Birdnet Hotline Highlights
May 2005

Review Species Reported This Month:

Gray Hawk  Washington Co.
    Least Tern  Millard Co.  Utah Co.
    Eurasian Collared-Dove  Davis Co.  Sevier Co.
    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher  Grand Co.  Wayne Co.
    Painted Redstart  Washington Co.
    Scarlet Tanager  Washington Co.


Carol Davis (30 May 2005) - ...the way into Bear River BR...I got a life bird as I turned the corner to go the long stretch towards the gun club. On the left hand side in the muddy area, which was filled with gulls, stood one lonely American Golden-Plover. This is the area before the stream crosses under the road. He was out there quite a ways so the photo was awful but you can see the black goes all the way to the tail. When I came back out from the refuge I looked for him again but was unable to find him.

Joel and Kathy (24 May 2005) - We visited Bear River MBR early Sunday morning and along the road out we saw 2 Whimbrels. This was about halfway to the refuge. Both Whimbrels were observed flying, and did not exhibit the cinnamon underwings seen on Curlews, but were plain brown. Both Whimbrels also had the median crown stripe and the shorter dark curved bill. Long-billed Curlews were also in the area.  Notable species at the refuge were Great Egrets and Black Terns.

Cal & Sharon Andrus (5 May 2005) - This afternoon a Great-tailed Grackle was on the [Bear River] Bird Refuge road...Even though the road to the refuge is closed there are good birds to be seen around the temporary visitor's center. A Great Egret, Sandhill Cranes, L-b Dowitchers were all seen this afternoon, as well as ducks, grebes, ibis, swallows, terns, etc.


Steve Coleman (31 May 2005) - Yesterday (Monday) morning my son, his girlfriend and I went over to Farmington Bay for a bird walk...The most exciting bird sighted was a Green Heron, it flew over once and I thought that's what I saw and about 2 minutes later it flew over again pretty low and confirmed it. This bird was sighted near the wooded area where the foot bridge crosses Farmington Creek. This is west and a little north of the office. The only access is to walk.

Dave Hanscom (17 May 2005) - ...a trip to Antelope Island...we found at the ranch... looking at a group of grosbeaks, mostly black-headed, and among them was a gorgeous male Rose-breasted Grosbeak!! We saw him several times during the next couple of hours, mostly in the Russian olives along the fence line that extends to the east from the ranch house. He also flew north and sat on one of the fences out in the open, but most of the time he stayed in the trees.

Jack Binch (15 May 2005) - ...On Antelope Island 150 yards south of the last gate before Garr Ranch a male Lark Bunting. It was at the road and then west on the sidehill...

Dave Rintoul (12 May 2005) - ...headed out to Antelope Island this morning...Most unexpected bird was a single Eurasian Collared-dove, consorting with a Mourning Dove, near the solar panels north of the restrooms...

Mark Stackhouse (11 May 2005) - ...Some of the more unusual birds we saw were: ...Black-bellied Plover - ... Antelope Island Causeway ...Red Knot - Antelope Island Causeway...

Joel D Beyer (11 May 2005) - For those who might be looking for Northern Waterthrush at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island, there are not one but two birds. One is frequenting the usual boggy area east of the ranch house, while the other is hanging out in the marshy area at the south end of the fence line, under the russian olive trees....Grasshopper Sparrows were singing along the road to the ranch, about 2 miles out from the ranch...And at Farmington Bay WMA, a Solitary Sandpiper has been hanging out for the last week at the first ponds as you enter from Glover Lane...

Kris Purdy (8 May 2005) - Yesterday around 5:00 pm, I counted 314 Black-bellied Plovers far south of Antelope Island Causeway in Davis County between mile 5 and 6. Finding and watching this long line of birds was not an endeavor for either eyeball or binoculars birding. A scope is necessary. The plovers were easily 4 to 500 yards out; perhaps farther...

Cheryl Peterson (7 May 2005) - Today while birding Antelope ... (the Northern Waterthrush was a lifer) as well as a Black-and-white Warbler, Cassin's Vireo...

Lu Giddings (6 May 2005) - The Northern Waterthrush was still at Garr Ranch this morning. It was singing when I arrived shortly after 10 a.m. but stopped after a few minutes...And finally, a lone Dunlin was seen in the company of roughly 100 sanderlings (and also a few western sandpipers) in the rusty culvert area on the north side of the causeway between MM 1 & 2 at about 12:30 p.m.

Carol Gwynn (5 May 2005) - ...we got lots of good birds on Antelope Island today. Highlights were a barn owl, long-eared owls, Northern Waterthrush, yellow warblers, western kingbirds, black-headed grosbeak, green-tailed towhee, numerous shrikes, hermit thrush, lark sparrows, and chukars.. The waterthrush was in the boggy area behind the ranch house at Garr Ranch.

Dave Rintoul (3 May 2005) - My younger daughter and I went to Antelope Island this afternoon, and have a couple of interesting observations to report...Long-tailed Duck, female molting into alternate plumage, just north and east of the last bridge on the causeway before you get to the island/marina...At least two long-eared owlets could be seen in the nest at Garr Ranch.

Pomera Fronce (1 May 2005) - We saw many of the good birds posted from Antelope Island over the weekend. Here are a few more from Sunday to add to the mix: Cinnamon Teal, Semipalmated Plover, Swainson's Hawk, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Hermit Thrush and Grasshopper Sparrow.


Todd Elliott - ...While visiting the Moab area this past weekend (Friday, May 20) I saw the silhouette of a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. I was eating at an outdoor restaurant and  watched the unmistakable shape, with the long, forked tail, slowly make its way across the sunset sky. By the time I could get out to chase it down  there was no sign of it. This was in the center of Moab, on Center Street, one block west of US-191...


Lu Giddings (20 May 2005) - On Friday 5/20 at about 7 p.m. Larry Tripp spotted a Least Tern about 1.5 miles southwest of Salt Marsh Lake, on the road to Foote Reservoir. We spent about 15 minutes watching it hover and hunt in a tiny stream that wound its way along the south side of the road.


Chuck LaRue - On Saturday 7 may 2005, at 1500h MST, we had an adult alternant plumage Harris's Sparrow at the big fenced off BLM petroglyph panel at Sand Island along the San Juan River below Bluff in San Juan County in extreme SE Utah. It was in the greasewood thicket at and just east of the panel. Point blank scope views were had as the bird was quite confiding.


Joel and Kathy (20 May 2005) - Numerous Eurasian Collared Doves in Salina.


Lu Giddings (14 May 2005) - An American Golden-Plover was seen in an oversized mud puddle (about 15' x 20') immediately north of and adjacent to the Jones Hole road, about 24 miles east of east of Vernal and 0.25 miles west of the Brown Hole / Crouse Reservoir road. The bird was seen at about 2:15 p.m. this afternoon and watched from a distance of roughly 30-50' for about 15 minutes. This gave me ample opportunity to examine it carefully and to ascertain that it was not a black-bellied, pacific golden, or eurasian golden plover...


Joel and Kathy (20 May 2005) - Thursday, three Purple Martins flying over River Lane (west of Springville).

(12 May 2005) - Reed Stone just reported seeing a Least Tern at Utah Lake State Park. He said it was on the new south jetty. The State Park is at the west end of Provo's Center Street.

Jack Binch (8 May 2005) -...we went to River Lane and Dave Hanscom helped us find a White-throated Sparrow he had seen earlier. Seems quite late but it was there....

Matt Williams (7 May 2005) - There was at least one and possibly another Northern Waterthrush on the north side of the Kunhi Wetlands, along the little channel that runs just north of the trail. This is all South of the East Bay Golf Course...

Tuula Rose (7 May 2005) - The Rose-breasted Grosbeak in Bonnie Williams' back yard is hanging around and has been seen several times today Sat 5/7. Every other bird you can imagine is also hanging around her glorious back yard habitat...

Tuula Rose (6 May 2005) - Bonnie Williams just called me (Fri 5.6.05 at 5:50 pm) after seeing a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at her feeders in Mapleton. It flew and had not come back in the next 45 minutes. If you want to chase, give her a call at 801-489-5762 to see if it came back plus directions to her house.

(5 May 2005) - Merrill Webb reported a Black Phoebe at the mouth of Diamond Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork Canyon. A Lewis's Woodpecker was seen in the same area and a Yellow-breasted Chat was seen further up the canyon. The phoebe was near a pond on the east side of the road just as you turn into Diamond Fork Canyon from Hwy 6 going up Spanish Fork Canyon.


Lu Giddings (22 May 2005) - An American Redstart was seen early this afternoon (about 1:30 p.m.?) in the Jordanelle wetlands. It was observed in exactly the same place as last year, about 275 yards downstream from the gate and slightly upstream from the weir, in the trees east of the road. The bird sported a band on its right leg, so assumedly this may be one of the birds that nested in this area last year...

Dave Hanscom (13 May 2005) - Northern Waterthrush at Jordanelle...I saw the waterthrush this morning. My wife and I were walking along the path and heard him singing...It's at the location where people were seeing him year before last. If you
walk along the path from the north, you first cross a long boardwalk heading west toward the river. The path then goes generally south along a line of trees and swampy areas. After crossing a couple of bridges, you pass the trees, and there are a couple of large beaver ponds on the right. Just before those ponds, in the last group of trees that are growing out of the swampy area on the right, is where he was this morning at about 9:30.


Clare Oskay (30 May 2005) - ...Also, while in Zion National Park on May 15 we saw a Painted Redstart on the Riverside Trail. We reported it to the ranger, who said he had received four reports on the bird that day. It apparently has been in residence in the same spot for the past few summers.

Larry Tripp (28 May 2005) - This morning in the Beaver Dam Wash near the gate into Lytle Ranch there was a singing Male Scarlet Tanager. I last saw the bird at about 10:30 AM.

Rick Fridell (24 May 2005) - In case anyone's interested, both the female Long-tailed Duck and male Greater Scaup are remaining at the SR-9 (Hurricane) Sewer Ponds. This is quite a surprise as it's currently hard to find even a Gadwall or a N. Shoveler in Washington County...

Joel and Kathy (20 May 2005) - ...On the Lytle Ranch road, at the turnoff to Welcome Springs, there is a small pond. A Northern Waterthrush was skulking there on Sunday. Also White-winged Dove, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Pinyon Jay and Roadrunner. Blue-winged Teal at the north end of Gunlock Reservoir...

Judy (12 May 2005) - On wed I saw an Indigo bunting. It was past the kiosk where you enter into campgrounds A B and C on the left by the dumping station [Zion NP].

Mark Stackhouse (11 May 2005) - ...Some of the more unusual birds we saw were: ...Greater Scaup - Hurricane Sewage Lagoons...Long-tailed Duck - Hurricane Sewage Lagoons...Nashville Warbler - Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, St. George...

Larry Tripp (2 May 2005) - Yesterday on private property in Washington Co. I saw an adult Gray Hawk. It was along the Santa Clara river about 1/2 mile above the town of Gunlock. I watched the bird for about 10 Minutes until it moved into a thick area of Cottonwoods. Efforts to relocate the bird last night and tonight have been unsuccessful. Access is very limited so the bird could still be around. If anyone is in the area be on the lookout. Any additional sightings of this bird that isn't known to wander very far from the N. limits of it's breeding range along the Mexican border would be helpful.


Clare Oskay - On May 22 my husband and I were driving the Notom-Bullfrog Road outside of Capitol Reef National Park and saw a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on a roadside fence near the Notom ranch site. Being from out of state we did not realize it was an unusual siting until later that afternoon when we went through our checklists and noticed it was a review species...