Birdnet Hotline Highlights
November 2002

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Red-necked Grebe  Washington Co.
     Chilean Flamingo  Salt Lake Co.  [Escapee "Pink Floyd"]
     Eurasian Collared-Dove  Utah Co.(2),  Washington Co.


Joel Beyer - (Thu, 28 Nov 2002)   Went out to Antelope Island today. On the road to Garr Ranch, we saw a Northern Mockingbird and 3 American Tree Sparrows. They were in the trees near the "Springs and Wetlands" pullout. ...

Katherine Dahlstet - Nov. 5, 2002 Saw a Light morph Ferruginous [Hawk] soaring low overhead along the I-15 corridor at about Farmington/ Centerville border. (Just south of Glover lane overpass). I drive that every day and count hawks on the power poles. ... This was very white underside - perfect dark crescent at wrist - bit of dark tips on primaries, larger bird, hint of rufous at end of large tail.

Carol Gwynn -  (7 Nov 2002)   There were some nice ducks at Farmington today - a male Barrow's Goldeneye in the ponds at the end of Glover Lane, and Red-breasted (female) and Hooded Mergansers (female) at the bridges along the long dike road. There was also an immature Black-crowned Night Heron.


Brian Maxfield -   (Tue, 12 Nov 2002) Today I found two Long-tailed Ducks on one of the ponds at Lower Stillwater in Rock Creek (Duchesne County). One was an adult female and the other an immature female. They were both actively feeding along the edge of the ice in the pond. ...


Bill Hunter -  The Dixie Birders spent November 6th in the field. Our target bird was the Acorn Woodpecker seen by many along SR 12 north of Boulder, UT. Results were positive.... In all, we had a total of 44 species. Below are some of the more interesting sightings. [partial list] Lower Bowns Reservoir (Boulder Mtn.): Greater Scaup (1); Wide Hollow Reservoir (Escalante): PACIFIC LOON (1)


Damian Fagan -   A Merlin was sighted on Sunday, Nov. 3rd in the afternoon along Spanish Valley Drive in Moab. The bird was perched atop a Russian olive.


Joel & Kathy Beyer - (3 Nov 2002)  Checked East Canyon Reservoir today, and all birds previously reported (except Scaup and Ring-necked Duck) were still present. There are now 2 Pacific Loons in the northeast arm of the reservoir. Also, a female Long-tailed Duck (formerly Oldsquaw) was seen just north of the Taylor Hollow pullout. While scoping the reservoir, 19 Sandhill Cranes flew over in line formation. Upon closer inspection, the nineteenth bird turned out to be a White Pelican, apparently making good use of the draft. (Either that or an identity crisis.)


Ann Neville - (Fri, 15 Nov 2002) This may not be very exciting to some, but Pink Floyd [a Chilean Flamingo] is back at Salt Air. I'm glad he/she survived another summer north of here.

Paul Kirby - (4 Nov 2002)  I've observed a lone Pacific Loon on Decker Lake, (just north of the E Center in West Valley City), for the last two days. It has been swimming and diving contently among the ruckus of the hundreds of individual gulls who, having a whole lake to land on, seem to pick a spot that is already taken by a fellow gull !!


Jim Woolf - I saw what I strongly believe to be a Trumpeter Swan on Sunday (Nov. 17) around noon at the southern end of Rockport Reservoir in Summit County. It was alone and feeding near the inlet. I did not hear its call so cannot completely rule
out a sole, wandering tundra swan. But the fact that it was alone, and that trumpeters have been reporters at Rockport during the winter in previous years make me suspect this is a trumpeter. ...


Eric Huish - (Sat, 30 Nov 2002) ... Right were River Lane meets the main road just near the Spanish Fork river (the spot Tuula found the Indigo Bunting last year)we saw about 10 Eurasian Collard-Doves roosting in a tree. We backed up to get a look at them when a truck drove by and scared them all out.

Robert & Marilyn Parsons - (Wed, 27 Nov 2002) Went around the Provo Dike at noon today. Long Eared Owl perched in dead tree on the last stretch going West before you reach the Southwest corner. Owl was
on south side about 100 yards from where the last approach west begins. ...

KC Childs - (Sat, 16 Nov 2002) ...Next we went to Salem Pond. There was a single male Wood Duck out there.

Alton Thygerson -  (Thu, 14 Nov 2002)  Great looks of a Winter Wren occurred in Provo Canyon today (Thursday;
November 14, 2002) at 8:30 a.m. The bird was found west of the new park, Canyon View Park.

Reed Stone  - (5 Nov 2002)  The wood ducks are back. I have seen Wood Ducks in the pond west to my place on a semi regular basis. I saw one this morning. Be patient they drift in and out of the cover. I saw a Merlin on the west dike road of the Provo airport.

Dennis Shirley - (3 Nov 2002) Add one more  Eurasian Collared Dove to the list. I saw one on a wire along the highway
going north out of Salem today. It was near the Salem Water Treatment Facility. It won't be long before they are as common as starlings.


Alton Thygerson - Friday - November 29, 2002  A NORTHERN PYGMY OWL was found in Wasatch County's Snake Creek Canyon. From Wasatch State Park take the left-hand road at the Visitor's Center. It was located two and one-half (2.5) miles from the Visitor's Center. ...On the same road, at 1.5 miles from the Visitor's Center, a GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET was located in a mixed flock of RED BREASTED NUTHATCHES, MOUNTAIN CHICKADEES, and BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES.


Rick Fridell - This afternoon (11/17) at ~2:45 pm, there was a Red-necked Grebe at Quail Creek Reservoir (Washington Co. UT). The grebe was a long way out, in the deep water area in front of the dam. So a scope is probably necessary for decent looks.

Kevin Wheeler -(Fri, 15 Nov 2002)  Rick Fridell Just reported 4 Surf Scoters at Quail Creek Reservoir. One was an adult male; the other three adult females. Seen about 4 pm.

Dennis Shirley - (1 Nov 2002)  I spent the last couple of days of the big month of October in Washington County and was successful at finding only about half of my target birds. Those that may be of interest included: [partial list] Surf Scoter [3] - Gunlock Reservoir, White-fronted Goose [1] - Green Springs Golf Course, Wood Duck [4] - Green Springs Golf Course, White-winged Dove [8] - Washington City, Merlin [2] - Washington fields and Toquerville, EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE [4] - 2 in flock of white-winged doves and 2 in Washington fields. What's the status of these in Washington County and the State? It seems they are starting to show up in a number of places now.