Birdnet Hotline Highlights
October 2005

Review Species Reported This Month:

    Red Phalarope  Davis Co. 
Chestnut-sided Warbler  Washington Co.


Lu Giddings (22 Oct 2005) - A Horned Grebe was observed at about 2 p.m. swimming in the water immediately west of the dikes that impound Willard Bay and about two miles south of the place where the bay flows through the dike and into the Great Salt Lake. I'm not sure if this area is considered part of Willard Bay, Howard Crane WMA, Bear River MBR, or is simply a part of the Great Salt Lake. The bird was in non-breeding plumage and swimming about 10 yards out from shore.

Kristin Purdy (19 Oct 2005) - Mort Somer spotted a Winter Wren at Box Elder Campground in Box Elder County this morning, to the delight of the other members of Wasatch Audubon on the regular Wednesday morning birdwalk. The wren was on the east bank of Box Elder Creek, east of campsite 17 on Loop A. The wren flitted through some thick dogwood shrubs and everyone was able to get a look. Box Elder Campground is located in the town of Mantua, approximately 2 miles east of Brigham City on US 89/91.

Bridget Olson (12 Oct 2005) - Bear River Waterbird Count...Great Egret 11...


Jack Binch (31 Oct 2005) - Bob Huntington just called to report a Pacific Loon at Hyrum Res. He also found the Surf Scoter. The loon was near the dam, however it flew to the east end when a canoe came by. 10:30 AM

Jack Binch (30 Oct 2005) - I got a tip about a female Surf Scoter at Hyrum Reservoir. There are probably two there now. Keith Archibald was pointing one out to me on the southeast corner, while Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld and Bob McDougal were looking at one on the northeast end. Time was about noon today.


Joel & Kathy Beyer (30 Oct 2005) - We found the White-throated Sparrow at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island this afternoon. It was feeding on the ground with several juncos along the fenceline behind the ranch house. Along the road to the ranch we saw a Peregrine Falcon and a Northern Shrike. On the south side of the Causeway there were 250-300 Bonaparte's Gulls and 4 Horned Grebes, as well as large numbers of Lesser Scaups, Shovelers and Eared Grebes. Besides Avocets, the only shorebirds left were a single Willet, a Long-billed Curlew and a Greater Yellowlegs.

Eric Huish (11 Oct 2005) - Milt, Tuula, KC and I also spent some time on the Antelope Island Causeway this afternoon and could not find a phalarope of any flavor. But we were able to find some interesting birds at Garr Ranch . The wooded area at the ranch was full of Hermit Thrushes and Robins. Milt found a White-throated Sparrow along the edge of the water behind the wash house and KC found a Golden-crowned Kinglet and a Northern Shrike. The shrike was at the pond south of the ranch...

Carol Davis (10 Oct 2005) - I Went to Antelope Island today to celebrate Columbus Day...near the Marina and memorial I saw two Red...Phalaropes and I took some pictures...

Kristin Purdy (4 Oct 2005) - Two juvenile Sabine's Gulls were swimming on the north side of Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County this morning near the rocky spit that stretches toward Fremont Island at about mile 1.8.  These two birds seemed to be sticking together...other species along the causeway...a Horned Grebe in a raft of Eared Grebes on the south side near the big bridge and all the expected shorebirds.  Many Black-bellied Plovers and even two American Golden-Plovers were still present near mile marker 5.

Kristin Purdy (2 Oct 2005) - Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County is hosting yet another juvenile Sabine's Gull. Has this been a Sabine's season, or what? This Sabine's Gull was on the north side of the causeway at approximately mile 4.1 at around 5:45 pm. Paul Higgins joined me at the spot and took a few photos...I also saw two Horned Grebes with a flock of Eared Grebes south of the big bridge near the marina. The Horned Grebes have fully adopted their winter plumage.


Larry Tripp (15 Oct 2005) - Birded the last couple of days with a friend visiting from Southern California, Peyton Cook. ...On the way home we stopped in Iron County at Quichapa Lake and had a male Long-tailed Duck, 2 Dunlin and a Pectoral Sandpiper...


Terry Sadler (20 Oct 2005) - A White-throated Sparrow was observed at Fish Springs NWR in Juab Co. The bird was seen yesterday, Oct 19th, along the north-south ditch which runs along the west side of the picnic area. Other notable birds observed on this GSL Audubon Hotspots excursion include 3 Great Egrets at the Refuge and 12 Short-eared Owls seen along the 5 Mile Pass- Faust cut-off road during the early morning drive to the Refuge.


Larry Tripp (15 Oct 2005) - Birded the last couple of days with a friend visiting from Southern California, Peyton Cook. ...Friday we made a couple of stops in Millard County and had the following: Horned Grebe, Male "Yellow-shafted" Northern Flicker and a White-throated Sparrow.


Kristin Purdy (31 Oct 2005) - Some of you may remember reports of a Blue Jay in Mountain Green in Morgan County last winter. The homeowners say that bird has returned.

Aaron Smith (16 Oct 2005) - We (Aaron, Shauna, Arnold and Celeste Smith) saw a Pacific Loon on East Canyon State Park Reservoir at about 4:30 p.m. swimming with two Common Loons. These birds were located on the southern arm of the reservoir toward the restaurant about 3/4 of a mile past mile marker 18. These birds were swimming to the north towards the main part of the reservoir. There are several Common Loons at East Canyon so check them all carefully.


Terry Sadler (16 Oct 2005) - I had a White-winged Dove visit my backyard feeder this afternoon, October 16. My home is in Murray near the Jordan River at appox, 50th So. and 9th West. I was able to get a photo...

Tim Avery (4 Oct 2005) - This afternoon I birded Lee Kay ponds where there were at least 3 Common Tern circling over the first pond to the east. shorebirds were practically non existent, seeing just 1 Greater Yellowlegs. Another good bird was an early adult Herring Gull in the main pond with the 1,000's of California Gulls.


Lu Giddings (8 Oct 2005) - A White-winged Dove was seen yesterday at about 5 p.m. in Bluff. Eurasian Collared-Doves were very nearly abundant yesterday. One was seen in Monticello at about 8 a.m., seven were seen in Bluff at about 5 p.m., and eight were seen in Blanding at about 6:45 p.m. Perhaps the Monticello bird and the Bluff birds got together for some dinner and a movie?

Lu Giddings (6 Oct 2005) - An American Golden-plover was seen late this evening in the wetlands that straddle Hickman Flats road (San Juan county road #332) about 12 miles northeast of Monticello. It was observed for nearly 30 minutes feeding by itself in an inundated field about 50 yards south of the road. It was in non-breeding plumage.


Candy Zaffis (9 Oct 2005) - I was watching ... the front yard [Dugway Proving Grounds] ...this morning at 10:30am, when this larger bird landed ...It was a Varied Thrush -- the first one I've ever seen. What a beautiful adult male specimen. He stayed for about 15 minutes allowing me to get a wonderful look at him. This has been a week for Thrushes, because I've had a little Hermit Thrush in the yard catching moths for at least a week. ...Utah is turning out to be an interesting place to live - for a birder.


Diane Penttila - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge General Waterbird Survey - 10/20/05 - The following birds were seen within the survey route:...Blue-winged teal 5...Great egret 1...


Cheryl Peterson (30 Oct 2005) - The Greater White-fronted Goose is at East Bay this morning. I also saw a Canada Goose with a mostly white face and splotchy neck.

Tuula Rose - Bonnie Williams just called me (11:45 am Sun Oct 23 2005) and reported seeing a White-throated sparrow at her feeders in Mapleton. It is the tan-striped variety. You are welcome to come and try for it.

Lu Giddings - Yesterday (10/21) at about 11 a.m. a Three-toed Woodpecker was spotted from the parking lot of the Nebo Bench trail on the Nebo loop, about 27 miles southeast of Payson...

Tuula Rose (20 Oct 2005) - Dunlin it is - Milt was right. I went back to the Airport Dike this afternoon after he told me about the dark legs. Cheryl Peterson, Josh Kreitzer and Bonnie Williams were already there with their scopes poised and testified to the fact, and I could see for myself. Good catch, Milt. (Actually I'm happy it turned out to be a dunlin, since that adds a new species to my Utah Co. list).

Cheryl Peterson (8 Oct 2005) - I couldn't find the Green Heron, but I found a possible juvenile Greater White-fronted Goose in the big pond. It has the same markings as the one in the Sibley's guide. Tuula called and said she and Milt think it is a Greater White-fronted goose. Let us know if you see it and disagree. It seems to be hanging out with the Canada Geese.  They also saw the Green Heron. If I understand correctly, it was in the trees across from the pond and they flushed it when they pulled into the parking lot.

KC Childs (8 Oct 2005) - This afternoon I found a immature Green Heron in Springville. It was near the Flowserve Ponds. To get there take the first Springville exit if your heading southbound on I-15. Head east when you get off of the exit, go past the first light and the Flying J and Maverick gas stations. Turn right on the second light which is posted as 1100 west. Also called Mountain Springs Parkway. Drive down this road almost until you get to the stop sign and T in the road. It was catching fish on the pond on the right/west side of the road. It was awesome to see. I watched it catch a fish and swallow it whole. Watched it for about 20 minutes. What a bird.

KC Childs (3 Oct 2005) - I went down to the Provo Airport Dike this the southeast corner of the airport dike... There was a large number of shorebirds...including hundreds of Dowitchers, Baird's Sandpipers, Pectoral Sandpipers, Western Sandpiper, Killdeer, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, American Avocet, Black-necked Stilt and White-faced Ibis. Also a Pacific race Merlin was also at the corner of the dike...Right before you get to the southwest corner in the marshes in the lake was a Horned Grebe almost in winter plumage with still some red on his neck.


(1 Oct 2005) - Kristin Purdy reported a Juvenile Sabine's Gull along the north shore of Strawberry Reservoir. The gull was seen between Chicken Creek East fisherman's access and another fisherman's access farther to the east. Chicken Creek East is a well signed access off Hwy 40 between mile markers 41 and 42 and has a parking lot with restroom facilities. The gull was spending a lot of time along the narrow shoreline and would periodically fly along the shore one way and then the other. You might have to walk from the parking lot toward the lake in order to get a good look. The gull allowed Kristin to get quite close, so she got some good looks and was able to study the bird in detail.


Larry Tripp (23 Oct 2005) - Some interesting birds were at Lytle on Saturday. A male Yellow-shafted Flicker that didn't show any signs of being a hybrid and a mix of mountain birds. The Flicker was the second Yellow-shafted male in just over a week after only ever seeing one before in Utah. The other birds were a Winter Wren, Golden-crowned Kinglet ( Both were new Lytle birds for me) and a couple of Brown Creepers. There are still a lot of R N Sapsuckers and a couple R B X R N Sapsuckers in the orchard. One looks a lot like a R B Sapsucker so be careful.

Kevin Wheeler (22 Oct 2005) - This afternoon I watched an adult male Anna's Hummingbird at the Red Cliffs Campground, and then saw two others in Leeds. Also saw a couple Orange-crowned Warblers and lots of American Wigeon at the Springs Park Pond.

Matt Williams (15 Oct 2005) - Winter Wren - 1 (and likely 2) at the foot of the Pine Valley Reservoir dam on 10/15 Saw and heard them. Tiny size, unique call, short tail and heavy barring on the flanks helped distinguish them from the somewhat similar House Wren. I'm 99% sure there was two but I only got good looks at one at a time.

Larry Tripp (15 Oct 2005) - Birded the last couple of days with a friend visiting from Southern California, Peyton Cook. Started Thursday with a Chestnut-sided Warbler in the St. George area. This nice first fall female was seen only on Thursday. ...Today in St. George (with Rick Fridell etc. all) we had a Western Screech-Owl and another White-throated Sparrow.


Kristin Purdy (31 Oct 2005) - Jack Rensel of Wasatch Audubon mentioned to me he had a Blue Jay in his yard in Ogden in Weber County on Saturday. Although he hasn't seen it since, a friend of his had a Blue Jay in his yard today, about two blocks south of Jack's house.