Birdnet Hotline Highlights
March 2004

Review Species Reported This Month:
Eurasian Collared-Dove  Cache Co.  Sanpete Co.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  San Juan Co.
    Red-breasted Sapsucker  Washington Co.
    Eastern Bluebird  San Juan Co.


Kristin Purdy (25 March 2004) - Mantua Reservoir offered the best birding of the several Box Elder County spots I hit today...One Horned Grebe swam alone on the west side along the dike that provides an expansive vista of the entire body of water. ...Another Horned Grebe swam at the crowded north end....I saw three Barrow's Goldneyes--a male at the south end and a male and a female at the north end--and I bet there were more....


Bob Atwood (29 March 2004) - ECD [Eurasian Collared-Dove] has finally been observed in Cache County. A pair have been coming to a yard in Wellsville for several months. The property owner had been setting grain out in his yard and the strange doves showed up. He finally called a birder who could id them. They have since been observed by multiple Cache county birders. The area is 60 West 200 North.

Merrill Webb - On Tuesday March 9th, I saw 7 Sharp-tailed Grouse at Hyrum Lake State Park near the park headquarters.

Richard Wood (3 March 2004) - Jill and I went birding in Logan yesterday afternoon, in particular to look for the Varied Thrush in the canal near the golf course. Well, we found him, in fact, we think we saw two males in the area. We also had many Dark-eyed Juncos, American Robins and a couple of Song Sparrows, all playing in the water.


Steve Coleman (15 March 2004) - ...Saturday at Farmington Bay...on two of the tours the Bewicks Swan was sighted. This area was part of our tour route Saturday but unfortunately is not opened to the public right now due to the nesting season.

LaNita Larsen and Amy Owen (4 March 2004) - ...we took advantage of the lovely weather to drive to Antelope Island. The Northern Shrike was still hanging out part way down the road to Garr Ranch...On arrival at the ranch, we walked in the snow and through the back gate, not expecting to see much of anything....A Long-eared Owl was perched fairly close-by in the thicket and we also had satisfactory bino views of the owl hunting in the trees by the spring....


Merrill Webb - On Tuesday March 9th... there were 9 Trumpeter Swans just west of Lake Town near Bear Lake.


Colby Neuman (25 March 2004) - Here's a quick list of birds present at the Lee Kay Ponds today... Snow Goose - 16... Greater Scaup - 1 male ...Bonaparte's Gull - 1 alternate & 3 basic plumage birds


Dana Green ...I got to bird in Devils Cnayon CG last Sat. the 20th for a couple of hours and found a pair of Eastern Bluebirds. I was there quite early...

Mark Stackhouse (19 March 2004) - Sorry that this is a bit late, but I just got back from a tour to see the Gunnison Sage-Grouse (already 6 males on a lek ENE of Monticello). The most unusual birds we saw were a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Devil's Canyon Campground south of Monticello and a Golden-crowned Sparrow at the Blanding sewage treatment ponds. The sapsucker was along the self-guided nature trail (at stop 12, but it was moving around the area) at the very end of the left-hand fork (from the entrance) of the campground road. It's a first-year female, and as such is easy to recognize and separate from Red-naped Sapsucker (also in the area). ... The Golden-crowned Sparrow was an immature bird in a flock of White-crowned Sparrows in the brush along the east side of the sewage ponds about a mile south of Blanding on US 191.


KC Childs (27 March 2004) - On Wednesday of this week I saw a Eurasian Collared-Dove in Sanpete County. It was in town of Centerfield which is just barley south of Gunnison. I only saw one. But still is interesting to start seeing them more and more frequently across the state.


(28 March 2004) - Mike Monson reported a Horned Grebe near the Spingville exit of I-15(Exit 265). (I assume the Grebe was in the water in the NW "triangle" of the exchange surrounded by roads).

KC Childs (4 March 2004) - ... I first stopped at the Provo Airport Dike ( Utah County ) where I saw a Sage Sparrow on the east part of the new extension. I ran into Cheryl and she told me she had seen one also on the east/west part of the old dike. She also said she saw a Barrow's Goldeneye at Valtec Ponds. ... in Springville at the pond in front of Flowserve was a male Barrow's Goldeneye....At Utah Lake State Park there was a flock of gulls on the ice between the two jetty' eyes were directed to a smaller gull....It looked to be a second winter Mew or Ring-billed Gull. I continued to watch this gull for near an hour as it put its head up and down.... my conclusion is that it is a Second Winter Mew Gull.


Rick Fridell - Today (3/18) Kristen Comella and an unidentified camper located a female Red-breasted Sapsucker (daggetti) at Snow Canyon State Park, Washington County, Utah. The sapsucker was working an elm tree at the Cottontail group campsite. This group campsite is located within the Snow Canyon Campground and is next to the shower facility...

Charlie Sheard (17 March 2004) - This morning, about 11:30am, I saw 2 Snowy Plovers at Sand Hollow Reservoir. One was in adult breeding plumage. The birds were on the shoreline, at the NorthWest corner of the West dike...

Merrill Webb (5 March 2004) - On Tuesday of this week, I saw a Brown Thrasher at Lytle Ranch. It was
near the monument upstream from the pond at about 12:30 PM. I believe Dennis Shirley saw it again on Thursday.


Kristin Purdy (20 March 2004) - I saw three Trumpeter Swans at Pineview Reservoir in Huntsville, Utah (Weber County), this afternoon. All three are cygnets marked with yellow collars with black lettering, and left pink underwings. The collar numbers are Y01, Y03, and Y09. The three Trumpeters were generally keeping company with three Tundra Swans. Those six were the only swans I saw on the reservoir, which is mostly iced over.