Birdnet Hotline Highlights
March 2005

Review Species Reported This Month:

    Eurasian Collared-Dove  San Juan Co.  Utah Co.


Bridget Olson (15 Mar 2005) - Bear River Refuge Waterbird Count ...First spring observations of Clark's Grebe, Eared Grebe, Snowy Plover and Baird's Sandpiper. Early record dates for Clark's grebe, snowy plover and Baird's sandpiper....

Kristin Purdy (15 Mar 2005) - Mantua and its reservoir in Box Elder County hosted several uncommonly good birds today. ...The highlights included a Merlin, Barrow's Goldeneye, a Horned Grebe, and Greater Scaup.

(8 Mar 2005) - A Bewick's Swan (subspecies of Tundra Swan) was seen and photographed by Ted Steinke at Salt Creek WMA in Box Elder County, Utah on 8 Mar 2005.


Stephen Peterson (7 Mar 2005) - This past Saturday morning I had easily 150 plus Bohemian Waxwings in the tops of the trees at my home. I was awakened by the shrill whistle of their voices. It was very cool! Beautiful birds. Must be massing together, getting ready to boogie out of here.


Deedee O'Brien (8 Mar 2005) - Crossing the lonely causeway at 3:40 pm yesterday I finally saw a flotilla of apparent Goldeneyes...But, to my surprise and delight, passing by the group were a pair of Long-tailed Ducks, male and female in winter plumage... I watched them until they disappeared into the bright reflection of sunlight.

Tim Avery (8 Mar 2005) - I birded Antelope Island today. The first bird to spark my interest was at the metal culverts between MM 1 and MM 2....I was surprised to see an Adult Sanderling (nonbreeding plumage) picking about the rocks. As I was watching this bird, I suddenly noticed there were 2 Least Sandpiper's sitting less than 3 feet away. I could watch both species in the scope, great for a size comparison.

Tim Avery (7 Mar 2005) - ...The best sighting was Peregrine Falcon hanging out across the road from the ponds at the end of Glover's Lane. It flew back towards the Farmington Bay entrance and was last seen on a power pole about 1/4 mile from the entrance.

Jack Binch (5 Mar 2005) - I went to Garr Ranch to see if I could find the owl that Carol reported. I found a Long-eared Owl in one of the Russian Olives...On the causeway at the rusty culverts were a couple of Least Sandpipers and a dozen or so Eared Grebes at the bridge.


Deedee O'Brien (19 Mar 2005) - Band-tailed Pigeon in Holladay... This single pigeon was in our trees when I went out to feed the birds around 7:15a.m. He finally came into feeder, as well as getting a drink from the bird bath, then hung around for about an hour...

Mark Stackhouse (10 Mar 2005) - Yesterday I went out for a day of birding with a birder from near Galveston, Texas. ...Some of the highlights were: Both Black and Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches at Alta...

Tim Avery (10 Mar 2005) - There were at least 2 Great-tailed Grackles at Lee Kay Ponds this afternoon...


Earl Bolton (28 Mar 2005) - [Eurasian Collared-Dove] At a feeder in Bluff... (two adults).


Pomera M. Fronce (7 Mar 2005) - ...Rockport Reservoir produced many beautiful Common Mergansers and Mountain Bluebirds and a Barrow's Goldeneye...


Tuula Rose (30 Mar 2005) - The Varied Thrush that Ned Hill reported hearing a couple of mornings ago was heard again on Tuesday and seen on Wednesday (3.30.05, 9am) in the same area in the northeast corner of Rock Canyon Park (NOT Rock Canyon Trailhead Park where we usually go birding) in Provo...

Ned Hill (28 Mar 2005) - This morning as my wife and I were walking in Rock Canyon Park in Provo—specifically near a residence on the northeast corner of the picnic area—we heard the distinct sound of a Varied Thrush. It made several of its monotone call at various pitches. We heard it both at 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 am. While there have been regular reports of Varied Thrush in Utah, I have never heard an individual sing. Unfortunately, I did not have my binoculars with me and I was unable to locate the bird. I don’t know of any other bird that makes that distinctive call.

Josh Kreitzer (18 Mar 2005) - My wife, Cary, and I observed a dainty Winter Wren at Canyon Glen Park in Provo Canyon, likely in the same area KC Childs observed it not too long ago. We parked, crossed the river and the restrooms, turned left onto the paved path and a ways down, on the right, in a thicket behind a pool of water we found it...

Eric Huish (14 Mar 2005) - I went to the American Fork Boat Harbor today. There was a lot of waterfowl in the bay East of the boat harbor including Greater Scaup, a Snow or Ross's Goose (to far and windy to tell) and a Canvasback.

Lu Giddings (5 Mar 2005) - Drove the Provo airport dike early this afternoon. ...There were three Sage Sparrows mixed with a group of white-crowned sparrows south of the new control tower...

Tim Avery (4 Mar 2005) - On my way back from Delta today, I located 4 Eurasian Collared-Doves in the pine trees along Main Street in front of the LDS Church in Genola, UT.


KC Childs (28 Mar 2005) - On Saturday while hiking in Snow Canyon State Park I ran upon a Northern Goshawk along the petrified dunes trail. It was down in the junipers close to where the trail meets up with the three ponds trail.

(15 Mar 2005) - Merrill Webb reported a Bonapart's Gull at Gunlock Reservoir today at about 11:00 AM and a pair of Vermilion Flycatchers (male and female) between holes 3 and 5 of the Red Hills Golf Course in St. George.

Jim Bailey (5 Mar 2005) - My wife Judy and I just got back from St. George and Delta. Two interesting birds of note that gave us some really good looks were a Ross's Goose and a Greater White-fronted Goose hanging out with each other on the Spring Estates pond Thursday afternoon. We checked back Friday morning and they were gone, perhaps heading north.


Kristin Purdy (22 Mar 2005) - ...Today I saw a flock of 152 Bohemian Waxwings in northeast Weber County on Evergreen Park Drive... The location (as the waxwing flies) is approximately 5 miles northeast of Ogden Valley...the spot is off SR-39 at mile 27.9, 3.2 miles west of Red Rock Ranch and Outfitters...