Birdnet Hotline Highlights
January 2004

Review Species Reported This Month:
Lesser Black-backed Gull  Davis Co.
    Glaucous-winged Gull  Davis Co.
    Eurasian Collared-Dove  Juab Co.  Utah Co.  Washington Co.
    Anna's Hummingbird  Washington Co.  Weber Co.


Jim Lofthouse (16 Jan 2004) - At the Mayor's Pond today:  Green-winged Teal, A.Wigeon, Ring-necked Duck, Common Goldeneye, Mallard, Canada Goose, Greater Scaup, Gadwall, Lesser Scaup, Pied-billed Grebe, Flicker, Rock Dove, and Bufflehead. Thanks Kristen for the tip.

Glenn B. Barlow (14 Jan 2004) - ...At Mayor's Pond we saw many of he ducks previously reported by Kris Purdy. After being there on Monday it was amazing to see how much more of the pond was covered by ice. The pair of Barrow's Goldeneye were still off by themselves and we counted at least 4 pairs of Greater Scaup... We decided to turn off 83 and go toward the Golden Spike National Monument....we were finally rewarded with a great view of a Northern Shrike. It was very interesting to see it take off from its place of the telephone wire and fly to the middle of a field and hover in place for sometime...As we turning down the road to Golden Spike Merrill immediately spotted a Merlin (Columbarius) sitting on a low fence post, next to the road. It appeared to be systematically eating what appeared to be a Horned Lark, as it started plucking feathers and eating at the head, then plucking the long wing feathers.

Kristin Purdy (12 Jan 2004) - Quick! Get yourself to Brigham City in Box Elder County for a great waterfowl study opportunity on a relatively tough and uncommon species for Northern Utah--the Greater Scaup. Glenn Barlow and I saw many--up to 20--this morning from 10:00 to 11:30 at the pond on UT 90 on the east side of town. ...Here's how to get there. From points along the Wasatch Front, take I-15 to exit 364 (Brigham City, Logan, and UT 91). Turn east. UT 91 intersects Main Street in about 2 miles. Turn left (north) on Main Street and drive to the Brigham City Tabernacle. Turn right (east) after the tabernacle on UT 90. Drive .9 miles and look for the pond on your left....

Kristin Purdy (4 Jan 2004) - I headed to the windswept "tundra" of Box Elder County today in the attempt to find that Arctic specialty, the Lapland Longspur.... It took about 200 Horned Larks on UT 83 from Corinne to Stinky Springs to produce 2 longspurs. I saw the first one in a roadside flock just west of mm 3 and east of 6800W and the second one along the road at Stinky Springs between mm 6 and 7.

Cliff Weisse (1 Jan 2004) - I took a ride out to Bear River MBR today despite the howling wind. ...There were thousands of Horned Larks along the roads through and before the refuge. About one mile east of the Refuge entrance we saw a Lapland Longspur in one of the flocks. Gulls weren't terribly numerous and included two Bonaparte's Gulls and eleven Herring Gulls, two first year, one second year, the rest adults.


Tim Gorman (31 Jan 2004) - 4 flocks of "snowbirds" were seen in and around Manila. Around Sheep Creek one flock of about 20 dark birds was surely Black Rosy Finches. Horned Larks with Snow Buntings mixed in made up the other flocks.


Ed (29 Jan 2004) - ...I went to Boutiful Landfill the Lesser Black-backed Gull is still there I found it within five minutes of waiting. I could not get a picture everytime I reached for my camera the tractor flushed it. I got good looks of the juv Glaucous-winged Gull in flight but no pictures.

LaNita Larsen and Amy Owen - On Wednesday, January 28th, we went birding on Antelope Island....we were able to locate the Northern Shrike about a mile from the ranch as was mentioned. We were fortunate in that the bird did fly across the road several times, affording us marvelous views...

Jack Binch (23 Jan 2004) - I took a quick trip to Antelope Island. Snow Bunting at the bridge between mile 4 & 5 along with a Red Fox. Several Least Sandpipers on the north where the open water is. There is still a male and female Long-tailed Duck at the bridge by the marina. A Northern Shrike about a mile north of Garr Ranch. A Hermit Thrush, two Virginia Rails at the spring on the ranch. A Marsh Wren at the spring south of the ranch.

Colby Neuman (23 Jan 2004) - Glenn Barlow and Pomera Fronce met me at the Bountiful Landfill today in search of the previously reported gulls. Here's what we found in about two hours of searching: Ring-billed Gull - 100's, California Gull - dozens, Herring Gull - 100's of all ages, Thayer's Gull - We saw several first winter birds including one that we were able to get excellent looks at. I didn't find any today, but I had several adults yesterday.... Glaucous Gull - I saw a first winter bird flyover, but I was not able to get Glenn or Pomera on the bird, Glaucous-winged Gull - We saw the previously reported first winter bird just as we were leaving; I was also able to get a few photos of this gull in bad light yesterday so hopefully we can find out if this bird has ONLY Glaucous-winged genes. Lesser Black-backed Gull - 1 second winter - Yes, this bird really does exist Cliff! We only saw the bird flying, but we were able to get fairly decent looks at it...

Colby Neuman (18 Jan 2004) - My dad and I went up to the Antelope Island Causeway today.... Here's a list of the causeway birds: Northern Shoveler - 3, Long-tailed Duck - 2 at the second bridge, Bufflehead ~ 40, Common Goldeneye ~ 40, Barrow's Goldeneye - 2 females at the second bridge, Least Sandpiper - 14 scattered about, Snowy Plover - 1 - It was about 200 yards to the east of the weather station (on the north side). I thought I remember someone reporting a flock of these fairly late in the fall so maybe this shouldn't be that surprising?...

Colby Neuman (17 Jan 2004) - I spent a couple of hours sifting through the gulls at the Bountiful Dump today. I ended up seeing the following: Ring-billed Gull - 1000's, California Gull - 100's, Herring Gull - 100's of all ages, Thayer's Gull - several first winter birds and a couple of adults, Glaucous Gull - 1 adult, Glaucous-winged/Western Hybrid - 1 second winter - had a mostly dark bill with a pale area beginning to appear near the base (especially on the lower mandible), light gray mantle, and the head, coverts, tertials and primaries were dirty brown. Glaucous-winged Gull type (pure?) - 1 first winter...

Glenn B. Barlow (14 Jan 2004) - Today Merrill Webb and I took the opportunity to travel through much of Northern Utah. We started at the Bountiful Landfill... were able to add Thayer's and Glaucous Gulls to our lists....

Ed (12 Jan 2004) - I got to Farmington Bay at 5, I found two Short-eared Owls by the pond behind the offices....

Lu Giddings (7 Jan 2004) - Made the trip across the causeway to Antelope Island this afternoon. There were two Snow Buntings on the south side of the causeway between mm 1 & 2, observed at around 3:45 p.m. It seems that the majority of the horned larks I saw were found between mm 1-4, with a more or less equal distribution of birds on both sides of the causeway. Did not see any longspurs, but since visibility was less than optimal I'm just glad to have seen the buntings.

KC Childs (5 Jan 2004) -  Eric Huish and I went up to Davis County this afternoon to do some birding. Our first stop at Bountiful Landfill produced an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull. Cliff Weisse had told me he thought he had seen a second year Lesser Black-backed Gull at the landfill, so we went up today to see if we could find the bird. We were not able to locate that bird, but we saw an adult Lesser Black-backed out on the ice behind the dump with all the gulls. Its darker mantle stuck out while scanning. We got several pictures of the bird as well. We also saw Thayer's Gulls there....On Antelope Island Causeway we were able to find one Lapland Longspur, which was in a large flock of Horned Larks on the south side of the causeway. We also saw the Snow Bunting in a different large flock on the south side of the causeway. Most of the Horned Larks seemed to be on the south side of the causway. There was also 3 Long-tailed Ducks near the bridge by mile marker one....

Pomera Fronce (4 Jan 2004) - Today (Sunday), Julie, Kent and I saw two Lapland Longspurs and a Snow Bunting mixed in with a large flock of Horned Larks on the causeway. We also saw the Long-tailed Ducks, many Buffleheads and a pair of Prairie Falcons. We saw a nice assortment of ducks (including some beautiful Hooded Mergansers) and a Wilson's Snipe at Kaysville Ponds.

Cliff Weisse (3 Jan 2004) - Stopped at Bountiful Landfill today and we were rewarded with the usual thousands of gulls. Mostly Ring-billed and California but there were  fifty or more Herring Gulls (all ages), at least five Thayer's (two first  year and three adults), and one first winter Glaucous Gull roosting on the  ice to the north of the landfill. When the Glaucous finally flew it  headed out towards the lake to the west.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (2 Jan 2004) - Yesterday (New Year's Day) we observed a Snow Bunting and a Lapland Longspur feeding together on the south side of the Antelope Island Causeway, at the first bridge. They were with a small flock of Horned Larks. The Lapland Longspur was in first winter plumage. On Antelope Island, there was a Merlin (richardsonii race) at the beach pavillon area (west of the visitor center, across the road from the dunes).


Damian Fagan (12 Jan 2004) - A Harris' Sparrow was observed at a feeder in the Barlett Circle subdivision (Moab, Grand County) this morning. The bird was in a mixed flock but observed for quite some time.  A Merlin was observed stooping and pulling up from it's dive on 400 North (Moab, Grand County) near the Allen Memorial Hospital on January 12th. Since I almost hit the bird with my car, I had a really good look at the heavily streaked underside and the banded tail.


Reed Stone (30 Jan 2004) ...Wednesday Bob Parsons, Oliver Nickleson and I went birding the Mona area. We took the cross road that goes past the north end of Mona Reservoir. Where the stream exits the reservoir we jumped a Sandhill Crane. Also in the same area there were a pair of Golden Eagles and one Bald.

KC Childs (27 Jan 2004) - I ran down to Juab County to do a little bit of birding this afternoon. I got off the South Santaquin exit number 245. I saw several Rough-Legged Hawks along this road. In the town of Mona just north of Center Street along Main Street were 3 Eurasian Collard-Doves. Along the road to Goshen Canyon on the west side of Mona Resivoir there was a Ferruginous Hawk. Near the wooden shack in Goshen Canyon on the Juab County side was an adult Noerhtern Shrike.

Colby Neuman (4 Jan 2004) - Here are some highlights from the Fish Springs CBC (Juab County) today: White-faced Ibis - 1 along the north side of Avocet unit, Snowy Egret - 1 immature along the north side of Avocet unit, Cinnamon Teal - a pair, Canvasback - a pair, Eurasian Wigeon - 2 males roosting on the ice with a flock of ~2100 Northern Pintails and American Wigeon on the east side of Shoveler unit. Sage Sparrows - 15 - unusually common this year


KC Childs (29 Jan 2004) - Yesterday I went up to Alta to see what I could see. I did see 6 Black Rosy Finches at the upper end of Bypass Road. Alton Thygerson saw them later that day as well. There are some first winters and adults mixed in. They were beautiful to look at the differences. That jet black on the adults against that pink color is beautiful...

Jack Holley (15 Jan 2004) - This morning while walking along the Jordan River by the Parley's Creek Outlet Area, I saw a immature Snow Goose with the Canada Geese in the river. Between the Parley's Creek Outlet and the Decker Canal Outlet, I saw a number of species of Ducks including, Mallards, Common and Barrow's Goldeneyes, more Buffleheads than I ever seen there before, Lesser and possiable a pair of Greater Scaups, There heads were not as rounded as the Lesser Scaups, and one Ruddy Duck. At the Madison Park, I saw a Northern Pintail with the Mallards, Also along the trail by the river I saw a Hermit Thrush, American Pipit, at least three Northern Harriers, and one Merlin flew over.

Bruce Robinson (15 Jan 2004) - This morning (1/15) at 9 AM (in amongst the gazillion Mallards and hybrids) in the Jordan River was a male Wood Duck. This was at 6600 So. (Winchester Park) and just north of the parking lot.

Ed (9 Jan 2004) - I went to Lee Kay ponds this afternoon to see what I could find out there. Lots of Ring-billed and Californias, a hand full of Herrings and one adult Thayer's Gull flew in just before I left at 430. ...At the Jordan River Parkways around 2400 S. in SLC the birds that were reported earlier are still there. The White Pelican is just south of the little canal that comes in from the west.

Tim Avery (8 Jan 2004) - Spent the Afternoon Birdin the Jordan River between 2100 south and 3300 South. A lot of waterfowl. 13 species of duck, including over 20 Male Barrow's Goldeneye about a 1/2 south of the 2400 south parking lot.  Also interesting was a single American White Pelican at about 2800 south on the river. it was with 1000's of dabbling ducks and divers, but didn't fly when I approached to take a picture.

Jack (4 Jan 2004) - On my way home I also stopped by the Jordan River Parkway at 2400 So. to get a Barrow's Goldeneye for my puny new list. There are quite a few there.


Sandy Mitchell (17 Jan 2004) - ...Last weekend I went skiing up the road to Henry's Fork campground. At "the narrows" we saw a White-tailed Ptarmigan about 15 feet off the road all by itself. (Wish I had had my camera!) At the campground we saw a pair of red cross-bills and, of course, gray jays...


Kathy Paulin (9 Jan 3004) - We had 5 intrepid birders show up for the Dinosaur NM-Jensen CBC last Saturday, despite a snowstorm that lasted most of the morning....One new species was seen for this circle - a Northern Mockingbird at Stewart Lake Waterfowl Mgmt area. I had a Harris’s Sparrow at my feeder the week of the count, but couldn’t find one inside the circle. ... Still, we did slightly better than average with 38 species and 3138 individuals (mostly thanks to a huge flock of geese seen in fields along the Green River). The complete species list is given below....Sandhill Crane - 125 (feeding with the geese)


KC Childs (30 Jan 2004) -...We also saw the Eurasion-collared Doves at River Lane. Later in the town of Genola near the LDS Church in town we saw 3 more Eurasion-collared Doves on a haystack. This was only the second area in Utah County that Eric and I have seen EuCoDoves...

Reed Stone (30 Jan 2004) - This morning 1/30/04 at the Timpanogas Sewage Treatment Ponds there were two American White Pelicans. I think in both circumstances these birds will hang around a while...

KC Childs (30 Jan 2004) - I finally got to see the Eurasian Wigeon at Riverside Country Club. It was about my 10th visit, but I finally got wonderful looks at this striking bird. Thanks so much to Carol for spotting it, and everyone keeping the updates on the bird. Also in the pond was a immature male Hooded Merganser.

Eric Huish (24 Jan 2004) - Our field trip started at 8 AM with 14 birders and the Harris's Sparrow at the silage pit and ended around 2 PM with 5 birders and the Eurasian Wigion at Riverside Country Club....

Nicky Davis - On 1-21-04 my husband and I drove down the pole-line road by the Young Family Farm and back through Goshen Canyon looking for the hawks....We saw several Red-tailed, Rough-legged and Ferruginous Hawks, many Kestrel, 3 Northern Harriers...

Carol Nelson (20 Jan 2004) - The Eurasian Wigeon is now on the East Bay Ponds. Dennis Shirley just saw it out in the open. The Snow Goose that is traveling with the Canada Geese is also at East Bay. The Riverside Golf Course ponds are virtually empty today. (Too many workers with their trucks going back and forth.)It appears to us that the flocks travel between the golf course ponds and East Bay....

Carol Nelson (18 Jan 2004) - I thought I might take up birding again this year, and what a way to start. I looked out the kitchen window and there was a Eurasian Wigeon feeding in a flock of American Wigeons. If anyone is interested in it, I will be in and out the next couple of weeks, but will leave my south gate unlocked. If I am not at home, feel free to go through and see what you can find. It is in and out of the two golf course ponds west and a little south of my back yard. If I am here, you are welcome to come inside. I always enjoy being warm when looking at birds. My address is 2831 North Marrcrest West, Provo. Turn west off University at 2900 No. Follow the circle around. Look for a one level red brick home with white shutters situated on the west side of the circle.

Tuula Rose (8 Jan 2004) - Thursday evening I got home from work around 5:30 pm and glancing out of my kitchen window saw a different larger sparrow...I had to go back out to my car to get the binoculars. The bird was still there and lo and behold, it really was a Harris' Sparrow! What an exciting yard bird number 50. It looked more like an immature bird than Dennis' silage pit one in Lakeshore with less black on the throat.

 Dennis Shirley (8 Jan 2004) - This afternoon I saw an immature Peregrine Falcon west of Springville in a dead snag at the last feedlot before the "T" on SR-77. The feedlot is just past the Sweed's Lane turn off.
Earlier in the day, along with one of all the more common wintering ducks, I saw a drake Cinnamon Teal at the Timpanogas Water Treatment facility north of Geneva.
And at Salem Pond, in addition to the previously reported hooded mergansers and wood ducks, there is now a drake Barrow's Goldeneye and possibly a HORNED GREBE. It was getting dark and the grebe was a ways off, but it looked like it could be. I'll try to check again soon. Put the word out if you ID it.

KC Childs (8 Jan 2004) - I went down to Utah Lake State Park today. I stopped and looked at the Wood Ducks near Reed's house in West Provo. I counted 12 of them. At Utah Lake State Park there was a juvenille Northern Shrike and several American Tree Sparrows on the south Jetty. This seems to be a reliable spot for the species. Also Herring Gulls, Ring-billed and California Gulls.

 KC Childs (4 Jan 2004) - I then went to go look for the Yellowlegs that Milt, Tuula and Leena found. I found them at the East Bay pond. They were near the reeds where the water enters. There were about 25 Yellowlegs there, both Greater and Lesser. Also Common Snipe....

Milton Moody (1 Jan 2004) - On the first day of the new year...Tuula, Leena and Milton... went on a little birding excursion and found some amazingly good birds. ...Greater (6) and Lesser (2) Yellowlegs near the "Night-Heron Island" at East Bay.  American Tree Sparrows between the second Springville exite and Swede Lane on the north side of the road in tall bush by the fields. Harris's Sparrow the "Dennis' silage pit" Male Wood Duck at Salem Pond. Hooded Merganser, also at Salem Pond. Female Wood Duck at the pond at Valtec (NW of Springville).


Ed (29 Jan 2004) - I went up to Deer Creek again today after the Eurasian Wigeon. He finally showed up around 12:15 pm it was a little higher up stream with other wigeons and it was flushed down to the reservoir by a harrier...

KC Childs (29 Jan 2004) - I ran up to Wasatch County this morning....At the Heber Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant there was a Harris's Sparrow. The Heber Valley Waster Water Treatment Plant is located just off of 100 south in Heber or Main Street in Midway. ( the road that connects the cities ) If you turn south on the east side of the Provo River crossing you will see the Heber Treatment Plant back about 100 yards off the road. The Harris's Sparrow was on the right side of the road under a group of trees located next to the road with what looks like sunflower seeds underneath it. The clump of trees is right before the gates to the treatment plant. It would come into feed on the seeds that someone must have scattered there...

Dennis Shirley (28 Jan 2004) - Add one more Eurasian Wigion record for the state this winter. There's a drake mixed in with the American's in the open water at the upper end of Deer Creek Reservoir. It was there at 4:00pm on tuesday, Jan. 27,2004. I believe this makes four that have been noted since the first of the year. Every year is sure different, isn't it!!

Lauri Hanauska-Brown (15 Jan 2004) - We have located a number of our collared Trumpeter Swan cygnets in the area of Jordanelle Dam near Heber City. One swan was actually dead in the Provo River just below the dam. This area is a bit out of our typical survey area so any observations of yellow or green collared swans around Heber would be greatly appreciated.


Lu Giddings (31 Jan 2004) - Dennis Shirley and I made a trip to Washington county yesterday...There was a Snow Goose at Sunbrook, along with an American White Pelican and various other waterfowl. A group of 10 Snow Geese was seen at Bloomington Hills Country Club...The Swamp Sparrow was waiting for us at Confluence Park, as was the Harris's sparrow... The Ross's Goose was still at Springs Park... Near the intersection of 200 South and Main Street in Washington we spotted two Inca Doves in a tree sporting several feeders. There were also Eurasian Collared-Doves, mourning doves, and a white-winged dove in nearby trees...

Merrill Webb (30 Jan 2004) - On Tuesday of this week, I saw a Brown Thrasher at Lytle Ranch. It was near the monument upstream from the pond about 12:30 PM. I believe Dennis Shirley saw it on Thursday also.

Larry Tripp (30 Jan 2004) - Today in the town of Gunlock in Washington County there was an Imm. Red-shouldered Hawk. It was perched in a tree an the north end of town.

Charlie Sheard (28 Jan 2004) - Monday, Jan. 26th, Merrill stopped by to see the male Anna's Hummingbird. Lo and behold, but what did appear? Another male Anna's! Both in adult plumage, gorgeous! Yesterday and today, both birds have again appeared.

Marilyn & Keith - Sunday. Jan 18th. 2004. 4:30 p.m. St. George.  It is still here!!!!! The Vermillion Flycatcher in all it's glory just flew past our front window and landed in our large tree. He stayed there long enough for Keith and I to run out the front door and stand and stare with mouth open for about 3 minutes.

Rick Fridell (16 Jan 2004) - This morning (1/16) the Pacific Loon was still at Quail Creek State Park (in the center of the reservoir with a Common Loon). During lunch hour yesterday (1/15), I went to the Virgin River Trail (Santa Clara Confluence TH) and relocated the first winter Harris's Sparrow found by the Summers last Sunday. The Harris's Sparrow was with a small flock of White-crowns in the same area where Steve and Priscilla originally found it (along the Virgin River between the footbridge and the I-15 bridge). I also saw a Golden-crowned Sparrow in the large atriplex bushes upstream from the footbridge. Other birds in the area included: Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Verdin, Juniper Titmouse, Bushtit, Abert's Towhee, and of course White-crowned Sparrows.

Ed (15 Jan 2004) - I went down to St. George Wednesday night to spend the day birding on Thurday....South Gate Golf Course. A Great Egret at the pond, along with a White Pelican...At Red Hill Golf Course I found Juniper Titmouse, Canyon Wren, Bendire's Thrasher on the hill side by hole #5 easiest access from hole #5 tee. The Common Moorhen was by the Trees closest to the pond...

Rick Fridell (13 Jan 2004) - This afternoon (1/13) at 5:10p, there was a Pacific Loon (and a Common Loon) below the south dike of Quail Creek Reservoir. There also are 15-20 Greater Scaup, several Canvasbacks, and a dozen Hooded Mergansers on Stratton Pond (among other ducks).

Charles Sheard (13 Jan 2004) - [in Leeds] During the past several days the male Anna's Hummingbird has spent his time either foraging at the feeder or perched in the adjacent creosote bushes. All the while singing the inimitable "song of the Anna's". His efforts were rewarded this morning by the appearance of a female Anna's, both birds being perched together in one of our leafless Ash trees...

Steve Summers (11 Jan 2004) - Today (1/11 Sun.) Priscilla and I found an imm. Harris's Sparrow along the Virgin R. Parkway (Three Rivers Trail) in St. George. The bird was below the footbridge across the Virgin R. near where I-15 crosses over the parkway, downstream from the confluence of the Santa Clara and Virgin Rivers.


Jack (4 Jan 2004) - I made a short birding trip today. I had to have a hummingbird on my January list. As just reported the female Anna's is still going strong. She was buzzing around like it was summer.

Cliff Weisse (2 Jan 2004) - I drove over to Pleasant View today and the Anna's Hummingbird seems to have survived the storms just fine. I wasn't there much more than five minutes when I saw it hovering over an Aspen on the south side of the trail. It was very active and pretty soon it buzzed a House Finch driving it away. Later it chased off a Junco on it's way to the feeders. Neat bird. Sure seems out of place with all this snow.

Cliff Weisse (2 Jan 2004) - This afternoon I visited the Ogden Nature Center. As I approached the second feeder on the nature trail I saw an adult White-throated Sparrow. It flew off down the trail towards the first feeder. At the second feeder a few minutes later I saw a White-throated Sparrow approach from the opposite direction the first bird took. I think the second one was a different bird. It seemed like it had more intense yellow on it's head and bolder black outlining the white throat but I never saw both birds together so I'm not sure.