire. Another surprise was a Rufous Hummingbird at Spring Hollow Campground in Logan, Canyon. The bird was at the hummingbird feeders at the caretaker site. Sue Drown, Reinhard Jockel, and I saw both birds. Some of the other birds from the Bird-a-thon include a Eurasian Collared Dove, Olive-sided Flycatcher, MacGillivray's Warbler, Rock Wren, and Swainson's Thrush...

Stephen Peterson (22 May 2006) - This morning at approximately 7:15 am, I saw a Brown Thrasher flitting about between 3 dogwood (?) shrubs, on the ground, at Hardware Ranch (in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, east of Hyrum, UT), immediately east of the elk herd overlook area, just above the path that leads you to the sleigh ride ticket booth.

Buck Russell (8 May 2006) - My wife and visited Denzil Stewart Park in Logan this evening and found a Calliope Hummingbird. The bird was located up on the bench area of the park. When you enter the park take the trail that goes left up to the bench area. It was near the concrete utility building.

Buck Russell (2 May 2006) - ...We found several Common Grackles in the Poplar trees on the south side of Willow Park in Logan (the same general area where they nested last year).


Jack Binch (14 May 2006) - I went out birding Garr Ranch where I found several warblers that have already been posted and another Northern Waterthrush in the bog east of the spring pond.

Carol Gwynn (13 May 2006) - Several birds reported earlier in the week on the Antelope Island Causeway were still present on Saturday morning. These include 2 Red Knots, 1 Dunlin, 1 Snowy Plover, hundreds of Black-bellied Plovers (I searched in vain for an American Golden), and huge numbers of peeps, including Western and Least Sandpipers. As before, the birds were concentrated north of MM6.

Joel and Kathy (7 May 2006) - We visited the Antelope Island Causeway this evening and saw most of the birds reported by Kris (including the Ruddy Turnstone and 4 Dunlins), with the addition of 4 Red Knots that were with one of the many large flocks of Black-bellied Plovers at mile marker 6.

Kristin Purdy (7 May 2006) - I saw a Ruddy Turnstone at about 3 pm today north of mile marker 6 of Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County. The bird was very distant at perhaps 300-400 yards. Several unmistakable field marks were still visible...The stop at mm 6 was my second of the day. This morning the location produced hundreds of Black-bellied Plovers on both sides of the causeway, Snowy and Semi-palmated Plovers, Killdeer, American Avocets, Willets, Long-billed Curlews, Sanderlings, four Dunlins, dowitchers, two Red-necked Phalaropes and lots of noisy Forster's Terns. The peeps were far enough away that I was too lazy to ID them and the dowitchers couldn't be separated to species. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.


Colby Neuman (23 May 2006) - ...we then drove back north to Fish Springs NWR where migrants were relatively scarce (quite windy). However, highlights were a male Bobolink and a Stilt Sandpiper foraging with a flock of Long-billed Dowitchers. ...This morning we conducted a breeding bird survey for Jay Banta at Fish Springs and the nearby desert. Highlights included a Sanderling mixed in with a flock of Snowy Plovers, and a male Indigo Bunting and a Northern Waterthrush at the picnic area. Also, there was a substantial overall increase in the number of migrants present at the housing and picnic areas today.

Joel Beyer (4 May 2006) - Kathy and I made a quick trip to the St. George area earlier this week, with the highlights as follows:  Juab Co. Mona Reservoir - Blue-winged Teal, Caspian Terns; Burraston Ponds - 4 Barn Owls, 2 Common Grackles (building nest), Bullock's Oriole; Chicken Creek Reservoir area - Wilson's Phalaropes, Blue-winged Teals, Long-billed Curlews, Ferruginous and Swainson's Hawks, 2 Short-eared Owls, Grasshopper Sparrows...

Merrill Webb (2 May 2006) - Yesterday afternoon I went to Juab County with my wife to see what I could find on the first day of May. Mona Reservoir continues to be very productive. We found all four grebes...and a Great Egret. ...Had a Eurasian Collared Dove and a Lesser Goldfinch in Levan...


Joel Beyer (4 May 2006) - Kathy and I made a quick trip to the St. George area earlier this week, with the highlights as follows: Millard Co. Scipio - Eurasian Collared Dove...


Christian Peay (8 May 2006) - I got a brief but good look of a Chestnut-sided Warbler today at Como Springs in Morgan. It was in a Cottonwood tree near bridge that crosses the little stream that runs through Como Springs. It flew away and I was not able to find it again.


Glenn B. Barlow (19 May 2006) - Today at about 6:00 a.m. at the Davis County Fairpark seven hardy birders met with Mark Stackhouse, our leader, to enjoy a day or birding Northern Utah. Our goal was to see as many birds as possible, before returning to the Fairpark after nightfall. ... The Bird of the Day was undoubtedly the White-rumped Sandpiper, we all saw at Blue Grass Pond! This was a LIFE BIRD for all, except Mark. Also seen keeping company with the White-rumped, were a Semipalmated, Western, and Least Sandpipers. Fortunately we were able to share these sightings with the birders in Bill Fenimore’s Deseret Ranch tour group. Also present at the pond were Sanderling, Long-billed Dowitcher, Marbled Godwit and a flock of over 300 Red-necked Phalarope. .. At the ponds near the headquarters building we had the pleasure of seeing a Northern Waterthrush and a few warblers. On the north side of the residential area, in the tangle of bushes, we were greeted with a very fortunate sighting of a male American Redstart in bright breeding plumage! ... At the large Neponset Reservoir we saw a pair of Greater Scaup diving near the dam, two Great Egret, and a Bonaparte’s Gull. Unfortunately we were not able to find the Pacific Loon previously seen by Bill Fenimore’s group.


Lu Giddings (13 May 2006) - I just returned from several days in San Juan county... Trip highlights in no particular order: - a Greater Scaup on one of the Halchita sewage lagoon ponds - a pair of Cassin's Vireos in Kane Creek canyon in Cedar Mesa - more red crossbills than you could shake a stick at in the Elk Ridge country - Williamson Sapsuckers in four different locations, again in Elk Ridge and the Abajos - a Grace's Warbler near a spring in the Elk Ridge country - two Black Phoebes in Montezuma canyon - Cassin's Kingbirds outnumbering western kingbirds by at least a 6-1 margin in the south Montezuma Canyon and Bug Canyon areas - what I believe to be a Clay-colored Sparrow in the same place one was seen last month by the UOS group, in Bluff - what I am reasonably certain were Grasshopper Sparrows calling from the short grass along Hickman Flats road, on two different occasions


Candy Zaffis (5 May 2006) - Since the Grackle isn't listed on the Dugway birdlist, I thought I should mention that I had a Common Grackle visit at least twice today. It came along with a huge flock of cowbirds. Have only seen the one so far.


Diane Penttila - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge General Waterbird Survey - 5/23/06 - The following birds were seen within the survey route: ...Blue-winged Teal 2 ...Green Heron 1... Red-necked Phalarope 7...


Lu Giddings (27 May 2006) - Yesterday I decided to see if the snow had melted sufficiently to make it possible to check on the Nebo loop purple martins. ...Many swallows were present yesterday and it was fun to watch them play on the wind. Most were violet-green and tree swallows, but there was a small but unmistakable contingent of Purple Martins present. I noticed that two white four-hole nest boxes have been secured to trees in the nesting grove that I do not think were present last Spring. I did not notice the birds using the nest boxes but did not want to wait around too long in case I was disturbing them, nor did I venture down off the road and into the grove to check.

Jack Binch (20 May 2006) - There was a Least Tern on the Provo Airport Dike this evening about 6:00 PM. It was on the east side along the canal before the extension. It flew out over the lake a few times also. The spot is marked with a chartreuse ribbon.

Matt Williams (14 May 2006) - Last year, I found a Northern Waterthrush in the vicinity of the Kunhi Wetlands in Provo on 5/7/2005. Yesterday, my wife and I went for a walk in the same location and despite the relative scarcity of migrants, we saw a Waterthrush (extremely probably Northern) at the same location. It did not sing and I didn't have great looks but it was there bobbing its behind and amazingly in almost the exact same spot as the bird(s) last year. Talk about reliable migrants. This is apparently a good week for that species.

LeIla Ogden (4 May 2006) -  Today, (Thurs) 11.a.m. A Blue-wing Teal was seen at the marshes (flooded grassland) on the way to Lincoln Beach. It was in with many other shore birds and waders at a big turn just before the road turns and goes west to the big trees.

Milt Moody (3 May 2006) - Merrill just reported 3 Sanderlings at the Utah Lake SP. They were just north of a new gate that has been put up at the beginning of the new south jetty which is now submerged (nice planning).


Jack Binch (21 May 2006) - It is nice to have a couple of predictable birds when birding time is limited. The Bobolinks are back at the Heber Fields and the American Redstart is in the usual place on the Jordanelle Wetlands.


Rick Fridell (21 May 2006) - There is indeed a pair of Painted Redstarts nesting along the Riverside Walk Trail, Zion National Park, Washington Co., UT. On May 7th, Kristen and I observed them at a nest located on the canyon wall in a hanging garden along the trail. The nest is further upstream than the location used last year. It's certainly possible that Redstarts are using other similar habitats in Zion, so keep an eye out along the Emerald Pools Trail, Heap's Canyon, Birch Creek, Pine Creek, etc.

Josh Kreitzer (16 May 2006) - My wife, Cary, and I relocated a Painted Redstart (male) most of the way up the Riverside Walk at the North end of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park. The bird was beautiful, tame, and seemingly unfazed by three other observers who pointed us to the bird by their rapt attention thereon. One of them was apparently taking photos of it .... Other birds of note seen in Washington City, Utah this weekend: Inca Dove, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Phainopepla, and Abert's Tohwee.

Joel Beyer (4 May 2006) - Kathy and I made a quick trip to the St. George area earlier this week, with the highlights as follows: Toniquint Park (St. George) - Lesser Nighthawks, Sora, Yellow-breasted Chat -  Utah Hill area (Old Hwy 91)- Gray Vireo, Black-chinned Sparrow -    Lytle Ranch road - Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Scott's Oriole, Crissal Thrasher -  Lytle Ranch - White-winged Dove, Bell's Vireo, Common Yellowthroat, Black-headed Grosbeak, Phainopepla, Verdin, Gr. Roadrunner, Scott's Oriole, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Common Black-Hawk (north of the pond, flying up the wash) -  Welcome Springs (spur off Lytle Ranch road) - Bushtit, B-T Gray Warbler, B-C Sparrow, Rufuous-crowned Sparrow, Scott's Oriole, Costa's Hummingbird, Cooper's Hawk (on nest) -  Dixie Red Hills Golf Course - Vermillion Flycatcher, Hooded Oriole, Cassin's Kingbird -  Zion National Park - Painted Redstart (Riverside Walk, near Hanging Gardens), Peregrine Falcon, Summer Tanager (VC parking lot), Plumbeous Vireo -  Hurricane - Inca Doves. A short trip, but wonderful birding!


Jack Binch (14 May 2006) - I went out birding yesterday... to see the Calliope at the North Arm that Kris reported. I followed the direct trail and just at the point where you will get you feet wet for the first time was a Northern Waterthrush...I found the southern Calliope and also found I had a full memory card after just a couple of shots...

Kristin Purdy (9 May 2006) - Buck Russell's report of a Calliope Hummingbird in Logan yesterday inspired me to visit The North Arm Natural Area in Ogden Valley, Weber County, this afternoon to see if any Calliopes are there yet. I'm pleased to report that Mother Nature's rhythms are amazingly predictable. Two males have set up territories in the same places as in the last 2 years; in fact, one of them is using the same tree.