Birdnet Hotline Highlights
March 2006

Review Species Reported This Month:


Bridget Olson (24 Mar 2006) - Bear River Refuge Count - Quite a few " 1st birds of the season" sightings including....Western Grebe, Eared Grebe, Black-necked Stilt, Dowitchers, Franklin's Gull, Savannah Sparrow, American Pipit, Dark-eyed Junco, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Long-billed Curlew, and White-faced Ibis. Unusual sightings included a Eurasian Wigeon and the flock of Snow Geese that continue to hang around (over course in the closed portion of the Refuge)...

Betsy Beneke (5 Mar 2006) - My friends Bob and Joan Burke were visiting this weekend from Minnesota... Today, we drove the Promontory Road looking for Prairie Falcons and Chukar - found both. Not tons of activity out there, but I did get to see my first Utah Harris's Sparrow. I was pretty surprised when it jumped out of the roadside rabbitbrush and sat on a fence for us to admire for a bit. We also found several Swainson's hawks, my first for the year. Still lots of harriers around and got 3 rough-legged hawks and several golden eagles...

Joel and Kathy Beyer (5 Mar 2006) - A White-throated Sparrow was seen about noon today at Willard Bay State Park. It was along the Nature Trail, between the Cottonwood and Willow campgrounds, adjacent to the "pond". It appeared to be in transition from first winter to adult plumage. It was with a group of Am.Goldfinches and House Finches. Also seen were 32 Sandhill Cranes flying overhead, going north.


Stephen Peterson (8 Mar 2006) - What a surprise I had today on my lunch hour. I came home from work around 100 pm to find 150 plus Bohemian Waxwings in my front yard [Logan], gleaning juniper and hawthorn berries from the trees and bushes. It was an absolutely amazing sight!

Buck Russell (5 Mar 2006) - At about 5pm my wife and I saw a female Hooded Merganser in the pond in the Wellsville City Park. It was swimming in a mixed flock of Ring-necked ducks, Northern Shoveler, Gadwalls, American Coot, and one American Wigeon. The light was great and we got a really good look at the bird. The park is located about 5th south and 1st east in Wellsville.

Jim Lofthouse (4 Mar 2006) - Today at 3:30 PM in Hyrum at 300 South 100 West; a large flock of Bohemian Waxwings enjoying the fruit of a crab apple tree. 150 plus birds with just a few Cedar Waxwings mixed in. This has been a good year for Bohemians.


MarJean Muhlestein - My sisters, LaNita Larsen and Amy Owen, called me on Tues. 3/28 and reported seeing a Blue-winged Teal at Farmington Bay. I was able to go out there and spot it as well on 3/30, Thursday. It was my first sighting of one at Farmington Bay. I had seen one back in 1985, but not at the Bay, and was thrilled to be able to sight another.


Merrill Webb (4 Mar 2006) - On Saturday, after viewing the Snow and Ross's Geese in the Delta area I decided to search the local places in the county to see what other birds I could find... Northern Shrike near Fool's Creek Reservoir(dry), and a Sage Thrasher in the same area... In addition, I observed Eurasian Collared Doves in Oak City (4), Lynndyl (2) and in Nephi, Juab County, (4)...

Carol Davis (4 Mar 2006) - ...Clear Creek the water behind the Rangers Station at Clear Creek were 12 Great Blue Herons and one Great Egret all standing around in the water together--and what a peaceful looking group they were.


Kristin Purdy (19 Mar 2006) - I spent some time patrolling East Canyon in Morgan County this afternoon around 1:30, around 4:00, and again after 6:00 for the purpose of finding a Northern Pygmy-Owl. I almost passed the little sucker at 6:10 pm at about mile 3.6 of SR-66. The owl looked a lot more like a brownish-tinged junco sitting at the top of a scrub oak on the downhill side of the road than it did a pygmy-owl.


Pomera Fronce (29 Mar 2006) - Roberta and I birded the 12600 South segment of the Jordan River Parkway today...Easily the prize bird of the day was a Harris's Sparrow with a Say's Phoebe running a close second.

Pomera Fronce (24 Mar 2006) - After looking for many months, I finally located a Winter Wren at Mountain Dell. Walk the paved road toward Washington Park, take the fork to the right that goes down by the stream, and walk upstream about 50 yards. The bird was in the general vicinity of the bridge with the big red rock on it.

Mark Stackhouse (17 Mar 2006) - So my son and I were leaving the house yesterday afternoon when I heard the shrill cries of Cedar Waxwings overhead. Looking up, I saw about a dozen Cedars, but no Bohemians, in the maple tree above us... Today there were about twice as many waxwings, with at least two Bohemians amongst the Cedars...

Jack Binch (4 Mar 2006) - Bob Huntington just called me to report both Gray-crowned and Black Rosy-finches in Alta at the Thomas House.


Glenn B. Barlow (25 Mar 2006) - On Thursday, March 23rd, Merrill Webb and I attempted a Bid Day in Tooele County, with a goal of seeing at least 60 species....At Walter Fitzgerald we were greeted by many water fowl, including Bufflehead, but no Ruddy Duck. Below the dike we found a lone American Tree Sparrow...At the Vernon Reservoir we were surprised to find a wintering Bonaparte’s Gull! What a pleasant surprise.


Diane Penttila (21 Mar 2006) - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge General Waterbird Survey. The following birds were seen within the survey route:...Greater White-fronted Geese 4... Hooded merganser 1... Peregrine falcon 1...


KC Childs (28 Mar 2006) - Josh Kreitzer gave me a heads up that there were Bohemian Waxwings at BYU still. I found one with a large flock of Cedars where he told me to look. It was on the south and west side of the X building just west of the Art Museum...

Tom Williams (23 Mar 2006) - The Varied Thrush is still foraging in the same area near the BYU botany pond. I saw it about 8:00 this morning.

Milt Moody (18 Mar 2006) - There are lots of birds in the flooded fields by Skipper Bay trail, especial down where the Osprey platforms are. There were a lot of Canada Geese with a few Snow Geese and I think a Ross's Goose as well -- judging from the size at a medium distance...


Bob & Georgene Bond (25 Mar 2006) - A single Black Hawk was observed in Beaver Dam wash on Friday afternoon, March 24. The bird was perched on a dead snag hanging over the east side of the stream about 250 to 300 yards south of where the road crosses the wash. We saw no Black Hawks north of the ranch house in their usual location...

Larry Tripp (14 Mar 2006) - With the over 2 feet of snow that fell in my yard last weekend I was surprised to see a female type Lark Bunting show up on Monday and it was still around tonight. It's not a bird I would have ever expected to show up in the pinion juniper habitat where I live but with all the snow in the area I guess anywhere they can find food they will take it.

Larry Tripp (5 Mar 2006) - A Male Anna's Hummingbird was singing and displaying In the hills above lower Sand Cove Res. on Saturday .It seemed a little early for one to be seen away from known over wintering feeder birds that are around. I also saw a pair of Rufous-crowned Sparrows in the same area.


Kris Purdy (5 Mar 2006) - Sorry to sound like a broken record, but about 100 Bohemian Waxwings hung out for most of today in Anderson Cove Campground in Ogden Valley, Weber County. At times they were near the shore at the mouth of the creek that divides the campground into two sides. Late in the day they were feeding in fruit trees on the west side of the campground where the campsites are located.

Kris Purdy (2 Mar 2006) - Anybody sick of Bohemian Waxwings yet? I'm not. I saw 40-50 of them today in Jefferson Hunt Campground in Ogden Valley, Weber County. ...Jefferson Hunt Campground is located In Ogden Valley along SR-39 at about mile marker 18. The place is still pretty snowy with depths of granular snow up to a foot. But snowshoes or skis will get you in there and I doubt the white stuff will last much longer...