Birdnet Hotline Highlights
September 2004

Review Species Reported This Month:
White Ibis  Utah Co.
    Broad-winged Hawk  Box Elder Co.
    Zone-tailed Hawk  Utah Co. [Common Black Hawk]
    Least Flycatcher  Washington Co.
    Eastern Phoebe  Washington Co.
    Yellow-throated Vireo  Utah Co.
    Blue-headed Vireo  Washington Co.
    Chestnut-sided Warbler  Juab Co.
    Yellow-throated Warbler  Utah Co.
    Clay-colored Sparrow  Washington Co.


Stephen Peterson (27 Sept 2004) -  Bridgerland Audubon Society sponsored its annual trek to the top of Hawkwatch peak in the Wellsville mountains this past Saturday. ...At the top we were greeted by Mark Fogg ...Mark told us they had recorded 2 Broad-winged Hawks on Friday, Sep. 24, which they were very excited about....

Joel and Kathy Beyer (8 Sept 2004) - ... also on Monday afternoon, there was a White-winged Dove sitting in the road about 1/2 mile east of the entrance to Bear River Refuge.


Joel and Kathy Beyer (26 Sept 2004) - This morning we found a juvenile Sabine's Gull on the Antelope Island Causeway. It was directly north of the first bridge west of the entrance station. It was in company with hundreds of other gulls (Ring-billed, California, Franklin's) as well as dowitchers, godwits, avocets and a couple of sanderlings. A scope is a necessity, 'cause the birds are out quite a ways... Lots of activity at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island. Most notable were Townsend's Warblers, Cassin's Vireos, a Merlin and a Northern Shrike.
A Horned Grebe was at Farmington Bay WMA, in the pond at the end of Glover Lane.

Jim Bailey (8 Sept 2004) - Good birds at Garr Ranch.  This morning (Wednesday) I saw Cassin's Vireo, Northern Waterthrush, Townsend's Warbler, and Virginia Rail, amongst the usual "other" birds...

Jack Binch (4 Sept 2004) - ...Garr Ranch, (11:00 AM to 3:30 AM)...Northern Waterthrush...Cassin's Vireo...Garr Ranch was active despite a noisy family reunion.

Kristin Purdy (3 Sept 2004) - I headed out to Antelope Island Causeway this morning ...The collection included several Semi-palmated Plovers north of mile 6.5. ...A Black-bellied Plover was at about this same spot and three more were south of mm 5. ...About 15 Snowy Plovers were running amuck in the muck between miles 6 and 5. ...In the same general area north of the causeway I saw many Baird's Sandpipers, Western Sandpipers, Sanderlings, two Least Sandpipers, and on the way home, a Semi-Palmated Sandpiper ...A Solitary Sandpiper poked through the puddles in the gravel north of the marina and west of that big silver boat that sits on the gravel.


Jack Binch (26 Sept 2004) - ...Acorn Woodpecker x 2 at Boulder...


Jack Binch (18 Spet 2004) - I took another trip to Fish Springs to look for warblers, and was not disappointed. There was a Chestnut-sided Warbler in the trees just before you enter the private homes. It was very co-operative and let me and a group of SLCounty Birders get some very good looks and some photos.


Tim Gorman (10 Sept 2004) - Jim LaRue and myself spent 4 days this past Labor Day weekend up in the top of the Henry's Fork Drainage in the High Uintas Wilderness....Birds of the trip were: ...Northern Goshawk, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon ...Red-necked Phalarope ...Three-toed Woodpecker ...Black Rosy-Finch...


Steve Sommerfeld - The Yellow-throated Vireo was still on the Provo River Parkway yesterday,30 September in the same area it was seen before. Three of us Bob Huntington, Cindy Sommerfeld and myself watched the bird off and on from about 2:00 untill 3:00. It always seemed to stay in with a bunch of Yellow Rumped Warblers.

Utah Birds - (29 Sept 2004) - Eric Huish spotted a Yellow-throated Vireo along the Provo River Parkway trail about 2 blocks up stream from the parking lot by Utah Lake State Park. Milt Moody also got to see the bird at about 10:30 AM...

Milton Moody (18 Sept 2004) - There were some good birds we found on the field trip. At Utah Lake State Park there were Pectoral Sandpipers, Sanderlings, ...Aaron Smith saw a Common Tern at the mouth of the Spanish Fork River around the beach...

Milton Moody (16 Sept 2004) - I saw what I'm pretty sure is a Zone-tailed Hawk (I've got some pictures and some of them show characteristics of a Common Black Hawk, but I this think it's a Zone-tailed -- both are pretty good birds for Utah County)  [From analysis of the photos, this bird turned out to be a Common Black Hawk -- a significant sighting which stretches  the northern boundary of this species]. It was about 50 yards downstream from the foot bridge across the Provo river on the south bank of the river in a willow tree. It was on a branch over the river, about 20 feet up...

Brooke Snarr (14 Sept 2004) - The White Ibis is still around the 2600 west location just west of the springville exit, generally where it has been seen the past few days. I spotted him Tuesday afternoon, around 1:00 p.m. I spotted him flying alone just north of westbound stateroad 77. He landed on the north edge of the field which is bordered by SR 77 on the south and 2600 west on the east. He is best seen from 2600 west, looking west. Unlike prior postings, he was not mixed with any other birds, but was all alone, actually looking quite lost.

Brad Wahlin (12 Sept 2004) - Today at 2:20 p.m. i saw the White ibis in the same area as was reported yesterday! Go to exit 263 and head west to 2600 w. and turn left, the bird is with about 100 to150 other ibis's on the west side of the road. it is only about 20 yards from the road so you get some very good views of it especially with a camera!!!

Dave Hanscom (11 Sept 2004) - Went down to River Road this morning to see if I could find the yellow-throated warbler. No luck on that score, but I did find a life bird! As I was headed west from I-15, I saw a large flock of ibis circling around to the north. Stopped to take a look and noticed a white one amongst all the blacks. It had a pink bill and black tips on the wings. ...On my way back to the interstate at about noon...the ibis were grazing in the field just across SR-77 from the road to the airport. The White Ibis was there with them, and from that vantage point we could see the pink legs as well...Kent Lewis was also there to enjoy this unusual sighting.

Eric Huish (8 Sept 2004) - Grant, Matt, Bryan and I all saw the Yellow-throated Warbler today (9/8/04 ~9:00 - 10:00 am) at River Lane. It stayed in the same tree for about an hour giving us very close excellent looks. It left the tree twice but would come back to the same tree after a few minutes and was in the tree when I left. ...As you come up from the beach end of the road youíll see a big round willow tree thatís kind of standing by itself on the left, across the road from an open spot overlooking a bunch of tamarisk along the river. About 100 yards from the beach end of the road.

KC Childs (7 Sept 2004) - ...This morning around 9 A.M. A group of birders got some great looks at a Red-eyed Vireo on River was a beautiful bird, seen by everyone who was there at the time...

Tuula Rose (5 Sept 2004 ) - It is still around! A group of six birders saw the Yellow-Throated Warbler again today (Sunday 9/5/04 about 11 am) at River Lane, Ut Co. (to my great relief).  Dana Green and Julie VanMoorhem found it at the end of the road close to the lake and called Pomera Fronce, Lou Giddins and Joel and Kathy Beyer over and they all had good looks at it. Good luck to anyone else trying for this beautiful eastern warbler. ~

Tuula just called me this morning (9/4/04) and told me she seeing a Yellow-throated Warbler at River Lane just past the cattle guard near were the river makes the trickling noise.


Rick Fridell - This evening (9/27 - 6:45p) Kristen and I saw a single Greater White-fronted Goose at the Springs Estate Pond (Washington Co.). Also while we were watching the Goose a Green Heron flew in and landed on the heavily vegetated side of the pond.

Larry Tripp (26 Sept 2004) - Today at Lytle I saw 2 Clay-colored Sparrows in with a good sized group of sparrows in the new patch of pomegranates just past the orchard. The flock was mostly Chipping Sparrows with a few Brewer's a first year Lark Sparrow and some White-crowns...

Jack Binch (26 Sept 2004) - I just got back from St. George, and here is a list of notables. Blue-headed Vireo at the entrance gate to Lytle Ranch 9/24, Least Flycatcher at the Santa Clara River below Gunlock Res. 9/24...Merlin & Crissal Thrasher at Tonaquint Park 9/25...

Charles/Marilyn Sheard (22 Sept 2004) - This afternoon, at Quail Lake, there were two Sabine's Gulls observed by Rick Fridell, Kevin Wheeler and myself. The gulls appear to be adults with gray backs, white tails and heads in winter plumage. Also seen were one or more Common Terns.

Rick Fridell - This evening (9/7) at 7:30p I observed a mixed flock of  7 Common Terns and 5 Forster's Terns at Quail Creek State Park...

Larry Tripp (4 Sept 2004) - Just got in from a very big day for W. migrants...In the afternoon I went to Lytle Ranch where I saw the prize of the day an Eastern Phoebe that was in the orchard and allowed great views and some nice photos. It was a nice day to be out birding with the cooler temps.


Kristin Purdy (11 Sept 2004) - A Lewis's Woodpecker perched on a power pole at the corner of Shadow Valley Drive and Fillmore Ave in Ogden/Weber County this afternoon. This pole served as the winter pantry of a Lewis's Woodpecker until mid-May, and then the bird was gone for the summer. A Lewis's also spent the winter of 2002-2003 in the same vicinity. I choose to believe it's the same one.