Birdnet Hotline Highlights
April 2005

Review Species Reported This Month:

    Cackling Goose  Cache Co.
    White-tailed Kite  Washington Co.
    Hudsonian Godwit  Davis Co.
    Anna's Hummingbird  Washington Co.
    Painted Redstart  Washington Co.


Kristin Purdy (24 April 2005) - Grasshopper Sparrows have returned to the field northwest of the Nucor Steel Plant in Plymouth, Box Elder County. Lynn Carroll, Jack Rensel and I saw and heard hmmmm...maybe 3-5 individuals this morning as we stalked them over the northernmost part of the field. ...We also saw a lone Sharp-tailed Grouse in this field.

Dave Rintoul (18 April 2005) - ...we went out to Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge on Saturday...most impressive...An American Bittern subduing and swallowing a garter snake, a process which took most of 15 minutes, on the loop road just west of the entry gate.

Jack Binch (10 April 2005) - Bob Huntington and I went north to see what we could find. Behind Nucor Steel - two Grasshopper Sparrows (no Gray Partridge)...

Bridget Olson (4 April 2005) - Bear River Refuge Count...1st spring observations of Eurasian Wigeon, Franklin's gull, Black-crowned Night Heron, Western Grebe, American Pipit, and dowitchers. Canada Geese are incubating eggs as they finish laying their clutches, as are killdeer. Snowy Plovers have been busy constructing several nest cups but no eggs were found...


Stephen Peterson (29 April 2005) - I also saw 2 pairs of Blue-winged Teal out on the Amalga Barrens Sanctuary in Cache Valley this morning. They were a new species for the year on my survey of this area...Other notable bird today was a single Horned Grebe.

Stephen Peterson (24 April 2005) - I led a field trip to Benson Marina (Cache Co.) for Michael Sowder's nature writers class at USU, this past Saturday and we saw some great birds...The most exciting sightings (for me at least), was a single Osprey sitting on a nesting platform, just south of the marina, 3 Long-billed Curlews in the fields just southwest of the trail, a solitary Great Egret and one Marbled Godwit flying overhead...

Ron Ryel - The Cackling Goose (B. h. leucopareia) continues at the Oxbow in Cache County on Saturday, April 23, 2005. It has been seen off and on all  the past week...

Dominique Roche (12 April 2005) - Thanks for the tip on the Cackling goose. It was still at the Oxbow overlook of Cutler Reservoir this morning...Now there is a feast on 800 East just 100 yards south of the intersection with 1400 North. I counted last evening between 320 and 340 Bohemian Waxwings. ...They sit on 2 trees only and were present there all the time from 5:30 to 7 PM. It is next to a small USU orchard...On Sunday, working on my roof, I had a flock of around 50 bohemians flying over me. Bohemian waxwings are definitively still in Cache Valley

Ron Ryel - An Aleutian subspecies (B. h. leucopareia) Cackling Goose was seen late Sunday afternoon (April 10) at the Oxbow overlook of Cutler Reservoir in Cache County. The bird was much smaller than associated resident Canada geese with a short neck and small, stubby bill. The bird had a prominent, complete white neck band bordered above and below with black.


Jack Binch  (30 April 2005) - On the causeway we found a single Dunlin mixed with the Sanderlings and Western Sandpipers near the bridge close to the marina. It was on the north side.  At Garr Ranch we found two Virginia's Warblers, a Northern Waterthrush and a Cordilleran Flycatcher...

 Joel and Kathy (28 April 2005) - This Wednesday evening on the Antelope Island Causeway there were 3 Red Knots, in breeding plumage. They were on the north side, on the mudflats between mile markers 4 and 5. They were with some 30 Black-bellied Plovers, as well as Sanderlings and Western and Least Sandpipers. Also one Snowy Plover.

Doug Schonewald - While passing through Utah my wife and I birded the Antelope Island area 4/24. We were able to locate and observe a single Hudsonian Godwit that was associating with 6 Marbled Godwit along the causeway. The bird was located approximately halfway down the causeway on the south side, and was observed a close range for approximately 10 minutes.

Jolene Hatch (19 April 2005) - Yesterday's storm brought in a lot of birds along the Antelope Island

Edson Leite (17 April 2005) - I went to Antelope Island today. The peeps are back most were found at the pipes around mm 2. Sanderlings, western, least, semipalmated and baird's sandpipers, willets, marbled godwits, longbilled dowitchers, franklin's gull, no black-bellied plovers. At the ranch hermit thrushes, sharp-shinned hawk and Long-eared Owl.

John F. Cavitt - (12 April 2005) - Just returned from Antelope Island and found 4-5 Black-bellied Plover in breeding plumage foraging along the Causeway. They were working the south side of the causeway between mile marker 4-5.


Joel and Kathy Beyer (17 April 2005) - Lots of nice birds in southeastern Utah this weekend, including: Green River State Park - a male Yellow-shafted Flicker and a Green Heron...


Mark Stackhouse - On Friday, April 22, we had a male Indigo Bunting at the Sand Island Campground near Bluff, at about 1 pm. It was near the petroglyph panel. Also, in the morning on Saturday, there was a male Williamson's Sapsucker at the Devil's Canyon Campground, and a Northern Pygmy-Owl, among all the usual suspects.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (17 April 2005) - Lots of nice birds in southeastern Utah this weekend, including: ...northeast of Monticello - 4 displaying Gunnison Sage Grouse...


Darren Clark (4 April 2005) - ...I located a Black Phoebe on Sunday. The bird was in the willows lining the Sevier river on the north side of the bridge that is just south and west of Fayette. This seems a little far north of their usual range...


Bob Bradley - (28 April 2005) - Ouray NWR: ...Blue-winged Teal, 1 pair...Sanderling, 5


Matt Mills - A trip down to Utah Lake state park ...(April 25th) yielded a few spring migrants...there was a single American Tree Sparrow on the rocks along the southeast side of the dike.

 Tuula Rose (19 April 2004) - I saw a Blue-winged Teal and seven Snowy Plovers at Lincoln Beach ...about noon.

Lu Giddings (16 April 2005) - This morning I spotted a Solitary Sandpiper foraging by itself in the wetlands formed by the rising lake waters along the northwest corner of the dike...

Tuula Rose - Reed Stone just reported seeing two Great Egrets at the Airport Dike (Sat. April 9th, 9:00 am, Provo, UT Co.) They were quite a ways out from the southwest corner of the new extension.

Edson Leite (10 April 2005) - The Varied Thrush was still present at 12:40 in the backyard of the house just north of Provo Canyon Park.

Ned Hill - The male Varied Thrush continues at its previous location in Provo. It was heard at 6:30 a.m. this morning, April 6th. To reach the site, go north on Iroquois Drive from the LDS Temple property. At 2620 North, turn east (the northern border of Rock Canyon Park). The road Ts at Foothill Drive. The bird has been heard and seen on the hillside behind the home east of the T. Please be respectful of the homeowner and remain the sidewalk.

Josh Kreitzer (3 April 2005) - My wife, Cary, and I went looking for the Varied Thrush this morning around 10:30AM. After a little while, my wife located the bird in a short fir tree just across the street from the gray "gazebo" it had previously been seen at. (There's a nice green lawn there, and behind the lawn a couple of short fir trees). [Rock Canyon Park area, Provo]

Lu Giddings (2 April 2005) - A Blue-winged Teal (drake) was seen in pond immediately north of Olson's Nursery in Salem at 6 p.m. yesterday evening.

Tuula Rose - Friday April 1st, 2005 1:00 pm I saw a nice breeding plumaged Horned Grebe on Utah Lake, UT Co. south of Lincoln Point. When you go around the point and head south toward LeBaron Point and Genola, there is a long row of tall trees (columnar poplar?) next to the road flanking the apple orchards. The grebe was about 0.6 miles south of the south end of the trees close to the shore with several eared grebes.


Carol Davis (18 April 2005) - On Monday we saw two Whimbrels, a Long-billed Curlew, and what appeared to be a Marbled Godwit along the shoreline of Sand Hollow Reservoir. They were about 50 feet to the left of the boat ramp off the main parking area. The Whimbrels were life birds for both Nicky and me and it certainly felt like we'd been looking our whole lives for those elusive birds.

Kevin Wheeler (9 April 2005) - Pamela Larson, Rachel Gubler, and I birded a couple trails in Zion this afternoon. The best find of the day was a pair of Painted Redstarts on the Riverside Walk Trail. They were just south of the last little hill before the end of the narrows (maybe 100 meters south). They were flying around together, acting like a pair.

Rick Fridell - This afternoon (4/09), I photographed an adult White-tailed Kite in the Washington Fields (Washington Co.). It was initially perched in the top of some dead tamarisks at the end of the Y-Drain (Northeast end of Seegmiller Marsh complex). It soared off to the south over Schmutz Hill, and then was observed an hour later in Washington along 300 East near the Washington Bridge (Virgin River).

Bill Hunter (9 April 2005) - ...The Dixie Birders decided to look to the north for a change...results below. Enjoy! SR-9 (Hurricane) SEWER PONDS...Long-tailed Duck - (1 - Female) This has got to be a first! least for Washington Co. ...Great find Rick, thanks...Great Egret ...Merlin   QUAIL CREEK RESERVOIR ...Horned Grebe (2) In with three Eared Grebes, but a distinct look.  LEEDS - HIDDEN VALLEY ...Anna's Hummingbird (1) local resident, been here awhile.

Rick Fridell (8 April 2005) - There is an adult female Long-tailed Duck at the SR-9 (Hurricane) Sewer Ponds. She has been on the Northwest pond since at least Wednesday (4/6) and was still present this afternoon at 5:00p.

Richard Wood (5 April 2005) - Jill and Kirsten and I just returned form a weekend of birding/hiking/sight seeing at Zion National Park. ...We had a Painted Redstart on the Riverwalk Trail on Sunday. ... a Black Swift...along the canyon wall near the area where the shuttle bus stops at the Temple of Sinawava stop.

Kevin Wheeler (5 April 2005) - ...the Greater White-fronted Goose and Ross's Goose are still at the Springs Park Pond.


Kris Purdy (29 April 2005) - I saw two pairs of Blue-winged Teal today at The North Arm Nature Area of Pineview Reservoir in Weber County. The teal were along the east side of the area; I was above them looking down from the Old Highway.

Kris Purdy (4 April 2005) - ...I saw a large flock of Cedar Waxwings at Golf City on south Harrison Blvd across from the South Ogden water towers in Weber County. Surely, I thought, there must be at least one Bohemian Waxwing in that flock. And so there was...just one Bohemian. Maybe that was the last one of the winter season.