Birdnet Hotline Highlights
16-31 May 2002

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Ruddy Turnstone  Davis Co. 
     Least Tern  Utah Co.Washington Co
     Vaux's Swift  Utah Co.Washington Co
     Philadelphia Vireo  Washington Co
     Northern Parula  Utah Co.Washington Co.,  Wayne Co.
     Chestnut-sided Warbler  Washington Co
     Black-throated Blue Warbler  Rich Co. 
     Louisiana Waterthrush  Rich Co. 
     Ovenbird   Box Elder Co. 
     Kentucky Warbler  Daggett Co. 
     Clay-colored Sparrow  Utah Co., Washington Co.    


   Jim McIntyre - (Mon, 27 May 2002)  2-4 Sharp-tailed Grouse were observed at dawn (6 a.m.) on a lek in northern Box Elder County. They could be heard frequently drumming their wings and were seen dancing. These were probably bachelor males, hoping their luck might still change. I didn't see any hens. A Burrowing Owl was seen on the road in to the Golden Spike National Historic Site, off Rte. 83, west of Corinne.
   Mark Stackhouse - (Thu, 23 May 2002) An OVENBIRD was seen at Lucin on Thursday afternoon.


   [Roper - from the web site] - (Friday, May 17, 2002) Saw the first Bobolinks of the season.  A pair of males staking out territories. For those wanting to see them, they were along the nonmotorized access road into Cutler Marsh. The access is signified by a green sign on a gate leaving the Benson Road about one mile north of the Valley View highway.


  Russ Norvell - After-second-year male KENTUCKY WARBLER, banded and photographed, 5/25/02, Sheep Creek Geological Loop (about 8 mi south of Manila, UT on route 44).  Bird was captured ~100 yds upstream from Cascade Campground.   A Townsend's Warbler was also seen in the Pondersa stand near Colton Creek Guard Station, toward the top of the geologic loop road, in the company of several Pygmy Nuthatches


   Hugh Gillilan - (Wed, 29 May 2002)  We made our monthly excursion out to Farmington Bay Refuge this morning and
the highlight of the trip was a Blue Grosbeak sitting on a fence post along Glover Lane (in the vicinity of the horse corrals on the south side of the road). Also among the usual assorted waterfowl and shorebirds was a Great Egret in the eastern pond (as seen at the first bend of the refuge road).
   Joel Beyer - (Sat, 25 May 2002)  Grasshopper Sparrows were seen and heard singing on Antelope Island this
morning.  They were along the Garr Ranch road, about 1/2 mile before reaching the ranch, in the grassy/sagebrush area.  No Ruddy Turnstone on the Causeway, but there were a gazillion (really!) Sanderlings.
   Arnold Smith - (by Lee Shirley, Thursday, May 23, 2002) Arnold Smith spotted a RUDDY TURNSTONE among thousands of sanderlings on the Antelope Island causeway yesterday.


   Cathy Woodard - (Wed, 15 May 2002) - I'm new to the birdnet but wanted to let you know that I just spent an hour or
so watching and photographing a male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak at my black-oil sunflower feeder.


   Carol Davis - (Sun, 26 May 2002)  Went to Fish Springs for the first time.  Saw my first Black Tern and my first Northern Mockingbird north of Cedar City. It's a very nice place, but I think I'll visit earlier in the year next time to avoid the BUGS. 
   Jay Banta - (Fish Springs, Juab County, Thursday, May 23, 2002) A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was caught in mist netting operation at Fish Springs NWR on Wed afternoon, 5-22.  This is the second consecutive year that this species has been caught during spring mist netting efforts and is the third sighting of this species at the refuge in the last 12 months.
   Report from web site - (Thu, 16 May 2002) A male Bobolink was sighted along the road in SE Harrison Unit of Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge.
   Jay Banta - (Fish Springs NWR) - A second year male Summer Tanager was trapped in the mist nets, banded, and photographed at 10:30 am on Monday May 13.


   Mark Stackhouse - ... we had a male BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER on Saturday, May 25, and a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH on Monday, May 27. The waterthrush is very likely the same bird we first saw (and photographed) two weeks ago, but hadn't seen since.
    Sharon Andrus - (Thu, 23 May 2002)  A singing male Bobolink was seen on the Meadowville-Roundvalley road
just south of Meadowville and about 1/8 to 1/4 mile south of the Rocking W Bar Ranch gate (east side of road).  The Gray Catbird was seen in the willows (east side of road) just south of where the bobolink was seen.


   Martha & John Veranth - (Wed, 15 May 2002) Around 8:30 this morning there was an Osprey on the transmission tower near the 4800 S trailhead (south side of 4800 S) on the Jordan River Parkway.


   Kevin Colver - (Friday, May 24, 2002) While watching and listening to the Cordilleran Flycatchers near the bridge in Maple Canyon I found a singing Winter Wren about 30 meters above the bridge along the creek on the south side of the dirt road.  Maple Canyon is 6 miles southeast of Fountain Green in San Pete county.  The wren sang at about 10:30 AM today.


   Joel & Kathy Beyer - This morning, Friday 5/24/02, at Pelican Lake in Uintah County, we observed several Black Terns, an American Bittern, and three Black Swifts.  Also today at Ouray NWR, a male Wood Duck was at the Woods Bottom lake.


   Dennis Shirley - (30 May 2002) Dennis Shirley reported seeing at least two Black Swifts, maybe four at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.  They were flying over head right in front of the waterfall.
   Tuula Rose - (Sat, 25 May 2002, 11am)  At River Lane, in Lakeshore, Ut. Co, (how to get there, check Places to bird),  A breeding male Black-and-white Warbler  was busy foraging in the trees about 100 yards west of the cattle guard.  Half hour later half a mile west down the road another one (or the same one). Also, earlier that morning Matt & Pia DeVries saw a Long-eared Owl in the trees close to the mouth of the river. It was flushed by very noisy wawerunner activity on the beach and not relocated.
   Joel & Kathy Beyer -  Thursday morning 5/23/02, a Semipalmated Plover was at the southeast end of the Provo Airport dike.  At the end of River Lane (west of Springville), we saw a Purple Martin and a VAUX'S SWIFT.  Later Thursday morning on Swede Lane, we saw three more Vaux's Swifts.
   Merrill Webb - (Wednesday, 22 May 2002)  There was a Black-and-white Warbler about 20 to 30 yards up from the gate at the mouth of Slate Canyon (that's the first canyon south of "Y" Mountain.)
   Dennis Shirley - (20 May 2002)  If you have time to bird, go to the lower Spanish River at it's mouth at Utah Lake. NOW!!!!  There is one of everything! Maybe not quite!  But still a great bunch of migrants, including: NORTHERN PARULA, AMERICAN REDSTART, CLAY-COLORED SPARROW. Plus lots of  common warblers, sparrows, flycatchers, and other song birds-[Blue Grosbeak, Northern Mockingbird to mention a couple]. I wouldn't dought it if more rarities are there for the finding. Go get them!
   Bryan Shirley - (19 May 2002)  This morning at about 10:00 am I saw a NORTHERN PARULA at the mouth of the spanish fork river.  From the end of river road follow the trees to the right along the beach about 50 yards. From the tower at the end of Swede's lane I saw about 25 Black Terns this morning also.
   Mike Johnson - (Fri, 17 May 2002) Last night at 7:45 p.m. I observed a LEAST TERN on the dike road around Provo Airport.  It was working the canal around the southwest corner of the dike (west of the extension).  It's a solid identification - bright yellow bill, white forehead - and there were Forster's Terns in the area which were clearly larger. 


   Joel Beyer - (Sat, 18 May 2002) The Bobolinks have returned to Heber Valley (Wasatch County).  Several were seen this evening.  Head north on Hwy 40 out of Heber City, turn west on the dirt road at The Other End bar, and go about 1 mile to the grassy fields.  Several Snipe were also in this area.  At Charleston Park, the two Common Grackles seen yesterday have now grown to three.


   Steve Summers - (25 May 2002) The next morning the four of us (Rick & Kristen, Steve & Priscilla) birded Lytle Ranch for much of the day. [We saw] one VAUX'S SWIFT, and a well studied CLAY-COLORED SPARROW. Perhaps most interesting were three "Western" Flycatchers one of which called at least 5 times. Each time the call was clearly the single upward slurred note of a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER. If Pacific-slope Flycatchers can be conclusively identified by the call note then this was one. It is generally considered in the lowland desert areas of Arizona, California and Nevada that all migrant "Western" Flycatchers are most probably Pacific-slope so it is not surprising that the same would hold true for at least the sw Utah deserts. All this of course is pertinent if you believe that there are two species of Western Flycatcher that can be conclusively identified by call. After leaving Lytle we birded along the Santa Clara River just above Gunlock Res. and were surprised to have a female NORTHERN PARULA come in to pishing along with a number of Yellow and Lucy's Warblers.
   Rick Fridell - This evening (5/24) Kristen and I went to the Red Hills Golf Course in St. George (Washington County, UT).  We arrived at 8:15 pm, and although we did not have much time before the sun set, we did see some nice birds.  The
highlight was an American Redstart.  It was either a female or first spring male.  It was foraging low in the willows and shrubs along City Creek upstream from the pond (also upstream from the cart path crossing). 
   Rick Fridell - (Thu, 16 May 2002) This afternoon (5/17/02) Kevin Wheeler, Matthew Gowans and I observed an
adult CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER along the Virgin River upstream from the Washington Fields Diversion, in Washington County, UT.  We observed the warbler within a few feet, coming into a small puddle to drink .  It was
approximately 1/4 mile above the Washington Fields Diversion structure.
   Joel Beyer - (Wed, 15 May 2002) Yesterday evening, May 14, a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW and a PHILADELPHIA VIREO  were seen at the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course in St. George.  They were both along the second hole, the Vireo in the trees and the Sparrow feeding on the lawn.  Identifying characteristics on both were well seen.
   Kevin Wheeler - (Wed, 15 May 2002) An adult LEAST TERN was observed above the Washington Fields Diversion in
Washington County this morning, about 8:30 am.  It was fluttering above the water and feeding on fish in the river. The Yellow bill was very noticeable, as was the white forehead. 


   Dana Green - (25 May 2002)  Drucilla and I birded Capitol Reef Friday night and Saturday.  Alot of birds I normally see there weren't there, but there were a few surprises.  We found egg size Chukar chicks and a female NORTHERN PARULA.