Birding Helps
Utah Birds

   Getting Started
       National Park Service
  • Birding For Beginners  (Starting with the basics)
       Tree Musketeers (for beginners)
  • Birdwatching Guide for the whole family
   Helpful Websites and Information
  • "Know Before You Go"  (Maps and other travel information)
       UDOT Website
  • Road Conditions and other travel information
       Seasonal Road Closures
  • Document periodically updated by the "Utah Department of Transportation Traffic Operations Center."
   Miscellaneous Birding Help
       Building an Owl Box
  • Article and instructions by Eric Huish
       Birding Help from the UK
  • Instruction on how to build bird boxes, as well as other general
    birding tips from a European perspective.
   Bird Rehab
       Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • DWR-approved list of wildlife rehabilitators
       If You Find a Baby Bird
  • Advice from the "Wild Bird watching" website

   Banded Birds

       Color-marked Birds
  • USGS: "How to Report a Sighting of a Color Marked Bird"
       Banded Birds
  • USGS: "How to Report a Federal Bird Band in North America or a Color Marked Bird"

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