Birdnet Hotline Highlights
June 2005

Review Species Reported This Month:

Zone-tailed Hawk  Washington Co.
Least Tern  Salt Lake Co.
    Eurasian Collared-dove  Emery Co.  Washington Co.
    Common Ground-Dove  Washington Co.
    Northern Parula  Washington Co.
    Ovenbird  Weber Co.
    Scarlet Tanager  Washington Co.
    Clay-colored Sparrow  Millard Co.


Betsy Beneke (16 June 2005) - After watching a sharp-shinned hawk chase house sparrows around the outside gardening supplies section of the Perry Wal-mart, I turned to walk to my vehicle and a Common Grackle was patrolling (walking across) the parking lot about 20 feet from me.

Betsy Beneke - Today, 15 June, Bridget and I surveyed Johnson Canyon & White's Valley. We end up not too far from I-84, a mile south of the Idaho border. There were several Grasshopper Sparrows singing just west of the Nucor Plant (start of our route), but we also found two spots where these sparrows were singing in stubble (harvested winter wheat?) and green wheat fields. Very strange habitat for them, although the wheat IS very green and thick this year...

Tim Avery (1 June 2005) - At Bear River...refuge...On the Auto Tour Loop on the west side was a single Great Egret. Plus all our other favorite wetland birds!


Tim Avery (1 June 2005) - Headed out to Antelope Island...this morning....At Garr Ranch, were: Long-eared Owl... Grasshopper Sparrow - 3 miles north of the ranch on the west side of the road singing...


David Wheeler (16 June 2005) - I stopped off in Green River last Sunday...and found the little park in town (the one with the missile) all aflutter with Great-tailed grackles and Eurasian collared-doves (of which there were AT LEAST four but probably considerably more--it was hard to tell with them being so active, flying in and out of the surrounding neighborhoods and hiding in trees).


Joel and Kathy (21 June 2005) - This morning we found a singing male Indigo Bunting at Calf Creek Recreation Area (Calf Creek Falls trailhead and campground), in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument in Garfield County. It was singing along Calf Creek, and was seen from the bridge that you cross just after entering the recreation area.


Terry Sadler - Yesterday, June 1, I observed a Clay-colored Sparrow while doing a Breeding Bird Survey in the West Desert. The sparrow was in Millard Co. on the South side of the Black Rock-Garrison Road 4 miles East of Crystal Peak. I first heard the bird giving a 3 or 4 single-note raspy buzz song similar to a Brewer's Sparrow but much shorter. I then saw the sparrow with its' strongly contrasting head markings and pale lores. Unfortunately my camera is in the shop being repaired.


Joel and Kathy (21 June 2005) - Sunday...while heading back south through Salt Lake we saw a Least Tern at the ponds around 2100 South and I-15. Caspian and Forster's Terns were also there.

Jim Bailey (20 June 2005) - Judy & I had dinner...this evening at the Silver Fork Lodge up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We dined out on the deck at the southeast corner table. All of the feeders were well stocked... Also on hand was a male Evening Grosbeak.  The grosbeak only showed up 3 times over the course of a couple of hours, so you may have to invest in a meal to see him.


Lu Giddings (16 June 2005) - About a dozen Purple Martins were observed perching in the aspen and on the wing about 5.5 miles above the Santaquin Canyon road at 7 a.m. this morning. The male-female ratio was about 1:2. The road is now open 5.25 miles above the Santaquin Canyon road; the drift that currently blocks further passage will probably be negotiable in 4-7 days and possibly sooner...


Peter Anderson (23 June 2005) - Scarlet Tanagers, male and female were flitting around by ZION park visitor center, campsites 20, 21 and bathroom (ZION park visitor center) checking empty tables and working the little streams for food sources. Trees to tables to tall grass to ground. they were in that area for 5 minutes.

Larry Tripp (19 June 2005) - Today at Lytle Ranch there was a female Common Ground-Dove. I last saw it about 9:00 am in the area around the pond. The only other bird of note was a late Wilson Warbler.

Bill Hunter (15 June 2005) - Enterprise, UT... Eurasian-Collared Dove - where aren't they anymore?..

Kevin Wheeler (9 June 2005) - I was at Gunlock Reservoir this afternoon...At the upper end of the Reservoir, the Common Black-Hawk is still hanging out.

Marcus Lawson (9 June 2005) ...Zone-tailed Hawk...Today I managed to get away for a full days birding and spent it touring round the top end of Kolob Terrace Road. At c11.30 as I was just approaching the Resr I saw a large dark bird of prey quite flying low down in front of me, although it superficially resembled a Turkey Vulture it was evident even with the naked eye that it was a Hawk. I sped up to the top of the hill to get even closer to the bird. As soon as I got my bins (10x42 Leica) on the bird it was clearly a predominantly all dark hawk with a white tail band on the underside (nearer the tip). As it banked I could see that it did not have a white rump thus eliminating Black Hawk. It gained height and joined 4 Turkey Vultures heading in a Northerly direction.

Judy Jordan (9 June 2005) - In Ivins on the corner of 40W 400 S... I saw three different kinds of doves in there, mourning, Eurasian Collard Dove, and white- winged. There may have been inca doves in there too.

Larry Tripp (1 June 2005) - Around noon today I saw a Northern Parula along the Santa Clara river below Baker Res. in Washington Co.


Bruce Robinson (25 June 2005) - If you did not get a chance to see the Ovenbird earlier this week, it's not too late, at least as of 9:00 this morning. It was still in the same area that Kris put out the pink tapes...Thanks, Kris, for the EXCELLENT directions!

Kristin Purdy (23 June 2005) - A Red-eyed Vireo was singing and showing himself just a little at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden this morning around 10:00.

Kristin Purdy (18 June 2005) - Mort and Carolyn Somer and I observed an Ovenbird on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above the 29th Street Trailhead in Ogden, Weber County, this morning around 11:00. We got excellent views of the bird and it was singing loudly as well. We watched, listened, and chased it around scrub oak for 20-30 minutes. Mort successfully photographed the bird.

Joel and Kathy (10 June 2005) - This evening we visited the North Arm Preserve at Pineview Reservoir, and the male Calliope Hummingbird was still atop the tree that was flagged by Kristin...