Birdnet Hotline Highlights
November 2003

Review Species Reported This Month:
Red-throated Loon Washington Co.
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Washington Co.
    Kentucky Warbler Garfield Co.


Bridget Olson (26 Nov 2003) - Bear River Refuge Bird Count ... Unusual sightings include 2 Great Egrets, 1 Prairie Falcon, 1 Common Loon, a female Long-tailed Duck and 2 lingering A. W. Pelicans. Raptor numbers continue climb. The Tundra Swan count is down to about 1/2 of what it was this time last week for the GSL basin. Most of the birds sighting were within the closed portion of the Refuge.

Betsy Beneke (26 Nov 2003) - I found a female Long-tailed Duck this morning at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Box Elder County. It was in the channel along the right-hand side of the auto tour, approximately two miles from the beginning of the drive.

Kristin Purdy (19 Nov 2003) - Pomera Fronce, Glenn Barlow and I birded a windy Willard Bay State Park this morning with the hope of seeing a White-throated Sparrow.  ...There was a White-throated Sparrow.  Glenn saw the first one in the brambles and teasel immediately south of the Nature Trail Day Use parking area.  We found several other sparrow species skulking in these brambles including a Song and several White-crowned....


Sue Drown (27 Nov 2003) - On T-Day morning, I saw a nice Varied Thrush along the trail that borders the Logan Golf & CC canal, just down the trail from the bridge at Cedar Heights Dr. The thrush was using the lower canopy of the trees on the golf course side of the trail. The turkeys were there, too- under some trees just beyond the fairway, same area.

Julie Van Moorhem (7 Nov 2003) - Pomera and I searched hard for the Eurasian Wigeon at Hyrum Reservoir but we couldn't find it. Did see lots of loons, Lesser Scaup, a Greater Scaup, Bonaparte's Gull, mergansers.

Sue Drown - (5 nOV 2003) - Good birds today at Hyrum reservoir, esp. the east side, incl one male Eurasian Widgeon, 35+ Tundra swans, 2 canvasbacks, a few Bonaparte's gulls, along with several ducks (no sea ducks) and loons. The E. widgeon was right at the east shore, to the south, in with several widgeons and the swans.


Jim Lofthouse (24 Nov 2003) - Today (Monday) at about noon there was one male and three female Long-tailed Ducks with a large group of goldeneyes at the bridge just before you come to the marina. This is 6.6 miles from the toll booth.

Carol Gwynn (15 Nov 2003) - The Horned Grebe was still at Farmington Bay WMA this morning, Nov. 15. It was at the location where it was previously reported - the far corner of the big pond, almost to the end of the dike road. Also at Farmington Bay, there were 4 Great Egrets keeping a calling Bald Eagle company. The egrets were hanging out near the bare trees where the bald eagles like to sit.

Kathy and Joel Beyer (9 Nov 2003) - This afternoon the female Long-tailed Duck was still present near the west end (north side) of the Antelope Island Causeway. Near mile marker 1, amongst many Sanderlings, were two Dunlin and two Western Sandpipers.  Also, a Peregrine Falcon was seen coursing along the Causeway.

Jack (7 Nov 2003) - At Antelope I. C. and a little of the Island, I saw American Kestrel, Raven,  Horned Lark, Killdeer, Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Eared Grebe, Red-winged  Blackbird, White-crowned Sparrow, Prairie Falcon, American Avocet, and thanks  to Dana a male Long-tailed Duck.

Dana Green (2 Nov 2003) - I birded Davis Co. today. There were very few birds on the Antelope Causeway, but there was a American Golden Plover in with about 10 Killdeer and 7 Long Tailed Ducks. There were two males that had their long taliles. They were the prettiest long Tails I have ever seen in Utah.


H. Gail Pollock - At Tropic, Garfield County, Utah; on 5 November 2003 a Kentucky Warbler flew into my kitchen window and fell stunned. Examined the bird in hand. Colors were still bright more like breeding plumage than fall coloring. This bird was a male judging from a careful examination of the mustache. I was a member of the Kansas City Burrough Audubon Society and have bird watched for many years.  Familiar with the common eastern warblers. This Kentucky revived and was released.


(18 Nov 2003) - Two male Eurasian Widgeon were sighted by Jay Banta at the Fish Springs NWR on Tues. Nov 18. The two birds are in with a flock of over 5,000 ducks located on Egret Unit. this group contains about 2,500 American Widgeon. Egret Unit is currently closed to the public and individual permission is needed to access that area.


Julie Van Moorhem (7 Nov 2003) - ...We had better luck at East Canyon. We saw a Pacific Loon at the boat ramp area of the state park, and three Surf Scoters on the east side of the reservoir just north of Tayor's Hollow area. Many Common Loons were on the lake, and we saw two Greater Yellowlegs along the mudflats. American Tree Sparrows were at the Taylor Hollow pull-out. We also saw 42 Wild Turkeys along the road to the dam from Morgan and about 20 American Crows.

Jack (7 Npv 2003) - At East Canyon Res. I saw Common Loons, Common Goldeneyes, Barrow's Goldeneyes, Common Mergansers, Herring Gulls, Northern Shrike, Gray Partridge, American  Tree Sparrows, and thanks to Julie three Surf Scoters

Edson Leite (6 Nov 3003) - I went to East Canyon Res today to look for the scooters and loons. There were two Pacific Loons one near the dam and the other in the second inlet. The Surf Scooter was at the first pull off area past the State Park entrance.

Joel and Kathy Beyer (2 Nov 2003) - We visited East Canyon Reservoir (Morgan Co.) this afternoon and saw several nice birds. Besides the 50 or so Common Loons there was one Pacific Loon (intermediate plumage between breeding and basic). Amongst the many ducks were 3 Surf Scoters, 1 White-winged Scoter, 5 male Barrow's Goldeneye, numerous Common Goldeneye, Hooded and Common Mergansers, Ring necked Ducks, Lesser Scaups, Buffleheads, etc. On the mudflats at the south end of the reservoir were a Baird's Sandpiper, a Red-necked Phalarope, an American Golden Plover, 2 Greater Yellowlegs, and Bonaparte's Gulls. An American Tree Sparrow was in the bushes along the road just south of the reservoir. Additionally, a Golden Eagle and 3 Bald Eagles were seen around the reservoir. On the south end of East Canyon, Little Dell Reservoir had a few birds, most notably a Horned Grebe.


Carol Gwynn (29 Nov 2003) - The Greater White-Fronted Geese were still at Lee Kay Ponds at about 2 p.m. today, Saturday....

Jack Holley (27 Nov 2003) - This morning 0800, Thanksgiving, I went to Decker Lake to check for the Greater White-fronted Geese. I found them on the southwest part of the lake with Canada Geese, not with the Graylags that were by the Reed Island. You would have a hard time seeing them from the north road. I park along the road to the detention center and walk in. I also saw the Spotted Sandpiper, and it looked in bad shape.

Bob Huntington (25 Nov 2003) - Today about noon I was walking the Jordan River Parkway between 4800 So. & 5400 So. About midway there is a steel bridge across the river. about 200 yards to the south there is a bench. The bird [White-throated Sparrow] was just above the bench in a tree. The last I saw it flew to the east. That is a very big area to find one bird. Good luck!!!

(25 Nov 2003) - KC Childs saw 2 Greater White-fronted Geese at Decker Lake today. They were by the reeds with Canada Geese. There was also a W/C Grebe and a Spotted Sandpiper there. He couldn't find the Ross's Goose.

Susan and Jeffrey Saffle (23 Nov 2003) - Needing to stay close to home today, we birded within Salt Lake City. At Liberty Park, we are happy to report that the Pygmy Nuthatches have returned (if they ever left). Also seen: chickadees, ruby-crowned kinglets, brown creeper, killdeer.

Bruce Robinson (8 Nov 2003) - I was finally able to get out this morning and chase the Ross's Goose that Jack Holley reported at Decker Lake and the Great Egret at Lee Kay Ponds, Both birds are still there, the goose where Jack reported it just east of the island, and the egret is now in the main pond, on an island just east of the gazebo.

Jack Holley (6 Nov 2003) - This morning I again went to Decker Lake and saw the Ross's Goose there. It was in the south field feeding on the grass with Canada Geese. I then went to Lee-Kay Ponds and saw a Great Egret in the far eastern pond. The first one that you pass. It was setting on a small island in the pond. I also saw a Peregrine Falcon on the first power tower on the north side of 1300 South.

Jack Holley (5 Nov 2003) - This morning, November 5 at 1000 am I saw a Ross's Goose with a large flock of Canada Geese on Decker Lake just east of the island. It was a adult. Last year in November a immature was seen on the lake. I wonder if it made it's way back.

Carol Davis (2 Nov 2003) - Decker lake in Salt Lake valley there was a great blue heron and
a group of Greater White-fronted Geese.


KC Childs (29 Nov 2003) - Eric Huish and I ran out to do some birding in Tooele County today. At Stansbury Park there was a Ross's and Snow Goose hanging out near the Tennis courts and Golf Club House. They were on the grass near the lake. They were with a good sized flock of Canada Geese. There was also a Great Horned Owl in Faust.


(14 Nov 2003) - Julie Van Moorhem and Pomera Fronce reported a Swamp Sparrow in the same location as last year at the Timpanogos WTF near Pleasant Grove. ...The sparrow was right by the fenced corner along the outlet stream.


Larry Tripp (29 Nov 2003) - Today along the Santa Clara river above Gunlock there was a Swamp Sparrow. It was with several Song Sparrows about 100 yards above the res.

Rick Fridell - Yesterday morning (11/28) I observed an adult White-throated Sparrow at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area Campground. The sparrow was the "white-striped" form and was with the large flock of White-crowned Sparrows wintering in the campground area. It was ranging between the trail head and the host's camp (who are putting out bird seed). I was not able to find the Golden-crowned Sparrow, however it is still likely present.

Kevin Wheeler (14 Nov 2003) - This afternoon, Rick Fridell and I visited Quail Creek Reservoir, and found that the Red-throated Loon is still present. We also saw a Bonaparte's Gull there.  We then went to Sand Hollow Reservoir, where we got several good (some of them late migrators) birds, including an Osprey, a Clark's Grebe, a Horned Grebe, and an American Avocet.

Rick Fridell - This morning (11/10) Kristen and I visited Quail Creek State Park. When we first arrived we noticed a large dark duck that unfortunately flew off...  So we went over to Sand Hollow State Park, and started looking through the huge rafts of ducks and there was the large dark duck. It was indeed a Surf
(adult female).   Later in the afternoon I met Kevin Wheeler, Matt Curtis and eventually Erik Meyer at Quail Creek. We relocated the loon and after intensive study (mostly from across the lake) finally concluded it was a first year Red-throated Loon. I'm certain this is a different bird than the one previously reported at Gunlock State Park.

Rick Fridell (9 Nov 2003) - A quick note to let everyone know that the Red-throated Loon at Gunlock
State Park was still present today.

Larry Tripp (8 Nov 2003) - Today in Washington County at Lytle Ranch I saw a brownish plumaged first winter Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. It was in the orchard along with a male Williamson's Sapsucker and a couple of Red-naped Sapsuckers. At Gunlock Res. I saw in flight and at distance what appeared to be a Red-throated loon ( I didn't have a scope). I contacted Rick Fridell and he met me there at about 5:00 PM and we were able to confirm that it was an adult Red-throated Loon molting into basic plumage. Earlier in the afternoon I also saw a immature Golden-crowned Sparrow above Gunlock Res. Tonight as it was starting to get dark at Gunlock Rick and I watched 11 Tundra Swans come in and land on the Res. That really topped of a great day of birding.


Jack (30 Nov 2003) - How many of you have taken in your hummingbird feeders? While looking for the  Blue Jay today, Edson Leite and I saw a female Broad-tailed Hummingbird  flying around. We also got to see the jay, but a little advice for some. Do not stand talking on the trail thinking the jay will come around. Edson and I talked for an hour and a half before deciding to walk down the trail to see if we could find it. We only got 50 yards away and Edson heard it calling back at the feeder. We hurried back and got some good looks before it left.

Julie Van Moorhem (28 Nov 2003) - Cindy and Steve Sommerfeld, Dana Green and I ventured to Ogden today to see the Blue Jay that has been there the past few days. I was the only one who got to see it around 10 am. We got there at 9 and didn't leave until after Noon. The bird never came into the feeder while we were there. I spotted it on the south side of the street over one layer of houses from the street (3325 N.); about the time Steve got to where I was it flew. Close to noon we heard it calling, and it sounded like it was on the north (front) side of the house; however, it never came over to the side we were on--people next door were out in the front putting up lights so that may have scared it off.

Glenn Barlow (25 Nov 2003) - Well folks, the Blue Jay was present this morning also. Alton and I went a little earlier. As we settled into the curb, just west of 413 West 3325 North, and started looking around, Alton spied it on the left hand side of the street in front of us about 50 feet (by some children's play equipment). It was scared away by some magpies, but we spied it later on a telephone pole directly to the south of the play equipment and it a tree above us.

Glenn Barlow (24 Nov 2003) - On Sunday evening I received a telephone call from Bill Fenimore about a Blue Jay coming to a feeder in No. Ogden. The fellow call Bill at his Layton Wild Bird Center to report the sighting....This morning (Monday) I went to the place he described, arriving at 10:15 a.m.  At about 11 a.m. the bird showed up in the aspen trees below (and south) of his home. The man's name is Steven Federmann and he lives at 395 East 3350 North, in Lakeview Heights (North Ogden). The bird stayed briefly in the aspen trees below the deck, then flew south (to my left). ... On the left you will see a house with the address of 413 West 3325 North. Park on the right side of the street, just past that house, but east of the driveway on the right. On your right you will see a string of houses above you. There is a house with a group of aspens running east to west at the bottom of the property.  That is Steven Federmann's house....

Eric Huish (8 Nov 2003) - KC and I saw at least two Pacific Loons from the second turnout past the dam along Ut 39 overlooking Pineview Reservoir. There were also Common Loons in the area for comparison.

Paul Merola (7 Nov 2003) - Both myself and a fellow employee just saw a Blue Jay (cyanocitta cristata) at 150 N. Washington Bl, Ogden. ... He flew off but we are attempting to lure him back with some peanuts. First time I have ever seen one here in Utah.